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                                                            THE SNAIL OF EXISTENCE


My friends, today we are going to talk widely about the Spiral Line of Life.


Much has been said about the doctrine of the Transmigration of Souls, expounded by Mr. Krishna in the Holy Land of the Vedas, about a thousand years before Jesus Christ.


Already in past talks we have exposed all those processes of the Wheel of Samsara


We have said with complete clarity, we have repeated ad nauseam, that each Soul is assigned 108 Lives for its Intimate Self-Realization.


Unquestionably, those who fail during their cycle of manifestation, those who do not achieve Self-Realization within the number of assigned existences, are obviously descended into the Submerged Mineral Kingdom, the Avitchi Hindustan, the Greek Tartarus, the Roman Avernus.


It is clear and evident that the Involution within the bowels of the planet in which we live is terribly painful.


To recapitulate animal, vegetaloid and mineraloid processes in a frankly degenerative way is certainly not very pleasant.


We also affirmed in our past talks that after the Second Death, the Essence that we have of Soul, evolves from the Mineral Kingdom to the Intellectual Animal, mistakenly called man, passing through the Vegetal and Animal stages.


However, there is something in this Law of the Transmigration of Souls that we have not said; we have quoted the Law of the Eternal Return, we have mentioned this Law known as Recurrence; but we must clarify that these two laws are developed and unfold on the Spiral Line of Life.


This means that each cycle of manifestation is processed in spirals or increasingly higher curves, within the Great Spiral Line of the Universe.


Since this also tends to be a little abstract, I feel the need to clarify it better, so that all of you can deeply understand the Teaching.


When the Essence escapes after the Second Death, when it resurfaces, once again in the light of the Sun, obviously transformed into a Gnome, it will have to restart a new evolutionary process, but within a higher octave. This means that such a Mineral Elemental creature will undoubtedly be within the Mineral Realm with a Higher Consciousness state than he had when he started Evolution similar in the previous cycle of manifestation.


In continuing with these explanations, you should not forget that any cycle of manifestation includes evolutions in the Mineral, Vegetal, Animal and Human Kingdoms (in the latter we are always assigned 108 existences).


If we examine a snail, we will see curve over curve, something similar to a spiral staircase; it is evident that each of these cycles of manifestation develops in increasingly higher curves.


Now you will explain why there is so much variety of Minerals, Vegetables, Animals, and different degrees of intelligence among Humanoids.


Unquestionably, the difference between the Mineral Elementals that for the first time begin as such, and those that have repeated the same process many times, is very great.


The same can be said about Vegetal and Animal Elementals, or about Humanoids.


Since the cycles of manifestation are always 3,000, the last of these really is in a very high octave.


Those Essences that within the 3,000 laps of the Wheel did not achieve Mastery, are absorbed in their Virginal Spark to submerge definitively within the bosom of the Universal Spirit of Life...


It is obvious, clear and evident, that during the cycles of cosmic manifestation, we have to go through all the practical experiences of life.


Undoubtedly, any Essence that has gone through the 3,000 cycles of manifestation has also experienced 3,000 times the horrors of the Abyss, and therefore, has improved and acquired Self-Consciousness.


Thus, such Essences have in fact, full right to Divine Happiness. Unfortunately, they will not enjoy Mastery; they did not acquire it and therefore they do not have it.


Already in previous talks we said that not all the Divine Monads or Virginal Sparks are interested in Mastery.


Ostensibly, it is not the Virginal Sparks or Divine Monads that suffer, but the Essence , the emanation of the aforementioned Sparks, what of Soul we have each of us.


The pains passed through all Essence certainly come to be well rewarded, because in exchange for so much suffering one acquires Self-Consciousness and Happiness without limits.


Mastery is different. No one could achieve the Adept state without the "Three Factors of the Revolution of Consciousness," clearly expressed by our Lord the Christ: "Whoever wants to come after me, deny himself, take up his cross and follow me."


To deny oneself means: Dissolution of the Self or of the ego. Take the Cross, throw it on our shoulders; means: Work with Sex-Yoga, with Maithuna, with Sexual Magic. Following the Christ is equivalent to: Sacrifice for humanity, giving life so that others may live.


The Virginal Sparks that did not reach the Mastery during the 3,000 Cycles of manifestations, see the Masters, the Gods, in a similar way as the ants see the Humanoids.


Aztec traditions say that in the dawn of life the Gods gathered there in Teotihuacan, with the purpose of creating the Sun. They assert that they lit a great fire and they then invited the Snail God to be thrown into that bonfire, but this one, after three attempts, he was terrified.


The sacred songs affirm, solemnly, that the Purulent God, full of great value, was thrown into the fire.


Seeing this, the God Snail imitated his example, and then the whole assembly of Gods, silent, waited to see what happened.


The legends tell that inside the living fire, the Purulent once again formed, transformed into the Sun that illuminates us today.


Minutes later, in that bonfire resurfaced the Snail God turned into the Moon that enlightens us at night.


This means, dear friends, that if we want to transform ourselves into Gods, into Masters, we must imitate the Purulent, incinerate the Ego, the “I”, through the Sexual Fire. Only by Fire does the Purulent die, the Myself, the Self.


Only through Fire can we become terribly Divine Solar Gods.


Unfortunately, not all Virginal Sparks are interested in Mastery ; for the most part, the millions of creatures that live on the face of the Earth , prefer the "Path of the Snail", the "Moon Road".


Q- Venerable Master, at the beginning of this important dissertation, he tells us that when descending the Essence to the Underworlds, we recapitulate animal, vegetaloid and mineraloid states. Would you kindly explain the word "recapitulate"?


A- With the greatest pleasure I will answer the gentleman's question. I want you, my friends, to understand well what it is the animaloid, vegetaloid and mineraloid abysmal recapitulation.


Descending getting into involution between the entrails of the Underground World, is radically different to the evolutionary ascent on the surface of the Earth.


The animaloid recapitulation in the Abyss is degenerative, involutional, descending, painful.


The vegetaloid recapitulation between the bowels of the Earth is frightening; those who through such processes pass seem rather shadows that slide here, there, and yonder.


The involutional, descending, mineral recapitulation between the entrails of the world in which we live is more bitter than death itself; the creatures become fossilized, mineralized and slowly disintegrate.


After the Second Death, the Essence escapes, reappears in the light of the Sun to recapitulate similar processes in an evolutionary, ascending, innocent and happy way.


Here then, my friends, the difference between Involution and Evolutionary recapitulations.


In any case, all these infinite Involutional and Evolutionary processes are exclusively Lunar, and clearly unfold within the Universal Snail.


Q- Master, you explain to us that with each cycle of existences, the Elementals in the evolutionary process are awakening Consciousness, because they are processed in higher octaves. Is this awakening of Consciousness perhaps the result of the sufferings by Involution, or is it the result of the Ascendant process?


A- Distinguished friend, it is good that you understand that the Consciousness suffers both in the evolutionary processes and in the involutive ones, and that therefore, based on so many efforts and sacrifices, it awakes progressively.


Millions of Humanoids have the Consciousness deeply asleep, but upon entering the Abyss, after the 108 existences of any cycle of manifestation, they inevitably awaken in evil and for evil.


The interesting thing in this case, is that in any case wake up, even to justify their mistakes in the infernal worlds.


Any Enlightened Clairvoyant will be able to demonstrate for himself the fact that the Innocent Elementals are awake in the positive, evolutionary sense.


We see then two types of awakened Conscience:


1º.- The one of the innocent creatures of Nature.


2º.- The Involution state of the Humanoids in the Abyss.


There is a 3rd class of awakened people: I refer to the Masters, to the Gods, but it is not theirs that we are dealing with right now.


Unquestionably, within the Wheel of Samsara, revolving with it, there are innocent consciences awakes, and also involution, abysmal creatures, awakened in evil and for evil...


Q- Master, when you mention that of higher octaves in higher turns disconcerts me, because I am accustomed to think of octaves depending on the musical notes, which are related to the transmutation of the Serpentine Fire. Would you like to clarify this?


A- Undoubtedly, the octaves of the Snail are processed musically with the notes C,D,E,F,G,A,B of the musical scale, in a graduated form.


If we carefully observe a spiral staircase, we will see a succession of increasingly higher curves, in such a way that they are preceded by the lower ones.


This formation, this distribution of the curves in the form of any spiral, is enough to understand, that between octaves and octaves there are also musical pauses. To each of these pauses corresponds an abysmal descent.


The 3,000 turns of the Wheel resound, incessantly as a single whole within the rhythms of Mahavan and Chotavan that holds the Universe firm in its march...


Q- Master, being the good Essence, why is he coming to suffer in this world?


A- My friends, the Essence in itself is beyond Good and Evil; She is absolutely innocent, pure and healthy.


He suffers the Essence when it is bottled in the Ego, but when it is dissolved the Essence ceases to suffer.


Certainly, the Essences of the planet Earth were bottled among the Myself due to a mistake of the Gods. We already said in past conversations, that certain Sacred Individuals with the purpose of giving stability to the geological crust of our world, gave humanity the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ.


When that organ disappeared, the consequences remained within each person, and the latter crystallized into the Ego, a kind of Second Nature within which the Essence was sadly bottled.


If that second nature did not exist, the Essence would be free and happy; unfortunately it exists as a result of the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ.


Q- Master, it is said that we are children of God and that God is perfect. So, why do he send his children to suffer?


A- I answer with great pleasure this question that comes out of the auditorium ... Ladies and gentlemen.


We already know that the Lord Satan or Lucifer-Prometheus is exclusively the Shadow of our own inner Divinity, projected within ourselves for our good.


It is evident that Lucifer is the Great Coach that we carry inside; for that reason, the sexual impulse in the background, is Luciferian.


It is not the Devil, as we explained in past talks, that fabulous character presented by some dogmatic sects, but the personal instructor of each.


It is therefore the Luciferian Force, which leads the Humanoids to triumph or failure, to generation or to regeneration.


From this point of view we can assure that we are children of the Devil, and this is said by our Lord the Christ: "Children of the devil are you," said the Great Master, "because if you were children of God, you would do the works of God". It is necessary to become children of God, and this is only possible with the Three Factors of the Revolution of Consciousness; as we have mentioned them in this talk.


Son of God is everyone who arrives at the Resurrection; Reflect in these words and do not presume yourselves to be Saints or virtuous, because you are all children of the Devil.


Friends, God does not send us to suffer ever; we have created the sufferings ourselves with our own mistakes, and through successive births.


Q- Master, if we are Children of the Devil, who has more power over us, the Devil or God?


A- With the greatest pleasure I will answer this question. We have said that the Dragon is the Shadow of the Intimate God of each one of us. It is evident that each of us is the son of that Shadow, of that Dragon, and therefore within the current state in which we find ourselves, the Dragon controls us absolutely. Thus, from the relative and circumstantial point of view in which we find ourselves, the Devil has more power over us than God himself (this does not mean that the Devil is more powerful than God).


When the Immortal Spark rises in us, when we become children of God, then everything will be different; In those days we will have defeated the Dragon.

 Q-Master, what do you say about the Angels, Bodhisattvas and fallen Masters? What do they have to do with the Spiral of Life?


R- Distinguished friends, there is a supreme moment for all the millions of Essences that populate the face of the Earth.


I want to refer emphatically to the moment when, for the first time, we resolved to enter the Solar Path, very different indeed to the Lunar Path.


All the millions or trillions of Virginal Sparks arrive at a precise moment the critical hour in which they have to define themselves by the Solar Path or by the Moon Snail. When someone deliberately chooses the Path of the Razor's Edge, luck is cast; After that moment there is no remedy.


Those who attain Mastery and who later want to turn back to enter the Moon Path, will have to go through frightful eternities in the Hell Worlds, until, after many millions of years, the annihilation of the Superior Existential Bodies of Being and the destruction of the Animal Ego.


This means that the greater the degree of Consciousness, the greater the degree of responsibility, and the one who adds wisdom adds pain.

Unquestionably to the fallen Bodhisattvas, to the black Angels, to the tenebrous Archangels, that is to say, to the angelic or divine creatures submerged in the Abyss for the crime of wanting to take the Lunar Path after having been fully defined by the Solar, they will have to suffer millions of times more intensely than ordinary people.


After the disintegration of Vehicles and Ego, the evolutionary journey from the mineral will begin again, but with a Golden Embryo, and therefore with greater Consciousness than the other Elementals of Nature, until reaching the Humanoid state.


Once that goal has been achieved, as they have the Golden Embryo, such beings will have to return to the Solar Path to create their Superior Existential Bodies again, and reconquer the Angelic or Archangelic state, etc., that they would reject once.


Another is the fate of the Virginal Sparks that never chose the Solar Path; these, converted into simple Elementals of Nature, will submerge with their Essence among the Universal Ocean of Free Life in their movement.


It is about Beings who preferred the Elemental Life, who did not aspire to Mastery, who always enjoyed among the bosom of the Great Nature and who now as flashes of the Divinity, return to it forever.


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