1. I tell you something, beloveds. When in Egypt, at the foot of the Sphinx of the desert, I was entrusted with the solemn mission of teaching humanity this science, I was also warned about all these scandals, about all these gossips, betrayals, etc., due to the state in which is poor suffering humanity. It is clear that never in life had the unspeakable secret of the Great Arcanum been disclosed outside the temples of Major Mysteries, but as the New Aquarian Age is now beginning, it was necessary for the good of poor suffering humanity to make this disclosure. When someone has realized said secret, he must go forward or fall. When one finds the secret or hears about it, one has only two or three lives or very few more lives and then stops being born to enter those hell-worlds wisely cited in the Tibetan Book of the Dead
  2. I am reminded of the singular case of a certain Lemurian-Liliputian tribe that until recently lived in Lipez, Bolivia, South America. Ancient traditions affirm that, it is said, both the men and women of that mysterious tribe had human bodies that barely reached heights ranging from 15 to 25 centimeters. People who walk around say that the curious town where these Lilliputians lived before still exists and is located about 120 kilometers from Potosí, Bolivia, South America.

112. Some time in my sidereal vehicle or astral body, I was talking there with a group of solar wise men; they treated me very harmoniously. The interesting thing about the case is that, despite the fact that I was there in my astral vehicle or sidereal body, they could see and hear me. There is no doubt that they were there at that time in bodies of flesh and blood, but despite being in their physical bodies, they could see me, as if I were also in a physical body like them; that is, they possess extraordinary clairvoyant faculties, clairaudient faculties, etc. We talked like that sitting at a beautiful table and later they apologized to me because it was the precise moment, the right one, to go to the observatory. I saw them there looking through glasses, I also saw them doing huge and complicated mathematical calculations. In those days they were very concerned with a system of very distant worlds, located millions of light years, too far from the solar world where they live. They were extremely interested in thoroughly investigating such a game of worlds, because they planned, at that time, to make an expedition to the same distant worlds of said solar system. It is clear that the inhabitants of the sun have wonderful cosmic ships that can travel through space, but they were duly tracing the route by making calculations to be able to arrive precisely at the mentioned system of worlds in which they were very interested in knowing exactly in those days. I was frankly stunned, amazed. Those telescopes they have are extraordinary. In no way do they wish or want to have relationships with people who have the ego, the I, the Legion. The solar inhabitants only come into contact with very dead people, with people who have already disintegrated the ego, who have already died in themselves, who do not have an ego. Some beautiful landscapes of the Sun come to mind. There is a sea so deep, so gigantic, with waters so clear and so beautiful, that I have been stunned. Many times in my astral body I have arrived at a certain bay in a small boat where I have rested for hours; It is clear that in the astral plane one can also navigate in some boats naturally made of astral material... one can also get into any boat, let's say physical... Anyone who knows how to travel in the astral body can do the same, that's clear. What you have to do is become aware; those who are asleep will not be able to do these things. That bay seemed precious to me, that sea is millions of times larger than the entire planet Earth; I could assure you that if we deposit all the seven seas of the earth within that sea, it would be as much as pouring a glass of water into that great ocean. Think about what the size of that great ocean means, that is to say, any of our oceans that we have here on our planet, is a puddle compared to that immense sea that I am referring to in such Sun. From time to time I saw certain sea creatures to the surface, they gazed at the horizon and returned and plunged into the incalculable depths of the solar sea. This is inconceivable to earthlings. Looking at the Sun from the astral point of view is extraordinary. For example, there is a secret path that leads to the heart temple of the Sun; Of course, it is not a physical path... and I want that to be understood, I mean a secret, astral, esoteric path that leads, as I said, to the heart temple of the Sun. It is a path that does not belong to dense matter... when one approaches to see that on the surface, the only thing one perceives is a great depth; but there in the depths, in the unknown, some flames can be seen. In my astral vehicle I have been able to descend that great precipice, reach those flames, there a Great Being blesses one; is the gatekeeper or Guardian of the Temple, he blesses us with a branch of olive trees, then, through a secret path one goes to the heart temple of the Sun. In the heart temple one finds the seven Choans, seven great beings who work in the solar system. There one feels the ebb and flow of the Great Life, the systole and diastole of the entire system in which we live, move and have our being, it can be said that there is the Heart of the Sun, the heart of the solar system. It is that the solar system seen from afar looks like a man walking through the unalterable infinite space. And it has functional organs. For example, Mars is the liver of our solar system, and the Sun itself is the heart of the solar system, but that heart must be found in the very core of that central mass. By the way, the most powerful ray of the Sun vibrates at dawn and belongs to the Kundalini. Due to this, it is interesting and even advisable to practice the Sahaja Maithuna at dawn, at the dawn of the day. There are also different elementals of nature in the Sun, as there are in the whole planet. There life ebbs and flows, incessant beauty. Scientists assume that the Sun is a fireball or a cloud of helium, or whatever. Ordinary people think of the Sun as a great bonfire, that the closer one is, the more exposed one is to burn. There is no such; climb a mountain five thousand meters high and you will see that they die of cold; and you will rise in a stratospheric balloon to the stratosphere, because there you would die of cold. In interplanetary spaces the temperature reaches one hundred and twenty degrees below zero. So there is no such that the Sun is a ball of fire. all the atomic energy that comes  crosses interplanetary space and upon reaching the earth's atmosphere, then, the latter decomposes such radiation. in light, heat, color and sound. It is precisely the upper layer of the earth's atmosphere that is responsible for analyzing and breaking down the sun's rays into light, heat, color and sound. But in interplanetary space there is intense cold, as I already said, it reaches 120º C. below zero. Thus, it is not that the Sun is a ball of fire as ordinary people believe and as some scientists suppose, when decomposed in the Earth's atmosphere, become or they become as light, heat, color and sound; its irradiations not only reach the planet Earth but also reach all the worlds of the solar system, and the same thing happens on each planet of our system.

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