Apparent "Archons" and the Desire to be Deceived

Life-is-good-picture-Quotes.jpg?width=254Written by Wes Annac


I would again like to write-out how I’m feeling on this day, because if I don’t I will likely find myself wanting to hide away from this overall movement I’m blessed to be a part of. Looking around on the internet and at various posts apparently aimed at spreading awareness, I see that negativity is still being flaunted and forces who would love to be in the collective spotlight are being allotted that spotlight with every bit of attention we continue to give them.

I am of the firm belief that we are entering an age where negativity and deceit of any kind are things of the past.

I am not of the belief that we are being deceived (only in certain instances are we), led away from discernment or intelligence, or existing under the conditions we are because some negative extraterrestrial race fashioned them to be the way they are. Yes, the “dark cabals” as they have been called have for centuries, engineered societies that were and are only meant to serve them and be in their best interests. I am realizing that more and more every day as I see just how orchestrated this current society is.

Yes, control has been pushed onto us and its control that we don’t accept, nor should we. Yes, the cabals have “learned the ropes” from negative ET races (specifically the Annunaki and negative factions of the Zeta race) and from lower astral beings who’s influence, we’re told, is diminishing by the moment. Yes, a lot has happened and continues to happen that, when becoming aware of, could potentially change our perspective and make us feel as if we must sleep with one eye open.

I guess I could say I’m worried that as this awareness is being raised, the positive aspects of this entire movement could be swept under the rug in favor of what sounds the most sensationalist or what will grab the most attention.

I’m also beginning to see that deceit (or rather, a perceived need to be deceived) and negativity are still alive in the minds of even plenty of awakening souls who still see the need to judge others, bring deceit to the forefront of our perspective, give credit to apparent “Archons” where no credit is due, etc. and I worry that this could have more of a destructive effect than is perhaps intended.

Call this a personal bias if you will, but from the moment I heard talk and glamorization of “Archons” I felt that we were being misled about them. It seems that the very subject of off-world entities has taken a left turn with the introduction of apparent Archons, and I’ve seen so much “information” about them specifically that, with all due respect to those who flaunt their existence, seems to be misinformation.

An example would be that Archons have apparently constructed the “veil of forgetfulness” we currently exist under.

Sorry, but I refuse to believe that any service-to-self-based race has been given such control of my existence, and I am of the firm belief that we have established such a veil for us to exist under so that we would have an excellent opportunity for spiritual growth. I notice the theme of that belief and many others related to the Archons, which is that aspects of our existence that we are completely in control of have actually been constructed and are controlled by them.

Do you see where your sense of personal power is taken away? In my opinion, whoever is behind the misinformation related to Archons (not those who unknowingly pass-on such misinformation thinking it is correct, but those who thought it up in the first place) have wanted us to relate star people to negative Archons and get us to believe sheer lies about our existence and how our lower dimensional experience has been established.

I think I’ve made my views on the “Archons” sufficiently clear, and that subject is just one facet of the overall seeming-desire to feel as if we are being deceived or controlled, the results of which have been directed plenty of times in the past at those who simply wish to assist humanity.

I think that overall, the mechanism to rebel or build-up a figure to then believe is controlling us so that we can rebel against it or “spread awareness” about it, is still strongly prevalent in the awakening public and I think that we will hold ourselves back if we are unable to keep our perceived need for rebellion in check.

Yes, raising awareness is indeed important and a sharpened sense of discernment will do you well, but there is a clear difference between raising awareness and existing under an archetype of constant belief that someone, somewhere, is attempting to deceive you.

A small collective of intelligent, rich families who were given assistance from negative off-world forces (not Archons, in my view) and negative Earthly astral forces have established our society as it is today, and we have long awoken to what they have done and we are now taking action. As an aspect of this action-taking, plenty of us who are here strongly feel it our mission to help the collective awaken and to spread as much positivity and as many good vibrations as possible so that we can help the Earth to evolve.

We cannot do that if a stranglehold of cries of deceit flood and permeate the collective conscious and subconscious, and this is one reason I am finding it difficult to “move around” within some facets of the awakening community at present. To some who work to diligently spread awareness of all the cabals have done, our actions tend to be seen as “new agey” or “silly” and we’re made into naïve characters who Live in bubbly, sunny worlds and purposely choose to remain unaware of the awful actions of the cabals under the guise of “ascending”.

If I hear one more person suggest we “ditch the fluffy bunnies and get real” then I am going to seriously lose some faith in the awakening public. When was it decided that only awareness of the bad that has happened and the resulting paranoia and assumption of deceit everywhere one goes was to be prevalent within us? When was it decided that, simply because we have awakened and learned things some people wouldn’t want to learn, we were to start looking at others with a still-positive perspective as if they were “fluffy bunny-new agers”? Does it not seem just a bit judgmental to do so?

When was it decided that we were to flaunt apparent negative extraterrestrial entities to whom we give nearly all the credit for the establishment of our existence, and then in nearly the same breath, criticize others for still having a positive perspective?

To me, it seems that we are continuing to give our power away; both by looking for deceit everywhere we go while criticizing others who don’t unendingly search for such deceit, and by allowing ourselves to think that negative entities have been in charge of establishing aspects of our existence that, if so, would not have been designed for our ultimate spiritual growth and would have only been designed to keep us in states of unawareness and subservience.

I’m never going to believe that Archons have any control over my existence, and I hardly believe in their existence at all as they seem designed to display extraterrestrials in a certain light as well as deceive us about our soul growth and the reasons we are on this Earth under the perceived limitations we are.

Some could say I am looking for deceit by saying all of this but mind you, I am not the one who thought these beings up in the first place and have certainly not went far out of my way to say any of this. In a certain sense, I almost feel as if this writing was provoked and again, I came very close to simply shutting down today rather than writing it. I am not looking for deceit, but will point it out if I see it without going out of my way to seek it out and express it to others.

I am going to continue to affirm positivity, perform Lightwork, and do everything else that apparently makes me a “new ager”. I’ve experienced so much crushing negativity before that I can happily refrain from assuming myself only to be interested in rainbows and unicorns and yet, you will catch me proclaiming and passing along some of the mushiest positivity that can be mustered up.

Why? Because we need positivity back on this planet and its absence is one of the strongest ways we have been led away from our collective and individual power. I see an apparent absence of positivity (or perhaps an absence of an opened heart) in some of those whose minds fill the void by searching for and proclaiming constant deceit, and I ask all of you not to be drawn in by the false rein that the cabals and the beings who have employed them would love for you to believe they still have on this Earth.

As long as you believe an Archon has control of your existence in any way, you are allowing yourself to be deceived and controlled by the very forces you would otherwise be working to raise awareness of. As long as you feel that positivity translates into being naïve, you will forever enforce a veil between this realm and the higher dimensions where, guess what, unending and mushy positivity is constantly prevalent.

Oh, I cannot imagine how some people would feel if they were given a pass into the fifth dimension for a day. They may come back saying every Ascended Master, Galactic soul and Angel is too fluffy for their taste!

To wrap this up, it’s time to let ourselves see that positivity and genuine spirituality are here with us and that the fading influence of negativity, deceit, control and all who have fed those things is just that; fading. The sooner we can realize that, the sooner we can lighten the collective vibrations sufficiently and speed-up this entire collective evolution.


Wes Annac – Increasingly ready for paranoia to transform into collective cooperation, understanding, and harmony


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  • Thank you so much for your comment, Jacob!! :)


    Much Love and appreciation,


    Wes :) :)

  • Dear brother Wes, thank you for this most appropriate article. This is all part of the disclosure process as you are now refusing to accept what has been implemented so oppressively upon all of Humanity. It truly IS time that we stand up and speak this TRUTH. 

    The way I see it is not so much as there is a "desire to be deceived" but that people are simply still looking for answers outside of them. This, seems to me, to be the greatest cause for stagnation in Humanity in general. Nobody "wants to be deceived" but we have been taught by this cabal for so long now in every creed and most certainly, whether those of us here on the Ground Crew wish to acknowledge this or not, just as well deceived the very same way within the Modern Lightworker Movement. It has been taught for so long that we must seek a special "Healer" or a "Guru" or a "Spiritual Person" in order to evolve when in TRUTH, WE ARE ALL SPIRITUAL, but these sources "trolling" and corrupting such suggestive tactics based on separation and conflict are being arrested, removed and taken before THE ALMIGHTY ONE for judgement, so here we all are, now truly seeing TRUTH, untainted, once and for all, yes?

    So rather than looking to others for ALL THAT WE ARE, perhaps if Humanity began trusting in the magnificence and wonder that we all truly are, and began trusting in their own intuition, they would see just how powerful they really are. I have great admiration for you brother as I see you take your stand, "formally" you see, as that is key in the "Disclosure" process. See, we all need to embody that TRUTH within ourselves as that is truly what "Disclosure" really is; a process of awakening from within. And that has been the trick all Humanity is stuck in stagnation, waiting for disclosure when all they must do is simply look within their own hearts as you do brother. 

    So far as "rebelling" -YES that truly IS NOT the answer as you so clear see. What we must do is to see those "Fallen Souls" -those "Lost Souls" -those "Misguided Souls" as our children for they have simply lost our way. And so they need UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in order to return to the love and light that it is THEY are the ones rebelling. You see, it has always been them that have created this sense of SEPARATION AND CONFLICT afloat in every which way they could infect among Humanity from convincing there is no self worth enough to look within ones own heart, to promoting such things as WAR between factions/countries, creed and race, to creating a sense of entitlement to the Masculine and an oppression of the Divine Feminine. And as we all really do "wake up" to this, it is so very important that we "in the know" lead by that example that we must shine all the love that we are upon those "Dark Souls" as they are indeed the ones that need our love more than any. And it takes a truly empowered being to see the importance in that, so I applaud you brother. 

    I'd like to invite all my Brothers and Sisters to go back and read my two articles on this topic:

    Saving The Lost Children - Guiding The Lost Souls To The Light:

    Now isn't that the most blatantly ironic example of how we attract those lessons we need to learn?! However long as we create a false sense of separation between others and ourselves, we are judging them which is most certainly NOT unconditional love! So long as we retain those emotional attachments to any old programmed beliefs within ourselves, those falsehoods will be reflected back upon us more and more intensely until the very thing(s) we are hating/judging literally become us! At one point or another, we must learn to love and accept ALL THAT IS, my lovely and beautiful friends.

    Read more:
    Follow us: AshtarCommandCrew on Facebook

    Oh I So Love You “Dark Souls” of the Cabal

    The dark ones have an agenda. It has nothing to do with the many horrors they have and continue to inflict upon us and everything to do with lowering our vibrations and it is that simple at this point. The do not even comprehend compassion. They have dimmed their hearts so far that the love of source cannot even reach them. Set aside the past deeds and look to the future that is promised to reward us all for all that we have endured in this lifetime especially -for all that we have done to give back. Practice forgiveness and let any hatred or anger transmute to love. This is how we WIN, my friends. Holding those grudges allows them a hold on both you and humanity.

    Read more: 
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    Dearest brother Wes, the example you set to take ownership of your thoughts and emotions is so very admirable! I see that you stand as an individual with FREE WILL, yet still retain within your heart the importance that we all truly ARE ALL ONE, in UNITY and so even when all that oppression and promotion of conflict and separation had gone on for so very long, the very simple matter of it all is that THERE TRULY IS NO SEPARATION and so we must all 

    You certainly hit on a touchy topic for me, one in which is pointing towards the empowerment of ALL Humanity Alike and so I'd like to also share this article about SEPARATION:

    Consciously Recalling ALL THAT WE ARE! "Separation" is the illusion...

    So many are missing the very purpose of BEING alive, to live, to love, to learn, to BE. "BEING" ...being the focal point here of ALL THAT IS, NOT the SOUL, or SPIRIT alone and certainly not when mistaken as something outside of you, as these things are ALL already within you, ALL part of ALL THAT YOU ARE! So many have chosen to believe these things are outside of you and in turn have actively chosen to cut off from some of the greatest aspects of their BEING, creating separation where it does not exist. "Separation" is the illusion -In all things, separation is the illusion. In Humility, that veil is lifted through asking and seeking within. And in asking, we are Graced with Absolute Truth and Abundance.

    Read more: 
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    Bless you Wes! And thank you for BEING! <3 Jacob

  • Indeed, Feather. You might be interested to know just how many others have said that very same thing. Truly, we are awakening! :)

    Much Love dear friend,

    Wes :)

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