Angels Want to Talk to YOU.

I just wanted to clear something up. A lot of folks think that they need a go-between to talk to angels. Not so. Just say "hey, what's up" and they'll be there. I would start with AAMichael because he shows up real fast and Ashtar is good to start with, too. You don't need a guru, yogi, spiritual leader or whatever. If you want to know what's up, just ask they'll show up. You are your own spiritual guide. If you feel you don't have a good connection I assure you that it's all in your head and you just need to try to quiet your mind and silence doubts because when you call they are there :) That should be good news for us all because it means we are all capable and can enjoy all the same benefits of getting to know ourselves better if we so choose. It brings me joy to say this.

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  • Your message is clear.

    Three nights ago I was feeling low. As usual, watching at the skies, somehow disappointed at humankind's concern towards material, inconsequential conditions, such political and economical concerns.  

    Remembering all those better experiences in which I used to spend infinity with her. It was like heavens always. Everything was so beautiful, artistic, free in nature, everything for Love.

    So, while crumbling down, emotionally and spiritually, I heard a gentle, warm voice within.

    "You know I'm always here"

    It was brother M'ka. Yours too, probably, since the main branches from the Tree are just a few.

    To which I replied "But this frequency, I've lost myself again"

    Without a reply, he kissed me in the forehead, then hugging me. It felt like a sudden polarization which put me into my divinity once again, instantly.

    From the low frequency concerns, to our unconditional Love. Peaceful, beautiful and bright. Soul relief. My breathing process and heartbeat ratio were enhanced, my vision turned clear, my emotional state was peaceful. So much Plasma, it was a bliss. High frequency.

    I smiled, he smiled too.

    Sometimes we spent the whole night talking within, till the Sun raises, both inside and outside.

  • Great to know, Lumie. If we begin to trust ourselves more we can see we are whole and complete! It rules.

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