ANAEL - 2August 10, 2010Question: Can you elaborate on forgiveness?Beloved, forgiveness can be considered at different levels. There is forgiveness for emotions. There is a pardon for a mental act. There is forgiveness for a real act of consciousness, independently of any presupposition within existing emotional or mental. True forgiveness is that which liberates. Forgiveness is freedom because forgiveness can literally disintegrating link in resonance with two people, for example. I'll take one example, deep in the common humanity and this, of all time. I will take a specific example. Two people love each other and, one day, only more love. What are they? They divorced. However, if the parents divorce, it is just more than they love. At that time, there are a number of resentments that will literally build a link, while self-consciously intend to release their links. But what is released, by removing a person to not only reinforce the resentment and the relationship on other levels, leading to test the law of action / reaction stages in life called Karma. Thus, the dissolution of social bonds, of an emotional bond, did not completely reflected by the dissolution of the relationship at the conscious level and Vibration. This can be achieved only through forgiveness. It is also necessary to understand that the pardon should not be something lying, just where are the links. Forgiveness is an act of consciousness, to liberate and free the other from all existing and resonance doing that, almost inexorable way, these beings are called to return to life to life, in different roles, constantly recurring in the matrix.Of course, today, the forgiveness he needs to do is not a pardon in relation to your descendants, ancestors, past stories, but, more importantly, forgiveness vis-à-vis you, to within the Crown Radiant Heart, to establish yourself in the Vibration. Forgiveness does not involve the vibration of the Heart is not forgiveness, but imagination. Real forgiveness is at this level. It will break all links, not by the act of forgiveness itself, but especially by the act of Vibratory détisser and started undoing the ties within the matrix. This can be done by the assumption of the Unit. Many people have spoken and are involved in this concept of forgiveness in mental vision very, very emotional, of what real forgiveness. Just remember that forgiveness is beyond the purely symbolic, beyond the purely emotional or purely mental. It is a conscious act Vibratory, to deconstruct and unravel a link that, in most cases are from life to life. Each experiment, through this indissoluble bond, certain positions, making one day, who was your tormentor will one day your mother. That said, it must be nuanced by the fact that the matrix expires. Today, forgiveness is essential to burn in you, through the Light Vibrale, everything that connects you to the Illusion. We must also consider your Consciousness is free, without any resentment over things that did not progress in the same light Vibrale. It is appropriate at this level, leaving them free to stay within the free will, in the resentment, if they so wish. Just, in fact, that one of two people in connection karmic resonance or link, aroused his beingness Corps for all the links for this person to dissolve themselves. It is not necessary that the other accused person or another situation, realizes that forgiveness. In short, you hold in you, through the vibration of the Heart, all the possibilities of forgiveness.Question: Can you elaborate on the spiritual pride and pitfalls?Beloved, pride, spiritual sense, can have different faces, different faces, different presentations. He who today is most present in your world, is the identification of a causal principle, certainly included in your DNA. So, yes, it is likely you have already met with people claiming to be this or that. By claiming to be such person or such other person, these people away from what they really are. For what you are, is of Eternity and need not be referenced to a history or compared to the past as this imbalance your system for those who demand it. Claiming then by spiritual pride, identification with one being high really and in truth, there is depolarization of the system in the past. There is therefore removal of the present moment. The spiritual pride is often present as false humility, which will be claiming a spirituality to access a number of privileges, whereas the latter will allow him to find meaning in his life, in matrix. Here lies the trap most important to the spiritual ego, which is to make you believe that Light Vibrale will be designed to establish yourself Joy, in this world. You're there for the moment, in this world and the joy you through what is to cross, so much simpler and lighter than it would if you were not centered in Vibration of the Heart. The spiritual pride can finally take often hidden aspects in connection with the desire to reduce, within the ego, all that is experienced in terms Vibration. In this sense, so I spoke to the abandonment of the ego, which has nothing to do with the spiritual ego but, rather, the abandonment of ego in all conscience, to access the within the beingness. The spiritual pride, finally, is the one who wants to identify, in a false humility to follow a particular path, wishing thereby imitating an entity, Consciousness and away, thus, of his own way. Here are the most common forms of what is observed in spiritual pride, which I remind you, can not exist from the moment of the Radiant Heart Crown settles in you, by the principle abandonment to the Light.Question: Our Guardian Angels have they been trapped by this false truth?Beloved, it depends on what a guardian angel on the plane Vibration. Some Guardian Angels are, indeed, beings trapped within the matrix. Some Guardian Angels are located at the Unified spheres. And coming through a number of communication channels, as I do within the channel, connecting people who are kept in the matrix. Thus, the Guardian Angels are not a special kind of angel but a class of entities, whose office is, indeed, to ensure, within the matrix, and outside of the womb, that a number of things did not go too far in one way or another.Question: Some of these guards have they tried to deliver us from the womb?It was impossible, beloved. Until the establishment of the coming of the Light, through its first component, called Spirit, which occurred in the first galactic portal of August 1984, it was absolutely impossible to get out of the matrix.Question: Did the forgery was permitted by The Source? What is the benefit to humanity?Beloved, this was, indeed, at first, made possible by The Source for the Archangel Lucifer and the Archons had proposed a compression principle of light, resulting in an altered structure of carbon - such as those that had been created by Mary, so original - whose primary goal was to sound even more, the Light. This is exactly the opposite happened. Since that time, the forces of Light have been increasingly true as the truth and want to restore the Unit within the carbonaceous matrix. In summary, we can say that this had absolutely no sense. As I said earlier, there is no change in the matrix, contrary to what many lessons have tried to make you believe.Question: Is there something important that has not been tampered with?The Heart and the drop of immortality has been kept active through the sacrifice of the Elohim, which occurred at the Council of Alta to the Creation of Atlantis in 50,731 BC. Each cycle, a number of entities, from the higher dimensions, fall into the trap, voluntarily, within the matrix, in order not to lose the heritage of Light and Vibration. The only thing that is not falsified, today, in this matrix, is yourself. What you are, precisely, in the Crown Radiant Heart. Everything else is a forgery and obstruction of your release.Question: the death of the mind and the death of the ego are the same thing?Beloved, the mind is a component of the ego but not all of the ego. The ego is the result of packaging, beliefs, illusions, a number of existing links ego clinging to the matrix, be it through people, situations, places or even Energies in the broadest sense. The ego is made of the Consciousness of "I" within, not the games themselves but within the existing duality between each other, the constant interaction between the energy of the Shadow and Light, they are manifested in you and outside you, as in all relationships and takeovers, or rebates to existing in the life you lead, whatsoever. The ego is composed of a combination of things. The mind is an element of ego but it is not all.Question: knowing that there are two Crowns of the head, the first would be the two stars of Mary and the second is what?Beloved, the two crowns are centered on the central point, called bindu, in connection with the Vajra or the Crystal Fountain, corresponding, as I said and as you have been announced, ascending Merkabah vehicle. The Crown in the Crown is made up of precisely what is called the four Hayot Ha Kodesh, or the four basic elements. It is the Crown in the Crown. So there, in that crown, which is the image I would remind you of the Heart Chakra, in the Radiant Crown of the head, activation and commissioning of the four elements and four Hayot Ha Kodesh, Spirit of Fire, Spirit of Water, Earth Spirit, Spirit Air, which, when they are conjoined to the 12 Star Mary, you can return the fifth element or ether, through the Merkabah Vehicle or ascending.Question: These two Crowns rotate in the same direction?Beloved, it is very difficult to assimilate because they are multiple movements. There is no single direction of rotation for the Heart and Crown Radiant Radiant crown of the head. Indeed, the rotation of a Radiant Crown is not the rotation of a chakra, which is in the direction of clockwise. Within the Radiant Crown, there are a number of circuits, some are clockwise and others counterclockwise. There are very many, illustrating what is called, colloquially, 24 son of Light of the soul in incarnation. The son turn, some in one direction and others in the other direction. 24 The son of Light are represented, when the soul is incarnated from the penetrating and astral matrix within the matrix of the manifest world, which makes the soul, literally, a number of the son of Light anchor for the soul in the event. These are the son of 24 Light of the soul that turn, not this time in what is called the Goutte Goutte red and white, but directly, in the Crown Radiant Head and Heart .Question: surrender to the Light does not automatically lead to the death of the ego?Beloved, if there was death of the ego, you would not be here. Thus, the ego is maintained in different ways, so you persist and remain in this world, to anchor and sow light. The abandonment of the Light is already a significant act within the ego. But abandoning the ego will occur, permanently, at the final moment of your presence in this dimension. There is therefore, necessarily, another ego. The fundamental difference is that when you're in the beingness, this is in vibration, in truth, your body beingness when you return in this matrix, the ego is totally subservient the will of the beingness. Supra mental submit totally mental. So what was the ego (emotions, beliefs, mind, a number of behaviors in the illusion) but they are still more prominent, they are no longer on the front of the stage because at this time is the vibration of the unit, which reads in the ego. But the ego does not die, ultimately, to the ultimate moment of your presence in this world. This requires preparation. In the same way as the lighting of the Crown's Radiant Heart has done for many people - who have followed the Heavenly Bride or who have already lived the first portal galactic here almost 30 years - to live, today, this process. There was thus an extremely long preparation. The final preparation, the one you live, will not last more than a year.Question: gender, male or female, the individual 3D, determines the polarity?Beloved, absolutely not. There are a number of souls, having taken extensive incarnations in the matrix form and being male, in their soul and their spirit, feminine polarity and vice versa. There is no agreement, agree Vibratory, between your sexual polarity, in this world, and the polarity of the Spirit in the worlds of beingness. Do not look, either, to find a correlation between a number of features called Power of Women in the Illusion, and feminine Energy exists within the beingness. Even if we find, in fact, a number of common archetypes. Thus, the Creative Force is linked directly to women's bodies, not men.We have no more questions.Properties loved, I see that there was no question about the historical facts. And I appreciate that. This shows, clearly, even if not yet obvious to you that you have assimilated it is useless to judge the past, the past is a dead letter. It is sometimes necessary to understand the actions, within your presence, as a limiting factor. This is, of course, in your own story. For example, packages that exist within those you have called your parents and lock you up, literally, through a number of gaps or injunctions, in modes that can, today, you seem limiting, and that really are. This same process is at work on a collective level. It was therefore important to us, that you take more and more conscience to do not only illuminate what, in your opinion, is still present, but also to enlighten, as Sowers of Light and pinning of Light, Shadow zones exist within the matrix itself. For, in the matrix, there is, as you know, still areas that are somewhere safe from the tampering. This will was expressed, particularly as there is in nature and some people there existing. It is even more true than most packages, you guessed it, in class, coming directly from the story, come directly from what you call the company, in its broadest sense. And that light, the revelation of Light, by the vibration of the Heart, in what you are, you must cause it to be lucid about the rules of social, emotional, as they exist in different worlds you still hang out. Not for you to extract and exclude yourself but to be lucid about the ins and outs of what you call the company and your social or interpersonal, and even emotional. This will greatly contribute to your release, your light and your crown of the Radiant Heart. Although for the moment, many of you, you are still subject to the laws of the matrix, it is to see them for what they are, as a limiting factor. This insight can, in time, this time coming between Mary and ad your own awakening to the last three keys, where you can no longer function in what is forged - in that moment, time has made good progress towards the final resolution. There will not, therefore, to worry about any failure or any lack of anything. Remember that intelligence is the Light, she is able to feed yourself, it is likely to lead you, it is able to cure you, it is able to protect you, until needed .We share this information seamlessly. Thank you for doing the same, if you distribute them by reproducing the entire text and citing its source
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