Divine Ones,..We greet you, in love.

We are approaching the Equinox with you, with a sense of anticipation, as we see many of you are, too.

You are right to look forward to this alignment, for the potency and possibilities of it, are great. And as you give your attention to this alignment, you join others who amplify the energy and openness of Life on Earth to these vaster frequencies emanating from the Universe, into your world/planetary sphere for the purpose of activating and supporting the Earth’s ascension and your healing and conscious evolution.

Life on Earth is accelerating and there are many timelines in play now. It can be very beneficial to you, to ground and connect each day, to your Divine Self; your own greater wholeness.

We suggest you do this rather than grounding into the Earth, for the Earth is dynamically present and also present in many different versions simultaneously now. So depending upon your vibration you will connect with a resonant version of Earth.

What can be more beneficial to you now, is anchor into your own greater wholeness, the totality of your being. You can do this by imagining running a thick line of light up your spinal pathway into the higher realms and connecting with All That You Are. We suggest you do this daily and also that you invite your Divine Self, to share with you gifts of consciousness. You can always ask your Divine Self to give you whatever consciousness would be most beneficial to you now.

You could also ask for any consciousness you wish to receive, such as the consciousness that knows how to move through the day ahead with calm and inner peace. Or the consciousness that knows how to be living and present in a situation you have on your calendar that feels a bit challenging to you, or one with someone you love dearly and whom you wish to be present with in your greatest awareness.

All the Universe is supporting you, always. You are surrounded with love and there are many planes of expression happening within this same space in which you are focused. You only translate into perception those experiences you are resonant with. You are translating into perception far more than you realize. Many ideas you receive are being offered to you, as guidance from the angelic and from your own family of light who are guides who are always with you and assisting and supporting you.

You may not attribute the ideas you receive to these etheric helpers and that’s okay. They and we have no need for “credit,” but what is beneficial to you, is to begin considering how much love is being beamed to you all the time. It is beneficial to consider that you own Divine Self is broadcasting to you, always, going out before you and is aware of what is unfolding in your day and in that broadcast always giving you guidance and nudging you along the path that will bring you the greatest expansion and the most joy.

We are in this together, Beloveds. We want you to start to really feel this and not only in the morning during your quiet devotional time, or when out in nature on a walk, but more so even during the busy moments of your day and the parts of your day where you are out in the world and encountering a lot of the things you find mundane and perhaps even annoying at times.

We say that we would like you to be more aware of us, in these ordinary moments because ALL moments have the potential to be complete and fulfilling. All moments have the potential to exalt your humanity and lift you into an experience of higher light and divine expression.

We want you to know your lives in this way — aware of the divine intercession ongoing all around you all the time, and then for you to invite and welcome this support, which will empower you to receive far more than you currently do.

You live in a free will zone and as such when you invite us in, turn your attention to us, ask for help, we are far more capable of generously supporting you and we? We are made of that. That is our role in this cosmic game and one we love playing.

We love being with you and seeing you shine. We love the shifts that you are making that bring you into the truth of your being! We love seeing you become softer and more open and gentle. We love seeing you learn to believe in yourself. We love seeing you starting to more deeply rely upon your inner knowing and having the discovery that it IS reliable, no matter how deeply you test the waters, you will find clarity and inner peace in going inwards and harmonizing with All That You Are/All That Is.

The Equinox beloveds is going to be the kick-off to a truly liberating series of alignments and galactic energies that will lift you into the next octave to the degree you can incorporate and emanate with that vibratory frequency. The best thing which you can do to prepare for this, is to cultivate inner peace and harmony.

This means noticing where within you there is inner conflict and bringing love and gentleness to it. This means being unwilling to perpetuate ideas of unworthiness, a lack of power or capacity and a feeling of doubt or aloneness. None of these emotional experiences speak truth to you and it is time to be more consistent in recognizing them for the indicators they are: they arise, to let you know you’ve veered from the inner alignment and clarity you feel when you’re in sync with All That You Are.

Anything thought that feels bad to you, is not true. We know that this is contrary to what you were taught and this unlearning has been ongoing for so many. But the time is now, to pay more attention to what is going on within you and realize YOU ARE BUILT FOR PEACE, HARMONY, ORDER AND YOUR ENERGY IS NATURALLY RADIANT AND BEAUTIFUL.

And when a thought does not feel good to you? This means your innermost being — your Divine Self — is not joining you in that perspective. That is what it means when you don’t feel good as you think something.

Take this in.

Feel into it and decide now, today, before the Equinox that, “I AM worthy and deserving of the best Life offers me. I am a Divine Being. I am Love. I am Truth. I am Light.”  And know that this is true.

Ascension is available. It is something that must be claimed by you. And you cannot claim it, if you are keen on perpetuating these diminishing ideas about yourself, or, if you are not willing to raise your standards to appropriately reflect the immense significance and value of your unique and very purposeful presence.

It is by being willing to accept who you truly are, and all that means that your consciousness opens to the higher realms and becomes resonant with higher light and thus higher expression.

We are speaking strongly to you today because we so know that you are ready for this shift, this inner shift into self-love and radiant joy, and then, the experience of flow. Of ease. Of feeling the energy of becoming… The endless creativity and the immense love of being in the ascending current and welcoming the non-physical energies as they become manifest in and through your presence and your open and attuned energy and consciousness.

We are speaking this way to encourage you to dare to simply embrace what you’ve many times sensed: You are One with the Infinite! You emanate from the Infinite. Your very being is inseparable, from Life Itself.


It has always been there, but it is being uncovered and the key to steady knowing of it? Simply accepting it as true. Over and over and over again. Moment after moment, aware of this and welcoming it with joy and lightness of being, as it becomes real and sinks in full, and takes you over.

That is what is on the horizon, friends.
A beautiful and most natural expansion into your own higher expression.

If you need, or want support, or our assistance with integrating this shift, opening to more of who you truly are, or anything else. Please call upon us. We, the Angelic Ones, and many others, are HERE, for you, now, and always.

We love you very much.

I AM Archangel Michael, with the Council of Radiant Light.

**Channel: Ailia Mira


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