1. In the times of the terrible Inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada I was reincarnated in Spain and this is another very interesting story. Talking about the aforementioned Inquisitor and the Holy Office is certainly not very pleasant, however that is now convenient. I was then a very famous marquis, who unfortunately had to get in touch with that execrable inquisitor as perverse as that other called Juan de Arbustes. At that time I met the traitor Brutus reincorporated in a new human organism. What an incisive, scathing, and ironic Count!... he made a good mockery of me... What insults!... What sarcasm! In no way did I want to get involved in new disputes, I did not want to get angry. The coarseness, the rudeness, the lack of culture of that nobleman displeased me terribly, but I did not want to hurt him, it seemed good to me to avoid further duels and for it I sought out the inquisitor. Any day of those many very early in the morning I went to the Palace of the Inquisition; I had to look for an intelligent solution to my well-known problem. "Oh, Mr. Marquis! What a miracle to see you here! What can I do for you?" This is how the monk who was always at the door in the Palace where the "Holy Office" functioned answered my greeting. "Thank you very much, your reverence," I said, "I have come to request an audience with the Lord Inquisitor." -Today is a day of many visits, Mr. Marquis, but in the case of you I will immediately manage your audience. Said such words that friar disappeared to reappear before me moments later. -Come in, Mr. Marquis, I have obtained the audience for you. - Thank you very much, your reverence. I crossed a patio and entered a hall which was in complete darkness; I went to another room and found it also in darkness; I finally entered the third room and a lamp shone on the table. There I found the fearsome inquisitor Torquemada. That cenobite certainly looked like a saint... What a look!... What beatific attitudes! What pietistic poses... a crucifix shone on his chest. How much self-righteousness, my God! What a horrifying sanctimoniousness... It is obvious that the Pharisee I was so strong in that blue monk. After many greetings and bows in accordance with the customs of that time, I sat down at the table next to the friar. -What can I do for you, Mr. Marquis? - You speak. - Thank you very much, your honor. It happens that the count –so and so has made my life impossible, insulting me out of envy, ironizing me, slandering me, etc. -Oh! Don't worry about that, Mr. Marquis, we already have many complaints against that count here in this office. I will immediately give orders for him to be captured. We will shut him up in the tower of martyrdom; we will tear out his fingernails and toenails and pour molten lead on his fingers to torture him; then we will burn his plants with burning coals and finally we will burn him alive at the stake. But by God! Could this monk have gone mad? I never thought I would go so far, I was only looking for a Christian reprimand for that count in the inquisitorial house, in which those values that were once embedded in the personality of Brutus had been reincorporated. That blue monk sitting at the sacral table with that face of a penitent and anchorite in a pietistic attitude and the Christ hanging around his neck. That singular beatific figure so devout and cruel, so sweet and barbaric, so sanctimonious and perverse. That wicked man dressed in sheep's clothing woke up inside my conscience an I don't know what, I felt that what I have as a bodhisattva revolted, protested, moaned. An intimate storm had broken out in me, the lightning, the thunder, did not take long to appear and then, oh God! what had to happen happened. -You are a pervert -I told him-, I have not come to ask you to burn anyone alive, I have only come to request a reprimand for that nobleman. You are a murderer, that's why I don't belong to your sect, etc. etc. etc. -Oh! So we have those, Mr. Marquis? Enraged, the prelate vehemently rang a loud bell, and then, as if by enchantment, a few knights armed to the teeth appeared in the room. - Grab this one! Exclaimed the abbe. -Wait a minute! Respect the rules of chivalry, remember that we are among knights, I don't have a sword, give me one and I will fight each one of you. One of those men, faithful to the Code of Chivalry, gave me a sword and then... I jumped on him like a lion, not in vain did I have a reputation for being a great swordsman... (  those were my times as a fallen bodhisattva) . As the frozen snowflakes fly in the air at the breath of the ethereal Boreas, the strong and resplendent helmets, the convex shields, the hard cuirasses and the ash tree spears were scattered within that inquisitorial enclosure. And its radiance ascended to Uranus, and certainly the earth laughed, illuminated by the brilliance of bronze and trembling under the soles of the warriors, and I was in their midst, fighting a hard fight with that other knight. As the light ship is destroyed when the water of the sea swollen by the winds that blow vehemently from the clouds attacks it, covering it completely with foam, while the air makes the sail groan scaring the sailors with near death, so the Fear broke in their chests the hearts of those knights who watched the battle. Obviously I was victorious amidst the thunder of amidst the crash of steel and all that was left was to use my best lunge to put that warrior out of action. The gentlemen, frightened by the proximity of the terrible sovereign grim reaper, forgot all chivalric rules and then they attacked me in a gang. I wasn't expecting that, it was serious for me to have to defend myself against all that well-armed mob. I had to fight until I was exhausted, defeated, because they were many. What happened next is very easy to guess: I was burned alive at the stake in the courtyard of the Palace of the Inquisition. Tied to a merciless post over the green firewood that was smoldering slow, I felt pains impossible to describe with words; then I saw how my poor incinerated flesh fell off falling into the flames. However, human pain, however serious it may be, also has a well-defined limit beyond which there is happiness. It is therefore not surprising that at last I experienced a certain happiness; I felt something very pleasant about me, as if a refreshing and beneficial rain were falling from the sky. It occurred to me to take a step, how soft I felt it! I left that palace walking slowly... slowly... I didn't weigh anything, I was already disembodied. That was how I knew how to die during that frightful time of the Holy Inquisition. It is not surprising that after that stormy reincarnation with so many titles of nobility that were worth nothing before the terrible inquisitor Tomas de Torquemada, I returned to take a physical body.
  2. For the good of the great cause for which we are fighting intensely, I prefer to put my chest in front of, assume responsibilities, pay, frankly confess my mistakes before the solemn verdict of the public conscience. Reliably and in plain language, it is timely to declare now that I was in Spain the Marquis Juan Conrado, Third Great Lord of the Province of Granada. It is evident that this was the golden age of the famous Spanish Empire. The cruel conqueror Hernán Cortés, treacherous like no other, had pierced the heart of Mexico with his sword, while the ruthless Pizarro in Peru made the hundred thousand virgins flee. Since many nobles and commoners, adventurers and wicked, constantly embarked themselves for New Spain in search of fortune, it is obvious that I could not be an exception in any way. In a simple caravel, fragile and light, I sailed for several months through the stormy ocean with the purpose of reaching these lands of America. It is not superfluous to assert vehemently that I never had the intention of plundering the sacred temples of the august Mysteries, nor of conquering towns or destroying cities. I certainly walked through these lands of America in search of fortune, unfortunately I made some mistakes. Studying them is necessary to know the parallels and consciously verify the wise Law of Recurrence. Those were my times as a fallen bodhisattva and by the way I was not a meek sheep. Centuries have passed and however my conscience is awake, it is obvious that I have never been able to forget so much nonsense. The first parallel that we must study corresponds exactly to my current physical body. Having arrived in a fragile boat from the Mother Country, I settled very close to the cliffs on these shores of the Atlantic ocean. At the time of the Spanish conquest, unfortunately there was an international business related to the infamous sale of black Africans. So, for better or worse, I met a noble colored family, originally from Algeria. I still remember a little maiden as black and as beautiful as a miraculous dream from the Arabian Nights. If I shared with her the bed of pleasures in the garden of delights, it was really moved by the incentive of curiosity; I wanted to know the result of that racial crossing. There is nothing strange about the fact that a mulatto offspring was born from it; later came the grandson, the great-grandson and the great-great-grandson. In those times of fallen bodhisattva I forgot about the famous astral marks that originate in intercourse and that every disembodied person wears in his crimson. It is obvious and manifest that such marks relate one to those people and blood associated with chemical coitus; It is timely to say now that the yogis of Hindustan have already made detailed studies on this. It is not superfluous to assert that my current physical body comes from the aforementioned metaphysical copulation; In other words, I will say that I came to be clothed with the flesh that I carry in my present existence. My paternal ancestors were exactly the descendants of that sexual act of the Marquis. It is amazing that our descendants through time and distance become ascendants. It is wonderful that after a few centuries we come to clothe ourselves with our own flesh, to become children of our own children. Incessant travels through these lands of the new Spain characterized the life of the Marquis and these were repeated in my subsequent lives, including the current one. Litelantes as always was by my side patiently enduring all those nonsense of my times as a fallen bodhisattva. As the autumn of life arrives in each reincarnation, I openly confess that I always had to leave with the "Undertaker", I want to refer to an old lady initiate for whom I always abandoned my wife and who in one existence and another fulfilled her duty to give me a Christian burial. In the evening of my present life, that ancient initiate returned to me; I recognized her immediately, but since I am no longer fallen, I sweetly disowned her and she walked away sorrowful. Dressed in that haughty and even insolent personality of the Marquis, I began my return to the Motherland after some disgusting anger caused by a shipment of rough diamonds extracted from a very rich mine.

29. After a short interval in the region of the dead, I had to enter the scene again, reincarnating myself in England. I entered the bosom of the illustrious Bleler family and was baptized with the pious name of Simeon. With the blossoming of my youth, I moved to Spain moved by an intimate longing to return to America. This is how the Law of Recurrence works. Obviously, it is not superfluous to say that the same scenes, identical dramas, similar farewells, etc., were repeated in space and time. etc. etc., including of course the journey across the stormy ocean. Intrepid, I jumped ashore on the tropical coasts of South America, then inhabited by different tribes. Exploring such or such jungle regions inhabited by ferocious beasts, I arrived at the deep valley of Nueva Granada, at the foot of the Monserrate and Guadalupe mountains; beautiful country governed by Viceroy Solís. It is unquestionable that at that time, in fact, I began to pay karma since the years of the Marquis. Among these Creoles of New Spain, my efforts to find some well-paying job were undoubtedly futile. Desperate due to the bad economic situation, I joined the sovereign's army as a simple private; at least there I found bread, clothing and shelter. It so happened that on a festive day very early in the morning, His Majesty's troops were preparing to pay very special honors to their chief and for this reason they were distributed here, there and everywhere, carrying out maneuvers with the purpose of organizing ranks. I still remember a certain bad-faced and quarrelsome sergeant who, reviewing his battalion, yelled, cursed, hit, etc. etc. etc. Suddenly, arriving before me, he seriously insulted me because my feet were not in the correct military position, and after observing minute details of my jacket, he treacherous slapped me. What happened next is not very difficult to guess; nothing good can ever be expected from a fallen bodhisattva. Without any reflection, clumsily, I stuck my steely bloodthirsty bayonet into his brave chest. The man fell to the ground mortally wounded, cries of terror could be heard everywhere, but I was cunning and taking advantage of the confusion, disorder and fright, I escaped from that place closely pursued by well-armed soldiers. I walked along many paths towards the cleared shores of the Atlantic Ocean, I was searched for everywhere and for this reason I always avoided passing through the kind of roads by taking many detours through the jungles. On the roads - which were very few in those days - some carriages passed by me, pulled by pairs of spirited steeds; In such vehicles traveled people who did not have my karma, wealthy people. One day on the side of the road, near a village, I found a humble store and entered it with the intention of having a drink, I wanted to cheer myself up a bit. Stunned, confused, amazed! I was left to discover that the owner of that business was Litelantes. Oh! I had loved her so much and now I found her married and the mother of several children. What claim could I make? I paid the bill and left with a broken heart. I continued walking along the path, when with some fear I can verify that someone is coming after me: the son of the lady, a kind of rural mayor. That young man took the floor to tell me: "According to article 16 of the Viceroy's Code, you are under arrest." In vain I tried to bribe him; That well-armed gentleman took me to court and it is obvious that after being sentenced I had to pay a very long prison sentence for the death of the well-known sergeant. When I was released, I walked along the wild and terrible banks of the wealthy Magdalena River, exerting very hard material work wherever I had the opportunity. As an interesting note, I must say that the essence of that mayor for whom I had to go through so much bitterness locked in a filthy dungeon, returned with a female body; is now a daughter of mine; By the way, she is already a mother of a family, she has given me some grandchildren. Before his re-entry I questioned that soul in the supra-sensible worlds; I asked him about the reason that led him to look for me as a father, he replied by saying that he was remorseful for the harm he had caused me and that he wanted to be good to me to make amends for his mistakes. I confess that he is keeping his word. At that time I settled on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean after endless karmic bitterness, thus repeating all the steps of the insolent Marquis Juan Conrado. The best thing I did was to have studied esotericism, natural medicine, botany. The aborigines of those tropical lands gave me their grateful love for my work as a doctor; I always healed them selflessly. Something unusual happens one day; It is about the spectacular appearance of a great lord who came from Spain. That gentleman told me of his misfortunes. He brought all his fortune on his ship and the pirates followed him. He wanted a safe place for his rich assets. It is evident that I fraternally offered him consolation and even proposed to open a cave and store his riches in it. The gentleman accepted my advice, but not before solemnly demanding an oath of honesty and loyalty. With the fragrance of sincerity and the perfume of courtesy, we both understood each other. Then I gave orders to my people, a very select group of Aborigines; these last ones opened  the crust of the earth. Once the hole had been made, we diligently put in there a large trunk and a smaller box, containing solid gold trinkets and rich jewels of incalculable value. Through certain magical exorcisms I achieved the enchantment of the "saved jewel" as Don Mario Rozo de Luna said ( theosophist eminence ), with the purpose of making it invisible before the unpleasant eyes of greed. The gentleman of yore remunerated me very well, making me a generous gift of a rich bag with gold coins and then he left those places making himself the purpose of returning to the Motherland to bring his family from there, since he wanted to settle down. lordly in these beautiful lands of New Spain. The hourglass of destiny is never still; days, months and years passed and that good man never returned; perhaps he died in his land or fell victim to the piracy that then infested the seven seas, I don't know. There are sensational cases in life. One day in my present reincarnation, being far from the Mexican land, I was talking about this matter with a certain group of Gnostic brothers, among whom the master Gargha Kuichines  stood out for his wisdom. It was then that I received a tremendous surprise, I saw with mystical astonishment how the Master Gargha Cuchines stood up to affirm my words emphatically. The aforementioned Master informed us that he had personally seen such a story written in golden verses. He told us about a dusty old book and was sorry he had lent it. Good God and Holy Mary! But if I never knew of such a treaty. Old traditions tell us that many people from these Caribbean coasts were looking for Bleler's treasure. It is curious that those aboriginal nobles who previously buried such a rich fortune are once again reincorporated forming the SSS group. This is how the Law of Recurrence works. I clearly remember that after my stormy existence with the aforementioned English personality, I was constantly invoked by those people who are dedicated to spiritism or spiritualism. They wanted me to tell them where such golden treasure it was kept; they coveted the Bleler treasure; however, it is evident that faithful to my oath in the region of the dead I never wanted to give them the secret.

30. Repeating the steps of the insolent Marquis Juan Conrado, in my subsequent existence I came to reincarnate in Mexico, I was baptized with the name of Daniel Coronado. I was born in the North, around Hermosillo, all of these places known in other times by the Marquis. My parents wanted everything good for me and when I was young they enrolled me in the Military Academy, but everything was in vain. Any day of those many I badly took advantage of a weekend in banquets and drunkenness with friends skulls. I still confess with some shame that I had to return home with my cadet uniform dirty, torn and debased. It is obvious that my parents felt cheated. It is ostensible that I never went back to the military academy; undoubtedly from that moment my path of bitterness began. Fortunately, I then meet Litelantes again. She was reincarnated with the name of Ligia . At a good time she received me as a husband. Biography of any life is, in fact, a very difficult job with a substantial content and for this reason I only highlight certain details for esoteric purposes. Unquestionably I did not enjoy a comfortable situation, it was difficult for me to earn our daily bread; many times I used to eat with Ligia's meager salary; she was a poor rural school teacher and to top it off I even tormented her with my execrable jealousy. I did not want to look favorably on all those colleagues from the teaching colleagues who gave her friendship. However something useful I did those times; It is not superfluous to say emphatically that I formed a beautiful Gnostic esoteric group in the heart of the Federal District. The students of such a congregation in my current existence according to the Law of Recurrence returned to me. During the bloody Porfirio regime I had a position that was certainly not very pleasant in the Rural Police. I made the unforgivable mistake of prosecuting   a famous , a dangerous bandit called the Golondrino who devastated the region; It is clear that such a criminal was shot. In my current existence I found him reincorporated in a human female body; He suffered from delusions of persecution. When the rebellion broke out against Don Porfirio Díaz, I abandoned my disastrous post in the countryside: then, with humble proletarians with picks and shovels, poor peons wrested from the masters' haciendas, I organized a battalion. This brave handful of humble people armed only with machetes was certainly admirable, since no one had money to buy firearms. Fortunately, General Francisco Villa received us in the Northern Division; there we were given horses and rifles. There is no doubt that for those years of tyranny we fought for a great cause; the Mexican people groaned under the boots of the dictatorship. In the name of truth, I must say that my personality as Daniel Coronado was certainly a failure. The only thing worth living for was the esoteric group in the Federal District and my sacrifice in the Revolution. To my comrades in the rebellion I say: I abandoned the ranks when I became seriously ill. In the last days of that stormy life I walked the streets of the Federal District barefoot, with my clothes torn to pieces, hungry, old, sick and begging. With deep regret I frankly confess that I came to die in a filthy shack. I still remember that moment when the doctor sitting in a chair, after having examined me, exclaimed shaking his head: "This case is lost", and then left. What immediately follows is tremendous: I feel a frightening cold like death ice. Cries of desperation reach my ears: Saint Peter, Saint Paul, help him! so exclaims that woman whom I call "The undertaker". Strange skeletal hands grab me by the waist and take me out of the physical body, it is obvious that the Angel of Death has intervened, he resolutely cuts the silver cord with his sickle and then blesses me and walks away. Blessed death, how long have I been waiting for you, you finally came to my aid, quite bitter was my existence! I rested happily in the superior worlds after innumerable   bitterness. Certainly the human pain of mortals also has its limit, beyond which peace reigns. 

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