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                                                          THE LAW OF THE ETERNAL RETURN


My friends gathered this afternoon in this house, today we are going to study the "Law of the Eternal Return" of all things.


At the time of death the Angel of Death always arrives before the bed. Of these there is a legion, and they all work according to the Great Law.


Three things go to the cemetery. First: The Physical Corpse. Second: The Vital Body (it escapes from the Physical Body with the last exhalation); such a vehicle floats before the tomb and decomposes slowly as the Physical Body disintegrates. Third: The Ex-Personality. This, indisputably can sometimes escape from the grave and ambulate through the pantheon or go to some places that are familiar.


There is no doubt that the Ex-Personality dissolves slowly over time; there is no tomorrow for the Personality of the dead; this in itself is perishable...


That which continues, that which does not go to the tomb, is the Ego.


Death in itself is a subtraction of fractions; Once the mathematical operation is finished, only the "Values" remain.


Obviously, the sums of values ​​are attracted and repelled according to the Law of Universal Magnetization, they float in the atmosphere of the world.


Eternity opens its mouth to swallow the Ego and then expels it, throws it, to returns it to time.


We have been told that at the precise moment of death, at the moment when the deceased exhales his last breath, he projects an Electro-Psychic Design of his Personality; such design continues in the Supra-sensible Regions of Nature, and later comes to saturate the fertilized egg. This is how to return, when returning, to rejoin a new physical body, we come to possess personal characteristics very similar to those of the previous life.


That which continues after Death is therefore not very beautiful. That which is not destroyed with the Physical Body, is nothing but a bunch of Devils, Psychic Attachments, Defects.


The only decent thing that exists at the bottom of all those cave entities that constitute the Ego, is the Essence, the Psyche that we have of Soul.


When returning to a new Physical Vehicle the Law of Karma comes into action, because there is no effect without cause, or cause without effect.


The Angels of Life are in charge of connecting the Silver Cord with the fertilizing zoosperm. Unquestionably, many millions of zoosperms escape at the moment of copulation, but only one of them has enough power to penetrate the ovum, in order to realize the conception.


This force of a very special kind is not a product of casuality or chance; what happens is that he is impelled from within in his intimate energy by the Angel of Life, who in such instants realizes the connection of the Essence that returns.


Biologists know very well that the male and female gametes each carry 23 chromosomes; summed these together give the total sum of 46, which come to compose the germ cell.


 The Essence comes to be, then, connected to the germ cell by means of the Silver Cord; and since such a cell is divided into 2, and 2 into 4, and 4 into 8, and so on for the process of fetal gestation, it is clear that Sexual Energy actually becomes the basic agent of such cellular. This means that in no way could the phenomenon of mitosis,and meiosis be realized without the presence of Creative Energy.


The disembodied person, the one who prepares to take a new physical body, does not penetrate the fetus; it only comes to reincorporate itself in the instant in which the creature is born, at the precise moment in which it realizes its first inhalation.


Very interesting it turns out that with the last exhalation of the dying comes disembodiment, and that with the first inhalation we re-enter a new organism...


It is completely absurd to affirm that one voluntarily chooses the place where one must be reborn. The reality is very different. It is precisely the Lords of the Law , the Agents of Karma, who select for us the exact place, home, family, nation, etc., where we must rejoin, return.


If the Ego could choose the place, or family, etc., for its new reincorporation, then the ambitious, proud, miser, greedy, would seek the palaces, the houses of the millionaires, the rich mansions, the beds of roses and feathers, and the world would be all richness and sumptuousness, no one would pay Karma, we could all commit the worst crimes without Celestial Justice reaching us, etc., etc., etc.


The harsh reality of the facts is that the Ego has no right to choose the place or family where it should be born. Each one of us has to pay what he owes; It is written that "he who sows lightning will reap storms". Law is Law, and the Law is fulfilled.


It is therefore very regrettable that so many famous writers of contemporary spirituality affirm emphatically that each one has the right to choose the place where he must be reborn.


What is beyond the grave is something only awakened men can know, those who have already dissolved the Ego, the truly Self-Conscious people.


In the world there are many theories, either spiritualized or already of materialized type, and the reason of the intellectual Humanoids gives for everything: The same can create spiritualized theories than materialistic ones.


The rational homunculi can elaborate within their cerebral encephalon, through the most severe logical processes, a materialist theory as a spiritualist, and both in one and the other, both in the thesis and in the antithesis, the underlying logic is really admirable.


Unquestionably, Reason, with all its logical processes, as a research faculty, has a beginning and an end, it is too narrow and limited, because as we said, it lends itself to everything, it serves for everything: The same for the thesis that the antithesis.


Ostensibly, the logical brain processes are not in themselves convincing, for the concrete fact that with them one can elaborate any spiritualized or materialized thesis, demonstrating both the same logical vigor, certainly plausible for all humanoid reasoner.


It is not possible, then, that Reason really knows anything of what is from Tejas tattwa to the top, of what is beyond, of what continues after death...


Already  Emmanuel Kant, the great German philosopher, demonstrated with his great work entitled "The Critique of Pure Reason ", that Reason by itself cannot know anything about Truth, about Real, about God, etc., etc. ., etc.


We are not doing so by launching ideas a priori; what I am saying with so much emphasis can be documented with the mentioned work of the mentioned philosopher.


Obviously, we have to discard Reason as an element of ideal cognition for the discovery of the Real...

Archived the reasoning processes in this question of practical metaphysics, from now on we will establish a solid base for the verification of that which is beyond time, that which continues and which cannot be destroyed with the death of the Physical Body ...


I am asserting something that I know, something I have experienced in the absence of Reason. It is worth remembering this honorable audience, that I remember all my previous lives.


In the ancient times, before the submergence of the Atlantis Continent, the people had developed that faculty of Being known as the "Instinctive Perception of the Cosmic Truths".


After the submergence of that ancient continent, that precious faculty entered the involution cycle, descending cycle, and was totally lost.


It is possible to regenerate that faculty through the dissolution of the Ego. Once this purpose is achieved, we can verify for ourselves, in a self-conscious way, the Law of the Eternal Return of all things.


Undoubtedly, the aforementioned faculty of Being allows us to experience the Real, that which continues, what is beyond death, of the Physical Body, etc., etc., etc.


Since I possess such a developed faculty, I can affirm with full authority what I know, what I have lived, what is beyond, etc., etc.


Speaking sincerely and with my heart in my hand, I can tell you the following: The deceased normally live in Limbo, in the antechamber of Hell, in the Region of the Dead (Lower Astral), a region fully represented in all those caves and underground caverns of the World, which together or intimately intertwined, form a whole as a whole ...


It is regrettable the state in which the deceased are: They seem sleepwalkers, they have the Consciousness completely asleep, they go everywhere and firmly believe that they are alive; They ignore his death.


After the disembodiment, the shopkeepers continue in their stores, the drunks in the canteens, the prostitutes in the brothels, etc., etc.


It would be impossible for people like that, sleepwalkers of this class, unconscious, could afford to choose the place where they should be reborn.


The most natural thing is that they are born without knowing what time or how, and they die completely unconscious.


The shadows of the deceased are many; each discarnate is a lot of unconscious shadows; a lot of larvae who live in the past, who do not realize the present, who are bottled up among all their dogmas, in the rancid things of yesterday, in the occurrences of times gone by, in affections, in family sentimentality, in selfish interests, in animal passions, in vices, etc., etc., etc.


When reborn, the Essence is expressed during the first three or four years of childhood, and then the creature is beautiful, sublime, innocent, happy.


Unfortunately, the Ego begins to express itself little by little, as we approach the age of seven, and it comes fully to manifest itself when the new Personality has been totally created.


It is essential to understand that the new Personality is created precisely during the first seven years of childhood and that it is strengthened with time and experiences.


Personality is energetic, it is not physical, as many people pretend, and after death it slowly decomposes in the pantheon, until it disintegrates radically.


Before the new Personality is fully formed, the Essence can afford to manifest itself with all its beauty, and even makes small children certainly psychic, sensitive, pure clairvoyant, etc., etc.


How happy we all would be if we did not have Ego, if only the Essence were expressed in us.  Unquestionably, then there would be no pain, the Earth would be a Paradise, an Eden, something ineffable, sublime.


The return of the Ego to this world is truly disgusting, horrifying, abominable. The Ego, in itself, radiates sinister, dark, unpleasant vibratory waves.


I say that every person, as long as he has not dissolved the Ego, is more or less black, although he presumes of sanctity and virtue.


The incessant Return of all things is a Law of life, and we can verify it from instant to instant and from moment to moment.


The Earth returns to its starting point every year, and then we celebrate the new year; all the stars return to their original starting point; return the atoms within the molecule to their initial point; the days return, the nights return; return the four Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter; return the cycles, Kalpas, Yugas, Mahamvantaras, etc.


It is therefore the Law of the Eternal Return something indisputable, irrefutable.

 Q-Master, you have told us that there is no tomorrow for the Personality of the dead, and that the Etheric Body is disintegrating little by little. I would like to know if the Personality lasts longer than the Physical Body in disintegration.

A- The question that comes out of the auditorium seemed interesting to me, and with the greatest pleasure I hasten to answer it...


Unquestionably, the Ex-Personality is of greater duration than the Vital Fund eliminated.


With this I want to affirm that the Vital Body decomposes as the Physicist disintegrates in the grave.


The Personality is different. Since it is invigorated through time with the different experiences of life, obviously it lasts longer; it is a firmer energy note; It usually stands for many years.


It is not exaggerated in any way to claim that the discarded Personality can survive for whole centuries. It is curious to contemplate several discarded personalities talking to each other.


I am talking now something that may seem strange to you. I have been able to count up to ten discarded Personalities corresponding to the same owner, that is, to ten returns of the same Ego.


I have seen them in an exchange of subjective opinions, gathered together, by psychic affinity.


However, I want to clarify this a bit more to avoid confusion. I have said that one is not born with the Personality, that one must form it, that this is possible during the first seven years of childhood. I have also affirmed that at the moment of death, such Personality goes to the pantheon and that sometimes he goes around inside it, or hides in his grave.


Think now for a moment, in an Ego that after each return escapes from the Physical Body. It is clear that he leaves behind the Personality.


If we gather for example ten lives of the same Ego, we will have ten different Personalities, and these can meet by affinity to talk in the pantheons, and exchange subjective opinions.


Undoubtedly, such Ex-Personalities are weakening little by little, they are extraordinarily extinguishing until finally disintegrating, radically.


However, the memory of such Personalities continues in the Causal World, among the Akashic Records of Nature.


In these moments in which I talk with you here, tonight, I am reminded of an old existence that I had as a soldier, during the Renaissance period in old Europe.


At any time, while working in the World of Natural Causes as a Causal Man, it occurred to me to draw from among the Secret Files, in that region, the memory of such an Ex-Personality.


The result was certainly extraordinary: I saw then that soldier dressed in the uniform of the time in which he lived.


Unsheathing his sword, he attacked me violently; It was not difficult for me to conjure him to save it again among the archives.


This means that in the World of Natural Causes, all memories are alive, have reality, and this is something that can surprise many esoteric and occult students...


Q- Master, you tell us that the Personality is not born with the Ego. What can you tell us about the birth of the Vital Body?


A- Friends, I want you to understand that the Vital Body, the basic seat of organic life, has been designed by the Agents of Life according to the Law of Causes and Effects.


Those who in their past existence accumulated very serious debts, may be born with a defective Vital Body, which, as is very natural, will serve as a basis for a body also defective.


Liars can be born with a deformed Vital Body, resulting in a monstrous or sickly Physical Vehicle.


The vicious may be born with manifestly degenerate Vital Bodies, which will give basis for physical bodies also degenerate.


Example: The sexual passionate abuser, in the long run, may be born with an unduly polarized Vital Body; This will motivate a homosexual vehicle or a lesbian female form.


Undoubtedly, homosexuals and lesbians are the result of sexual abuse in past existences in most the cases.


The alcoholic can be born with an anomalous, defective vital brain, which could serve as a basis for a brain also defective.


The murderer, the murderer, the one who incessantly repeats such a horrendous crime, can eventually be born invalid, lame, paralyzed, blind from birth, deformed, disgusting, maniac or definitely crazy. It is good to know that murder is the worst degree of human corruption, and in no way could the murderer return with a healthy vehicle.


It would be very long to talk more at this moment about this point related to the question that has been asked to me.


Q- Master, those who are born with physical defects, then, are not hereditary defects?


A- Distinguished lady, your question is very important, and it deserves to be examined in detail.


The hereditary defects are ostensibly placed at the service of the Law of Karma; they become the wonderful mechanism by which Karma is processed.


Evidently, the inheritance is in the genes of s**; there we find it, and through these the Law works with all the cellular mechanism.


It is good to understand that genes control the totality of the human organism; they are found in the chromosomes, in the germ cell; they are the foundation of physical form.


When these genes are in disorder, when the legitimate natural formation of them does not exist, they indisputably originate a defective body, and this is something that has already been demonstrated.


Q- Master, the disembodied Egos that are deeply asleep in the Region of the Dead and believe that they still live, how can the scenes of their life be represented, if they lack a Mental Body?


A- The question that the man asks is wrong in the background; this means that it is badly made. The pluralized Ego is "mind"; we have already spoken clearly, we have already said that the Intellectual Animal mistakenly called man does not have Mind, but "minds".


Undoubtedly, the diverse Psychic Attaches that compose the Ego, are not more than diverse mental forms, pluralization of the understanding, etc.


When returning all that set of minds or egos quarrelsome and screamers, it usually happens that not all of them able to rejoin ; of a total sum of psychic aggregates, some of these enter the Submerged Involution of the Mineral Kingdom, or reincorporate in animal organisms, or adhere to certain places, etc., etc., etc.


After death, each of these Aggregates lives in their own occurrences and desires, always in the past, never in the present. Do not forget, my friends, that the “I” is memory, that the ego is time, that the ego is a book of many volumes.


Q- From what you just told us, Master, being us Legion of "I's, should I conclude that we do not have reality either, because they are also mental forms? I am right?


Q- Distinguished friend, gentlemen, ladies, you must understand that the Intellectual Animal mistakenly called man is not yet a achieved being; this means that one is a mathematical point in space, which agrees to serve as a vehicle for certain sums of values.


Each subject is a poor thinking animal condemned to the penalty of life, a machine controlled by multiple infrahuman and bestial psychic aggregates.


The only worthy thing that exists within each one of us is the Essence , the Psychic Material, the raw material to make Soul, and this, unfortunately, is bottled among all these inhuman Psychic Aggregates.


Being a Man is something very different. For this it is necessary to disintegrate the Ego and to manufacture the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being. I believe that now they have understood me.


Q- Master, do you want to say then that, in effect, we are mental forms, without an objective reality?


A- Friends, please, understand me! When I speak of Psychic Attaches I mean mental forms; it is clear that such Aggregates are certainly crystallizations of the mind, and this I think you understand; I do not think it necessary to continue explaining it; It's already said.


Q- Are you going to tell me, dear Master, that all these very distinguished exponents of the magical power of the mind, who exalt the great importance of having a positive mind, are therefore in error?


A- Friends, for these times of the Kali-Yuga, the Iron Age, people have dedicated themselves to mentalism and here, there and yonder, one finds in the bookstores thousands of books talking wonders about the "donkey" of the mind. The interesting thing about all this is that Jesus the Great Kabir rode on the "donkey" (the mind) to enter the Heavenly Jerusalem on Palm Sunday; this is how the Gospels explain it; they say it, but people crucify Jesus the Christ, and worship the "donkey". This is humanity, my dear brothers, this is how this time of darkness we live.


What do mentalists want to develop? ¿ The Strength of mind? The "strength of the donkey"? It would be better for the comprehensive  to mount on this animal and tame it with the whip of the Will; that would change things and we would become good Christians, right?


What do mentalists want to develop? The force of the mental Ego? It is better that they disintegrate it, reduce it to cosmic dust; so the Spirit would shine in each one of them.


Unfortunately, the people of these times no longer want anything with the Spirit; Now, kneeling on their knees, they kiss the paw of the "donkey", the "ass", and instead of purifying themselves, they degrade miserably.


If people knew that they do not have a Mental Body and that all they possess is a sum of Psychic Attaches, disgusting mental crystallizations, and if instead of fortifying and strengthening those beastly “I”s they shall disintegrate them, then they would work for the good of themselves and for their own happiness.


However, developing the Force of the Beast, the sinister power of the Mental Ego, the only thing they get is to become more and more darks, left, abysmal.


I tell my friends, I tell the brothers of the Gnostic Movement to reduce their mental Ego to ashes, to fight tirelessly to get rid of the mind; thus they will attain Bliss.


Q- Is not it done, Master that an Essence without Ego would result in an extremely boring life on this planet that is so beautiful?


A- Friends, the Ego seems bored when you do not have what you want. However, when is the Ego satisfied?


Ego is desire, and desire eventually becomes frustrated, tired, bored, and life then becomes boring. With what right, then, does the Ego dare to speak against boredom, when he himself, in the end, becomes tedium, in bitterness,


If the Ego does not know what Plenitude is, how could he throw concepts on in disappointment, in frustration, in boredom?



Unquestionably, the Ego died, reduced to ashes, the only thing that remains in us is the Essence, the Beauty, and from the latter becomes Happiness, Love, and Fullness.


What happens is that lovers of desire, those who want passionate satisfactions, superficial people, think wrongly, assume that without the Ego life would be terribly boring.


If these people did not have Ego, they would think differently, they would be happy, and then they would exclaim: "The life of the Ego is frighteningly boring!" Do you believe, friends that it is very delicious to return incessantly to this valley of bitterness to cry and suffer continually?


It is necessary to eliminate the Ego to free ourselves from the Wheel of Samsara.



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