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Archangel Jophiel chanelling Channeler: Targ Collective

I am Archangel Jophiel and I bear a message of peace and understanding.

Let it be known that I know you who reads this. I know you well. And I am on your side.

There are those who see me as an Archangel of Beauty. While this is one of my roles, I also bring forth great amounts of Love to those who seek me out.

I am at your disposal.

I do indeed work with Archangel Micheal in roles of protection; calling me and him out for protection roles is something we are good at.

My message follows.

I seek worthy raptures in Light. I seek to share them. This is not meant to be taken as 'the rapture' but rather a sharing of the Light of Rapture.

More will follow.

More will follow.


Light is very much my focus here in talking to you today. Light is key. Light is All.

Light is not just the substance of this Universe, it is also the glue that holds it together.

I am here on what could be termed a 'mission of Light' today.

My role is to bring Light to you.

This Light might hold lessons for you - while some might consider these lessons hard and others might consider these lessons easy, the Light holds lessons for us all.

I am constantly learning from the Light and few things bring me more open Joy and Pleasure than sharing my lessons of Light with others.

So Light is a teacher as well as a learner.

It is important to learn from and Teach. Teach the Light your problems, your issues. Teach the Light how it can help you. Ask and it will be given! Learn to honour the Light in all that you do! Light is FUNDAMENTAL to ALL things!

No person can hide from the Light. The Light does not judge, but it teaches. Truth will not change by negotiation; in much the same way the Light is a constant. If you refuse a lesson of Light this is no great hardship - you will be given future opportunities to learn it.

Some find lessons of Light very hard to learn. These beings become dark because they refuse the Light. I tell these beings, I give you an invocation to help in your learning.

That invocation is, "I invite the Light to teach me how to be one with it. I invite the Light to teach me why dark is inferior. i invite the Light to teach me why Light is superior. I Invite the Light to prove my dark ways wrong." This is a powerful invocation.

I offer one more invocation at the request of my channel, designed to help those who feel trapped in darkness.

This invocation is simple. It is, "I welcome the liberation of the Light from darkness. Light, free me from darkness's clutches."

I have a little more to say.

My channel specialises in invocations, and has a reliable means of contacting higher-dimensional beings which he has been - rightly - not instructed to share. If you need an invocation for a specific purpose, please contact my channel. He will gladly assist.

I close. Thank you my channel for delivering my message.

Archangel Jophiel


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Comment by DoloresTwoWolvesDancingCobbPhfer on January 23, 2014 at 6:55am
Thanks for sharing this most valuable lesson. Thank You for your service. Being of service to another is something we can all do easily, especially when it comes from the heart. Blessings.


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