1. We decided to personally investigate all the esoteric content of the "Conjuration of the Seven" that King Solomon left us. We carry out these investigations in the superior worlds. We needed to be fully aware of the essential content of that prayer that the Wise Solomon bequeathed to us from ancient times. Many magicians, both in the past and in the present, use these conjurations. We begin by studying the first conjuration in the superior worlds, which literally reads as follows: "In the name of Michael, may Jehovah I sent you and took you away from here, Chavajoth!" Michael is the Genie of the Sun, and every advanced occultist knows that. Jehovah is the Regent of the Moon, he governs Eden, and he awaits us all in paradise. We needed, then, to meet Chavajoth. We decided to investigate. We leave the body at will. In our astral body we were walking along a lonely road. As we walked, we invoked the mysterious personage, Chavajoth, mentioned by the Great King Solomon. We have to confess that in that invocation we had to use the great and supreme call of Pedro de Apono." The result was wonderful! At the edge of the road we found a solemn Olympic sculpture, it seemed chiseled by a Praxiteles! His face was similar to that of the Greek Apollo, the curvature of his feet, the profile of his hands... All the eurythmy of that sculpture could be shared with the Venus de Milo! However... there was something strange in that beautiful sculpture, that precious human effigy was dressed in a blood-colored tunic that, forming beautiful, exotic and fatal folds, reached to the feet. We understood that we were facing the opposite pole of Jehovah... We were facing the frightful and terrible Chavajoth! Extending our right hand towards that evil and seductive beauty, with a loud voice we conjured her saying: "In the name of the TETRAGRAMMATON, I conjure you, Chavajoth!" Finishing pronouncing those words, we saw, with great surprise, that evil and beautiful sculpture get angry against us in a terrible way. Then advancing towards us he attacked us with his horrible hypnotic power. And he insulted us greatly. His words were truly disgusting, worthy only of the Great Whore whose number is 666. The fight was terrible. We had to defend ourselves with all our spiritual strength to remove that terrible demon of malignant beauty. At last we succeeded, and the frightful personage, who had taken the form of a harlot, hid herself in a tavern on whose counter only glasses and bottles of liquor were visible. That is Black Magic, that is the abyss. Now we wanted to delve a little deeper, we wanted to know the specific tasks to which Chavajoth dedicated himself. Another night the investigators left the body with the purpose of talking more closely with the antithesis of the Lord Jehovah. We made use of the Great Call of Pedro de  Apono as always. After a few moments we arrive at the street of an unknown town. Crowds of people came and went there and over there. As we called, we could easily appreciate the power of the word. The verb was transforming all things. We changed planes. We dive into the atomic regions where the Princes of Darkness live! Observing carefully, we noticed that someone was heading towards us with a firm and determined step. It was Chavajoth! That sinister character dressed in his blood-colored tunic and headed towards us. Then we conjure him saying: "In the name of Jupiter, the Father of all Gods, I conjure you, Chavajoth, TE VIGOS COS SLIM!" These mantras are of tremendous effect. Chavajoth, as if struck by a death ray, raised his arm as if to defend himself. We advanced a few steps, we went to him and shook his hand in a friendly sign. He then in a rude tone and using adjectives applicable only to prostitutes, asked us about our wives. We, with a serene spirit and without letting ourselves be carried away by any emotional or sentimental reaction, answered that character that our wives were very well, thank you. Then we told him that we wanted to be his friends. The sinister character was satisfied and then walked with us towards his dark cavern. We walked a long way until we reached the top of a high mountain. There he had his dark cavern. And there he taught his disciples. He told us that he lived in Germany, that he had a physical body, that he worked for the Great Black Lodge,  that he posed as a war veteran. etc. etc. Certainly we find the cave of Chavajoth full of disciples of the German race. Those disciples concurred in their astral body to said cavern. Chavajoth taught them the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. This dark doctrine teaches a system of sinister Sexual Magic, during which the magician commits the crime of ejaculating the seminal liquor. The result of such practices is always disastrous. The igneous serpent of our magical powers, then, instead of ascending, descends to the atomic infernos of man and becomes the tail of Satan. This system of black sexual magic was practiced by the Lemur-Atlantean monsters. Thus, we conclude that Chavajoth is an adept of the shadow, he is the antithesis of the Lord Jehovah. He is the head of the fatal legion! He works for the dark fraternity. It must be conjured in the name of Jehovah! Some days later, the researchers, in the astral body, decided to invoke this pair of opposites of philosophy: JEHOVAH AND CHAVAJOTH, and we made a circle around us... The two beings invoked attended the call. The Lord Jehovah, like a white dove of immaculate whiteness, hovered over our heads. Chavajoth, his antithesis, stayed outside the circle. He was downcast! The presence of the Lord Jehovah wounded him to death!... Jehovah works for the chastity of the world. The divine wisdom of Jehovah is enclosed in the ARCANUM AZF. That is the key of the Eden! That is the key to the ark of science! Chavajoth works for Tantrism, for the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, for the fatal science that turns men into beasts.

We decided to investigate the Second Invocation, which literally reads as follows: "In the name of Gabriel, that Adonai sent you and took you away from here Bael. We know that Gabriel is a Lunar Angel. We know that Adonai is a precious Angel. However, we did not know who Bael would be! Why had to be conjured in the name of Adonai? These were enigmas for us and we had to discover them! One night in the astral body we invoked Bael. Bael was a dark king who lived in a cave in the Gobi desert. There he instructed his disciples, taught black magic of the sublunary spheres. Adonai, the Son of Light and Joy, was its opposite. These two antitheses of philosophy were intimately related to the rays of the Moon. The presence of Bael was otherwise dark to a large extent in a great manner: Crowned as a king, his eyes wide apart and firm, his thick eyebrows, his blunt nose, his thick lips, his round face. He wore the robes of a black magician. Wounded by our conjuration, he trembled before us. We did not make much friendship with him. His character was unapproachable. Another night the investigators invoked Adonai, the Son of Light and Joy. A child about a few months old came to our call and attacked us with a terrible and sinister force. We had to use all our mental and spiritual forces to try to defeat him. However, it was all useless. That child was endowed with an omnipotent force! Someone told us to give him a friendly shake of the hand. So we did. We extended our hand to him in the spirit of greeting him. He then responded brotherly and shook his hand with ours. This was the Guardian of the Threshold of the angel Adonai, the Son of Light and Joy! The most interesting thing is to think that the Angel Adonai, despite his immense perfection, still preserves the Guardian of the Threshold, the Psychological Self, the reincarnating Ego that we all must decapitate and dissolve in order to incarnate, within ourselves, the Internal Christ. How difficult it is to achieve perfection! An angel as precious as Adonai, and yet it is hard to think that he still retains the psychological Self! A bundle of old memories. Another night, the deepest, the quietest... we investigators invoked the angel Adonai. The precious angel sent us with other angels a divine gift, a medallion hanging from a gold chain! This medallion gives us the power to change the cosmic plane instantly. With that precious treasure we can enter any department of the kingdom. We became very good friends with the precious Angel Adonai, the Son of Light and Joy,

Master Zanoni! We all know that Zanoni received cosmic initiation in the Tower of Fire of the old Chaldea of the sages. Since then Zanoni received the Elixir of Long Life and was able to preserve his physical body for thousands of years... The Great Master Zanoni fell because he fell in love with an artist from Naples and the result of his mistake was the guillotine! The Great Master died there! On a certain occasion Adonai, the Son of Light and Joy, and Master Zanoni attended us. One of us, somewhat surprised, waited. Then both Adoni and Zanoni told the surprised investigator to cut a strange thread on the ground with his sword. The surprised investigator, between perplexed and pleased, obeyed and cut the thread with his flaming sword. Once this work was done, we understood that he had freed himself from a fatal spell, from a bad current, from an act of black magic. Someone had wronged him with evil arts, and had caused him great harm. Then, master Zanoni and Adonai, both, cured the investigator's astral body and healed him. To King Bael, obeying supreme orders, in subsequent works we had to plunge him into the abyss. That dark character used his powers to cause great harm to Humanity. Bael is really the head of the legion, and he must be conjured in the name of his antithesis, Adonai, the Son of Light and Joy. We warn the imprudent that the tenebrous ones should never be invoked, because it is extremely dangerous. We had the need to investigate the CONJURATION OF THE SEVEN of the Wise Solomon.

We then set out to investigate the third invocation, which literally reads: "In the name of Raphael, disappear before Elial, Samgabiel!" When we investigate Samgabiel (not to be confused with Saint Gabriel), we find a terrible demon of the World of the Cosmic Mind. The angel Elial is exactly its divine and ineffable opposite. One day we invoked Raphael... Then, the Great Master attended our call. The master carried in his right hand the trident of the World of the Mind. His face was rosy as fire. His white beard, falling on his chest, was all full of majesty and light. The Great Master's broad forehead indicated his profound Wisdom. One of our people asked the Great Master for something. The Master answered saying: - You no longer need to ask for anything! Actually, he was an initiate with full knowledge of the science of good and evil. It will surprise our readers to learn that the Human Soul of the Great Master (Boddhisattwa Raphael) has a physical body. The most serious thing is to know that the Boddhisattwa... is fallen! But he struggles terribly to get up. On a certain occasion we entered a very luminous temple of the World of the Mind. All the researchers were acting with our mental body. There was a venerable group of elders there in that temple. They were dressed in Master's robes and wore sandals. On their shoulders fell beautiful curls, with white hair. His long white beard and broad foreheads gave all these old men a magnificent presence. We, the researchers, thought we were in a temple of white magic, before a group of holy masters. That was the belief we had!... One of those old men gave an ineffable speech. He spoke sublime things! He spoke divine things! He spoke of love, good, beauty, charity, etc. etc. Suddenly, the great master began to delicately touch on the problem of sex. And then in a sublime way he said: - Increase and multiply! There is nothing wrong with THE SEXUAL ACT, seminal ejaculation is not bad, it is needed for reproduction, because God said "Grow and multiply!" This and many other terms used by that venerable old man to defend seminal ejaculation. It was then that we began to suspect the holiness of that "saint". We began to doubt... Could this old man be a black magician? However, looking around us, we only saw venerable old men... Splendid light! ... Ineffable things!... It even seemed sacrilege to doubt this masters and that holy place! But the mortifying doubt, despite everything, despite our reasoning, continued to afflict us deeply. That was when one of us, wanting to clear up the doubt, stood up and launched these phrases: "Long live the Christ! Down with Javeh! Christ and Javeh are the two antitheses. Light and darkness! White Magic and Black Magic!" Javeh is that demon who tempted Christ on the mountain. Javeh is a terribly wicked demon! He is the Chief of the Black Magistracy. When we shouted "Alive!" and "Downs!" to Javhe, something horrible happened, the "holy" face of the venerable old man who spoke changed completely, he became totally angry, he was transformed... Then we saw the unexpected. That face became horrible!... Those "holy" elders unmasked themselves: they were true princes of Darkness, terrible black magicians of the World of the Cosmic Mind! They insulted us with phrases and words typical of the Great Whore whose number is 666. They attacked us violently... We had to draw the Flaming Sword to defend ourselves! Then we left that den of black magic that we previously believed to be a sanctity temple. Continuing with our investigations of High Theurgy we decided to study the fourth invocation that says: -"By Samael Zabaoth and in the name of Elohim Gibor stay away, Andrameleck!" Who would be Andrameleck? Who Elohim Gibor? Why do these geniuses figure in this fourth prayer of King Solomon? One night we went out in the astral body. We entered an underground cavern. So there, making use of the Great Call of Pedro de Apono, we invoke Andrameleck. For a long time we remained in that subterranean cavern of the Earth invoking Andrameleck... At last, in the middle of the cavern, a strange character appeared, black as coal. A gigantic, dark and horrible character. Extending our right hand towards that horrible monster, we said: -In the name of Jupiter, the Father of the Gods, I conjure you, Andrameleck!... TE VIGOS COS SLIM!... The result was formidable. That demon, mortally wounded by the terrible ray of Divine Justice, remained under our domain, then it was when Andrameleck spoke and said: -I didn't know that it was you who was calling me! If I had known, I would have come earlier...! What is it that I can do for you? These words of Andrameleck seemed to come from among the deep caverns of the entire Earth. It seemed as if that terrible and powerful voice issued from within the very intimate bowels of the Earth! Then we courageously spoke to Andrameleck, saying: -Give me your hand, Andrameleck! The tenebrous character approached us and shook hands with us. The one who writes this returned to his physical body. Then that demon, with his blood-red tunic, passing over the ceiling of the room, exclaimed saying: -You were afraid of me!... You were afraid of me...! I replied: -I'm not afraid of you, Andrameleck!... I returned to my body, and that's all! Another night, a group of brothers in our astral body met in a temple to continue our investigations in relation to that mysterious character, Andrameleck, mentioned by the Wise Solomon in the CONJURATION OF THE SEVEN. All the brothers made a great chain to invoke Andrameleck. We use the Pedro de Apono formula. After a while of invocations we hear a response from Andramelek in the distance. A strange wind that froze deeply... A hurricane reached us! That character modulated the vowel M. He gave that letter a special intonation with low and high tones... The brothers remained firm in the chain. Suddenly, one of the brothers who led the chain exclaimed with a loud voice saying: - Brothers, don't let go of the chain...! Stand firm…! Andrameleck is coming...! A few moments later, a giant appeared in the doorway. That giant was about three or four meters tall. That strange character wore a black robe. A white stripe fell obliquely from the right shoulder to the left thigh, passing through the front and back. He had a large medallion on his chest. In his right hand he carried a scepter of command. That character had a broad forehead, large blue eyes, where the starry sky was reflected. His straight nose, thin and delicate lips. White hands, with conical fingers, mystically elongated hands like the hands of Jesus of Nazareth, or a Francis of Assisi... The brother who led the chain, letting go of it, went out to meet Andramelek to hug and greet him. Then, turning to the brothers in the chain, he said: - Brothers, here I present my friend Andramelek! All the brothers were trembling, one of them could not resist the terrible electric force radiating from Amdramelek's eyes, he hastily retreated, he fled in terror! That wonderful giant, full of great decency and with fine and delicate gestures, extended his hand to politely greet each and every one of the brothers. Then he went to a desk and sat down there, at the desk. It was an interesting thing to see that strange giant possessed of so much courtesy, decency and harmony! What did cause sorrow was seeing depth behind that marvelous giant, rather like the memory of a fatal shadow. However, the scepter of that giant carried the medallion on his chest, and all his gestures were really from the White Lodge. Already seated at the desk, Andramelek called the brother who directed the chain and advised him with the following words: -Try, brother, to place yourself in the best possible environment. Dress decently! Understand that we are angels and therefore we have the full right to live well! The interlocutor brother asked permission from Andramelek saying: - Master, I ask you for permission, while I go to look for brother C... (the brother who had left the room before). It was then that the brother who directed the chain traveled in the astral body through all the countries of the Earth, looking for the brother who had fled. He wanted the brother to talk to Andrameleck. It was all useless! The search was unsuccessful. Brother C could not be located anywhere... What would have been done? Where would he have gone? Riddles! Riddles! The director brother of the chain returned again to the room where Andramelek was. However, it was no longer possible for him to talk with the marvelous giant, because many people in his astral body were consulting him. Then the brother director of the chain returned to his body, that brother got up very early in the morning, ate his breakfast and went out into the street. Where was he headed? Well, if you don't know, dear reader, know now. The director of the chain went in search of brother C... That brother was an old merchant and it would be very easy for the director of the chain to locate him in his store. Certainly there he found it. Brother C. was busy with the trade in his store. The director of the chain, after politely greeting his friend C…, questioned him saying: - Well, brother, tell me, why did you run away from Andramelek's sight? Then Brother C... answered saying: -I really couldn't resist the sight of Andrameleck anymore! He looked at me with terrible electrical force! I couldn't stand it! I was scared and ran away! It was then that the director of the chain told brother C… -Man, I was looking everywhere for you in the astral body and I couldn't find you! Brother C... replied: -You didn't find me... because I returned to my body! All that Sunday the two men discussed the Andrameleck affair. This giant was an enigma for the two investigators. Would Andrameleck be a black magician? Would Andrameleck be a White wizard? Riddles! Riddles! Riddles! Really all that was enigmatic! The two men each set out to investigate Andrameleck on their own. After some time they came to the following conclusion: The spirit that attended the chain is really Master Andramelek, a Master of the White Lodge! A Master of Major Mysteries! It happened that that Master sent his Boddhisattwa (Human Soul) to reincarnation. Remember that you have a soul, a spirit it be is, and that Boddisattwa reincarnated in China. Unfortunately, that Bodhisattwa let himself dropped down. That is the mystery of the human "Double Personality". One of the greatest mysteries of the occultism! So, that man turned into a devil! When the investigator invokes Andrameleck in the astral, Andrameleck the Demon, or Andrameleck the Great Spiritual Master, may appear. Much later the researchers invoked Andrameleck and Elohim Gibor. They both responded to the call. Then we saw the antitheses face to face! Elohim Gibor is the antithesis of the tenebrous Andrameleck. Elohim Gibor is an archangel of the Ray of Mars! He wears a flaming sword at his belt and is a terribly divine man. When Andrameleck attacked us, we were easily able to defeat him. Then, lying on the bed of pain, he told us that in China he used a bulb called KINOCAPOL, with which he instantly awakened clairvoyance in his disciples. (Of course this type of clairvoyance lasts as long as the effect of the injection does not wear off! And that's all). The demon Andrameleck is a merchant in China and lives economically well. That character is from the darkness... dwells in the Abyss. A friend of ours, after hearing this story, asked us the following: -So then, Andrameleck no longer has an Intimate? When he disincarnates, will he only ascend to the Causal Plane? Will he have a body in a new reincarnation? We had to answer the friend the following: - Andramelek no longer has a body! Precisely the giant who attended the chain is Andramelek's Intimate. That Intimate no longer has a relationship with the dark man who lives in China. When the Andrameleck man disincarnates, the heartless monster will then not be able to rise to the causal plane, nor to the superior worlds because he is a heartless person, he is a Kabbalistic Crusts, an empty house... He has no soul or spirit! Those Kabbalistic crusts sink into the Atomic Infernos of Nature through the centuries. Little by little they degenerate and lose strength! Then... they take the figures of horrible animals from the Abyss. Later, the figures of plants, and finally of minerals that, in the process of disintegration, will be devoid of Intelligence. They finally become cosmic dust! That is the "Second Death" that the Apocalypse speaks of. Fornicators, after all, have to go through the "Second Death." Fornicators are people of black magic! Anyone who ejaculates the seminal liquor is FORNICARY AND A SURE CANDIDATE FOR THE ABYSS AND THE "SECOND DEATH". Andrameleck will become cosmic dust in the abyss, the disintegration in the abyss is very slow. Many times these tenebrous ones sustain themselves for eternities, for entire cosmic days and nights, but little by little they disintegrate, and in the end, they die! Andrameleck will never have a body again! He is a terribly wicked demon. The internal master suffers horribly and. Our interlocutor then asked us this other question: - Is the Intimate guilty of the bad deeds of Andramelek and of the karma that he has to pay? We had to answer the following: -The Intimate is an Immolated Lamb and will have to pay for his former tantric personality! The Intimate, the internal master will have to reincarnate to pay the karma of his former personality. Law is law!... That Master lacked strength to have dominated the dark human personality. When Spirit defeats Matter, it is victorious. That's all...

We, after having dealt with the preceding investigation, proposed to study in the superior worlds the fifth conjuration of the great King Solomon. Let's see it: "By Zachariel et Sachiel-Meleck, obey before Elvah, Sanagabril!" We already know that Zachariel is the Genius of Jupiter. What we didn't know was who Elvah and Sanagabril were. At first glance we understood that they were the two antitheses of the Jupiter Ray. Sanagabril had to be called with the Call of Pedro de Apono, because it was a dark entity. Since you had to conjure him away, it logically followed that he was a dark one! As for Elvah, it was inferred that was a luminous angel, since is to be used to ward off Sanagabril. Thus, Elvah could not be invoked with the call of Pedro de Apono, he had to be called in the name of Christ, by the Majesty of Christ, by the Power of Christ. We, in the internal world, begin by invoking Sanagabril. We made the invocation in the astral body, inside a small room. We called many times and Sanagabril took a long time. A narrow corridor, a long passageway full of darkness, led to the small room in which we made the invocation. After a while of patient waiting, we heard the footsteps of someone coming down the narrow corridor. Certainly those footsteps were not very pleasant! The sound of those steps was not the sound of shoes or sandals, it was a different sound! It was the sound of claws and nails, like a tiger or an evil beast! We remained firm, we waited for Sanagabril to get a little closer. We were prepared but with great force! Suddenly, a strange being came to the threshold of that enclosure. We looked and saw a face so hideous that only the imagination of a raving madman, or an idiot, could conceive. It would be better for us to see the dead come out of their graves at midnight than to contemplate the tremendously horrible face of Sanagabril! Frankly, we were so surprised by the terrible appearance of that diabolical beast that we had to instantly return to the physical body. We were not afraid of it! We were surprised by its horrible ugliness! Everyone who follows the black path reaches that sad state! However, we did not lose heart and decided to face, once again, the horrendous spectacle. So, with certainty of spirit, another night, in our astral body we made the invocation to Sanagabril again. This time we invoke it on the corner of one of the streets of a big city. Sanagabril attended our call! But, wishing to talk with us, he assumed the figure of a normal man. He looked like a banker, and he came in talking to us about money; He gave us the winning number of the lottery, supposedly so that we could buy. With these temptations he intended to lure us into his shadowy sphere of influence.  A whole town is robbed to enrich a few. We do not allow ourselves to be locked up in that "golden cage". We were only interested in knowing this dark aspect, this shadow of Jupiter. Then another night we set out to investigate Elvah. This angel is Love, Altruism, Charity, Holiness!

We are going to narrate to our readers the research we did with the sixth invocation of the great King Solomon. That invocation is as follows: "In the divine and human name of Schaddai and by the sign of the Pentagram that I hold in my right hand, in the name of the angel Anael, by the power of Adam and Eve who are Jotchavah, withdraw, Lilith!" !; leave us alone, Nahemah!" A group of brothers, in the astral body, we invoke the angel Anael in the name of Christ, by the Majesty of Christ, by the Power of Christ. We did the invocation in a chain, in the patio of a house. It was the dawn of a sunrise... And we called the Angel of Love with a loud voice! After some time, we saw some ineffable birds pass over the patio of the house, at a great height. Birds of silver!... Birds of gold!... Birds of fire!... One of them, the most beautiful, was Anael, the angel of love, who in her astral body had assumed that beautiful figure. All of us exclaimed: "Anael, the angel of Love, is coming!" We waited for those wonderful and divine birds to descend to the patio of that house, where all of us brothers made the Invocation of High Theurgy. However, those birds flew by quickly and did not descend to the patio of that house. What would it be?... What would have happened? Suddenly, someone knocks three times, rhythmically, on the door of the house. We released the chain and in our astral bodies we went to open the door. A beautiful boy, dressed in a blue tunic, appeared in the doorway. Other children followed him. This beautiful child was Anael, the angel of Love, the angel of Dawn, the angel of Venus! The hair of that child seemed like a cascade of gold falling on his ineffable shoulders. He looked like a twelve year old. His face, rosy like the dawn, had perfect facial features, ineffable. His whole body was rosy, like the dawn. The boy had flowers in his arms. We knelt down for his blessing, and he blessed us! In the presence of that beautiful child, one only feels the desire to play, one feels reliving one's childhood, one feels oneself becoming a child! The director of the chain, on his knees before the Angel of Love, consulted him about something. The boy answered with great wisdom. We carefully observe the aura of that angel: it is white, pure, innocent, perfect. After we invoked the angel Anael, we set out to meet Lilith, her dark antithesis. And another night, the quietest... we invoked Anael and Lilith, simultaneously. We made the invocation in the astral body, inside a small room. After a few moments, the angel Anael came to our call. The beautiful boy had an ineffable presence. We knelt down and he blessed us. Then the boy sat down on a chair. We, full of immense veneration and respect, asked the child the favor of invoking his antithesis, Lilith. We said to him thus: -Master, invoke us now to Lilith. We are investigating the Pairs of Opposites of Philosophy. The angel Anael mentally invoked his antithesis... We heard a few steps outside and a few moments later another child entered the room, the exact size of Anael, the Angel of Love. He was Anael's antithesis. It was Lilith! We looked and saw in the night a terribly evil child! A child with a terribly evil face!... That child wore a black and dark blue tunic. Colors of the infra-red range. These same colors are used by the White Lodge, but within the ultra-violet range. The infrared is from the Black Lodge! The ultra-violet is from the White Lodge! Lilith is a demon and his clothes are demonic. Lilith is terribly fornicator! From his spinal cord only radiates abysses and darkness. We researchers offered Lilith a chair to sit on. And the chair was placed in front of the angel Anael. Thus, the two antitheses of Venus sat facing each other. It was amazing to see these two antitheses face to face... Anael and Lilith! The love and the counter-love that the theurgist made appear before the crowds in ancient times. There are now Love and Counter-Love, face to face. Lilith did not dare look at Anael's serene, radiant, luminous face. Then we exclaim: -Here is the Mystery of the Twin Souls! Here is the pair of opposites of philosophy!. We were intoxicated by wisdom, we were in a true state of terrible mystical exaltation! Lilith and Nahemah are two terribly wicked demons. These two demons rule the spheres of the abyss. We decided to investigate the last invocation that literally says: "By the Holy Elohim and in the names of the geniuses Cashiel, Sehaltiel, Aphiel and Zachariel at the command of Orifiel, Withdraw, Moloch! We will not give you our children to devour them!" Who would that Moloch be? Ancient tradition tells of Moloch, an iron bull that was heated red hot. The story goes that many children were thrown into the horrible belly of that iron bull. There is a lot of talk about Moloch, and we wanted to investigate the case. Outside the physical body we call Moloch with the Great Call of Pedro de Apono. As we vocalized the mantra, we sank into the atomic infernos of Nature. Then we saw immense multitudes of human beings living in the abyss. Suddenly, through the crowds we saw a rider on his mount. The rider rode a spirited steed. That rider looked like an Arab. He wore a blood-red robe and covered his head with an oriental turban. The man's face was really like that of an Arab. Large, black, penetrating eyes; thick eyebrows, strong and thick lips, straight nose, dark color. The man wore sandals. His entire posture was truly like that of a horseman from Happy Saudi. It was Moloch! The terrible demon Moloch!... Soon he was heading towards us, on his spirited steed. He forced his way through the crowds, and, shouting at us with a loud voice, he addressed the director of the chain of investigators, and said, mockingly and wickedly satisfied: -Ah...! I already made you up there, among the little angels! So you're back! Then the director of the great chain of investigations, full of courage, replied: -You're wrong, Moloch, I'm here only for a visit. I've come to investigate you! That is all! Moloch withdrew. And all the researchers return to our physical bodies. Much later we invoke his luminous antithesis, Orifiel, the angel of Saturn. That angel governs the wonderful luminous ray of Saturn. The investigators, later, in the astral body, arrived at a house where only mud could be seen... misery... indigence... hunger and, the worst of the case... terrible fornication! We saw a horrible, disgusting room. In that room lived a terribly fornicating woman. That woman has already entered the abyss, she has already disincarnated! And in that filthy room where she lived, you only see rags, mud, indigence, misery, suffering, dirt. When we were investigating, we could intuitively see the intimate relationship that exists between the dark powers that figure in the "CONJURATION OF THE SEVEN" and fornicator people. All that is one thing: black magic! fornication! disgusting misery! We, the researchers, were able to show that unrepentant fornicators, in their last reincarnations, pay the karma of the most atrocious misery, of the most disconcerting and horrible misery.

109. There is a need for the initiate to pray daily to God. Every prayer must be accompanied by a glass of wine and a piece of bread. "Do this in memory of me," said Our Divine Savior. Pray always, my brothers, and then break the bread and drink the wine. I owe this solemn teaching to the angel Aroch, Angel of Command. You have to know how to pray: Praying is conversing with God. When the angel Aroch, Angel of Command, taught me this wonderful key of the Gnostic Anointing, he also taught me to pray. Those ineffable moments in which the angel Aroch, in the figure of a child, on his knees and with his hands folded on his chest, raised his purest eyes towards heaven are unspeakable. His face seemed like fire at that moment, and full of deep love, he exclaimed: "Lord, Lord, don't let me fall, never let me leave the light." Then he broke the bread and gave us to eat, and poured the wine in a small silver pitcher, he poured it between some cups and gave us to drink. 

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