One Who Serves:

Ohm Mani Padme Uhm. Greetings to you, each one.  Good to be here with you and we welcome the new ones here, that are not so new as we are finding it, new to this group, yes but have come from long ago, system far away.  Much more can be given at another time if you wish but for this time now we are going to release to another who wishes to speak to you. We will be back shortly.


St. Germaine:

I am the one you know of as St. Germaine.  And I come to be with you at this time to share just a little bit of understanding of the new age, understanding of all that is coming to you and within you. For much has been said for a long period of time now and those things that would come and alter your very existence and would change everything that you know of it as you have in your life today.  But I am here to tell you now that that is not quite accurate.  Everything in your life is not going to change, it is only going to be altered in certain ways but your life will continue and you as you know yourself will continue.  But those things that are going to change is the consciousness within you.  That part of you that holds you down, holds you to that three dimensional understanding and consciousness, that vibration that has been a part of you for so long now that it has become so much a part of you that it has become common place within you and it has become almost a comfort zone for you to be in that state, in that understanding that you have grown up in this life but know now that those parts of you are going to change and are already changing.  You already know and see those things around you in your everyday life.  You see those changes that are happening in the people that you meet, in the expressions in their faces.  You see it in the sky, you see it in and feel it in the plants, the trees.  If you are not feeling it yet, do so.  Allow for the experience to come through now because it is going to be a joyful, wonderful experience and all of you here in this room and all that are reading these words, all of you have come here for a reason, you have come here to bring about these new changes, this shift in consciousness.  And those things that are coming to help you to be a part of this expression of change, all of those things are coming to assist you in doing this.  All of the changes within the financial system, all of the changes that are coming from outside of the planet, all of these things are coming to assist, to assist in moving the entire planet, the entire humanity to a higher level of understanding and in knowing, a knowing of coming back to where you came from.  All of this is an expression of knowing of who you are and each one of you are moving in that direction now and are going to have that wonderful experience.  And all of those things that have been said from many difference sources, from your internet, from the various readings that you experience, all of these things are leading you now to the newer grander expression that is you in the higher frequency vibrations.  That is my message as St. Germaine.  All of my peace, all of my love be with each of you as you continue on to move forward in your journey back from whence you came. 


Greetings  once again. We are back. We do not have message of our own here at this time for we think the St. Germaine just gave a good message here, something you can think on, something that may assist you.  But, understand that we here in the Brotherhood and all of those that are working with you and some mentoring with you, all of those are here to help you in your expression, to help you understand and know truly who you are and what you are all about and as much as we can do this we are willing to do this for this is our purpose, this is what we are here for. Understand that as you move up in consciousness, we move up in consciousness and as we move up in consciousness those that mentor to us move up in consciousness.  It is a continual progression back to The ONE, always that is the movement of consciousness, back to the ONE, back to BEing the ONE, you see?  You have questions here for One Who Serves now?


“I have been told numerous time that I have gifts and I have kind of strayed off the path and have been unable to locate those gifts and utilize them for the betterment of humanity.  Can you help me understand what those gifts are and how do I utilize them to raise consciousness on the planet and for my fellow brothers and sisters?”


OWS:  Yes, that is a wonderful question, but before we begin to answer that we wish to share something about what you say there previously, that of straying off the path.  What is it that would make you think that you have strayed off the path?  For what is the path that you are on?  Do you even know that path that you are on?  And if you do not know it, how would you have strayed from it, you see?  So believe and understand, my dear brother, that there is no path for you to have strayed off of because the path is always changing.  It is always changing in front of you.  You are living in the Now and then in the next moment, each moment changes.  So if there is a purpose you have in mind within yourself that you are not fulfilling, please put that away because your purpose is also constantly changing.  You change your purpose based on that particular set of circumstances that you find yourself in, in any given moment, you see?  And as you move ahead into that next moment your circumstances change again.  And those people around you, those ones that bring about different circumstances to you, that changes as well.  But, understand that all of those that are changing around you are not changing you.  They can never change you.  It is only you that can change you.  It is only you that moves and breathes and has your consciousness within yourself.  And you create all that is around you at any given time, if you know and understand that you are doing this.  So understand that there is no path to stray away from, OK?    Now, to your second part of question, understand that you are who you are and you come here in many ways with various gifts and in understandings and in some ways those understandings have been forgotten.  But you are coming to a knowing of who you are once again.  You coming to a group such as this is one particular way of doing that in terms of coming to know and understand the expressions within you and how that works within you, you see?  So, as you continue to move and have your expression whatever way it is, then you are evolving and coming to the next level of your expression.  So you are always moving to the next frequency vibration that is you, you see?  So, have no concern about whether you have lost your gifts or whether you cannot find them, or whatever.  They will find you!  You see?  As you are ready, they will find you.  Does this answer your question?  Probably more than you bargained for, but we do what we can without telling you what to do and how to do it.  We will never do this. We cannot do this.  We cannot interfere in that sense.  Other questions here?


“Yes.  I have a question.  Is it important to know what star system you are from and why is that important?”


OWS:  The importance of knowing something of this nature is only important to your ego center, to that part of you that thinks it must know something of this.  For what is it that you must know?  You must know that you are the grander expression of yourself always evolving into that next grander expression of yourself.  You see?  That is what you must know.  To know where you come from is interesting and gives little bit of insight into who you are, possibly, just as you are looking back at your past lives here on the earth and these types of things.  They are interesting, they are enjoyable in some ways, and in some ways and in some respects they can give you a glimpse and an understanding of who you are.  But, and this is a big “but” here, it is only giving you an understanding at the three dimension level, you see?  When you are fully moved into higher frequency vibration, then those things become not necessary anymore.  Not even interesting to you, you see?  For you have moved beyond this type of thing.  Is this understood?


“Absolutely and I really appreciate that.  Thank you.”


OWS:  We try, we do what we can.  But you see, we are somewhat, our hands are tied in many ways in working with you.  But we can give little nudges here and there and throw things out that we think you might grasp onto it at another time even.


“Is Archangel Michael within our Presence.  And if so are there any messages that I can hear from him?”


OWS:  Archangel Michael is always in the Presence.  Now are you speaking of in terms of your presence?  Being around you, you mean.  (Yes)   Now understand that as you ask for this, then they are there, whoever they may be, you see?  As you ask, then you receive.  But if you do not ask, then they may be there, but not more fully that they can be with you, you see?  So, as you ask for presence of Archangel Michael, he is certainly aware of you as we are finding now as we are looking at your experiences here and you do have a connection with this one, the Archangel Michael.  You know this already, otherwise you would not be asking this question.  And you feel a sense of almost camaraderie with this one, as you have a knowing of being with this one at other times.  Not so much in a physical sense but in a knowing presence sense in other lifetimes previously where he and others have assisted you in many ways to experience expressions of your past lives in past times here.  Do you understand this?  (Yes I do).  As far as your presence here now and him being in your presence now, he was not previously but he is now! (laughter) Because you now have asked, you see?  (Thank you).  He is wishing to say that at a not too far off time here, he will be coming through this one James again and speaking to those who are here.  The time will come for a need for this based on circumstances.


“So, are you reminding us that the simple idea, or simple premise of asking is all we have to do to receive?”


OWS:  That is all you have to do!  But if you do not ask, then it is not there for you directly.  And we say directly in terms of conscious level knowing.


“Is there asking that is more deeply spiritual because there are many ways of asking for things.  Is the asking at a spiritual level answered faster than at another level?”


OWS:  The most opportune way to ask for what is it you are looking for is to ask, and as you are asking, to know that it has already been given.  That is, as you are saying, a spiritual way.  The other way is an asking is terms of being lesser than, lower than that one that you are asking.  You see?  And asking for possibly that one to pay attention to you and give you what you are wanting or something of this nature.  That is not the most opportune way to go about this.  Always, again, we give this example.  We gave it another time and we give it again here.  When the Jeshua, the great master, wished to do any of those things that were considered miracles, and he asked his Father to accomplish these, as he was asking, he already knew it was being done, you see?  As he was pouring the wine, he already knew the water had changed to wine.  As he was passing out the baskets, he already knew that they had multiplied.  Any question of a doubt there, and there would not have been the changes.


“So that is kind of a level of higher consciousness, would you say?”


OWS:  Yes, certainly so.  But, all of these things that he did, so can you do also, you see?


“If you can get yourself to that place of consciousness”


OWS:  Yes, and that is what this is all about, moving to a higher level of consciousness, 5th Dimension, all of these things.  For understand that when he was doing those things he was operating at a 5th Dimensional or higher consciousness and therefore manifesting whatever he wanted at that time, and not so much “wanted” but “needed”, you see?  Other question here before we release?


“Is The 5th Dimension within the Earth, as above, so below?”


OWS:  The 5th Dimension is an experience of knowing and understanding of who you are.  It is a vibrational frequency and the Earth herself has already moved into that higher vibrational frequency and is waiting in some ways for you to catch up, you see?  But you are already there, you just do not know it yet.  Ah, now there is something to consider, you see?   You have already made the shift in consciousness, but do not yet know it because your three dimensional consciousness is not yet letting go. 


“So now you are telling us it is a matter of letting go of that level, that three dimension level.  That is really kind of hard to do.”


OWS:  Yes, my dear sister. We have been saying this for some time now. Go with the flow, all of these things, this is all what this is about.  For when you fully go with the flow and you let go here, and are no longer holding on the three dimensional understandings and vibrations, you are there!  You see?  And you are there in many ways even in driving your car or going about your various experiences in your life, in many times you are there.  You are feeling that sense of heightened frequency, heightened expression, heightened knowing, and sometimes in that blissful state you are knowing this and experiencing this.  Does it not feel wonderful?  Now can you imagine having that blissful state all the time?  That is what this is all about.  That is what you are moving toward.  That is what we are attempting to assist you in moving toward.  It is about allowing it and about knowing it.  As we find it here within the James, the new one here had the experiences of bliss and that is what you are after here.  To come to the point that you are experiencing that again, all the time and feeling it and knowing that sense of Oneness that is there.  That is what ascension is.  Make it be.  And we say BE, with a capital B and a capital E.  BE.  It is time for BEing now, not doing.  Do you understand this?


“Sometimes in the Doing I get into the Being”


OWS:  Yes, but being in the BEing will preclude that of having the Doing.  Anything further here?  We will release channel now.  Shante, Peace Be With You. BE the ONE!


Channeled by James McConnell
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