Note: this first part was during our group meditation as OWS came in and was given control to complete it.

Greetings to you, stay where you are. Do not come back. Stay in the space that you found yourself and the vibration that you are operating in now. Not in any way come back to your physical form yet and to your 3-D understanding. Because that will, as they say, ruin the effect here, some. So, continue to stay in that higher vibration and as you are there begin to visualize.

Use your visualization capabilities to visualize, to see with in self to see the Sanat Kumara. It does not matter if you know what he looks like or anything of this nature but deep down within you; you do know him for certain. But see him on his white horse and see him in all of his majesty on his white horse. For he is the “One Initiator”, the “Ancient of Days”. He goes by many different names, the “One Initiator”, the “Lord of the World”, all of these are him. And he is here now in this space that you are in now. Can you see him? Can you see within your spiritual eyes now? Can you visualize him? Do you see him in all his majesty? And that beautiful white horse that he is on? (individuals are answering, “Yes”)

Now, as you are seeing him in that way with your inner sight, now begin to, just a little briefly, just a little bit, begin to open up your physical eyes but only a little, to the point where, if you can see auras or you can take your vision and change it so that you are not seeing with your 3-dimensional eyes directly but you are seeing beyond the veil and just allow yourself to get a glimpse of him there. Do not be concerned if it is not happening for you. Because this is a first time here. As you have a saying here, “Practice makes perfect. NO?” So, just allow for it to be. Believe and you will see. But certainly you have seen with your inner vision and that is as important as seeing with your physical eyes because it is only  the mind that asks for confirmation. The mind, the 3-D mind that asks for this. Deep down within you, you already have confirmation. You already know who you are and that all of these things are real and all of that, all of what you call the other stuff. This is real! So know this.

Allow for the process. See him still on his white horse, prancing along. The hooves going up and down in the front. Gallant and seated on his horse with that commanding presence. For he IS the “One Initiator” for he is the One who is present wherever there are major movements of consciousness known as initiations. There are some here who might be experiencing some of that in this time now, the initiation process. And if you are, go with it and allow it to be. For it is what it is.

He may have a gift for you or simply that he would touch you. He would come behind each of you. Come and touch you on the shoulder. Similar to the knighting effect. Where do you think that came from? He does not use the sword but his hand. Feel it touch you. Feel the electricity going through you as he touches each of you in turn. Know that you are being imbued with his energy, his love, his Oneness. Feel the connection as he makes the connection with you a personal, individual level. You are him and he is you.

He has completed going around the circle and has touched each one of you in turn. Begin to allow yourselves to come back into the room, into the consciousness of yourself. Come back into a state of complete consciousness and circulation. Fully revitalized and refreshed.

This is new energy. Know that as he touched you, that has gone deep within yourself. And is even now manipulating your DNA processes and also, in turn, reactivating an ancient gland, the pineal gland, the third eye. And we leave you now so that he will come forth to speak with you.

Sanat Kumara

I am Sanat Kumara. I am the One you have known, each of you has known, in many times previously.  For we have fought many a fight. Not the kind of fight you would think of though. Not the battle you would know of today but a fight for love and understanding. We have been there in the trenches, you and I. To all who would be in this room and to most who would be reading these words. For I am One who is known as the “One Initiator”. I am the One who is there whenever there is that change in consciousness that movement that takes you to the next level of your being. I am there with you at that time. And have been many times before. But now at this time, we no longer call it initiations because that is no longer necessary. In the past, it was an initiation to move from dimension to dimension. From vibration to vibration. In order to receive that initiation you had to go through much. Many of you have done that in the past. If not in the bodies here in the Earth, in your other systems that you came from.

But now the time has changed. It is a new time. A new awakening. It is the time to start anew. With a new body. Not that you will not have your physical body, you will. But a new body of vibration. A new body of light. Some have called it the rainbow body. You are taking that body on once again. You are taking on as a cloak over you. For it is really no different than that.

It has been said that the year you are in now is a year of transformation, a transition. That it is. This is the year when all that you know of is going to wash away. That tsunami of love that has been spoken of many times. Just as the old is washed away in the wake of a wave, so too will this tsunami wash away all the old ways, the old programming that you have become accustomed to. It will wash away all that is no longer needed. For you are approaching a new life. A new level of understanding within you. And in many respects it will appear as a new life for you. But in reality it is not. You are returning home, each of you are returning home from whence you came. From the One-ness that you know already.

All is about to change in the twinkling of an eye. And you, dear ones, are here to be a part of that. As you have been there in other times and other places. In other galaxies. For you have moved into a system and scattered it asunder. Just as is happening now to the understanding of what you know as the 3 dimensional illusion. For it is being taken down piece by piece to be replaced by the new you, being the collective You here.

We are prepared and have been for some time. You are preparing and have been for a long time as well.  When the time comes, as you know it is not too far off now, no we will not use the word soon or imminent, but we will say on the verge. You are standing on that precipice, each of you. Ready to jump when the announcement is made, the clarion call goes out. It is coming!

All of my peace and love and understanding and joy be with you now as you hear the changes coming.




I am Adama. I come to be with you now from that which you know of now as the Hollow Earth. From our Telos, your Telos. Because each of you in this room now, may already be aware of it, each of you have been there before. You were there with us as brothers and sisters, long ago, in the Earth’s time frame, there on our beloved land of Mu. For we worked together as a family. To make everything in our civilization at that time as perfect as it could be. Then, as you know, the Dark Ages came upon us. Not without warning for we knew ahead of time, that it was coming. It allowed for those of us to prepare. To find what you would call refuge. And where did we find refuge? In the City of Telos, deep underground.

And there we are still to this day. Many of us. And we were with you at that time when you first heard about those changes coming. And small portion of you at that time was frightened but the majority of you, you yourselves, knew that even though there would be those darkest of times, there would be the brightest of times after that. You now are in those brightest of times, fast approaching.

And soon, yes, I will use that word, because we are right here with you on this, our beloved planet, Gaia, Terra, we are here with you. And we are aware of all the things that are happening here on the surface. We monitor that on a daily basis and we know of the lights going off in each one across the planet. We know as consciousness changes that those lights flicker more and more grow to ever increasing brightness until they become the violet flame within each. That is what those of you here in this room and those who would be reading these words are about to do. You are about to become the violet flame once again.

Indeed, those of us who mentor to you, your brothers and your sisters, are here ready to emerge from our deep refuge, to be back on the surface with you once again. To intermingle, to join once again with our brothers and our sisters, our family that we left behind in those times long ago.

We are anxiously awaiting the time for our emergence. We have grand celebrations planned, both here in Inner Earth and there, on the surface and yes, up in the ships as well. It will be as if you are going from one party to the next. We think that you will not mind that for you have worked and worked and worked in your many lifetimes here to bring you to this very moment you are arriving at! We think all of us, believe, that you have earned the right to party.

But it is going to be unlike any party you have ever attended. The celebrations are going to be many and varied and in some respects, wild! Not in the sense of drunken stupor-ness but wild in ecstasy and joy. For you, my brothers and sisters, are coming home. And we are coming home with you as well.

All my peace and love be ever with you as we continue on this journey together. I am Adama. Adonai.

One Who Serves

Greetings to you. I am One Who Serves and there are many of “One Who Serves” here. And that is what we do, we serve. For those of you who don’t know us, here we are! We are here to answer your questions in any way we can but before we do so, we wish to ask you question. We wish to ask you, “What is your experience here?” Please be honest. If you did not see anything or feel anything, say so if you would. But if you did have experience, please share that with each one here, for they must know that this is real, that all of this is a real happening, people.

So who would share here first?

I didn’t experience anything. I feel very relaxed but I did not experience anything.

Thank you for your honesty.

I’ll share. I definitely had a vision in my mind and I cracked my eyes and I lost the vision when I used my 3-D eyes so I went back to my internal eyes. Before you said he was coming to each of us, it had already touched me with his “rod” on my shoulder. He got off his horse and came over and looked at me, face to face, and hugged me. Then I saw him go around the rest of the circle and definitely had an experience with this!

He carries a rod like a rod of energy. And it is a vril rod. Thank you for sharing.

I saw the white horse and the beautiful armor. I felt him touch me on my right shoulder. And I felt the rod and I saw all the colors, I am seeing all the colors right now. The green, yellow, violets, and I saw water, a lot of water, creeks, rivers…just see a lot of water.

Whales need a lot of water! I don’t mean to interrupt but I would throw that it in here but what you are seeing and experiencing is accurate here. Yes, continue please.

When I opened my eyes I could not see but I did not want to force it so I closed my eyes again. Went back to this very different vision.

Very good. Anyone else?

In my mind’s eye, I also visualized the white horse. And the rider and the wind blowing through the mane and tail. And as the rider looked at me, he got off the horse and my angels stepped back and kneeled. And he put his hand on my shoulder. I had a feeling of reverence. It filled me with peace and love, joy and also a strength. I didn’t need to see with my “real” eyes. I realized that. It wasn’t important. It’s what came out inside my mind and body that awesome feeling of peace and power at the same time. I am grateful for that.

And we are grateful for you being here and experiencing this and sharing now.

I like Sue, opened my eyes and closed them because I felt like I was going to doubt so I shut my eyes. I just wanted to see with my spiritual eyes because as soon as I opened them, I feel like that I didn’t see anything so I just closed my eyes again. I felt that I experienced  my brother, our brother.


Yes. I saw the white horse come galloping in. We were all in another location and there was a lot of green, a green I have never seen before. In a field, there were more than just us there. And the horse rode around the outside of the circle that we were in. And I felt the magnificence, the strength, the energies that were there.

We have gone around the room, except for one.

I feel very relaxed and comfortable and loved. I kind of pictured the horse but I didn’t really get any visuals. I had this one point that I felt maybe there was a strong feeling on the back left of my head. I don’t know what that was but that was all I felt.

Thank you. Actually, we played a trick on you. We played a trick on James here. And we share that we never explained what kind of manifestation would be. He immediately thought it would be a manifestation for his physical eyes to see or for your physical eyes to see. Because that is what he does, he wants to see things but the purpose of this was the feeling part of it. And all of you felt, in one way or another, something. You felt the energy, the love, you felt the touch, something, you see? And that is what we were after here. This is the manifestation we were looking for!

But if we had told you that, it would not have manifested as it did. Although it is possible. Those who are able to see auras not through their physical eyes but through their inner sight that they use, they are the ones who would be able to see this. But it is a practice effect. It is something you work on. And the more that you work on it, the more you will see.

But it takes a belief. Believing is seeing. If you came in and open your eyes and you doubt, immediately, there will be no manifestation for your physical eyes. See, your physical eyes, hold you back in many respects. That is why one who has been seeing all their life and is suddenly blinded can still see. They can still see and they see more than they ever saw before. Vistas open up to them that they never had before and their other senses became enlivened.

And this is what is happening to each one of you. You are experiencing enlivenment—is that the right word here? In your senses. The more you allow it to be, the more it will be. And one day, and it is not far off, we can tell you this, you will be outside predominantly outside in nature, you will look where there is a tree that your physical eyes will see spirits, fairies, sprites…you will see through the veil. The veil will no longer exist. The veil is dropping now, rapidly. It is allowing for many across the planet to see where they have not seen before. To hear what they have not heard before. To feel where they have not felt before. Just as you, Lance, experienced the green you have never seen before, it IS there! You will experience colors and sounds that you have never experienced before, at least not in this dimension.

We will take questions now. Yes, we have switched and this is another one who serves here.

Two years ago Adama appeared at the end of my bed, woke me up from my sleep and said to me, “Susan, we will be working together.” But I haven’t had a direct experience with him since then, except in a channeling like this. What was this message about?

Exactly what you are believing it was about, dear sister. He was telling you, he was touching you, he was giving you an understanding that you were already together. You have never really been apart. He is saying to you, soon, very soon, we will be close again in your physical bodies. It will come though, as you are least expecting it.

Who was with us, (during the meditation) besides the group here?

There are so many here that we cannot begin to count! We would love to count them in the hundreds, maybe the thousands here for there is a space here that opened up to many across the galaxy even. Many were called here. Many heard the call and came and wanted to experience this. You must understand that even though this is a room and a small space here it is not that in the higher levels. You must understand that there is no space or time in terms of limitation. So, although you can only fit so many in this room in your physical bodies, there were thousands here. There were many fish, dolphins, whales swimming in the water, horses, angels, even the guardian angels came and the archangels. Yes, Ascended Masters, many of us were here. For you must understand, whenever these things happen, it is a happening! A big happening, you see? It is like a party. We are ready to party. We are ready to be with you and go with it. Let our hair down!

There are going to be so many parties, so many celebrations that it will make your New Year’s and your Fourth of July skies look like child’s play. There will be fireworks that you have never experienced before. There will be fireworks of many different colors that you have never seen before, not in your life here. And sounds. By the way, did you hear the dogs joining in? Is that not wonderful? They wanted to play too?

Very good energies here! Extremely good energies here! Vibration high! Think you will go from this room and stay in this high vibration for some time today! Let it last, make it last.

I always want to share these wonderful moments and new experiences with my husband. I have asked many times and many people on this planet what shall I be doing to help him join us. And people say, “It is your path. It is not his journey.” What shall I do? I know there is a reason why I am with him. I know that I am awakening and I know my children are and I know I have a path, a journey for my husband and I to be sharing and experiencing together. Staying on the high vibrations and going home. How shall I share these experiences with him to help him?

Many have these same questions. We will answer this question in this way. Be you. Do not try to be anything else but who you are and at the same time, allow for that other one to be who they are and to be on the path they are at the moment because in the next moment, it could all change. There could be an “aha” moment that could occur with him that would waken him, you see? Your light, you are a Lightbearer, a Lightworker, share your light. He is also one as well, he just does not know it yet.

But he is going to have an experience very soon that will begin the awakening process. Many across the planet are beginning to have these experiences when before they would not have them, they will begin to awaken, to come out of their slumber, their sleep, sometimes their nightmares. Some look at this life as a nightmare. We can assure you that it is all but that. You can make it to be a nightmare. You can make it to be hell on Earth and it will be. But if you make it about joy and ecstasy and love, it will be.

Any more questions here?

I had a very odd experience for me last night. And I was telling the people I was with that I was home and that they were people or souls I had been searching for all my life and I just kept feeling that I just wanted to keep saying that. I felt like I could almost feel them outside of their body, like somehow I knew them and it didn’t matter what their body looked like, I could feel the familiarity. I felt like part so it I couldn’t remember. I don’t know what was happening to me last night. I just got home it felt like a dream.

Yes, this is called the glimpses. It is through the veil and more and more are experiencing this and more and more will experience this until the veil is all over here. So allow it to be.

For the very first  time in my life I had an experience with marijuana last night. I wondered if it was a spiritual experience or what? I don’t know what I was experiencing. They told me it was stimulating my pineal gland.

Yes, but understand that your powers that “were” are the ones that have held back this marijuana, cannabis. And it is from the Earth and how can something from the Earth that is meant for altered consciousness, to raise consciousness be bad for you? For how can altered consciousness, raised consciousness be anything that is negative? But only for those that put that negative connotation upon it. They have done so but the lid is being lifted off this. Now we are not saying to suddenly go out and buy marijuana and begin to use it on a daily basis, NO! This would not be beneficial to you at all but to utilize it when the time is right to allow for the altered expression within self, to move into altered states of consciousness, such as happens with the Native Americans in their use of various spiritual drugs that they have used. In this sense there is nothing wrong with it and it can actually heighten the senses and yes, the pineal gland, the pineal gland that across the planet has become calcified by all of the various things that have clouded it over, the fluoride in your water. The misuse or disuse of that gland thinking it was nothing or thinking that it was not important, as the powers that “were” wanted you to believe.


We want to say that we appreciate all of your efforts here, all of your energies that you put into this and love the various experiences that you had and ask that you continue on with these processes that you learned here or wherever you have learned them. Work with them. Continue to practice. Find yourselves, each and every day, and even for a moment, getting out of the hustle and bustle of your regular daily activities and go within, find some quiet time, go somewhere where you can be in nature, by water. And experience the energies that are coming to you, become a part of it.  Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One!

Channeled by James McConnell
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