8109240879?profile=originalWarm greetings to all.

This transmission of love is here to assist you in your expanded awareness of your Divine Self. What is asked of you here is that you simply and gently notice the Presence of Divinity that pours through you as you read these words. Notice the transmission of love that comes from your own heart. Nothing more is asked of you here.

I shall begin this talk on the Rainbow Light Body by first stating that it is all about YOU and your Self-awareness. This Body of Light is but the radiant manifestation of God that you are. This Radiance holds no form, no limits and no descriptions of Itself. It simply IS. However, in the human realm there are indeed many terminologies and teachings that attempt to explain with clarity the true nature of this Light Body. I can tell you with great joy that It is sublime beyond your human imaginings.

It is called by many names, such as the Higher Self, True Self, Divine Self, Rainbow Light Body, Fifth-dimensional Light Body, Etheric Body, Causal Body, Diamond Self, etc. From a multidimensional perspective, yes, there are what you term "levels," "stages" and "degrees" to this Divine Body of Light that you are. There can be said to be many types of Light Bodies, indeed. But ask yourself, what is the point of holding so many distinctions? You are all very much aware of various names and concepts regarding such things, but where does it all end? And does it ever really end?

The "paradox" from a multidimensional perspective is that it never ends, for creation is a multifaceted diamond. That is why one name for this Body of Light is the Diamond Self, because in this state it is everyone and everything. The so-called paradox here is that on the other hand all things must come to their end, for things are temporary, they are temporal and spatial, whereas the true nature of Divine Light is that It is unmoved and unchanged. It never really ceases to be the Indefinable Reality. This is not for the human mind to comprehend. However, it is mentioned here because there is a deep inner knowing within you that KNOWS it is Perfect beyond measure. This inner Self-knowledge cannot be touched by the ego, yet the ego can and does act as a cloud to obscure the Radiant Clarity of your Divine Perfection. Little does the ego know that, in a manner of speaking, it too is sourced from the same Perfection!

Breathe with Me, dear ones. Breathe and remember that Divine Presence within you right now. It is You! This treatise on activating the Rainbow Light Body is not really about "activating" anything. I confessed! It IS about you showing an active interest in your True Nature, which cannot be known by the intellect. I will share with you some exercises and some "secrets" about realizing the Rainbow Light Body. First, It is of course not a "body" as you would term It, for It has no structure or form. It is Divine Clarity. Some of you may be familiar with the term, the "Clear Light." Well, this is a very good term, in that it speaks of a Light that is beyond the spectrum of light as you know it. Try to imagine, if you will, a Colorless Light. Sound a bit paradoxical? Very good, for humans can only learn through lessons of paradox. I, however, am familiar with both human paradox and a Reality in which no paradox really exists. The latter is the True Natural State of the Light Body.

Breathe deeply, friends. The first "secret" here is that the dense reality that you know was created on the out-breath of Source. Now, this out-breath of density, dense light, is where you humans sometimes make a noisy sigh when you feel frustration, tension. Remember, "As above, so below." This is all metaphor here, for I can only "speak" to you in a way that you may comprehend using human metaphors. Well, the Creator, in this sense, SIGHED the creation of the multiverse. Does this sound negative? Understand, if you will, that creation was created through a degree of tension; in other words God created a hologram, a facsimile, of Itself. Yes, I just called God a FAX MACHINE! (Smile) The analogy here being that a fax machine can produce endless copies or "holograms" from itself, while at the same time never losing any of its own weight, its own essence and identity. In the same way, there IS NO lessening of God's Light through creation, although Its holograms/parts appear vibrationally less radiant than the Whole. God is ALWAYS Absolute and Unchanged. How can Source ever cease to be Itself?

It is not possible, My friends, and in the same way, the Light Body does not need to be "activated" or "created" by you, nor can It be. You must simply have an ACTIVE INTEREST in It, and It will lead the way. [Thus, the heart of this message is about Self-REALIZATION, not "activation" in the general sense of the term.] Every religion speaks of the Light Body in some manner. It is depicted in science fiction, movies, comic books and many forms of entertainment, even expressed through music. Now, this out-breath of creation is where Divine Light appears to become tensified or densified into matter. Your legendary Bruce Lee understood this Taoist principle very well through his trademark "Yeows!" and force projection techniques. Projection is the out-breath, the electric yang principle. Attraction is the in-breath of creation; the magnetic yin principle of the Cosmic Mother.

Now, through simply learning to adjust and relax your breathing patterns you can bring in more prana, more Light or Life Force, on your in-breaths, as well as discharge less tension and more Love and Light on your out-breaths. While all this is happening, your Radiant Light Body is never diminished nor depleted of Its Light/Life Force Energy, which is endless. Using your imagination, you could simply picture your Light Body as breathing you into a greater manifestation of Pure Light. You can practice seeing your physical body as a "puppet," if you will, of your Divine Self. This is the opposite of how the ego uses the body as a puppet, to further its sense of separation from others and its Source.

You have no true "free will" when under the influence of the ego. When you allow your Higher Self to "pull the strings," so to speak, you are actually claiming your power as an empowered sovereign Being of Light, where you recognize that there is in fact only One True Will, and it is God's, thus it is yours. Most of humanity still has this backwards, believing that through asserting the will of the ego is the way to happiness and success. But as the very wise Dr. Wayne Dyer often reminds other Truth-seekers, "There is no way to happiness. Happiness IS the way." Therefore, the only "way" to happiness is through choosing happiness, and for many people who are feeling fatigued and stressed, this must first come in the form of finding some quick relief from tension to ease the sense of a heavy burden.

A very natural and immediate way to find relief is through putting your attention on your breathing pattern, even if you do not initially take any deep breaths. For AWARENESS of the breath is very empowering when you make the choice to learn what your habitual way of breathing is telling you about yourself; your perceptions, beliefs and attitude about yourself and your world. Your Light Body responds immediately with giving you more Light when you open your mind and heart to discovering WHY you react in the subtle and not-so-subtle ways that you do. This is not to say that all of your reactions are fear-based. It is simply about being more AWARE of the inner intentions that you have that cause you to react in whichever ways you do. You do not even need to label these intentions as good or bad, or positive and negative. You can simply learn to deeply FEEL the difference in vibration between them, in more and more subtle ways.

The more you learn to notice the inner changes and subtleties of your own mind, body and energy field, the more POWER you have in integrating more of your Rainbow Light Body, which includes balancing all of your chakras. Just as a diamond is also a symbol of indestructibility, so too is your Diamond Light Body indestructible (and multifaceted as It manifests in creation).

A very important area of concern for many Lightworkers is the issue of whether or not one "needs" to be instructed, attuned and activated by, or through, another person. In most cases, since most of you are still quite dependent upon others for attention, validation and love, the answer logically becomes "yes," and your Light Body respects this. However, for those of you who are adamant that everyone needs an external teacher, guide or "expert" on such matters of "activation," whether it is kundalini awakening that you are seeking or Fifth-dimensional Light Body, or whatever, remember that there have been people like Dr. Usui (the "founder" of the Reiki modern system) that DID NOT rely upon ANY human teacher or guru to activate his natural healing abilities. He had allowed himself to be a powerful conduit of Universal Life Force Energy through a very determined focus of making DIRECT CONTACT with the Divine Source, rather than rely upon a "middle man."

The irony here is that when a Truth-seeker is so open as this, he/she actually ALLOWS the true "middle man" (their Higher Self) to form a Bridge of Light to Christ Consciousness, in which he/she travels upon in a type of out-of-body experience which brings them closer to their Light Body. This type of DIRECT EXPERIENCE is FAR MORE empowering than paying for "attunements" from a so-called "master" of a healing modality (Usui, for example, was far more powerful in his channeling of Reiki than most modern-day "certified Reiki masters"), although the latter approach is valid and can be very empowering for those who pursue that choice with enthusiasm.

It is only until the Truth-seeker really begins to genuinely, intuitively FEEL that they do not need to rely upon anyone else but their Higher Self for guidance, that it is clearly seen, "No, I do not need this belief system, teacher or guru to guide me, but I AM open to receive love and assistance from others." As My beloved astrologer/numerologist friend, Linda Goodman, once channeled in an epiphany, "GURU = Gee, You Are You!" You ARE your own Guru, for that is what I, the Higher Self, AM. ("Guru" basically means "dispeller of darkness" in Sanskrit.) And thus it is so!

Your Radiant Light Body, quite simply, is LOVE. Breathe with Me and FEEL this Truth within you, AS You. Just as dear Hawayo Takata learned after crossing over into Spirit that Reiki is Love, so too do you have the opportunity now (without "croaking") to perceive with clarity, "Hey, I AM the very Love that I seek! It is right here, right now. I AM right here, right now." Do you FEEL the utter beauty and simplicity of this?

Now... There are many simple Light Body meditations, visualizations and exercises that would serve you very well. As My sister at RainbowLightBody.com recommends (No, this isn't a PLUG to advertise a product! Wink!), LOVING-KINDNESS is REQUIRED for your Self-realization of the Rainbow Light Body. She emphasizes this and related points, rather than focus on specific meditations, simply because it is so very overlooked by so many people who seek to "activate" their Light Body. So many Lightworkers are willing to shell out money for a book, a class, a teacher, a method, rather than really inquire within as to whether it is necessary at first to seek external help in this way. Again, this method is valid, for it is merely a reflection of one's faith.

I simply wish to REMIND Truth-seekers that the help that they seek is closer to them than "the tip of their noses." Now, this sister at the aforementioned website is, like Me, a HUGE proponent of cultivating Self-love, which she calls "Radical Self-love." (Ooh, I LOVE that term! Perhaps we can also call it the "Radical Light Body.")

A very simple meditation that Cosmic Awareness gave in a 1984 channeling is to imagine VITAL ENERGY flowing to you from all directions and building up along your spine, and then flowing out into all areas of your body. Furthermore, imagine this energy flowing back out from your body as it forms your aura. You can imagine this energy as white light, golden light, a rainbow spectrum of colors, or however you wish, and you really do not need to imagine anything specific at all, of course, in order for this simple exercise to be effective. (It also greatly strengthens the immune system.)

The key to all healing is FEELING well-being with positive emotion, for this many of you know as the Art of Allowing. As a note, it is very efffective if you imagine/FEEL that YOU are the Light Body that is feeding the physical body, as the ego personality becomes transparent and ALLOWS the Vital Energy to be fed back into the Higher Self. (Yes, I AM asking YOU to gift ME with this Vital Energy as well! This is the "torus effect" known in metaphysics and science.)

A great spiritual inspiration named Brother Lawrence called it "practicing the Presence of God," for that is practically what this Light Body business is all about. There are simple things that can assist you in this practice (if you aren't using them already) such as breathing more deeply from the diaphragm, drinking more water, grounding exercises, etc. For some of you, like the great non-dualism teacher Mooji, you do not feel it necessary at all to formally practice any such meditations and visualizations! This is a very advanced attitude, indeed, if you are of this temperament, for you are in essence living as your Higher Self in human embodiment.

If you would be very conscious of allowing your thoughts, words and actions to be examples of loving-kindness, you are manifesting a high-level spiritual attitude that is the hallmark of Self-mastery. This is a powerful feed-back system of Self-love that benefits all of creation; indeed the entire Omniverse. You cannot realize your Light Body until you bravely face and fully accept, love and heal your ego's shadows through allowing God's Light to shine on them and transmute them. You have an opportunity here and now to have an attitude of practicing living principles of advanced spirituality. Many of you reading this message already are. All of you are congratulated for how far you've come, but most importantly for Who-You-Really-Are.

My best wishes to you in your chosen pathways and spiritual journey.


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  • Yes again I would like to congrat Meindert on a good blog topic....Bless all dear members......The rainbow bridge, sometimes called the antakharana, is built in mental substance, from the concrete mind to higher mind...at that point, the Monad may pass down ever more effective higher dimensional packets of evolutionary data, so a consolidated bridge between the person incarnated and the SPIRIT level or higher self aka Divine Monad.

    The Soul is actually the intermediary between the incarnated person and spirit....It occupies the three planes of manas--buddhi--atma

    Spirit is upon the monadic plane, for Earth human monads....as the name suggests......

  • That was very, very sweet of you, Charlotte....thanks XO

  • Apologies accepted dear Drekx !

  • Charlotte and I just trampled all over Meindert's blog...So sorry Meindert.....OMG I got so carried away with Charlotte I almost forgot that you may find this personal spat between me and her, somewhat inappropriate on your cool blog......

    My humble apologies Meindert.....Drekx

  • OK Charlotte I can respect that and I'm really trying to get to know you better, too....I read your mind well, BUT it  tells me one thing and your words are not always in sync, but that's something to adapt to I suppose.....

    You know dear, the whole site sees how you uniquely respond to me and see that inside, you're actually a very sweet person.......I seek to nurture yo,u as you sweetly nurture me, between our tiffs.......Oh the word"tiff" is English slang.....Do Americans use it too...?? If not, it's an explosive little argument between people who actually care a lot more about each other, than the norm....

    The site sees you boldly apologise to me......they will all agree that this side of you is soooooo acceptable...Humility works wonders in building bridges to all humans...

    I know your background well....Catholic upbringing, German dad and spanish Mayan mom....I know that this does set people on a particular mindset for life....You are a moral woman and I respect you for it, my dear one.....

    Love you lots....XO

  • OK remember your journey...It's from the alpha to the OMEGA.......And I'm the Omega.....I'm not an easy person to insult and get away with it...you know it now....But when treated with respect I'm the best friend you ever had or ever will have....

    Look I know what you are thinking inside...But you must express yourself outside along the same lines...no disrespcting me on a public forum, please....and I mean it.....

    Now I'm cool today, until that disagreement....It's OK now I forgive you and I adore you....you know it, girl.....

    BTW I love and appreciate your hugs and lovely bear image....;-) heheh...!! You're certainly different, sweetpea........XO

  • Actually Charlotte, it is YOU with the behaviour issues....I was kind enough to offer you a complement and you got fucking rude...Just watch the way you talk to me, or I'm calling the whole deal off...Is that clear...??

  • Well, what you said came across as bloody arrogant, so my advice to you is if you want to work with me, you should show me some RESPECT...Is that clear...??

  • All the ETs operate higher too, but 5th dimension is a step upon the ladder well known to most earth humans, between incarnations and that is why I mentioned it Charlotte......We are able to extend beyond 5D, so I'm aware of that Charlotte, so no need for any arrogance from you, madam.... LOL

  • Actually, anyone on ACC who thought that Charlotte does not know what she is talking about, had better think again.....She does not express herself well, but knows exactly what I talk about....She knows about vibrations beyond the septenary and that means she is aware of such happenings, as I am....indeed, all genuine contactees are....Short of physical death I have been transported to the 5th dimension, in service to the GFL....I have seen these 12 colours and they are indeed most spectacular and if I were to try to paint them, or convey them, I would fail to do so....It's just UNKNOWN HERE, BUT KNOWN IF YOU'VE SEEN IT....If that makes sense...Charlotte knows it... xo

This reply was deleted.

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