Dr. Angela Barnett
AKA Mary Magdalene

Angel Jaramael is speaking.

We would like to talk about the re adjustment of the DNA, like the emotional IQ of the Hybrid, and there would be other types of qualities.
So,would the Sirians have certain qualities?


DNA from different species have different qualities that they can give to you that you don't have at the moment in mild effect. It's not going to change how you live or how you function but you will feel differently.
Like the Sirian will give you greater understanding, raise IQ points, make you feel a little lighter, bring spirituality into a greater understanding.
Things of that nature.

Lyrans will increase hair growth sometimes, increase vocabulary and throat chakra things.

Each one has their own things they can do for the individual.
Now,it is not a huge difference from where you are now. But you will feel some difference.

You will notice- oh my IQ, I'm talking better, I'm talking more clearly,
I'm talking with greater sensibility. What word is that. I've never used it before.
It is a word that is not a part of my vocabulary, but now it is. So --Just things like that.

OK That's what I wanted to know.

My understanding or my belief was there were these waves coming in, like from the Pleiadians, back in 2008 when we were opening our Portal, and we thought that--we would call it DNA- their consciousness- their qualities coming in to Earth through that violet sphere that came to me in August 2008, and then the Sirians came and the Orions came.

Didn't that come to Earth through those Stellar Wave activations?
Remember that those things come through the Matrix as well, which means that some people will receive them if they are ready for them and other people will not.
If you are able to receive them then they will come to you.
You received many things from those times, but you did not receive everything from those times.

So, the MATRIX is in charge of that too.

When the waves come they delve out, they see what is in the Waves, because Everything is a part of the Matrix- Everything.

So- as the waves come across they are feeding the Matrix with information and that is coming down through individuals.
So,I may have caught some of them but not all of them.

Thank you.
You are welcome

Words in parenthesis were not on recording.
(When I said this I did not mean they actually came. I meant their Stellar Wave Activation came to Earth and that Wave brought the frequencies and DNA into our bodies).

(This means that I collected enough Stellar Wave activation to bring my frequency level to 3.75. I still needed to bring in more of this Star Frequency to rise to the 4, which is the density of the fourth dimension. I was not able to do that until June 2019).

It had been prophesized for many years that only those who were fully in tune with all of the 12 Waves of Star Language Frequencies would be able to rise to this 3.75 level, and those would be the ones who could rise into the fourth dimension during the Window of 2017 -2021.

Now, I have learned that the Star Language and Music that I was creating was what had engaged me into the MATRIX. It was the Matrix that kept down loading more and more of this music into me and more and more of the special qualities from the DNA of the Pliadians, Sirians, Arcturians, Orions, Lyrans, LyraVega, and Aramantena, along with the DNA from the Suns of this Planet and Solar System.
So, the Matrix is in charge of that too.

Yes, when the waves come they see what is in the waves, they are a part of the Matrix, because everything is a part of the Matrix. EVERYTHING- EVERYTHING-EVERYTHING

So, as these waves come across, they are feeding the Matrix with this information and that is coming down through individuals.

(Since my mission on Earth was to create and then open the seven vortexes and give portals as these stellar waves came into the Matrix and then down into me, I was chosen or programmed to know where to stand, where to be, when to be there, exactly when the wave of energy would come in. I was so in tune with these Stellar Wave Activations that I was able to record the Frequencies, the Consciousness, the Information that was coming in as the Music that is within all of the music that I record.

I did record the music of these waves as I received it and that music drew into me the next wave of sounds and information and then I combined those sounds and it helped to draw in more of the waves that came in the next activation. I continued collecting these waves that were coming into the Matrix between 2008 to 2016. That was the same time period when I was creating the Portals
I named this music as it came to me because each recording represented what was happening in the history and evolution of this Universe. The light and sound was being filtered into the Matrix so that information could be brought into me and others who were ready and receptive to it. The music is a recording of all that was coming through the Matrix that I was able to receive).

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