Here’s a message that just came as a pleasant surprise, during meditation this morning. I have no idea of “who” specifically gave it me, but I do know that the energy felt distinctly Angelic. It’s very loving and on point, so I thought I’d share!

The Angels:

★ Every thought leads to creation. There is precious little that you think that does not, on some way, manifest itself in your outer world. Somewhere, somehow, that seemingly insignificant thought lives on in the form of a manifested reality. Somebody’s reality, if not your own.

You are a powerful Creator Being, so take particular care to always remember this. Remember that you have the power to do anything and to be anything, and also to produce that which you wish to experience as your physical reality. It is not only your thoughts which have this power, but your words and actions, too. The spoken word is made up of tone, and tone carries within it highly transformational frequencies and messages.

You may not recognize that they are there, and it is not necessary that you do. Much goes unnoticed by you, yet that does not mean it does not exist. Endeavor, if you will, to be accepting of new ideas and perspectives. Try embracing manners of being which might seem, at present, to be somewhat “outside the box.” For what is radical today shall be the norm tomorrow.

★ Choose with loving care the words you speak. The way you carry yourself. Be of a nonjudgemental nature. Care for every creature breathing as you would your own - for they areyour own. You are entering into a kinder paradigm, a sweeter place, one where all living beings are united as a single consciousness.

Fear not, as this does not mean that you shall cease to be uniquely you. Nor does it indicated a loss of your individual spark or personality. It does not mean such a thing at all. What it means is that what affects one affects the rest in equal measure. Competition shall cease to be, one shall not feast whilst the other starves. No hatred, no war, no vengeance. What pains one shall pain the other, so therefore none shall seek to cause another pain. It is so simple, is it not?

★ If it is fear of this this called Unity which is keeping you from acknowledging the changes taking place around you, then know that such fears are groundless. You needn’t fear that which you don’t remember because it shall all become crystal clear to you in due time.

Allow Grace to flow within and around you, fully knowing that you shall never lose yourself, but shall instead find yourself growing into a far more refined version of who you are. Allow, allow, allow… All proceeds as planned. All is right and good, you see. What shall you create today? Choose wisely. Let each creation be another building block in the creation of the New Earth.

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