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                                                           THE LAW OF REINCARNATION


My friends, now we are going to study the "Law of Reincarnation" ... I hope that you all get the most out of these talks.


It is urgent that together we try to understand in an integral way what this Great Law is.


Certainly the word "Reincarnation" is very demanding; let's remember the ten reincarnations of Vishnu, the Cosmic Christ.


Krishna, the great Hindu Avatar, born about a thousand years before Christ, never said that all the Intellectual Animals that populate the face of the Earth would be reincarnated. He stated emphatically that only the Budhas, the great Gods, the Devas, the Divine Kings, etc., etc., are reincarnated.


Entering us in a more detailed way to the study of the Law of Reincarnation, we can say with complete clarity, that the Reincarnation of those who do not have a Sacred Individuality is not possible.


Unquestionably, only the Sacred Individuals are reincarnated, and therefore in the secret Tibet human reincarnations with great religious festivals were always celebrated.


In the name of truth, I want to affirm clearly and unambiguously, the harsh reality that only reincarnation or reincorporation of souls is possible when one possesses the "Golden Embryo", the "Golden Flower".


Analyzing this issue with great care, we come to understand that such Embryo must be manufactured deliberately, based on conscious work and voluntary suffering.


Within the merely retrospective field, we discover the origin of all those infrahuman elements among which is the Psychic Material or Raw Material, through which it is possible to elaborate the Golden Flower, the Golden Embryo.


We already know, because we have explained it here in other talks, that in a remote past humanity developed in its organism the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ, the Satanic Tail.


When humanity lost such an organ, the bad consequences of the aforementioned organ remained in the five Cylinders of the Organic Machine (mind, emotion, movement, instinct and s**).


Undoubtedly, these terrible results came to constitute a kind of second nature, subjective and inhuman, that all Rational Animals carry inside.


It is unquestionable that between that double nature the Essence, the Raw Material with which we must elaborate the Golden Embryo, “remained bottled”.


Dissolving such Subjective and Subhuman Aggregates is vital when dealing seriously to elaborate the Golden Flower.


In other times, when the abominable results of the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ had not been developed specifically, it was possible to appeal to the intimate factor that originates the impulses of Faith, Hope and Love, to motivate the force or forces that could disintegrate incipient Subjective Elements.


Unfortunately, that basic factor of such cited impulses went through various degenerative processes due to the exorbitant development of the bad consequences of the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ.


It is certainly painful that the factor that originated the intimate impulses related to Faith, Hope and Love, had radically degenerated.


It is for this reason that we have to appeal now to the only factor that has not yet been lost.


I want to refer emphatically to the Essence, to the Psychic Material, which is certainly the foundation, the basis of all our psychic organization.


Releasing such an Essence is urgent, cannot be postponed, unpostponable, if we want to seriously elaborate the Golden Flower, the Golden Embryo.


Unfortunately, this Raw Material, this Psychic Material, does not take part in the routine activities of our so-called waking state.


It is a pity that this factor, on which all the psychic processes are established, is caught between the Subconscious Zones.


Getting such a factor out of the merely subjective state to manifest itself in a self-consciously and objectively, within our activities of daily life, is vital, urgent, necessary.


It is then the Ego, with all its Psychic Aggregates, that double antihuman nature, that infrahuman appendage into which Consciousness is bottled .


If we want to possess a Sacred Individuality, we must appeal to the "Scalpel of Self-Criticism" to dissect all those false values ​​that constitute the Ego.


There has been much talk about Creative Understanding; it is indispensable to know in an integral, unitotal way, all the Psychic Defects that we have.


Understanding intellectually is not everything; It is indisputable and irrefutable that any Psychological Defect is processed in 49 Subconscious and Infraconscious levels and even Unconscious.


Understanding at this or that level is not enough; We urgently need to understand our shortcomings in depth; it is indispensable to drill them, if we really want to exterminate, to annihilate the psychic aggregates.


However, the Creative Understanding , despite being urgent and not postponable, is not everything.


We, the Gnostics, go much further: We want to capture, to apprehend the "Deep Meaning" of that which we have comprehended in its entirety. It is not possible to originate those intimate impulses that must cause radical changes in our psyche, when we have not managed to capture the deep meaning of this or that Psychological Defect.


Obviously, we come to be properly prepared for this or that intimate change, when we have understood this or that error of our Psyche. Then comes the Elimination , and then we appeal to superior forces.


Someone could, for example, have understood the defect of anger, and could even have had the luxury of capturing its deep meaning, and yet continue with it.


Eliminating is different, because the mind can provoke different modes of action, it can label the defects, pass them from one department to another of the understanding, but it can not fundamentally alter them.


We need to appeal to a power superior to the mind, if we want to remove defects. Fortunately such power exists. I want to refer now to the Serpentine Fire, to that Sacred Fire that normally develops in the body of the ascetic.


If this Igneous Power could in the past divide the Divine Hermaphrodites into opposite sexes, it is ostensible that it can also remove from our psyche the Inhuman Elements, which as appendices, constitute in us a double nature left, sinister, terribly perverse.


We already said in our work entitled "THE MYSTERY OF THE GOLDEN BLOSSOM"(Please refer to previous publications for reference) that with the first percentages of Liberated Essence the "Seminal Pearl" was formed.


We already affirmed in such a work that as the different Subjective Elements of man himself are reduced to cosmic dust, the Seminal Pearl developed into the Golden Embryo, the Golden Flower ; there is the Mystery of the Golden Blossom.


The modus operandi I have explained too much, both in these talks and in my past books.

Then I said that we must learn to direct that Serpentine Fire, or Ray of the Kundalini, against such or those Inhuman Aggregates, in order to pulverize them with the purpose of liberating the Essence .


I explained that precisely in the Burning Forge of Vulcan, we had the opportunity to work with the Lance of Achilles.


Only with the Holy Hatch, wonderful emblem of the Transcendent Sexual Electricity, we can disintegrate psychological defects.


Whoever possesses the Golden Embryo, who has developed it through deliberate work and conscious works, has the right to reincarnate.


It is evident that the Golden Flower confers us the Sacred Individuality ; Undoubtedly, the Golden Embryo comes to establish in us a complete balance between the Spiritual and the Material.


Those who do not yet possess such an Embryo, return, come back, rejoin new organisms, but do not reincarnate. So, distinguish between Reincarnation and Return. Rare are those who reincarnate, millions who return.

 Q-Master, could you tell us when the Kundartiguador Organ developed in humanity and for what purpose?


A- With the greatest pleasure I will answer the question that our sister secretary has asked ...


During the time of the Mu Continent or Lemuria, located as we said in past talks in the Pacific Ocean, it was necessary to develop such an organ with the purpose of giving stability to the geological crust of the Earth.


Since the Human Machine automatically transforms the Cosmic Energies to retransmit them to the previous layers of the planetary organism in which we live, any change that operates in such machines originates certain results inside our planet Earth ...


It was then around that time, about 18 million years ago or something more, that the Cosmocrators left full freedom to the inner Lucifer of each one, in order to develop that tail of the apes, that Abominable Kundartiguador Organ, in each human organism .


Undoubtedly, with such behavior of the Cosmocrators, the energetic transformation within the human interior was altered, originating magnificent results for the geologic crust of the world (since this one was stabilized), but sinister for the humanity.


Much later in time, the Gods eliminated the nefarious appendix from the organism, but they could not eliminate its consequences, as these, as we said, became an inhuman and perverse second nature within each one of us.


Q- Master, then the Cosmocrators were to blame for the inhuman consequences that humanity is carrying in their organisms today?


A- This question seems interesting to me. The Gods that intervened in that committed some errors of calculation, and for that reason they were to blame. I want you to know that the Gods also get wrong.


It is clear that in a future Cosmic Day those ineffable will have to pay their corresponding Cosmic Karma.


Q- Being the Essence the only thing that constitutes our psychic organization, you said Master that fortunately has not been lost. Does this mean that there is a danger that the Essence will be lost ?


A- With the greatest pleasure I will answer the question of the gentleman. With all due respect, I allow myself to tell the audience that the question is a little badly formulated. I have not said that the Essence is our psychic organization; I have only wanted to affirm that this is the basic factor of all our psychic organization, and this is a little different.

Ostensibly, it is not possible for the Essence to be lost, so I affirm that it is the only factor that fortunately has not been lost.


Although the Essence involved in the Ego would get into involution in time within the infernal worlds, it is evident that it would never be lost because, if the Ego dissolved, it would be free and willing, as we have said so much, to enter into new evolutionary processes.


Q- Venerable Master, you emphasize not only the Comprehension, but in discovering the Deep Meaning of our Psychological Defects. I understand that the purpose of the Comprehension is to identify those defects and the purpose of the Meaning is to discover the damage that the defect can cause as an obstacle to our Self-Realization. I am right?


A- The question that has come out of the auditorium is worth answering. Comprehension is not Identification; someone could identify a Psychological Defect without having understood it; let's distinguish between "Understanding" and "Identification".


This Comprehension is very elastic. The degrees of comprehension vary. Today we may understand this or that in a certain way, in a relative and circumstantial way, and tomorrow we understand it better.


The apprehension of the Deep Meaning of this or that defect, is only possible through all parts of our Integral Being.


If some parts of our Being have captured the Meaningful Meaning, but other parts of our Being have not captured it, then the full and profound meaning has not been apprehended uni-totally either.


On what is the deep Meaning, on its specific flavor, we should not form preconceptions; What is the profound meaning of this or that error, we can only experience it directly at the precise moment, at the right moment. That is why we could not form any preconceived ideas about what could be the Deep Meaning of our psychological errors.


Q- Thank you, Master, for this explanation, which reveals to us that Comprehension really is a function of the mind and the Deep Meaning a function of Consciousness. Is this correct?


A- Friends, the mind with all its functionalisms is feminine, receptive; absurd would be to make it positive; foolish would be to elaborate ideas, preconceptions, theories.


The mind being therefore a merely passive instrument, by nature, could not by itself occupy the position of the comprehension.


Distinguish between what is comprehension and what is the instrument we use to manifest ourselves in the world.


Obviously, the Comprehension belongs rather to the Essence, to the intimate functionalisms of Consciousness and that is all.


The Deep Meaning of this or that psychological error, differs from the Comprehension by the very fact of belonging to the different perceptions or direct experiences, experienced by the various parts of the Unitotal Being.


Q- Master, can the man who reincarnates choose the place and the family where he returns with the Awakened Consciousness ?


A- With the greatest pleasure I am going to give an answer to this new question ... Let me inform all of you here that the one who possesses the Golden Embryo does in fact also have awakened Consciousness.


In this case, it is possible to voluntarily choose the Zodiacal Sign under which he wishes to rejoin, reincarnate, reincorporate; However, it is not possible for him to alter his Karma.


You could select different types of birth, family, nation, city, etc., etc., but always in accordance with your Karmic debts.

This means that he could resolve to pay this or that debt according to his free choice, but in no way could he avoid those debts; it would only have the right to choose between which debt it want to pay first, and that's it.

 Q-Master, does the fallen Bodhisattva lose his Golden Embryo?


A- This question is certainly very original, and for that reason it is convenient that we answer it concretely ...


It is necessary to understand that the Golden Embryo is imperishable, immortal, eternal.


Thus, the fallen Bodhisattva can annihilate himself in the Ninth Sphere , go through the process of the destruction of the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being; however, he would never lose the Golden Embryo; This one, after the radical destruction or definitive annihilation of the Ego, would resurface, return to the surface of the Earth , in the light of the Sun to restart or start a new Evolution.


Q- Master, to a fallen Bodhisattva is his Consciousness asleep?


A- Distinguished friends, it is clear that when a Bodhisattva falls, the evil consequences of the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ resuscitate in him, and then the Golden Embryo, the Consciousness, becomes indisputably bottled up among such infrahuman factors. The result is that Consciousness , in this case, loses a good percentage of its usual lucidity, although it does not fall asleep radically.

Q- Master, does the man who has acquired the Sacred Individuality totally lack desires?


A- Friends, if someone has dissolved the Ego, if he has set free from the ego, he has unquestionably become individualized, but the desire is something deeper.


Any of the here present could eliminate the Ego radically, and acquire for that reason the Sacred Individuality , and, nevertheless, continue with the desire.


This seems truly paradoxical, contradictory and even absurd, but we must analyze it a bit.


Friends, time demands many things. Having annihilated the bad consequences of the Abominable Kundartiguador Organ, the Teleoghinoras Tapes remain. The latter can be fully conserved in the Suprasensory Worlds during the entire Earth period, if one has not been concerned with disintegrating them, annihilating them, reducing them to cosmic dust.


Obviously, such films, as living films, certainly correspond to all the scenes of desire, to all the lustful acts of this and all our previous lives, and if they do not disintegrate radically, one hundred percent of Objective Consciousness is not achieved either. , because within those ones is part of the Consciousness.


Obviously, disintegrating such tapes is a work of a higher order that can only be done with the Double-edged Ax, which was in ancient times at the center of every Sacred Labyrinth, a symbol that very few have understood and about which it has been written in some pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist works in a more or less wrong way.


In any case, the Transcendent Sexual Electricity must also reduce to dust the Teleoghinooras Tapes


You are already seeing, my dear friends, how difficult it is to be able to give Consciousness full lucidity and objectivity.


It is unfortunate that the Essence is so bottled up in so many subjective and infrahuman elements.


Unfortunately, many believe that this "Awakening Conscience" is easy, and they constantly write to me complaining because they still do not come out in the Astral Body, protesting because after a few months they still do not have powers, demanding immediately the ability to live lucidly and full outside the Physical Body, etc., etc., etc.


Usually, those who start our studies are looking for powers, and when they do not transform into omnipotent individuals immediately, then they seek the subjective path of Spiritism or join various schools of subjective psyche with the purpose of achieving instantaneously the coveted Psychic Faculties ...


Full objectivity, implies radical destruction of everything inhuman that we carry inside, annihilation of subconscious atoms, absolute death of the infrahuman double nature, radical pulverization of all memories of desire.


So, dear friends, anyone can have achieved the Sacred Individuality without it being completely free from the process of desire.


Destroying the Teleoghinoras Tapes and some other principles that I will mention later, means to extirpate from our Psyche even the most so low desires.


Q- Master, is it worthwhile to exercise the right to reincarnate once it has been acquired?


R- Distinguished gentlemen and ladies who listen to me: All illusion is allowed to the reincarnating Souls; However, it is preferable to exclaim with Jesus: "My Father, if it is possible, this cup passes from me, but not my will be done, but yours."


In moments when I talk with you, here in this study of my own home, which is yours, something very interesting comes to mind: It happened that one night I was called telepathically by a group of Masters of the Venerable Grand White Lodge


I left the Physical Body, and all the parts of my Intimate Being integrated and covered with the Existential Bodies of the Being, had to concur to the call.


Floating in space, I landed softly on the roof of a large building; The Adepts of the Occult Brotherhood received me with exclamations of joy saying:


- "Archangel Samael has come!", And after the usual hugs and salutations, I was interrogated in the following way:


- "You as Avatara of the New Aquarian Age must answer us about the convenience or inconvenience of delivering the Cosmic Ships to the terrestrial humanity, your response is of great responsibility".


On my knees, I saw then with my spatial sense, the use that earthlings could make in the future with such ships.


The Eye of Dangma then allowed me to see within such ships, in a mediate future, merchants, prostitutes, dictators, etc., traveling to the other planets of the Solar System, bringing discord to other corners of the Universe, etc., etc. , etc.


Sensing in those moments the responsibility that weighed on my shoulders, I addressed my Father who is in secret saying:


- "My Father, if it is possible, this cup passes from me, but not my will be done, but yours."


Those words vibrated in the Nine Heavens, from Sphere to Sphere, from World to World. Years passed and everything was resolved. My Father who is in secret gave the appropriate answer: "Selection of human personnel, deliver those ships to certain very select groups of humanity." It does not hurt to tell our friends, that already certain isolated human groups possess that kind of spacecraft.


In an inaccessible region of the Himalayas, where communist invaders can never arrive, there is a community of Lamas who received a certain amount of such cosmic ships, with which they travel to other worlds of space.


These Lamas who had the joy of receiving such precious gifts, are Sacred Individuals, people with the developed Golden Embryo, Beings who are reincarnated.


So, my friends, we must always do the Will of the Father, never ours.


Those who reincarnate can choose according to the Law of Karma the living conditions they want without leaving, of course, the Karmic Law ; but it is preferable that our Father who is in secret choose for us the most convenient.


Q- Master, we have been told that the Gods are also get wrong. Who would be the one who is not wrong?


A- Friends, this question seems really important to me, and we are going to give you a convenient answer. I beg attention to the whole audience ...


Only the Father who is in secret is not mistaken. He is Ineffable, Omniscient and Omnipotent.


That is why I insist on the need to do the Will of the Father both in Heaven and on Earth.


When one forgets his Father who is in secret, he makes mistakes. It is better to consult and leave everything in the Father's hands.


Q- Master, what is the difference between the Golden Embryo and Consciousness ?


A- Friends, there is no difference between the Golden Embryo and Consciousness , because that is the same Organized Essence, the same Objectivized Consciousness, radically liberated from all subconscious processes.


Q- Master, says Master H.P .B. that the only way to not suffer in this world is to stop reincarnating. What can you tell us about it?


A- I want you to know, gentlemen, that Absolute Happiness is only achieved when you have God inside; could one live in Nirvana, the World of Happiness , but if he does not have God inside he would not be happy.


You could stop reincarnating, and if you do not have God inside you would not be happy either.


Even if one lived in a filthy dungeon, in the midst of the most terrible misfortunes or was in the infernal worlds, having God inside, it would be infinitely happy.


It does not hurt to remind you, friends, that there in the Underworlds live some Masters of compassion working for the decidedly lost, helping, assisting, but as they have God inside they are happy.



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