Ekara takes our hand as we start a more in-depth exploration of our own Essence. In this riveting talk, Ekara discusses the 12 energy senses, focusing especially on the "sense of time" and the "sense of thinking" while already touching on some others.

Explaining the connection between the 12 senses and the 144 DNA strands, Ekara begins to paint a picture about a very different type of humanity and offers some very personally directed, interactive experiences along the way.

This exploratory talk covers more about the shift from the pineal gland to the pineal lobe and completes the triality of the Akonai (pineal lobe) and the Akene (thymus / solar plexus) by connecting them to the "third kakra" of Adonai (stomach / sexual organs). Get ready for an experience that shows you "humanity is not a race, it's an attitude".


This transcript was edited and extended by Ekara after the original talk

Bridging our Realities

Greetings my beloved brothers and sisters, I am Ekara. I stand in front of you as a sovereign being reminding you of who you are. I stand in front of you as an ambassador of love and joy and freedom reminding you of who you are. I stand in front of you to reach out my hand, to reach out my heart as we together combine who we are on the bridge of imagination, moving from the land of awakening into the land of ascension; a process that will take you into a field that will be a non-stop change. Change is something you better get used to from this moment onward. Because change will be all there is.

I once was a Lemurian being that lived in a peaceful, spiritual and egoless society created only for art, created only for beauty, only as an expansion of this cosmos and this universe and all other things. As such I have the ability, just like you by the way, to be with you in this moment and to truly grasp what that means.

Before we go on we might want to choose to latch onto that idea: that even though I stand in front of a technological device and I am bridging my concrete reality to your abstract one, the reverse can also be said: you, in your concrete reality, sit in front of a tunnel of technology, bridging you to an abstract reality. In that exchange we are connected.

All of you are here in this room and I see all of you. I am there with you, together with everyone else who is here right now. Of course you know all of these things but I would believe that it would be a good reminder to focus on that and to understand that your reality is not complete without having that bridge, without having that gap alive within yourself.

So where exactly is this aliveness, this idea that we are bridging the abstract and the concrete at this very moment? If understanding the nature of physics one would very quickly turn to the idea of quantum. Viewing the universe through quantum physics would indeed bridge that gap for you, however, do not forget that this knowingness is only a mental one. Science today only understands the level of quantum on a mental plane; it is yet to be experienced by most of you out there.

If you take all of this in stride, there must be a place inside of you where this quantum connection between us occurs. Partly, the place where we are standing now together, the white gate leading to the white bridge toward the imaginative realms, the moment between heartbeats, signifies that place.

This gateway in your head is your access point as it is connected to the gateway in your chest. The Akonai connected to the Akene can be used as your access point to these dimensions that are yet to be discovered by science. How this is and why this works is what I would like to focus on today.

Sovereignty births the Sacred Mind

I understand that you are still processing much of the information given to you by the being known as Lorien, a fellow colleague of mine, in the introductory talk of this Ascension series. He stands beyond the bridge further than where I presently find myself. In that knowingness, however, you and I are where Lorien is as well. That is the nature of holographic information.
So as a part of you is still processing, still observing what it means to integrate this information that has been provided about alchemy and ascension into your soul, please know that what we will undertake today is a little bit more of a ‘mental’ process. I want you to understand certain things to a point where the mind can follow, because this being that you know as Lorien, in an ascended state from the moment of its creation, the first one of the Akonai, is nothing more or nothing less than your sacred mind.

It is the result of the 12th quantum dimension, which you are, having given the mind sovereignty… and so it was birthed in the 13th quantum dimension to which you and I will be known as angelic beings. This is the way of things, the way of the horizontal field. As you become aware of this, maybe you can understand or grasp that there is a place within you where your inner dimensions are accessed. These quantum dimensions do not exist anywhere else but inside of you. It is the nature of dimension, size being a very important factor in all of that.

Taking all of this to a little conclusion and closing off my first few paragraphs of this talk, be aware that on the level of biological DNA there is a vertical plane which shows up in biology as the chemicals connecting both biological strands together. In the smallest version of themselves, these chemicals contain gateways to these very tiny dimensions, from your perspective. As such, it is necessary to work with you DNA and this is what we’ll do today as well: work with your DNA so it can support your exercises that you will be undertaking in the course of this series.

The Akonai, the Akene and the Adonai

It is important to realize, at the beginning of this series, that you can only truly experience the things that Lorien and others have invited you to experience, when you have a strong connection between the Akonai and the Akene.

The Akonai, or pineal gland, forms the connection between the defined within you and the un-defined which would be these minute dimensions that exist on the deeper planes and deeper realms of you. To be activated, the Akonai needs to be in permanent connection to the Akene, which is formed by the 144 akeneic cells behind your thymus and solar plexus area.

Now I would like to introduce a third point however, that needs to be connected to the flow between these other two for your experience to really be taken to the next level. Much lower in the body, in the center of the third kakra (passion kakra) area, is the point which Lemuria once described as the Adonai. This is a very interesting space because instead of being either defined or un-defined like the Akene and Akonai, the Adonai manifests itself as non-defined.

There is indeed a difference between an un-defined space and a non-defined space. An un-defined space is un-defined because it is in the process of being defined. For instance, the act of becoming explorers of the 13th quantum dimension and start your defining there could be described as you entering an un-defined space for the purpose of defining it through Self. Once observed by Self, a non-defined space becomes an un-defined space for now it is in the process of being explored.

A point of non-definition is something quite different. It is a necessary bridge between a point of definition and un-definition as it allows you to explore both. This non-defined point or space then becomes the true point of action, which is why the third kakra is called the passion kakra. It is the non-defined space which we shall now refer to as the Adonai.

This space is also “where your DNA ends”, metaphorically speaking. If the Akonai, located in your head, is the space where your energy strands of DNA begin to move into this 3D reality, then the Adonai is the place where they end or move back out of it. This is simulated in your biological reality in the form of breath, where the breath comes in starting at the head and leaves again starting at the belly. This is why your breath is an interdimensional bridge, when conscious breathing occurs.

The akeneic principle or Akene exists as an un-defined space in the middle of the defined and the non-defined, creating a field of tension for you to explore your reality, for you to dive in and choose what you want to experience: a point of consciousness, as it were.

The disconnection between these 3 spaces is what has kept you locked into the mental, believing only in the realm of 3D and matter. At the same time, these 3 points act as a vibrational translation device. It is within these realms of the Akonai, the Akene and the Adonai that you can choose how you translate the vibrations and the frequencies that are around you. Let this be known to the mind so that it knows where to look in the exploration that is about to come. With the mind occupied, you are allowed access into a deeper space of true exploration.

Toward the Pineal Lobe

A very long time ago, going beyond Atlantis or Lemuria into the civilization of Vhallania and into hundreds of others that came before, a biological race existed whose creational biological equation was not dual but trial. This race is connected to the string of pearls of races and lifeforce forms that would eventually lead up to the one you are expressing now.

A biological equation based on triality rather than duality, means that all creation is based on three instead of two. If you look at your body today, you will see a general division in 1 or 2 different parts, for instance your body’s 2 mirroring longs, hands, eyes etc. This race I am now discussing, had a biological make-up of 3, meaning that everything was reflected in 1’s or 3’s. As such, theirs was a brain of not 2 lobes but 3.

This third lobe of the brain did remain in your biological evolution and is still present in your DNA, where it has remained dormant and inactive, and manifests through biology in the form of the pineal gland. It is time for all of you to begin thinking of the pineal gland as a lobe for to allow it to develop is to make space in your brain for an area where the non-defined, the un-defined and the defined come together.

It has been my observation that this pineal gland has already increased and will continue to grow in coming years, allowing you to develop this third lobe of the brain once again, although it will not have an impact on the rest of your biology. The pineal lobe will end up processing all 142 energy strands of DNA. This is quite an important fact to know because the exercise of exploring the neo cortex and pineal gland, which you have already undertaken with Lorien, activates the further manifestation of the pineal lobe which will eventually become an extremely important biological device for creating and manifesting reality.

If it is true, and of course it is, that the 142 energy strands of DNA belong to the horizontal field (of the quantum dimensional) instead of the vertical field (of the linear dimensional) and your 2 biological strands of DNA belong to the vertical field, then you see that the energy of your pineal lobe or your Akonai, as it will process the energy strands, has to be horizontal in nature as well while the two other lobes of the brain, processing the 2 biological DNA strands, have to be vertical and, as such, linear.

It is for this reason that activating the pineal lobe will return to you the ability to truly travel on this vertical plane, from there on to the horizontal, and access anything that you need to access there. In order to truly understand this we must again turn to the nature of DNA.

12 Energy Senses

Simply put, DNA responds to what you create and when it is kept in a state of creating the exact same thing over and over again long enough, those strands of DNA that are not necessary for the expression of your experience and the manifestations of your imagination, quite literally shut down. In this shut down, you then lose your ability to navigate with precision. One of the first steps that we must take together is for you to regain that ability. In order to do that I must bring you, my dear brothers and sisters, to accept the understanding that you, at the moment, are working with limited, partially activated senses.

There are many of you here today that would think I am talking only about the current senses of the human body and their limited ability to pick up certain vibrations and frequencies, lile the eyes for instance that cannot see the infra-red spectrum because of a limitation of this sense as it is only plugged into the 2 biological strands. However, you must understand that with the activation of the 142 energy strands more senses will come into your experience. This, then, is going to be my addition to this Alchemy of Ascension Series, where I will take you through the 12 senses of the human body or, to be more precise, the angelic body which is synonym to the ascended body, if you will allow the use of body as a metaphor in this case.

12 senses indeed, and as always in divine geometry, a flower of life kind of diagram exists ‘around’ these senses, allowing them entry into the infinite fields of quantum; this is now being projected into your neo cortex so that you may observe this. 12 times 12 creates 144, so 12 senses connected to 144 energy strands in total means that every sense that we will discuss is connected to a total series of 12 DNA strands. As we activate these strands, so will the senses within your realm will begin to reactivate as well.

I remind you that these are energy senses, not biological senses. You will understand that, as we go on this journey of exploring these 12 senses, I am talking about things you are already aware of in your reality only you are observing them differently and are not seeing them in the true sense. This is how it always works. The more your awareness grows, the more you move into ascension - which basically means a completely activated DNA grid, the ability to move in and out of every dimension as you have left behind all the grand illusions.

You will begin to know that the realm that you currently observe as 3D is much more connected to your perception of it than you currently understand. I’ll give you an example. What could be a new and different sense that you have not yet considered is one? This then, the act of thinking I just displayed in these words, is a perfect indication: the sense of thinking itself.

Thinking as an Ascended Sense

Thinking is a sense. This is a very interesting idea, because if you tie this idea to the knowledge that you possess about the senses that you are aware of, it points you to the understanding that the sense of thinking, which you perceive as ‘a thought’, simply shows you how you are creating reality at this moment.

The sense of sight, for instance, translates for you the vibration that your brain can manage, depending on the activity or dormancy of the pineal lobe, and shows you how reality is shaped around you. You can see it, literally. The sense of touch then, allows you to touch reality and the sense of smell allows you to smell it. And so your reality is formed.

The sense of thought is based on the same principles: thoughts show you how reality is shaped around you in the now. This makes them extremely impersonal while you, most of your life, have believed these thoughts were you and have mostly acted in line with the ‘voice’ of thought because you were identified with them. This knowingness can allow you to un-identify, in some cases immediately for continuing this would be similar to purposefully staying wet under a cloudy sky, If you understand the metaphor.

Thoughts are a very different creature than what you previously have conceived them to be. They simply are a translation of your current universe, coming into you much in the same way as eyesight for instance would come into you and give you a perception of your reality paradigm.

Thoughts are simply frequencies attracted to move into the vibrational realm which is you. You translate your reality in the form of thoughts also. So thoughts, then, can become a means for you to perceive what is truly around you, similar to a bat using sonic radar to perceive what is around it.

If you feel thoughts coming into your field, or into your head, you can observe them as a barometer of the reality you’re currently in. This makes thoughts into a means of perceiving your reality and it shows you, as with your eyes, that the metaphorical energy path in front of you is the best one to continue traveling on or not.

The well-known senses of sight and smell, for instance, would tell that, if you see a big fire further along the road, and a big traffic accident, it would be prudent to slow down or even move in a different direction in order not to get hurt. Yet, when it comes to the sense of thinking you act quite differently. Most of the time, when humans experience a thought of self-criticism, or fear, or whatever, which would indicate a similar ‘undesirability’ in that realm of vibration as the one we just discussed, they move right into it. The personality mind chooses to just walk right into it and repeat it over and over again, and then you wonder why this keeps happening to you, why you seem to continuously create more of it. This, of course, is very basic behavioral information that many know yet keep repeating nonetheless.

Going back to the example of the traffic accident, some would say that they not want to turn away but instead offer their help. I cannot deny that compassion is required in some situations during these transformational times as you move into the tangible experience of ascension, yet there is a difference between assisting and actually getting caught up in what appears to be reality. There would be no point moving into the traffic accident, walking up to the person who is hurt in his car and, instead of helping that person out, hitting your own head against the dashboard so now too you are incapacitated. This is not helping you nor anyone; yet it is what you do with thoughts all the time.

You are a Vibrational Psychic

Personality-driven humans will be programmed by their neurosynaptic programming to, whenever a negative thought realm is nearby, move into it and actually become that thought, not using their sense of thinking actively. Instead of being in control and aware that thought is merely a vibrational translation of the reality one is currently in, one allows thought to identify itself as part of the one experiencing, or translating, it. Once this occurs, you slowly start creating more of the same, unfortunately.

We have always shared with you that thoughts are simply generated by the mind. Now, however, you are moving into an angelic realm of existence about to be born right here. What happens if there is no more mind? What happens if the sacred mind has already been birthed and now occupies a different space where it executes its own evolution based on its own sense of sovereignty? When this occurs, and in fact it already has, then your sense of thinking can no longer be picking up mind, now can it? This is indeed when your sense of thinking begins picking up and translating the vibrational reality around you and you start ‘hearing’ it.

You have, in fact, become a ‘vibrational psychic’ once again and this, to a Lemurian, is as normal as breathing is to you now. Knowing that you are no longer picking up mind but left-over mental fields which are easily identifiable and, next to that, simply picking up the vibrational waves of your reality, language becomes a very different thing as well but this I will discuss later on. What is important now, is to realize and live what we have shared here together, and then to notice how much more easy it will become to change your thoughts as you pick up, change and navigate your reality. You don’t have to let a negative thought run its course anymore, for now you understand what it truly represents and how meaningless it would be to, quite literally, chase your own vibrational tail.

A little while ago, many of us have told you to stop processing, to stop looping and simply to make a choice to move out of a certain range of thoughts. It is that simple, really! Thoughts have dominated you for so long and that is why they can fascinate you do, that is why there is an attraction to go there, to move there, to become it.

Simply understanding that thinking is but a sense such as eyesight will help you to begin to choose the beautiful thoughts, to focus on that aspect of reality. Imagine an ugly painting on one side of the wall and a beautiful one on the opposite wall. Would you stand and continuously watch the ugly painting instead of turning to the one that brings you joy? I believe that indeed your eyes would drift to what you perceive as beautiful. Start treating thought this way and very quickly it will become as impersonal to you as the ugly painting. Eventually, when the ugly painting is no longer observed, it will move out of your realm of choice.

It is not my point right now to move into the idea of thinking as a sense and to explore too deeply for we will do so at another point. The energy sense that I would like to discuss tonight is the sense of time and, connected to that, acceleration.

Time as an Ascended Sense

Acceleration itself is not a sense; it is the result of a sense. Time is a sense and can be observed as impersonal, similarly to what I already explained regarding the sense of thinking. Yet as with thinking, you have developed a very close and intimate relationship with time. For most people on Earth right now, it dominates their entire reality, takes them in its grip and tells them where they have to be at what given point in time. To the evolved version of yourself, this again would sound ridiculous as a concept to exist by.

Think about it. Time, seen as something outside of you, is merely a translation device for you to observe reality. Let’s go back to the sense of sight: if you are in a room and there is a bright light shining in your eyes, quite literally annoying you, do you choose to sit in front of that light every day and expose yourself to the point it starts to hurt your eyes? No, you choose to move away from the light source or dim the light.

Yet with time, or rather the sense of time, you choose to focus on it stronger with each passing year of your life. Imagine then, how this way of existence has been going on for lifetimes and you see how true it must be that you may very well have lost sight of the fact that time is but a translation device, known as a sense, used to interact with and create reality. Even if you go back 300 years in human history, you can see how different humanity’s relationship to time was compared to the current age.

Time and Acceleration

What is time’s relationship to acceleration? The more personality-driven mind puts its focus on, or through, a certain sense, the more intense the perception of reality will be filtered through that sense. This is especially true when the focus starts to interfere with the workings of the third brain, where memory is stored. The linear past and future have often been referred to as not real and this is because only the now is a vibrational space, the past and future are non-vibrational spaces that are vertical in nature, which means that no real experience can be had. The memories stored in your third brain are therefore non-vibrational in nature and can no longer cause an expansive state for the vibrational field (i.e. the conscious I AM which is you) which is experiencing it.

Acceleration happens to a sense when it is forced to create a vibrational, quantum experience in a non-vibrational, linear space. Due to the sense of time’s necessary interaction with the third brain, a black hole into non-vibrational space, you can see how this sense would be so vulnerable to the effects of acceleration. This is what humanity is experiencing now and it is creating the acceleration of a linear space into non-linearity or the quantum (horizontal) state. This event is called mass ascension and occurs when an un-defined space turns defined as previously explained.

Acceleration is a good thing when fully understood for it represents the conscious desire of a personality-parasite ridden mind to return to its original state of sacredness. In one of my upcoming talks, I will go much deeper into the notion of acceleration. It will lead us to explore the true nature of what we are now defining during this talk as ‘senses’ and their relationship to Self.

For now, let us return to time. I already mentioned that the more you focus on a certain sense in your life, the more intense the presence of that sense will be. Time, in fact, has become an enormous obstacle for most people today.

Start reclaiming the idea that time is but a sense. Imagine that you have created a reality for yourself where time is very prevalent and you have to move from one moment of time to the other and this dominates your reality. Instead of letting personality feast on you as you try jumping through linear hoops, sometimes with and often without success, treat it as an impersonal phenomenon, as consciousness would.

You can use the sense of time and translate or ‘sense’ that you have manifested a very narrow energy pocket in which to exist. You can also sense that, over time, this becomes more narrow, providing you which an ever narrowing amount of space in which to be a free and sovereign being. When this is fully realized, a stirring within you will begin making the choice to change that and it would slow the acceleration down, allowing the sense a more natural and balanced flow through your energy field once again.

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