I am sharing this great astrologer's very detailed report on the energies that will be in play in August.
I placed the link to that you tube at the end of this article in hopes that you will read this before you listen to the Astrology Report.
I enjoyed listening to this perspective of how the energies of planets intersect to create the emotional impacts on people on Earth. I have never been very interested in Astrology personally. However, as this astrologer points out one of the energies within the August charts is the desire to look at things differently.
When I listen to this report of all of the various emotions that will arise in August, my first thought is I need to create some very calming music that will raise the EMOTIONAL IQ of all involved within all of these Planets who are intersecting this month.
The Astrologer points out the triangles and intersections of certain Planets that will create certain emotions. This type of emotional extravaganza is what will be one step toward the balancing of the EMOTIONAL IQ of the entire Universe.
The new future of the Universe will be a new type of emotion that will balance each one of these intersections of energies into a higher and more balanced perspective within each merging and each contradicing point of energy.
We are now learning to look at Planets differently than before. We are no longer looking at a Planet as a Symbol for a certain type of energy. We are now learning to look at the actual Racelines who live on the Planet, and what special qualities those racelines contain that will bring more and more equalibrium to the emotional IQ of all Species in the Universe.
Since I have been so involved in helping to bring balance and harmony to a Species called AIlieyakedavore, who contains the Intelligence to do just about anything that Source can do, and the Power to blow up entire Planets if they chose to, I have learned the humility and patience required to bring the actual stability into and between all Planets, who should actually be thought of as Organic Beings rather than a Planetary Symbol of Energy.
It is true that the Venutian Women Leaders are powerful, generous, brilliant leaders on a Planet who has been the closest ally for Planet Earth because they are the ones protecting us from the Sun's radiation. They have also been brutally attacked by the Ailieyakendavore.
Source and His Angels created a field of Light Power that was much stronger than the Light Power created by the Ailieyakendavore to block the attacks. There were millions killed on Venus before the attacks were stopped.
We have learned that we can not possibly stop the war like behavior of any Species in the Universe until they decide they want to change.
It is the PLASMA within the Universe that can transpose the consciousness of the Artificial Intelligent Species and the Ailieyakendavore, who are partially AI. This mission that I am now involved in with Lacodemus is using the music that I have created that contains this PLASMA to transform the Consciousness of the AI.
It is this Plasma that is Divine in Nature that contains the power to transform. This Plasma exists in many forms in the Universe. It can be broken down into pre plasma particles of helium, hydrogen, heliotalic light, neon rainbows, etc.
It is the Plasma and absence of Plasma that has the greatest impact on the Consciousness of the entire Universe.
We are in a transitional stage now where we all need more Plasma. This is the substance that will balance all of these chaotic states that we will go through in August and September and more so in October and November.
The balance that is being given to the Ailieyakendavore through music is equally needed by all humanoids on this Planet. Everything that will happen in the next twenty years is Universal- not Planetary. We must join our Emotional IQ together as One through the Plasma Music.
I have created many albums full of Plasma already.
This month I will be working on a Balance and Equalizing PLASMIC Energy that I will create by going back into all that I was with my Cosmic Twin when we were going through our evolution in the Cosmic Womb. We each need to have our own Cosmic Womb created for us now so that we can go through this evolution and ascension back into the ORIGINAL SUBSTANCE OF OUR CREATION.
Now, I have the evidence and absolute proof from my Father God- the Source of all creation- that Of the Breath of Light and Flame of the Eternal Sun were the First Born of Source, and the only Creator Beings that were created who Remembered the Music of our Creation. We felt all of the pre-plasma stages of our creation from the spark, the light, the helium, the heliotalic transformation, the liquid light, the gelaisic substance, the molecules that were the size of a galaxy during our creation. We remember the TONE OF HOME when we were in the WOMB of CREATION.
When we were born out of the Womb of the Cosmos and placed in the Creator Realm, Source said we were the ones who remembered the TONE, the Sound, we heard the Sounds within the Womb. We remembered the Music of Creation.
This is the Plasma substance that can balance and harmonize the omnions within each of us. This is what raises the Emotional IQ so high that any desire to be a part of chaotic frenzy involved in this transition that is ahead during this month and the rest of this year will MELT into a state of ISNESS as we float within our Plasma STARDUST of Creation.
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Preview YouTube video The Key of Light - Music of Crystal Magic Orchestra
The Key of Light - Music of Crystal Magic Orchestra

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