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Adronis from Sirius Explains ''THE MANDELA EFFECT'' via Brad Johnson;New Earth Under Construction” Hard Hat Zone… enter at your own risk! [video]

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“New Earth Under Construction” Hard Hat Zone… enter at your own ris...

Adronis from Sirius Explains 'The Mandela Effect' via Brad Johnson

Adronis says it is in their view more accurately, The Amalgamation Effect.

Now this I could buy into. It makes sense. I think. More than most of the other explanations I've heard, anyway.

It certainly explains why everything is "wavy" as I call it, like looking into the water as submerged objects shift, blur, melt and sharpen again when the water calms. A significant number of us are making a lot of waves right now, while others don't seem to want anything to do with this remodeling we're doing here on Gaia.

And that's okay. We don't discriminate. Coneheads, round heads, blockheads... we're all taking part whether we recognize it or not, I suppose.

I'm with Brad 100 per cent. I KNOW it used to be Berenstein Bears years ago in my reality. I thought someone made a careless spelling error when I saw BerenSTAIN, and when it persisted, I wondered why they would outright change the name of a cartoon like that.

When it comes down to it, however, I prefer to embrace the collective, free will approach rather than entertain that "they" are doing something TO us, toward their own ends.

I don't believe they have the power, but I believe WE do. They can't turn back time, they can't create a Zika or Zombie pandemic or anything else. If you notice, the names of these horrific diseases they plan to infect us with all start with "Z". They're at the end of the alphabet and there's nowhere to go from here.

The psychopaths are toast, and WE are the architects of our New Earth, so get your Autocad tuned up and submit your blueprints. All plans will be considered.

Thanks, J, for sharing.  ~ BP

Published on Oct 19, 2015

Adronis, channeled by Brad Johnson, speaks on the nature of what has been called the Mandala effect: the feeling that memories from other realities have become intertwined with our current reality to feel that things have turned out in different ways. In this case, many of them have. This is what Adronis has termed in actuality as the "Amalgamation effect."

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hard hat cone

“New Earth Under Construction” Hard Hat Zone… enter at your own ris...

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