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Archangel Michael via Ron Head: This is Indeed… the Unstoppable Force of which We have Spoken so Very Often


As channeled by Ron Head - February 26, 2013
We return today to the subject of channeling.

You should be noticing several things about the messages you are reading at this time. The first is that the messages contained therein are becoming clearer and clearer. You should also be seeing that there is a distinct difference between those that uplift your spirit and those that leave you confused or dejected. We hope you are giving no attention at all to any that bring forth fear.


Next you will be more and more surprised at the response you feel within. This is a direct result of both the love energy which is bringing about changes within yourselves and the allowance you are giving yourselves to change toward versions of yourselves which you perceive as more desirable.

You do know, after all, that you have put on a party face that you intended to disguise your true identity for this last act of the play. The time approaches for you to cast off the masks and take your bows. We are sure a standing ovation will be in order at that time.

But what we wish to bring to your attention this day, more forcefully perhaps than previously, is the continuing drawing together, or focus, of a great many of these channels upon a greater theme. Some of these, our messengers, do read others’ material, others steadfastly remain intentionally unaware of what the others are doing.

Nevertheless, you will be able to see among all of them a greater focus on the inner world of your spirit and the metamorphosis that is occurring in your consciousness at this time. From this, please entertain the conclusion that they are drawing upon the One Consciousness and its most important underlying message to all. “Come home. Welcome home. We are one.”

It is understood that this is in conflict with what you have been taught for centuries upon centuries, but you can see now that this message is beginning to take root in your world awareness. This is indeed the snowball, the avalanche, the unstoppable force of which we have spoken so very often.


Be at peace in your hearts now and allow this to take its course. Make this the day on which you relax into the loving arms of your Creator.
All is well, dear ones. We will speak again very soon.

Good day.

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Comment by Michelle on May 30, 2013 at 11:59am

Glad we are learning to love.  I really enjoy listening to what Michael has to say.

I'm sorry to anyone I ever hurt either intentionally or unknowingly. :) xx


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