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The place to learn the truth about how the body ascends by the only one one Earth

who has already risen to the top of the veil and seen the other side.

Mary Magdalene's Music of Ascension

When damage happens so a solar system or sun or planet that natural ascension
process of accreting frequency and then going up in density each time is broken.
Then the planetary system gets stuck in a time warp wherever it lost the ability to
accrete frequency. Our system has fallen into that category over a period of
millions of years. We've been in a system that has not been able to do natural
symbiosis for a very long time.

This is the first time in many millions of years that our system is able to become
normal. This is why everyone in our universe, our galaxy, our solar system,, and
many other solar systems are celebrating now.

Most systems have the solar symbiosis cycle. When a star breaths it draws
energy in and when it exhales it sends energy out.

When we breathe, we send energy out. A living system sends energy up and out
to the top of its poles and out to all of the planets and suns in its system. There is
a breathing circulation within and between all planets and suns in that system
where solar currents go out of the top of the sun and they get picked up by stars
around it gives off energy around it and picks up energy from those around it on
a horizontal plane.

There is a natural solar symbiosis cycle with an eternal life solar system. In such
a system all Merkabas are spinning at the right speeds and everything is
exchanging energy through Prana in natural crystal order.

In a live system, we would have the Lotus Arch operating inside the planet.
Those are part of the large Cosmic structure they are built upon. Around each
Merkaba is a chariot of fire with electromagnetic fields that plug into the next level
up. Our body works similar to this Natural Flow System.

A natural conversion process is hydrolaise – Galaizac radiation naturally occurs
in the fourth galaziac layer template of the Rasha – the Tao layer.

The light body builds on this Template. The light body is a breatharian body that
breaths hydrolaise.

Hydrolaise is key to an intricate breathing process that stars use. Planets can't
breath – stars can.

Its like our process of breathing that keeps cellular process going where we emit
carbon diozide.

It is closer to the photosynthesis process that plants do. The natural prana
exchange cycle has to do with bringing in spirit body and progressively re-
spiritualizing matter through prana exchange. Buildling charge that allows you to
move forward in time by re-creating your spiritual body frequencies through the

The Conversion process involves taking in certain things from the air that have to
do with the oron crystals release and bring down from the higher air and down in.
There is a breathing process that is literally breathing light and it allows for this
conversion of various things including hydrolaise in the body that sends parts of
the converted energy from hydrophase back into prana seed so you can keep the
flows open. Sends part of it into the blood like oxygen circulates in our bodies
and it releases back into the atmosphere a form of the hydrolaise that then goes
through its conversion in the air where some of it becomes water and some of it
becomes ligher ( a gas) that goes into the air. They breath the gas in; their body
converts this gas into a hydrolaise and part of it goes into fuel the natural body
systems of the person breathing it and when they release the remainder of
hydrolaise back out it releases a form that puts more back into the air and
creates water emissions. It comes out as air but as a certain point that air plits
and some gets lighter and some gets a little heavier and becomes a light form of
water (H202HE3A) means Adorai.

This is the hydrolaise conversion that takes place during Eiradonis activation. A
natural set of chemical reactions that take place in an eternally living body and
the easiest way to do it is by bringing the Eiradonis in.

The frequencies that have been coming in for the past four months have been
brought here to jump start this hydrolaise conversion in our bodies.

As it kick starts, we can begin to take more than just oxygen from the air.
Very light plasma is coming in. It is a form of air born hydrolaise. It is releasing
now in the spanner gates and coming down in our atmosphere that will create a
process for us. If we use it. If we don't use it. It will evaporate and loose charge.

There is always a natural relationship between the Christic Beings and the star
they lived on where their natural bio-process would give back something the star
needed for its natural process. So it was always a natural symbiotic relationship.
The solar symbiosis process is a process by which emissions coming from the
central sun send the solar wind- electrons, protons and things like that.

There are supposed to be certain things in the atmospheric layers. Some would
be from the choronosphere, some would be below the choronosphere.

Those things are called ORONS (oxygen bound with Helium) the elemental
manifestation they pick up solar charge – natural emissions from the central sun
and they store them for a while and after they densify a bit they come down in
certain areas. They come down the Alurian chambers – the 12 fire chambers on
our Rasha Body that go into the Light Body Structure. There are Natural phasing
cycles that happen several times a day in a normal star environment where you
would have the ORONS descending their solar charge with the energy they

They would go into the surface of the Earth and the surface of our skin or tissue
of the skin. There are shalons running through all muscle structure. Shalons,
Calons and Orons are crystal bands that make up the sturcutre of the body, the
planet, the solar and cosmic systems.

We are becoming one complete system made of elementals of the Atori Side
(the half self we have been living as) combined with the Adori Side (the half of
our self that we are now re-uniting with).

Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse

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