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                                                             THE DRAGON OF DARKNESS


My friends, gathered tonight after Christmas of 1972, we are going to talk a little about the "Dragon of Darkness".


Remember that these Teachings will constitute the "Christmas Message 1973-1974".


Undoubtedly, the question of the Devil today worries public opinion enough, and it is necessary to clarify, indicate, point out with precision, the crude satanic realism.


Frankly, we do not believe in the Devil that of the dogmatic religions, and I think that you would not accept that fetish of the profane clergy either.


It is obvious that in Atlantis, before the second transalpalnian catastrophe, there existed in the land of Mu a flying reptile of rather Neptunian type and full of scales.


The Chaldeans always wanted to symbolize the darkness of the night, the Reflection of the Logos in the Universe and within each one of us, with the famous Atlantis amphibian.


HPBablasky conceptualizes that such a creature is "Makara", the tenth sign of the Zodiac. However, we go a little further at this point, because I am firmly convinced that this mysterious creature, specifically, is of a completely Neptunian type.


In any case, the scaly one, the flying reptile of the Chaldeans, was taken later by the Jews and, I repeat, by the Christians ... The most unfortunate thing about this question is that such allegory or symbol has been converted into the figure that frightful and horrifying of the orthodox Devil.


It is convenient now to remember the Gnostic Community of the Naasenious, worshipers of the Serpent. The Adepts of such Order symbolized the Dragon or Reflection of the Logos, with the brilliant Constellation of seven stars. I want to refer emphatically, clearly and precisely to the "Dragon Constellation".


Some suppose that John, the seer of the "Apocalypse" is the author of such an allegory. Such an assumption is in fact wrong, because the Dragon is of Neptune, of Atlantis Magic.


Highlight the seven stars of the Dragon Constellation in the hand of the Alpha and Omega that Verb of the "Apocalypse" that appeared to John.


It is thus the Dragon, Lucifer, Prometheus, Satan or the Devil, in its superior aspect, the same Logos, "the Born by itself", the "Aja" Hindu. In its lower aspect, it is the Dragon or Esoteric Devil, authentic and legitimate, different from that of dogmatic orthodoxy. All Hierophant, all true Self-Realized is a Dragon of Wisdom.


I want, then, my friends, that you understand what that dogmatic fetish or fantastic orthodox Devil, and what really the Reflection of the Logos is, the Shadow of God within each one of us, the Royal Devil, or Lucifer, or Sacred Prometheus.


I feel there is some resistance at the bottom of you, in your own Subconscious, due to the education received and the wrong ideas that all of you have about the Devil to date.


I am not surprised at all by this prejudice that conditions your intellect. They taught you to believe in a terrible Devil, sitting on a Throne of ignominy, with a steel fork in his right hand, dominating the whole world, and now, it is clear that by listening to my words, telling you that the Devil of the dogmatic sects it is a mere fantasy, that does not exist and that what really exists is the Devil of the Good Law , the Shadow of the Spiritual Sun within each one of us, the Shadow of the Night as opposed to the day, the shadow of the trees on the side of the road, etc., it is obvious that you are moved and even surprised ...


But without leaving that suspicion of a false belief that they instilled in you from the first years of childhood, how could the Shadow of the Eternal Living God be bad? Reflect on this a bit, please...


In the British Museum there is a representation of the scaly one, by the way, quite interesting. There is also an ancient archaic painting in the aforementioned museum, where it appears to the Tree of Science of Good and Evil, the Apple Tree of Eden...


It is interesting that close to that tree is seen in the painting of Adam and Eve, the man and the woman, trying to attract the apples with the purpose of devouring them. Behind the trunk of that tree is the Dragon-Serpent, and high up in the clouds, some beings appear cursing the tree, living representation of all exoteric or profane clergy, unfamiliar with the Sexual Mysteries.


There is no doubt that the two human beings, man-woman, are therefore before the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil.


The Serpent-Dragon is the Initiator, and this must be understood deeply.


I am going to explain to you frankly, I am going to say what all this is, so that you understand and go firmly on the narrow and difficult path that leads to the Initiate to Final Liberation.


Unquestionably, the Serpent is the Sexual Fire that must ascend through the Spinal Cord Canal from grade to degree to the brain.


Naturally, such Igneous Element possesses extraordinary powers, and when it rises up the Spine it transforms us radically.


As for the Dragon, he is undoubtedly the most extraordinary Psychological Trainer that each one of us carries inside.


The "Divine Daimon," cited so many times by Socrates, the very Shadow of our individual Spirit, puts us into temptations for the purpose of training us, educating us; only in this way is it possible for the precious gems of the virtues to sprout in our psyche. Now I ask myself and I ask you: Where is the evil of Lucifer? The results are the ones that speak: If there is no temptation, there are no virtues; the stronger the temptations, the greater the virtues. The important thing is not to fall into temptation, and that is why we should pray to the Father saying: "Do not let me fall into temptation"...


Seen therefore these two aspects that hide behind the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil, we arrive at the logical conclusion that the Dragon and the Serpent, or the Serpent-Dragon, to speak in synthesis, is beyond any doubt the Great practical Initiator.


Many times we have given the key and we will not tire of repeating it ad nauseam: "Connection of the Phallus and Uterus without ejaculation of semen".Only in this way is the Sacred Fire of S** set in motion, that rising up the Spinal Medullary Channel from grade to grade, from vertebra to vertebra, finally comes to transform us radically.

That the Dragon tempts us during work? It is his duty ... He must become us strong; he must educate us in the Sexual Gym; He must become us into athletes of Sexual Magic.


Much later, the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers must swallow us, and then we become in fact "Serpents"...


However, before that extraordinary event, before that Feast of Serpentine Fire, we must defeat the Dragon, that is, we must emerge victorious in temptation...


At last the Scaly, Lucifer, the Shadow of the Eternal, the Intimate Reflection of our true Divine Being, will return to Him, will merge with Him, will shine in Him...


When we reach this height we can exclaim with the ancient Initiates: "I AM A DRAGON, I AM HIM, HIM, HIM!"..

 Q-Master, the Divine Daimon only tempts us in the work of s** or also in the work of the Dissolutionof the Ego?


A- Distinguished lady, it is urgent that you understand that the root of the Ego is in sexual abuse, in lust, in fornication, in adultery ... If we remove its roots from a tree, it is clear that the latter go dead. Something similar happens to the Ego.


 Lucifer must educate us in s**. There he must submit us to a rigorous training through the most severe temptations. It is clear that if there, in s**, we are victorious, the disintegration of the Ego inevitably precipitates.


I do not mean by this that all Psychological Defects should not be worked with the purpose of reducing them to ashes; I am only putting some emphasis on the sexual issue, for being  in fornication is the original sin.


Q- Venerable Master, I have heard that in some of the Gospels the Great Kabir Jesus said: "You are children of Satan, but not Children of God". Could you explain this to us?


A- Distinguished gentleman, I listen to your question and with the greatest pleasure I hasten to answer you...


Obviously, we are all "Children of the Dragon", of Satan, of the Devil, of Darkness.


If someone wants to become "Son of God", he must defeat the Dragon, the Tempter, the Scaly One. Then we will have become Sons of God and Dragons of Wisdom.


However, the Great Kabir Jesus never cursed his Shadow. In none of the Four Gospels has it been said that Jesus had extended his right hand to curse his own Shadow.


When Jesus, the Great Gnostic Priest, was tempted by Satan, he only exclaimed: "Satan, Satan, it is written: You shall not tempt the Lord your God, and To Him you will only obey" ... It is now clear that Satan, Lucifer-Prometheus, must obey God. His duty is to tempt the Initiate; absurd would be that the Shadow of the Eternal tempted the Eternal, or in other words, that the Devil tempted God.


It is clearly seen by the words of the Great Kabir Jesus, that Lucifer is the Minister of the Most High, the Guardian of the Seven Mansions, the Servant of the Godhead.


Those who anathematize the Shadow of the Eternal Living God are obviously anathematizing the same God, because God and his Shadow are one. It is understood?


Q- Master, will not that Devil of dogmatic orthodoxy with its horns, tail and trident, actually exist as a representation of the Psychic Attaches that constitute the Ego?


A- Distinguished gentleman, I said in past talks that we must make a clear distinction between what is the divine Daimon and what is the Ego. Undoubtedly, the ego in itself, with all its psychic aggregates, is perverted astral light, evil mind; It has nothing to do with Lucifer. It is rather the antithesis of Him, its fatal opposite.


Q- I understand, Master that the Divine Daimon and the Ego are totally different, but since this one is formed by the Red Devils of Seth, I believe that the Devil that we all know about with the trident, could well represent the Ego; Do not you think so?


A- Distinguished gentleman, the background of your question is wrong; it is based on an error, on a prejudice. I do not know why, ladies and gentlemen, you wanted to turn a flying reptile of ancient Atlantis into an evil fetish.


It does not seem right to me that such an error serves as a basis for a question; I do not agree that a poor innocent amphibian must necessarily represent the perversity of the Ego.


That such a reptile symbolizes the Shadow of the Eternal, I agree; but allegorizing our psychological defects, frankly it seems incongruous.


We could allegorize the Ego in any other way: Remember the Three Classic Furies or the Medusa, etc. With such classical figures we could symbolize the Ego and its Psychic Aggregates.


Q- Master, the Catholic religion, for example, does not put the Dragon as a Devil, but represents him as a man with horns, tail, hooves and trident. What do you tell me about this?


A- Here in the auditorium I see a lady who has asked a very interesting question, and it is clear that I am going to answer her very clearly.


Gentlemen, ladies, the Devil of the Catholic Religion is nothing more than a deviation from the Pictorial Dragon of the Chaldeans, inspired by a poor flying reptile of the Atlantis continent.


I invite you to understand that this innocent animal was painted later in the form of a Dragon, and finally, in the most recent figure of the fetish that of hooves, horns and black wings that so frightens the ignorant. It is necessary to reject ignorance, inquire, investigate, study...


Q- Venerable Master, when we talk about the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil, what does "Evil" really mean, and what does "Good" mean?


A- This question that comes out of the auditorium has seemed very interesting to me, and I am pleased to answer it...


Friends, I want you to know that "Good", in the most objective sense of the word, is everything we do consciously and in accordance with the Great Law ; that "Bad" is everything that after done, produces remorse.


Q- Master, there are many people who, although they do wrong, this does not cause them remorse. Could you tell us why?


A- Distinguished lady, your question deserves to be examined carefully. First of all, what is "remorse"?


If the transcendental aspects of our Intimate Being are faced before our own Logos, or before the Sacred Absolute Sun, then we can verify for ourselves the psychological errors of the lower parts of our Psyche, and this brings us remorse.


Normally, the aforementioned process, what I have just said, is done in all normal beings, even though these in the Physical World ignore it radically; In any case, they feel remorse after a bad action.


The fate of the decidedly wicked is very different. The latter, since they have already distanced themselves too much from the Sacred Absolute Sun due to their evils, it is clear that in their intimate status such processes are no longer carried out, and therefore, remorse becomes impossible.


Q- Master, you have explained to us that the Dragon of Darkness, in short, is the Great Trainer in the Gym of Life , and that we have to win to create the virtues, but as to beat the Dragon what we are doing It is decapitating the Ego, and as in this process it is of primary importance to work with the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers, which undoubtedly is our Divine Mother, I cannot avoid relating the Dragon of Darkness with our Divine Mother, that is, Devi Kundalini Is this incongruous?


A- I listen to the question and I will respond to it with the greatest pleasure.


Ladies and gentlemen, I bring up back the Chaldea painting of the British Museum at this moment: Behind the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil, the Dragon-Serpent appears, that is, the Great Initiator, effective and practical.


Obviously, the Dragon only represents the Serpent, and this is unquestionable.

It is said that we have to "defeat the Dragon" or "kill the Dragon", a symbolic affirmation of victory in temptation.


As we are trained and educated, as the precious gems of the virtues shine forth in the depths of our Soul, the Ego dissolves, and this is irrefutable, unarguable.


In any case you have to defeat the Dragon to be devoured by the Serpent. Blessed is he who becomes "Serpent".


Q- Master, could the Inner Dragon, drastically perform a miracle? For example, doing something spectacular for the purpose of correcting someone.


My friends, I am reminded at this moment of a very interesting story by a Gnostic brother from Costa Rica.


The narrator tells us that in a village in his country an unusual and unsuspected case happened.


It's about a prostitute woman. She was incessantly intoxicated with all kinds of alcoholic beverages, and in the midst of her drunkenness she exclaimed: "I take ten or fifteen men a day, and every man who crosses the road, I take it, and if the Devil I would cross it, I would also take it to me!"...


It happened that on one occasion a sailor came to his doors, which had a beautiful presence. The woman had no objection to wallowing with him in the Procrustean bed...


After fornication, that woman, sitting at the door of the brothel, turned her eyes to the street ... Suddenly the young man, from inside, called her saying:


- "You do not know me, turn around and look at me so you can know me". The unhappy woman, obeying the lover's instructions, got up again to go back inside the abominable bedroom, and then, looking at the one who had been her instrument of pleasure, she saw something horrifying, terrible, tenebrous.


The scaly one, disguised with the form that the Orthodox of Roman Catholicism gave him, stared at her at the same time that a strong smell of sulfur filled the place...


The slut could not resist and fell on the floor passed out, while giving some very sharp screams ... The neighbors, hearing such cries came to help her, but the smell of sulfur made them flee in terror.


Later, the unhappy woman, after having told in the hospital what happened, died on the third day; the Devil took it.


The narrator tells us that the smell of sulfur persisted for some time in the brothel, and that people avoided, for that reason, to pass through the street where that house was.


Judiciously analyzing such a story, we practically discovered an operation of moral asepsis; a method of urgency taken by Lucifer himself for that woman.


There is no doubt that his Intimate God ordered his Shadow, his Lucifer, his inner Particular Dragon to materialize in that form, in front of the unhappy, to become visible and tangible before her, and even copulate with her ...


Obviously, her Divine Sun Intimate could not have realized such copulation, such an appearance, but his Particular Shadow, as it is negatively polarized with respect to the Positive Light, is clear and manifest that he was able to concretely realize all this.


The result will be wonderful later. The unhappy woman disincarnated in terror, and when she returns to reincorporate herself, when she is reborn in this world, when she takes a new body, it is very difficult for her to return to prostitution; that terror, that psychic shock, has remained in Consciousness.


The most certain thing is that in its future existence will resolve to follow the Straight Path, through the "Path of Chastity ".


This is how the Dragon can work and operate drastically at any given time.


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