1. One night that I was in the world of Chesed I entered a theater, there karmas were balanced, and on a screen, which is that of creation, it was seen how the masters of Karma passed by and on a large scale was placed the karma of the two greatest powers in the world, one in each saucer, and the balance tipped against the Colossus of the North, it owes a great karma.
  2. On a certain occasion I was in a jungle and passing through a path they told me about a mountain, because the place was dangerous I went to investigate in astral. I imagined the mountain, I saw fog, some stairs and a group of adepts, upon entering that place they gave me a spoon with honey from bees, the food of the White Lodge and the bread of wisdom, then they told me to purge myself with castor oil to cleanse the stomach. The next day I get out of the body whose stomach had already been cleaned. I saw the stars and did the Rune Man, the adepts ordered me to descend to the Infernal Worlds, I entered a region of deep darkness where some terrible beasts attacked me. They were my egos, I had to go through doors where there was room, through narrow paths and from there go out through a pantheon. Everything of the ego is death and disgrace, it is Mephistopheles, have to work very hard.
  3. When the Logos of the Solar System gave me the tunic and mantle of the Hierophant of Major Mysteries, he told me: "Here I pay you what I owe you, for the practices that you have taught."
  4. After having created the "To Soma Heliakon" in the Forge of the Cyclops (sex), I then had to go through a time of deep reflection. In the residence of Love, in the Temple of the "Twice Born", I found other brothers and sisters who had also worked intensely in the "Fired Forge of Vulcan" (sex), all of them gloriously shining among the indescribable divine enchantments of Good Friday. We met to discuss the struggles and sorrows, we had emerged victorious. But all this is a principle of principles and a foundation of foundations, there is something more about this and it is necessary that you be informed.
  5. A Master told me: -VM Samael Aun Weor, true happiness is having God inside. Even if you are in the Absolute or in nirvana, if you do not have God inside you would not be happy, although those who live there already have him incarnated. Those words had a tremendous impact on me and I went to consult the Great Sage Saturn, I made several esoteric greetings to him and he answered them all, but he said: "There is no greeting greater than that of the seal of the heart." There was no need to speak, in silence he answered everything saying that not even in the Absolute, if one does not have God inside, one is not happy. That answer satisfied me. Those consultations cost money and I paid with capital from good deeds which are metal coins that represent Dharma.
  6. The sphinx tells us about the Great Work that is carried out with the four elements. On a certain occasion I interviewed the elemental of the Sphinx, he is a marvelous elemental his feet were full of mud. He blessed me and I told him: -I already understand why your feet are covered in mud; it is for this age of the Kali Yuga.
  7. Atman is the Divine Spirit (it is an emanation of the Logos) that has two souls: Buddhi and Manas. Understanding this is vital. In the middle ages when the medieval knight went out to fight for his lady, it is nothing more than the Human Soul fighting to conquer his Spiritual Soul.
  8. In this present reincarnation, when I was fighting with the fourth degree of the Power of Fire and had not yet dissolved the ego, I saw an erotic couple  type on the movie screen; and at night in the World of the Mind I was subjected to a test, in which the couple on the screen did the same scene, this scene was reproduced by my mind, it seemed to have life, to move. I got out of the test. When I left the World of the Mind and went to the Astral, I was harshly recriminated and warned that if I went back to those places (to the cinemas) I would lose the Sword, that I had better study my past lives in the Akashic Records.
  9. We have all heard of spiritualism, of the covens of drones and witches. Some see this as something strange, others as stories to laugh a little, but the harsh reality is that medieval covens and the famous midnight witches have more realism than we think. Obviously those witches, belong to the world of the Kliphos. María de la Antilla, so named in old medieval convents, was exactly its governor, such sorcerers of ancient covens called her Santa María. When I investigated in the world of the Kliphos about this strange creature, how did you share your life with so many black magicians? how could he get between so many covens? However, I never saw what we could call perversity. The tenebrous ones of the left hand, the sublunary creatures worshiped her and considered that magician not as something tenebrous, but as a saint. I wanted to know what was true in that, the present sanctity of a creature that mingled with darkness, that figured in so many covens and monasteries of the Middle Ages. Whoever has bothered to study the old events of High and Low Magic of the Middle Ages has never heard of María de la Antilla. There are so many secrets hidden in the dust of many libraries... I had to clarify, of course I knew; and I clarified when precisely in the world of Tipheret I invoke, then, that entity. I was heard, and to my astonishment I met a self-realized Master. Then I understood that he had emanated his Bodhisattva from himself and he was educated in the exercise of magic, in the magic triangle or Third Triangle. Going through rigorous training, starting with the Kliphos, but without hurting anyone. After that I got in direct contact with his Bodhisattva, with María de la Antilla, and when I invited her to visit the world of Nirvana, she gladly accepted my invitation. Upon merging with his Real Being, the Secret Master, then I saw that it was a creature that had achieved the perfection of High Magic, and that although he lived in the world of the Kliphos it was to finish educating  himself and training psychologically, exercising tremendous powers without doing evil. When one observes that creature, his Real Being pleases him, he realizes that he is an extraordinary White Magician because he knows in depth the Kingdoms of Light, the world of Malkuth or the World of the Kliphos.
  10. It is good to understand all this, I am explaining to you what I have lived in myself, what I am experiencing in myself. The Christ, He is saving me, as He has saved so many. I can be one more of the saved, and as I am trying, I have experienced it and what I am saying is what I know, what I have lived.
  11. Many years ago when I unfolded in a new year eve, I  had to live a certain drama in the theater of the world. Being persecuted I arrived at the Temple of the Fifty Gates with its twelve golden sphinxes that guarded the doors (we have already studied the symbolism of the sphinx, the face, the lion's paws, etc.). I entered the palace, it was surrounded by water and I crossed a very beautiful garden, but there was a breath of death; I entered the first of the fifty doors and there I was received by a group of brothers who applauded me, Then I went out and entered another beautiful garden that also had a breath of death, then I entered the second door and those who had congratulated me were turned into traitors who bawled and slandered. I kept silent and crossed another garden to the third gate, finding other people there congratulating me; I went through another room and other people. Thus I crossed those fifty gates and followed the thirty-two paths, that is, walking the inner path. I found some Masters dressed as executioners (they are executioners of the ego), who told me: "Study the Ritual of Life and Death while the Officiant arrives"; the Officiant was my Royal Being.
  12. We have now entered an old medieval palace. In this old palace lives a queen, the queen of fire. She is the elemental queen of Juniper, incarnated in a physical body, in an old medieval court. Immersed in deep internal meditation, we enter an underground room of this old mansion, and before our spiritual eyes a humble bed appears, a sublime lady and some holy Masters who assist this elemental queen of Juniper, incarnated in the middle ages in a physical body. . This strange room seems to be illuminated by an old glass chandelier, where you can breathe the dust of the centuries. In front of that bed, a vague and delicious smoke rises from a steaming iron pot. The fire burns intensely under this vessel. Boil a liquid, and enter the liquid into the juniper plant. The liquid in that vessel is the pure water of life, among which appears the Juniper tree. This is the plant of the Divine kings. All the divine kings of antiquity practiced the royal art of Juniper. The Juniper Elemental mantra is KEM LEM. The Juniper elemental looks like a beautiful girl. Each tree has its elemental; all the elementals of the juniper tree obey this elemental queen embodied in this old medieval palace. The queen begs Agni to help her and this child of fire floats in this strange chamber. The elemental of Juniper obeys, and among the smoke of the vessel some Masters of wisdom appear. The smoke of the juniper forms a gaseous body, so that the angel invoked can dress with it and become visible and tangible in the physical world.
  13. And the Lord Jehovah showed me the esotericism of the apple tree. The apple tree is the incarnate flower that the beast devours. The apple tree is the lamb and pig of animal passion. And the Lord showed me the apple tree and in its roots the poison of the scorpion. And the Lord Jehovah showed me a column of white light, most pure and immaculate, that rises towards heaven on a plate of coals. The apple tree is the Gloryan and around it sparkle the seven degrees of fire power. And the Lord Jehovah showed me a great mountain and many masters of the White Lodge, each master at the foot of his apple tree. And the Lord Jehovah told me: "Only you know what we Masters have been able to complete." And the Lord Jehovah showed me an innocent child, naked and full of beauty, and told me: "This is how we are again when we reach the Fourth Degree of Power of Fire." Then I understood the teachings of the Lord Jehovah, full of light and wisdom.
  14. One day while I, AUN WEOR, was deep in meditation, I said to the Lord Jehovah: -O Jehovah, help me! And the Lord Jehovah replied: -I have always helped you, I will always help all those who have already passed through the schools of the Baals. And the Lord Jehovah had a triangular crown on his head. And his face was like lightning, and his eyes like torches of burning fire, and his arms and legs like incandescent metal.
  15. One day, being immersed in deep meditation and prayer, I spoke to the Lord Jehovah thus: -O Jehovah!, My God!, I am fighting against all the schools, against all the religions and against all the sects of the world. My enemies are as numerous as the sands of the sea, and I am alone against the world. What will all this come to? Then I saw in a vision of God the time of Elijah the Prophet. A Master held in his arms a luminous painting, in which the image of the venerable Elder appeared. This was Elijah the Prophet, his hair was like white wool, his forehead broad and strong as the undefeated walls of Zion, his aquiline nose and thin lip denoted a strong willpower. His eyes shone like flaming torches, and his patriarchal white beard was haloed by a halo of dazzling white light... The world then was similar to our present age; the schools of the Baals were as numerous as the current ones, and Elijah was alone before all the spiritualist schools and all those brothers of the shadow looked at him with contempt and tried to kill him. But Elijah triumphed over the four hundred and fifty prophets of the Baals. So I, Aun Weor, understood this vision statement and wrote down the sum of the "businesses".
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