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                                                   SIXTH SUBMERGED SPHERE OR OF JUPITER


Distinguished friends, today we are going to study with clarity the Sixth submerged Dantesque Circle or of Jupiter, submerged under the epidermis of planet Earth.


Unquestionably, this infra-dimensional region is still much denser than the previous five, due to its atomic constitution.


It is good to know that each atom of the Sixth Dantesque Circle carries in its belly 576 atoms of the Sacred Absolute Sun.


Undoubtedly, such extremely heavy atoms are the cause causorum of a tremendous materiality.


The people who live submerged in this Infernal Region, obviously, are controlled by 576 Laws, which makes their existences something too complicated and difficult.


Time becomes frightfully slow in this Region; every minute seems centuries, and therefore, life becomes tedious and unbearable.


If we carefully analyze the Jupiterian vibration in its planetary transcendental aspect, we discover that mysterious force that gives the Scepter to the Kings and the Miter to the Hierarchs of the different confessional religions.


It is therefore the planet Jupiter, in the infinite space, extraordinarily mystical, regal and sublime.


Its antithesis, in the Infra-dimension submerged under the geological crust of our world, is in fact turned into the dwelling place of the MATERIALIST ATHEISTS, ENEMIES OF THE ETERNAL.


The BLASPHEMERS also live in that Region, those who hate everything that can taste of Divinity, and the HERETICS, those who cultivate the "dogma of separativity".


One feels full of pain when contemplating, like Dante, so many mythical skeptics and atheists, among the sepulcher of their own passions, hatreds and limitations...


When we think of the great legislators, sovereigns and lords that govern the social conglomerates, we obviously discover tyrants and their minions that cause complications and pains here, there and yonder. The result of such nefarious procedures, corresponds exactly with the Sixth Dantesque Circle.


It is not surprising then that in this re-said Tenebrous Region of the Abode of Pluto, find the Esoteric investigator to all those hierarchs who abused their power; it is clear that such people suffer, therefore, the unspeakable.


Jupiter, as a fatherly friend, always generous, has its nefarious antithesis in those lousy parents who, having lots of goods, deny bread, covert and shelter to their children. Undoubtedly, it is in the disastrous Sixth Region, abysmal where those sinful shadows, after death, find their abode.


The Conscience of the investigator is moved when contemplating in the tenebrous, Submerged Jupiterian Region , such cruel parents; However, the most curious thing is that is that they always here in the world, under the light of the Sun, they thought themselves virtuous, just and kind; and some of these were even deeply religious.


There are also in that sinister abode, heads of families who aspired to the Intimate Self-Realization of Being. Despite all their cruelties, their contemporaries believed them to be very good. His behavior was apparently straight (from the doors of his house to the outside, it is clear, although within his dwelling there was crying and anguish).


Extraordinary pietistics with feigned meekness and poses of comedians, unbearable vegetarians of those who make food a "kitchen religion"...


I would say to them: "Hypocrites, Pharisees, bleached graves!"; to speak with the tone of the Great Kabir Jesus. However, that same would never say his followers, or those who had seen in beautiful rooms of pseudo-esoteric or pseudo-occultist type.


It is not strange either to find in the Sixth Submerged Infrared Region, heads of family very honest and sincere, but terribly wrong: What they should have done they did not, and what they should not have done, they did. Some of these gentlemen were extraordinarily fanatical in the world where they lived, and with sticks and whips they taught religion to their children, as if this could be learned with lashes; Nefarious subjects that overshadowed homes, embittering the lives of their creatures.


Jupiter, generous as always, open handed and altruistic, has to have its contrast under the epidermis of the Earth, in the Submerged Sixth Infra-dimension.


What would be the antithesis of generosity? Selfishness, usurer, peculation , that's obvious...


It is not therefore strange to find in the aforementioned Infrahuman Region, the one who monopolizes all the goods of the Earth for himself, like a Sanagabril and his followers. Thus, all religious antithesis, all Jupiterian contrast, must inevitably be found in the Sixth Infernal Circle under the epidermis of the Earth.


Q- Dear Master, I have observed that you mention that the time is tremendously long, that the minutes seem centuries due to the great density of this Submerged Region of Jupiter. Is the long time for the sufferings or are the long sufferings for the time?


A- Distinguished gentleman who asks the question: Let me inform you that "time" only exists from the merely subjective point of view, because it certainly does not have an objective reality.


Starting from this basic principle, we arrive at the logical conclusion that "time" is a subconscious, submerged creation.


Unquestionably, the "time" in each Infra-conscious Zone, or better said, in that what exists inhuman in each one of us, has to become increasingly slow in the deepest depths of materiality.


In other words I will say the following: In the merely intellectual level, "time" is not as slow as in the deepest subconscious levels, that is: the more subconscious the region of the universe where we live, the slower the "time"; It will take on a greater appearance of reality.


Here in the Physical World where we live, on the surface of the Earth and in the light of the Sun, there are minutes that seem centuries, and there are centuries that seem like minutes; everything depends on the state of mind in which we find ourselves.


It is clear that in full happiness, twelve hours seem a minute; It is obvious that a moment of supreme pain seems centuries.


Think now of the Abyss, of the Abysmal Submerged Regions, of the City of Dite, the cursed city at the bottom of the tenebrous Tartarus, there the lost feel that every minute becomes centuries of abominable bitterness...


I think that now the gentleman who has asked the question will understand my answer in depth.


Q- This is indeed, Master, but as you mention states of Consciousness, as Sub-consciousness, Unconsciousness and Infra-consciousness, does he want to say that when we talk about Infra-dimensions these also refer to states of Consciousness?


A- The Infra-dimensions of Nature and the Cosmos exist not only on the planet Earth, but also in any Cosmic Unity of the infinite space: Suns, moons, planets, galaxies, stars, Anti-stars, Anti-galaxies of antimatter, etc.,etc etc.


Therefore, these Natural Infra-dimensions are not exclusive products of the Sub-consciousness, Unconsciousness and Infra-consciousness of intellective Humanoids, but the result of mathematic laws that have their origin in all Ray of Existential Creation.


Q- Master, do you mean, then, that when we refer to the Consciousness in itself we must think that it is free of "time"?


A- Gentleman, ladies and gentlemen, I want to tell you, emphatically, that in the Sacred Absolute Sun, "time" is 49 times faster than here on Earth.


Analyzing this statement judiciously we say: Being the "time" merely subjective creation of the intellectual humanoid, it is obvious that it is 49 times slower than in the Sacred Absolute Sun.


In other words, I clarify that the mind of the humanoid possesses "49 Subconscious Departments", and for that reason it is said that the "time" here, between the Tri-cerebrates or Tri-centered Bipeds mistakenly called men, is 49 times slower than in the Sacred Absolute Sun.


Taking advantage now of the inductive process taught by Aristotle in his "Divine Entelecheia" we will conclude: If the "time" in the Sacred Absolute Sun is 49 times faster than in the Intellective level of humanoid, obviously this means that in the Sacred Sun the "time " does not exist. There everything is an eternal moment, an eternal now.


Looking now at what we call Consciousness, studying it judiciously, we will discover the Original, Paradisiac, Virginal Being, free of all Subconscious processes, beyond "time".

That is, Consciousness itself is not a product of "time".


Q- Excuse me Master, if I appear somewhat insistent, but I have embraced the concept that, as we awaken Consciousness, the Under-conscious and Sub-conscious states are no longer existing because they become Conscious. Is this wrong?


A- Gentleman, this question seems quite interesting to me ... Ostensibly, the submerged states of Pluto, let's call them Infra-consciousness, Unconsciousness, Sub-consciousness, are radically eliminated when the Consciousness awakens.


In the Submerged Sixth Dimension, "time" becomes too long, due to the clear and evident fact of the Subconscious, Unconscious and Infra-conscious states; However, in Nirvana there is no "time", due to the conclusive and definitive fact that in that Divine Region there is no Ego, nor the Subconscious, nor the aforementioned abysmal states ...


Q- With this dissertation that frankly surprises me, because I had never before related "time" with the Subconscious states, I come to the conclusion that the Unconscious, the Infra-conscious and the Subconscious that psychologists talk so much about are actually negative and satanic states, and that are the obstacles for man to Self-Realize. Am I correct, Master?


A- We have been told in a solemn way that we need to transform the Subconscious into the Conscious. We include within these transformative concepts also the Infra-conscious and Unconscious states.


Awakening Consciousness is the radical. Only then can we see the path that will lead us to the Final Liberation.


Obviously, the concept "time", which makes life so bitter in the Submerged Sixth Dimension and in the different Dantesque Circles of the Tartarus, is definitively eliminated when the Consciousness awakens.


Q- It tells us that the Sixth Submerged Region of Jupiter is the antithesis of the planet Jupiter that revolves around the Sun. I observe, Master, that you did not refer when you spoke of the other Dantesque Circles, as being the antithesis of the planets with which correspond Would you like to clarify this?


A- Gentleman, messieurs, ladies: Obviously the Nine Infernal Circles are always the negative, antithetical aspect of the Spheres of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. I think I have already said something in past talks on this subject, and that we have raised the relationship between those worlds and the Nine Submerged Zones, under the epidermis of our planet Earth. Looking for a simile of all this, you will see that every person under the Sun's light projects his own shadow everywhere; You will find something similar between each of these nine worlds of the Solar System and their corresponding "shadows" or "dark areas", dark, within the entrails of the planet in which we live. It is understood?


Q- Master, could you tell us if the Submerged Zone of the planet Jupiter is inhabited?


A- Distinguished lady, I allow myself to inform you and inform all the people who listen to me, that in the natural infra-dimensions of the submerged mineral kingdom of the planet Jupiter there exist terribly perverse demons, in involution creatures, people who are heading towards the Second Death. I'm clear, I'm not talking about Jupiter's Sky; I limit myself exclusively to citing the Submerged Mineral Kingdom of that planet.


Q- Can we consider that in spite of the fact that in the Jupiter Hells there are involute beings, terribly malignant, are said antithetical Hells with the infernos of the Sixth Dantesque Circle of the planet Earth?


A- Friends, the dark corresponds to the dark. There is no antithesis between the Jupiterian Hells and the Sixth Dantesque Circle submerged under the geological crust of our world Earth.


We must look for antithesis exclusively between the luminous and dark aspects of Jupiter.

Undoubtedly the "Jupiterian splendors" have their opposite, their "shadows", not only between the entrails of that radiant planet, but also under the crust of our afflicted world.


Q- Master, could you tell us what are the materials or elements that make up this tenebrous area of the Sixth Dimensional Submerged of our planetary organism?


A- Friends, we said in past talks that the inhabitants of this or that natural element never perceive the element in which they live.


The fish never see the water. We, the inhabitants of this Three-dimensional World of Euclid, never perceive the air we breathe, we do not see it. The Salamanders do not see the Fire; so too, those who dwell among the Stone, rocky Element, never see such an element; they only perceive objects, people, events, etc., etc., etc.


Obviously the stony density of the Sixth Residence of Pluto, is unbearable, terribly dense. Now we will explain the reason why Dante saw so many condemned men buried in their graves.


It is not about tombs in the literal sense of the word; it just means with this, grave states, too narrow, limited conditions of Sub-consciousness and Infra-consciousness, etc., etc., etc. They are painful conditions of life in the Sixth Abyssal Region.


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