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ALERT: NASA Confirms Earth Will Go Dark For 6 Days In December 2020.

NASA put out an alert this last week confirming that the world will experience total darkness between December 16 – December 22, 2020.

NASA Director Charles Bolden released an emergency preparedness speech in the video below. He encourages us all to prepare for any “attacks” may effect our communities during this time.

The world will remain dark for these 6 days, completely void of sunlight, due to a solar storm which will cause dust and space debris to block 90% of the sun.

Bolden urges American’s to remain calm as we experience the largest solar storm our solar system has seen in 250 years.

Reporters interviewed a few people and some of their responses were disturbing. One man said he was ready: “We gonna be purgin’ my n*gga. Six days of darkness means 6 days of turnin’ up fam.”

Despite these 6 days of darkness, officials say they do not expect Earth to experience any major problems. However, they do encourage you to listen to the emergency preparedness video below and be proactive for any possible occurrence.

” We will solely rely on artificial light for the 6 days,” says NASA scientist Earl Godoy. “Stocking up on light bulbs, flashlights, water and food would be the best way to start preparing.”


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  • I must now admit we have been fooled again. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Last year the same spokes person told us basically the same story but did not give dates but just said soon , very soon. This year they gave us dates but did not give us any time to prepare for it and it did not happen as they have said. So whats up with this NASA story, Never A Straight Answer! They are playing with our minds. This is a psychic War that we are engaged in, and they have pulled out all stops, the Dark side does not fight fair. I no longer believe NASA lies, they are corrupt . The good part of all of this is that it could happen, even Trumps people said we could have a 10 day black out, which has many meanings but anyway we should always be prepared and have enough food, fuel and supplies to last for 10 to 30 days. Betters Safe than sorry huh. lesson learned ! ADONAI
  • There are rumors simmering about "stocking up" and soon. Don't know what's up, if anything, but it's something we were asked to do by President Trump long ago via this missive, so... just to be on the safe side and avoid the crazies in case TP and pasta flee the shelves, you might want to do that. Meds, cash, fuel, batteries/candles, pet supplies, and fill your gas tank. We don't know exactly what's coming but it's great to be prepared so you can relax and not engage in any mayhem that may develop.

    I find it so amusing that for many years I've been stocked to the hilt, but because my other half chose now, of all times to move, I've had to let the supplies go down. I believe we're good for weeks anyway and have lots of propane no matter where we are and have fireplaces so at the very least can roast weenies. What fun. I don't expect anything that happens will be a long-term thing, anyway.

    Click anywhere in the box below to launch in Twitter and read the full thread. The Judge says no Internet outages which is interesting. I would have expected a little of that, even spotty breaks.

    So no power outages either? Should I be stocking up on food? Buy a generator?

    — Political Atheiest (@politicsRfake) December 15, 2020

    Here's more on the "days of darkness" from Michael Jaco who seems to be amongst the more well-informed. We've heard about "ten days of darkness" for years, NASA said six... we'll see what happens.

    In conversation with a cohort, we feel the Earth Alliance may be doing something they don't want us to see. Whether it's something to do with the sun, the sun simulator, or something else, we feel it's to hide something that might cause panic if the masses were aware. That was my initial feeling and we agree so, there's that. I am heading off now to hear what Mr. Jaco has to say.
    10 Days of Darkness as Massive Solar Wind Storm 16 - 22 December Not Been Seen in 250 years.

    I can see why things might go a little sideways if a few lose it.BP
  • 6 days of darkness would make it 16 to 21 not 22. and did you notice in the vid at around 1min. that to prepare for emergencies or attack,such as 911. that's a warning folks that something big is up, I believe they are going to turn off the sun simulators while they fight the Chinese invasion that started last wk. We should see the Bethlehem star on the 21st alignment and the beginning of the New Age. This is all in the New Testament Revelations 6, the 2nd Seal talks of war [china] attacking the USA last wk,the 6th Seal of the 7 SEALS, talks of the sun turning black and the moon red.I could not understand this for a very long time, now I do. Adonai
  • well we have not got long to know whether or not this is true or just nonsense -
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