1. One day, some friend and my person returned from the picturesque city of Taxco, Republic of Mexico. We were coming to the Federal District in a ramshackle vehicle, which, due to the unbearable weight of the years, roared terrifyingly stentorian with much loud clatter. It was curious to see that old vehicle in full swing, it overheated horrifyingly and terrifyingly like something horrific and my friend Raphael had the patience to deal with it. From time to time we stopped in the shade of a tree on the road to pour water on it and cool it down a bit. This was a task of my friend Raphael, I preferred to take advantage of those moments to immerse myself in deep meditation. Now I remember something very interesting. Sitting by the side of the road outside that curious old geezer, I saw some insignificant ants that were industrious and diligent circulating everywhere. Suddenly I resolved to put my mind in order and concentrate my attention exclusively on one of them. Then I moved on to meditation and finally ecstasy came, samadhi, that which in Zen Buddhism is called Satori. What I experienced was extraordinary, wonderful, formidable; I was able to verify the intimate relationship between the ant and what Leibinitz would call the Monad. It is obvious to fully understand that such a guiding monad is certainly not incarnated, stuck within the body of the ant; It is clear that she lives outside her physical body, however she is connected to her dense vehicle through the silver cord. Such a cord is the thread of life, the sevenfold Antakarana of the Hindustani, something magnetic and subtle that has the power to extend or lengthen infinitely. That monad of the insignificant ant, observed so carefully by me, truly seemed like a beautiful twelve-year-old girl; He was dressed in a beautiful white tunic and had a small dark blue cape on his shoulders. And what did the girl say? Terrible things. She told me about her karma, horrible by the way. We talked at length inside the carriage; she entered it herself and sitting down invited me to the conversation. I humbly sat down next to her. Many centuries before the first human race appeared on the face of the earth, those non-human creatures that today lived in this world. These creatures thoroughly knew the good from the bad and the bad from the good; Certainly, and in the name of Truth, I have to say that they were "old souls", they had evolved a great deal, but never in life had they entered the path of the revolution of consciousness. It is obvious that evolution can never lead anyone to intimate self-realization. It is hardly normal that all evolution is inevitably followed by involution. To every ascent comes a descent, to every ascent comes a descent. These creatures renounced the idea of superior knowledge and the esoteric circle of life and based their faith on a "jargon" of the Marxist-Leninist type. His way of understanding was undoubtedly more mistaken and more serious than Adam's and the result is visible to everyone. Those are the ants, regressive, , retarded creatures. Those beings altered their own organism, they horribly modified it, they made it go back in time until they reached the current state they are in. Today we are amazed to contemplate an anthill; we only regret that there is no intelligence there and that everything has become mechanical.
  2. I owed karma from previous lives and was forgiven; A special meeting with my Divine Mother Kundalini had already been announced to me, I knew very well that upon reaching a certain esoteric degree I would be taken to her presence. And certainly the long-awaited day came and I was brought before her; a highly exalted adept led me before the Sanctuary. And there, oh God!, I cried out... I prayed... I invoked my adorable one. The cosmic event was extraordinary. She came to me, my Adorable Mother. Impossible to explain what I felt, in it were represented all those little mothers that I had had in different reincarnations. However, she went further... my Mother yes, but perfect, ineffable, terribly divine. The Father had deposited in her all the grace of his wisdom; the Christ had saturated her with his love; the Holy Spirit had conferred on her terrible igneous powers. I was able to understand that wisdom, love and power were vividly expressed in my Mother. We sat facing each other, she in one chair, I in another, and we talked deliciously like Mother and Son. How happy! How happy I felt talking with my Divine Mother! I had something to say and I spoke in a voice that amazed myself. -I ask you to forgive me for all my felony committed in previous lives, because you know that today I would be incapable of falling into those same mistakes. -I know, my son, replied my Mother with a voice of paradise full of infinite love. "Not even for a million dollars would I make those mistakes again," I continued saying to my Divine Mother Kundalini. -What is that of dollars, my son? Why do you say that? Why do you talk like that? Then, oh God, I felt sorry for myself, confused. Embarrassed and full of pain I replied: - Excuse me, my mother. What happens is that there in the physical, vain and illusory world where I live, people talk like that. -I understand, my son... -my Mother answered. These words from the adorable one restored my tranquility and peace. -Now yes, my mother, I ask you to bless me and forgive me. So I spoke full of ecstasy. Terrible was that moment when my Mother on her knees, kneeling with infinite humility and full of wisdom, love and power, blessed me saying: -My son, you are forgiven. -Allow me to kiss your feet, my mother, I exclaimed. Then, oh God! Placing my mystical kiss on her sacred plants, she instructed me with a certain symbol, reminding me of the washing of feet at the Lord's Supper. I understood everything and understood thoroughly. I had already dissolved the pluralized self in the mineral regions, in the infernal worlds of Nature, but I needed to burn the satanic seeds in the lower molecular world, the purgatorial region, and then bathe myself with Lethe and Eunoe to erase the memories of the evil and fortify the virtues before to be confirmed in the light. Later I found myself in a very painful scene from my past life where I had made a regrettable mistake, and when I was about to be hit by a car, I fully evidenced ad nauseam that I was free from Karma. I studied my own book of Karma in the Superior Worlds and found its blank pages, there I only found the name of a mountain written on one of its pages, I understood that later I would have to live there. -Is it some karma?, I asked the Lords of the Law. -It is not karma -I was answered- you will go to live there for the good of the Great Cause. It is clear that it will not be mandatory for me, I am granted free choice.
  3. I speak to human beings based on direct experience, I am an Avatar of Ishvara. Really Ishvara (the supreme Master) is a very special Purusha, exempt from suffering, from actions, from their results and desires. Brahman, the Ocean of the Spirit, manifests as Ishvara, the Master of Masters, The Governor of the Universe. He is the Master, even for the old Masters, never being limited by time. The word that manifests to him is AUM. And came to me Ishvara and told me: -You must deliver messages, pamphlets and to form army of world salvation. –That is what the Lord said
  4. . In these moments ineffable memories come to mind. One night in autumn I was talking deliciously with an adept in the superior worlds. Conversing with an Elder Brother in the parallel universes of the higher dimensions is certainly something impossible for those who are asleep, for those poor people who dream. But luckily I'm awake. Varied was the topic of the conversation, the dialogue was developed in synthesis. Litelantes listened and was silent... it is obvious that she is also awake and enjoys accompanying me... she is my priestess wife. And that talk flowed deliciously like a river of gold under the thick jungle of the sun. The venerable one wanted an interview with me here below, in the physical world, in the three-dimensional region. It was necessary to define the factors of time and place. Litelantes protested; twelve o'clock at night and so far from our house, in the very center of Mexico City... Her protests were useless, he and I set the appointment and gave the floor. The autumn months passed... I waited with great interest for the long-awaited New Year 1968. However, everything passes... and I didn't have to wait too long, the long-awaited night arrived. I left home early - that's how it had to be - because that's a night with many visits, I had to anticipate. A taxi took me to the Zócalo. I had to get off exactly on one of the corners of the Plaza de la Constitución. I had to pay the ticket. “How much do I owe you?”, “Two pesos, sir”. "Here you are, get paid." The driver received the money without even remotely sensing anything about me or the reason for my trip. What can a sleeper know? Did the poor driver know my studies? What could you demand? Just another dreamer driving a taxi... that's all. And I walked through the very center of the Zócalo, I stopped before a large iron pole, this was the pole of the national flag, the exact place of the mysterious meeting. It is obvious that I had to first recognize the place and so it happened, but we still hadn't arrived even at ten o'clock at night. I walked along Avenue 5 de Mayo slowly... slowly... and I reached the Alameda Park. The winter ice that encourages the hills where nuances or aromas never sway, came down in fresh torrents of silver covering the withered meadows. I sat on a park bench, the cold of that winter night was certainly tremendous. Here and there and everywhere the wrapped children frolicked; The elders talked austerely about things that were perhaps very serious, or at least very unimportant; the lovers smiled with luciferian gazes of fire; lights of various colors shone and there was no lack, as is hardly normal among that motley and picturesque of the eve New Year's human ensemble, some costumes; people who enjoyed having a photograph taken before the three wise men. Smoke rising from the mountain, dark nostalgia, strange passion, insatiable thirst, deadly tedium, tender longing, indefinite subconscious, longing for the impossible, is what humanity feels at times like this. Several times I walked near the crystalline fountains contemplating beautiful things next to the pine trees: balloons of various colors, symbolic representations of the old and new year, cars pulled by the goats of Capricorn, etc. Again and again, slowly turning down 5 de Mayo Avenue, I approached on several occasions the pole of our national flag in the living center of the Plaza de la Constitución. I anxiously looked around, the glorious place was relatively alone and to make matters worse the pavilion of the Homeland did not shine on that night with the eagle of the spirit, the sacred serpent and the prickly pear of the will. Dark Alexanders and Spartacuses! How far you are from understanding all this; in the bloody labors of war, sower of laurels and misfortunes, you were idols of clay that fell to the ground in pieces. In sublime absorption I delved into my own mind, meditating on the mystery of life and death. There was only half an hour left for the usual appointment of the mystery. Many times I walked silently around the Zócalo of the mall. Suddenly, looking at the clock, I sighed deeply, saying in a voice that amazed me: "Finally, the time is near!" It was necessary to speed up the pace a little more to return once again to the place of the longed-for appointment. The chimes of the old Metropolitan Cathedral resounded, when I anxiously stopped before the national flagpole, it was only fifteen minutes before twelve; I looked around me as if inquiring, as if looking for some sign that would indicate the presence of the master. Countless questions assailed me. Wouldn't this Guru be able to keep the appointment? Perhaps the adept had not passed on the memory of this commitment to his physical brain? At last, oh God!, the twelve chimes of the New Year resound in the towers of the temple. I started to feel disappointed when something unusual happens. I see three people in front of me. It's a foreign family. The gentleman advances alone towards me, I observe him attentively, I know those features, that majestic continent; is the master. He congratulates me, hugs me, wishes me total success for the year 1968, then leaves. However, I notice something strange in him, he has come like an unconscious sleepwalker, as if moved by a force superior to him; this alarms me, it makes me a little sad. Is it possible that the master's consciousness is awake in the higher worlds and asleep in the physical world? This is certainly strange, enigmatic, profound. After the meeting with the master I no longer felt disappointed, in my heart there was joy. I advanced towards the atrium of the old cathedral; I was waiting, yes, and suddenly my son Osiris came, he was driving his little fire-colored chariot, he stopped for a moment to pick me up and drive me home. Did the master keep your appointment? That was his first question, and since the answer was affirmative, it is clear that he was very happy and then kept silent. It is useful to say that after that event I had a new interview with the master in the superior worlds. I thanked him for meeting the appointment and congratulated him; The Guru, very happy, felt satisfied at having been able to lead his human personality to the previously agreed place. It is easy to understand that the man who came to me was the Bodhisattva of the master. And he came asleep... What pain! He was a fallen Boddhisattwa... however, the master managed to control him and lead him like an automaton, like a puppet, to the meeting place.
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