One Who Serves:

Ohm Mani Padme Uhm. Greetings to you each one.  Good to be with you here in this way.  We are only going to stay shortly here for I release now to another.  Then I will return.  Be back soon.


I Am Sananda.  It is good to be here with you again in this way, this time and this moment for many things are about to transpire that have been predicted for many eons of time. For this civilization that you are a part of now, that you have been a part of, that you have become all that you can be in this civilization now, you have come to the point where you are moving, ready to move beyond that which you have know here. And you are moving to the next level of your being, the next level of your expression.  And as you do so, as you begin to make this journey, many things have been told to you, many things have been brought to your attention to prepare you for all that is coming.  And as these things begin to manifest, you are going to be prepared.  Because you have been preparing for this for many, many lifetimes for this very moment that is very near to being upon you. 

So relax, my brother and sisters.  Relax into it, relax into the moment.  Because the moment, when it comes, will take you by surprise in some ways and by storm in other ways.  Be ready for that.  All that has been told, all that has been given from many different sources is about to transpire, in ways that you were not quite expecting.  Many of you thought you were going to move through and into the Ascension process at the end of the last year, your 2012.  And I can tell you now, that you have moved through that process.   You have Ascended in many ways.  It is just that a part of you, that part of you  that still holds you back has not let go yet.  But you are certainly not alone, for many of your brethren are in this same state.  Many are at the edge of one dimension into the other.  One foot on one side, one foot on the other you might say.  And you, each one, are wanting to move ahead but yet you do not move, there is not that final push that moves you to the next level, the next frequency vibration.  But I can tell you now, at this moment now in your lives, that push is about to come, so be ready for it.  It is on its way.  And there will be those various announcements that will be heralding in these changes to come within you.  I Am Sananda and all my peace and love be with you each one as you continue on preparing for your mission that you have come here for. 



Greetings to you once again.  I am back now.  We know you have questions.  We know you have things that are on your minds as we will certainly answer those questions.  Understand though that as you continue to ask your questions, know that the answer is not always what you are looking for.  It is not always that which is the optimum for your three dimensional understanding.  But we are not interested in your three dimensional understanding anymore.  We have moved beyond that with you.  And we are beginning to work with you at the higher levels of your being if you have not already noticed this.  Have you not noticed the difference in these answers that have been coming to you in terms of being who you are in many ways understanding, remembering now.  It is time for you to begin to remember.  In order to remember you must let go of all of those things that have been holding you to this dimension, to this three dimensional understanding.  “Let go, Let God” as the saying goes.  But go with the flow now, my brothers and my sisters.  Many things are about to change.  We will take your questions now.


“I’ve got a box here with a couple of objects inside.  They are metaphysical objects.  We don’t know what it is.  The gentleman I got it from said that he was told to create it out of crystal.  And it is cool looking but I really have no clue what it does. Do you have any insight on this?”


OWS:   Yes, it is more than just cool looking!  It has a great benefit.  The benefit though is coming in terms of in the future.  It is a facsimile, you might say, of an Atlantian device that was used.  But not a device as the smallness that is there, but a device that was much larger in terms of being life-size.  If you can understand this and picture now that here in this room, you felt the energy from this little box, did you not?  We know the saying that the James gave was “opening pandora’s box” you see?  And the energy was flowing when that box is opened.  But now, picture this particular box, or rather not in a box but in the open.  And having it be life-size, having each one of those crystals be 10-12-15 feet in height connected as they are.  Not necessarily connected with copper wire though, that would not be needed.  But connected energetically to each one and now feel yourself sitting in or standing in the center of that energy.  What would it do to you?  You felt nauseous did you not (to a person in the group)?  Imagine if you were in it directly!  But you would not feel nauseous you see?  It would be amplifying the feelings or amplifying the energy within you, within your body.  That is what it does.  And in some ways it is a conductor of energy, but it is much more that that.  It is a purifying system.  So if you were to stand in the center of it, your entire being would feel purified.  If you were to make that device as it is there but make it into a larger, as we are saying here, crystals as they are, understand that those types of crystals used in times of Atlantis are not available here now at this time.  You have lost in many ways, lost the technology there to understand how to create those crystals.  For many of those crystals were created, you see?  They were not found somewhere.  They were created, they were built in some ways you might say, you see?  So what you have there my friend is a device.  A device that is a remembrance of a past time, a past understanding where these energies would be majorly amplified, you see?  Is there further clarification here?


“So you are basically saying that it is a really good thing?”


OWS:   Yes, it is a very good thing and even in that small box it would be good for you to learn how to work with that energy.  That one, you Daniel, cannot call you Dan, Dan does not work for you.  Daniel you can work with that energy.  You have been given it for a reason.  Do not squander it.  Do not just look at it and say it is pretty, you see?  It has a use, if you put it to use.


“ I think it is funny that you call me “Daniel” because I communicate with an extra-terrestrial.  His name is Trezius.  He will not call me Dan.  He has to call me Daniel”


OWS:  Yes, just as in Cindy became Cynthia, Joanne became Joanna, Jim became James, and Linda is going to have to stay Linda and it is important in many ways, especially for the female of the species here to have the “a” at the end of their name whenever possible for it is a powerful, powerful energy that connects to your remembrances.  If you would use it in this way, it has helped the Cynthia and the Joanna now especially as well.  Do you not resonate to those names more than you did to the earlier ones?  Now for the Linda cannot be changed as we are saying.  But feel the power in that word now, in that name.  Feel the energy.  Know that many of past Masters and such have had that “a” at the end of their name.  “Jeshua, Sananda, Aramda, Adama,”  you see?  Michaela, Gabriella, you see?  It goes on and on and on.   Only if it resonates for you, though.  We would not want you to struggle with it if you do not like it, you see?  That would defeat the purpose.  Other question here?


“So, since I believe that we came here to do a job, and why many of us are here in this room, what is my job?  What is my job on earth and why I feel I was asked to come here because I am not always thrilled that I am here.   What job is it?  Is it just to do my own processing and come out and still love?  Is that my job, or do I have a job to teach? What’s the job?”


OWS:  First of all we would change the wording there that you are using.  For how does the word “job” resonate in your understanding in your society?  Means “work” “drudgery”.  Now, we would say to change that word into “mission”. Now, how does that sound to you and feel to you even more importantly.  You have a mission.  Your mission is calling to you now as you are asking about this.  For the more intention that you put on something, the more it will be attracted to you, you see?  So ask, continue to ask, what is my mission?  But understand that the mission that you are on is different than your purpose.  For your purpose changes in each individual moment that you are here in your lifetime.  But your mission is different.  You came in with a mission.  You came in with something that was propelling you in your life here to complete.  And you are about to embark, to the one who is asking this, you are about to embark on this mission. (group member), you are about to not only embark on your mission but take it on fully now. (group member), your time is coming.  It is very short now.  As you know it has mostly to do with disclosure and all of this when this comes.  (group member) you are already in your mission, you just do not yet know it.  It is coming for you very soon.  And, my dear sister (group member), you are also in it, very much so now.  But it is also going to be amplified here shortly.  Each one is here for a reason.   You are not here to be the “Joe Lunchbucket”.  You are not here to be that.  You are here to assist, to help the lightworker community and all of those that are a part of this and will be a part of this.  This is your mission as a whole here.  Each individual now has a different part of this, but there is no greater or lesser part of a mission here.  You understand this?  No one is greater than another.  Some will put things on the internet and all of these things and run their talk shows and all of these types of things, but that is no better than the one who speaks to their neighbor and puts out their hand and gives them a little bit of light, you see?


“I would rest easier if that was just my mission”


OWS:  That is a part of it, but it is going to become more so. You have been preparing for this for a long time and we are not even talking this lifetime we are talking many lifetimes you have been preparing for what is coming, each one here.  And those who would read these words as well.  For it is only those who read these words, that are those that are impacted by this.  Otherwise there would be no attraction to this.  They would see something by “One Who Serves” and say , “Huh, I’m not reading this!” you see?  For many across the planet are still in the service to self.   They do not want to think in terms of serving others.  Even you, your selves here are moving in that direction to be of service to others.  The consciousness is shifting my friends.  The consciousness is shifting.   You will begin to feel it more and more and more each day here, each moment that passes, you will feel this.  Other questions?


“Isn’t our mission collectively to bring In the new age?”


OWS:   Yes but what is the New Age?  You are talking about frequencies of light, frequencies of movements of consciousness, yes.  That is correct.  It is to bring about the shift in consciousness as a global shift as much as possible.


“So it is line upon line, not necessarily a big leap”


OWS:  Ah, now, since you bring this up my dear sister, we will answer this for you.  In the past it has been so, it has been line upon line, moment upon moment, stress upon stress, you see?  But that time is coming to an end, for that is the old way, that is the old paradigm of three dimensional thinking, and if you continue to stay in that thinking, you stay there.  You see?  You must let go of this type of thinking now.  Does not have to be line upon line anymore.  Does not have to cross every “T” and dot every “I” for your karma.  It is not necessary anymore.  And we will give you a clue here, you have already moved past it!  But your three dimensional thinking, your ego process is still holding you here.  Once you realize it is no longer needing to hold you and you can move beyond it, you will be there.  You see?  This is the conundrum here.  For many are waiting for something to happen to move and shift into a higher frequency into the fifth dimension and say “now we are here” but we are telling you, you are already there.  You see?  We understand this is difficult, but it is only difficult because you are still thinking with your three dimensional processes.  Let go and you will walk outside of your homes one day and everything will be different to you.  And if it lasts, you will be there and it will be different for you permanently.  But sometimes you will feel the bliss, a sense of bliss and it will be wonderful.  Some have already felt it before and then the next moment it will be gone.  You will be back to your old ways, old thinking.  Then the next moment you will be back again and it will stay a little bit longer, and the next time, a little bit longer.  This is what you are after.  The more you can let go, the more you will be there in that bliss permanently. 


“Can you tell me my twin flame’s name?”


OWS:  The way that we can answer this question is to not answer it for you.  Because we would ruin the surprise for you.  You would not want this, because when you reconnect with this one, it will be like coming home, tears will be coming down from your eyes and you will feel a sense of longing, a sense of love, unconditional beyond unconditional that you have never felt before, not in this lifetime anyway, and not for quite sometime as we are finding it here.  So do not ask us to spoil the surprise.  It is not that far off here.  Comes with the celebrations that have been spoken of and that will be a celebration to be the tops of celebrations for you.  Other questions here?


“Do we only want to speak of positive things here or can I ask something that will come out negative?


OWS:  Depends!  Ask and we will see.


“ I have a psychic feeling that has been pulling on me for awhile that there is a lot of negative coming in the world, but it will seem positive depending on how you look at it.  I feel like there is going to be a lot of people passing – moving on very soon, crossing over and can you tell if this is accurate or am I manifesting something that is not true”?


OWS:  What you are doing, my dear brother, is you are picking up on many of the understandings, many of the frequency vibrations coming from throughout the world here, throughout the planet and the people on the planet.  And you are experiencing and knowing those particular types of things that are coming.  Now to answer your question more directly, yes, there are going to be those that are going to experience what you would call the negative aspects of this shift in consciousness.  There will be those who are going to experience the positive aspects.  It all depends on how you look at something.  Does it not even do that in your three dimensional understanding?  If you were to look at something that is occurring in your life do you not have those sayings like looking at life through “The rose-colored glasses”?  Or seeing the glass half empty, or glass half full, you see?  There are those that would look at these types of things that are coming and see the glass half empty.  And there will be those who would see it as “this is wonderful”, and my cup is overflowing, you see? 


“I see it as a positive to me”


OWS:   Yes, and many will, but there will be those who will not.  And those who will not, will not be able to let go as we are saying of the three dimensional understanding and frequency.  And they will be held back by this, and yes, some will pass on from this life through to the other side, and they will pass through the veil in that way.  But those of you who are ready and are letting go and doing those things you are receiving within your selves, not so much from us, but within yourselves, will penetrate through the veil and continue on in your body that you are in, although a transformed body.  Does this answer your question?


“So when you say transform the body, are we physically going to change?”


OWS:  Yes, you cannot take the body with you as it is into higher frequency.  Cannot take it.  Must become more of light and be able to hold the light and the carbon-based bodies that you are in cannot hold the light as it needs to, so it must become more crystalline in nature.


“Is this an automatic process?”


OWS:  It is automatic when the time comes.  It is already happening. 


“One reading that I had said I am like a vibrational frequency portal and that in order for people to get to the veil they had to pass through me and they talked about 144,000 souls that would need to pass through me to get through the veil”


OWS:  Now understand the use of the word “Me” change that to “I” to the “I AM”  for it is not through you, just as it was not through the Jeshua himself, but it was through the I AM consciousness that he was and that he had taken on, you see?  When he said I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, he was not talking about himself, you see?  So it is the I AM consciousness within you, within everyone, and all those that are reading this and resonating to this.  It is the I Am consciousness within each of you that is drawing you forward, drawing you into the higher frequency vibrations.  So in that sense, yes you are the gateway.


“But no more so than anybody else”


OWS:  Yes. 

“But the gateway is a consciousness, the way to our salvation, our upliftment is through the I Am Presence, through the conscious knowing of who we are?“


OWS:  Yes.  Through the doorway of the heart, through the love center.


“Because the other way it looks like a big burden, way too huge.”


OWS: The vibration that is passing through you is purposeful in terms of moving you forward, in terms of moving you on into your higher frequency vibration within you.  In some ways it is the awakening of the Kundalini energy that you are beginning to feel more so at some times than others.  You understand this?  Anything further here?


“This has to do with a Navajo Indian that told me about having a child that I wasn’t aware of and that later doused that it wasn’t from beings on this planet and I am wondering if it is residual energy and if you can confirm that there is any residual energy and if Dan is here to help me”


OWS:  Yes, we are finding that there is an energy associated with you and it is still associated with you.  It has that connection and it is from a long ago past time where this one was going to come through you as the mother but that was held off for various reasons that cannot be given at this time.  This one, when you are ready for it, you will receive this answer directly from this one.  Cannot give much more on this at this time.   You see many things we are blocked from to interfere in your experiences, into your experiential knowing and consciousness movement.  So to tell you this is how it is or this is what is going to happen or something of this nature, in many cases we cannot do this.  Even though sometimes we would like to just tell you.  Wake up, here it is, do with it now what you will, but we cannot.  Anything further here? Than we will release the channel now. Shanti Peace BE with you. BE the ONE!


Channeled by James McConnell
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