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Human beings have nice energy and nasty energy...The energy of both, being part of the human's overall energy, hold power, holds power of that human...Immediately upon direct personal connection with non physical awareness... spirit...the human may then be directly tutored / immersed within the nature of the nonphysical experience,which is the revelation of divine love, divine coherency, and divine meaning...



Human beings have nice energy and nasty energy.

Human beings also have power.

The power of a human being is part of what is used in achieving and maintaining non physical awareness, as well as awareness of the interaction of the non physical and the physical.

The human's energy is used to attain, ascertain, register, and hold these realities, what some call 'breaking through'.


Human beings have nice energy and nasty energy.


The energy of both, being part of the human's overall energy, hold power, holds power of that human.

Now let us approach the topic of spiritual attainment, which we describe as awareness....beyond the physical nature and reality.

Having attained this immersed state, the aspirant no longer requires stories, but becomes directly tutored by the nature of spirit itself, as here he or she are 'getting to experience spirit directly... personally'.


This is always preferable to listening to stories about that the human might attain certain things somewhere within an indeterminable future.

From here , they are the 'Job'  toward the finality of his/her lessons and discovery into new possibility.


So you have a human being.

Based on the above typed statements which we present, we would like to present two points. . They relate to the possibility for a , any , human to attain the spiritual awareness we have described.

1) Does that individual person care to experience and have this awareness?


2) How will the 'teacher, guide when one is involved', and/or approach what we have spoken of?


Will they counsel a person to engage in various processes to move more in to the 'nice energy' as a way of becoming more aligned personally with the nature of divine spirit?

Or will the 'teacher ,  guide' approach the attainment of awareness of this thing called spirit.... in another way...?

Let us describe that way to you now.


The 'teacher / guide' could take the approach that...It is the resources and vibration of the full energy of a person that helps them make that connection to the 'greater world or existence'. . Using all their power...the power within their 'nice' energy,  and also... the power within their 'nasty' energy. .




'May thy eyes be opened'.  Here the teacher or guide must be capable through inner spiritual development to accomplish this skillfully. In the name of all that is acceptable to 'god' within each one... and that is... 'every little itty bitty part of them'.  Now you can let go of the curses of  your control religions and the effects you lament of often.

Immediately upon direct personal connection with non physical awareness, spirit, the human may then be directly tutored / immersed within the nature of the nonphysical experience, which is the revelation of divine love, divine coherency, and divine meaning.... if we may.

All of the person's energy was available to achieve the necessary personal levels to establish "this connection".

Now the human,  alone,  is free to make adjustments within their being....if they choose.

They have experienced the non physical for themselves.

They now have some 'real' information (experience) to make some real, honest, self aware choices, based upon that.


Most importantly, these choices will be made through personal experience and contact, rather than stories one has listened to from others.


Now we have a being truly 'on the path', on their path,  and they can continue to grow, experience within, interacting with the divine.... and choosing their directions, choosing their experience.  We call this learning. We call this growth. . We call this healthy independence,  self actualization, and all that develops from that.



(Guy/Girl)  :)

 We love you as always,

...we are...

"The Ascended Masters"

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  • Life is duality its how you call it.. black/white, hot/cold, warm/cool....



  • As spiritual beings we have unlimited power, much of it unleashed. People should be seeking personal power in their own life as it is their natural state of existence. As spiritual beings we have unlimited rights but we also have the duty to respect those same rights in others as the most important rule of any civil society..

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