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There are people who have some merit earned in previous lives and when they see a work like the present "THE YELLOW BOOK", they do some practice and immediately go out to the astral world, but with such bad luck that when they return again to the physical world and meet Brothers of the path, they tell their experiences, divulge everything they are shown and are immediately covered up, that is, they are not allowed to bring the memory for long.


These people address us asking for new formulas to go out into the astral, but they do not tell us that they have already went out in astral body and that they have not kept silent about their astral experiences; This indicates that every brother who goes out into the astral must keep silence, that is, not divulge what he sees or what they show him but want to be sealed immediately. If he is a Bodhisattva, he has to wait until he reaches the state in which he fell in previous lives and once he has recovered his initiations, from then on his faculties return to him and the initiate returns to astral, to have clairvoyance, to awaken consciousness, etc.


It is very interesting that the student body knows these facts, since there are many who are interested in having the faculties to go out in the astral, but for a better information of the Gnostic students, I am going to narrate a historical fact that we published for the first time.


It turns out that around the end of 1948 when I was beginning in these studies, I asked Master Aun Weor ( about that time he did not encarnate yet his Real Being Samael, by the way Aun Weor means the Verb of God and there are seven weors, that is the seven Cosmocrators) to give me Mantra to go out in the astral and he gave me some; For me, the astral exit was decisive because I longed to know internally who that character was who was giving me these teachings; it was about nothing less than keeping an eye on the Master himself, in that time Aun Weor.


I asked constantly and did permanent practices, I took jumps, in short, I did everything that the student is capable of when he has the desire to experiment or investigate what is proposed, that is, when there is an objective involved, in my case the purpose was to watch over the one who was instructing me as a Master; I am not ashamed to say this because many will do it with us in the same way I did; Well, after having done many practices, I remember that once I went out in astral and the first thing I did was look for the Master and then I asked to take me where he was, I remember that I went at a fantastic speed through many regions until I went to a big city feeling the desire to go to the outskirts of the city always at the top until I descended into a very dark gloomy neighborhood, full of canteens and narrow streets with people of bad nature; Once I was on land I began to observe, to search through windows and doors, but I found only dirty cabarets, canteens and places where beer was sold and was drank all kinds of intoxicating liquors..


Through a window I managed to see my Master and what would not be my surprise when, I observed that next to him was a terrible demon that had  its tail over his shoulder and at the tip of the tail had a kind of stinger or nail that he placed it on the Master's left shoulder; for me that was unfortunate because the first thing I said to myself was the following:


"See this man who forbids me to drink beer, instead he is in these places of brothel and vice drinking nothing less than with a demon."


What would the disappointment and fright that I received be like for me, which seemed to me such a disastrous picture that I immediately returned to the physical body.


With that information that I received directly, I waited for the morning to come to visit the Master and see what face he made when I disclosed to him what things I had caught him in; This reminds me of many Gnostic students who start to watch over many Gnostic instructors of light,., and it turns out that the student's senses are useless, they are imperfect because the student is imperfect, so with dirty senses they see things dirty and disastrous.


Well, very early I went to the Master, I always began to speak to him with a bit of malice and I said: "Master, do you know that I went out in astral?" and he said to me: "Magnificent"; Then I told him that I had seen him drinking beer with a demon; My surprise was when I told him the above and he was filled with joy, he was happy; however my own demons told me: "Look at him how shameless he is glad that you have seen him with such a character in such low places, instead of being sad and sorry because you have discovered him."


The Master told me why I had not entered, I told him that I did not like to enter those kinds of places, I also reproached him for entering those places, the Master told me that he had to do it because to that demon I needed to conquer it, no I can tell you now who he is, but in due time I will tell you, he is the only demon that I know who feels love for his disciples, I am pursuing something that I cannot tell you now, but I am glad that you have witnessed that colloquy.


In synthesis, what I had seen, later came to give its results, it was nothing less than breaking the chain that had tied the world and it was possible to break the dark siege through the repentance of Beelzebub and that all Gnostic students already know. ; However, at that time I knew nothing of these intelligent things that the Master was planning, I judged with my imperfect senses because I had a dirty mind.


That is why Students must improve their senses so that they bring good information, they improve by eliminating defects, it is urgently necessary for the student to put an end to their defects so that their senses improve and their faculties return and they can get out in astral body, in a state of Jinas (to put the physical body at upper dimensions like fourth, fifth dimensions) and see the results accurately.


Beelzebub, that demon, passed to the White Lodge, because he protested the evil he had done and was left in the hands of the Masters of the White Lodge, that terrible link that imprisoned the world was broken, a number of black magicians were falling, that the Master expressed in the Revolution of Beel and also in the Perfect Matrimony books.


There are Brothers who start to deduce without being prepared, like what I deduced at that time, that is why the Master never entrusted anything of his plans to me at that time because I was one not to be thrust, in a disciple full of defects he cannot be trusted; hence the need to clean the mind and improve oneself using the keys that the Master gives in all his books, but they must be put into practice.






The adorable Mother Kundalini is the burning fire of the Holy Spirit.


She is Isis, María, Maya, Adonia, Insoberta, Rea, Cibeles, etc., etc., etc.


She has thousands of adorable names. She is love.


Electricity, universal magnetism, cosmic force, the laws of cohesion and planetary gravity were created by the mother of all worship.


All the planets that shine, sparkle and pulse in the unchanging infinity, rest between the delicious bosom of the Blessed Mother Goddess of the World.


The Lady of supreme adoration leads her children by the hand, down the dangerous path of the razor's edge.


The Divine Mother remains coiled three and a half times in the Coccygeal Church.


The Lady of all adoration opens the seven Churches of the Apocalypse of the spinal cord.


We must seek the Divine Mother in the heart temple.


The initiation cross is received in the heart temple.


Only the adorable Lady of Love has the power to awaken her children within the deep bosom of the Universal Spirit of Life.


The Mind must become a serene lake without storms, where the entire panorama of the starry sky is reflected.


When the mind is still and silent, then the Divine Mother rejoices in us. That is bliss.


Peace is only achieved with control of the mind.


Purity of thought leads to the perfection of the Yogi.


 We must do our esoteric practices filled with burning faith.


Those who have faith become ineffable beings.


Wisdom and love shine forth in the minds of those who have attained in Samadhi, the ecstasy of the saints.


With this Burning Fire book, all our beloved disciples will be able to become true Samadhi masters.


Go up the path of initiation with great prudence, beloved ones. Remember that this path is full of dangers inside and out. This is the path of the razor's edge.


Drink the nectar of immortality from the purest source of ecstasy. Tread the path of perfect holiness.


The Divine Mother has the power to open all the chakras of the astral body. She is the Lady of all perfection.


The Lady of perfection dwells in electrons.


The Gnostic sages meditate on her, the mystics adore it, the lovers raise it up through the medullary canal.


Take care of your seminal liquor. Avoid nocturnal pollution with Arcanum AZF


Relax your muscles for meditation. Keep your spinal column flexible.


Do not eat meat of any kind. Drink pure water. Get up in the dawn. Remember that honey is the food of the Universal White Brotherhood.


Eat fruits, grains, and plants. Practice meditation daily. Remember that meditation is the daily bread of the sage.



Here you have beloved ones, the yoga that is needed for the New Aquarian Age. Be kind to listen and kind-hearted to say your words.


May your Father who is in secret, and may your divine Mother Kundalini bless you.


The author.



                                                                      CHAPTER I



Modern Yoga is especially Christian Gnostic. Modern Yoga rejects Hatha Yoga. We sincerely believe that the Hatha Yogi's ropes are those of clowns and circuses. That is useless.


The greatest thing in life is love. No circus rope can ever replace the divine charm of love.


In the Mysteries of Eleusis, men and women magnetized each other between the mysterious dances of Love. Then no one was thinking of "Filth" but of Holy and Pure things. The great festivals of Eleusis, joy, dance, kiss and sexual magic, transformed human beings into true Gods.


Among the delights of love, men and women enchant and awaken the Sleeping Beauty, the divine serpent Kundalini.


When a woman and a man adore each other, then they accumulate the terribly Divine forces of the cosmic mother. Those sparkling, tremendously   Divine forces, flood with their radiations all the chakras, centers, wheels, lotus flowers of the internal bodies of man.


The dorsal fires are Jehovistic. The fires of the heart are Christic. On the forehead sparkle terribly divine the rays of the Father.


All these three kinds of energy are pure transmuted semen. In the seminal liquor is the key to human redemption.


The seminal energy must be sublimated to the heart. In the heart the divine mother finds her son, the inner Christ.


The mother and her child live in the heart temple. The initiation cross is received in the heart-temple.


There can and should be a sexual connection, but never commit the crime of spilling the semen.


When the magician spills the glass of Hermes, then the terribly divine forces of the Goddess Isis (whom no mortal has lifted the veil), withdraw, merge among the universal currents, and man plunges into the abyss.


The tremendous mantra: O. , Sums up all the science of the Arcanum AZF. This Mantra must be vocalized during the love trance of sexual magic.


. (Ignis, fire) . (Aqua, Water) . (Origo, principle, spirit).


Fire makes the waters of life fertile so that the son of man may be born.


The son of man is always the son of a man and of a woman. When two beings adore and practice with the Arcanum AZF, they inevitably become Gods.


Cultivate happiness in homes, music, flowers. Excuse each other lovers all sorts of mistakes. Nobody is perfect. The couple must mutually forgive each other for their very human mistakes. Love is not guilty of the troubles between lovers who adore each other. All those dislikes are of the psychological ego (Satan).


Modern Yoga is love, music, dance, perfumes, kisses, worship, Pranayama, meditation, enlightenment, wisdom, happiness.


Modern Yoga follows the Christ and worships the woman. Gone are the days when Anchorites tortured themselves with Hatha Yoga, now modern man/woman Yogis  love and adore each other.


Love is ineffable, Love is terribly Divine.



                                                                             CHAPTER II



The Kundalini is the primordial energy enclosed in the Church of Ephesus. This Church of the Apocalypse is a magnetic center located two fingers above the anus, and two fingers below the genital organs.


The Kundalini is the igneous serpent of our magical powers. The sacred serpent slumbers inside her church coiled three and a half times. The Kundalini is the fire of Pentecost. The Kundalini is the Divine Mother. The sanctuary of the Divine Mother is the heart.


The Kundalini develops, evolves and progresses within the Aura of the Mahachohan. (The Cosmic Mother) (The Holy Spirit) (The third Logos).


The dorsal fires are Jehovistic. The fires of the heart are Christic. The terribly divine rays of the Father sparkle on the forehead.


The fires of the heart control the ascent of the sacred serpent through the medullary canal. The Kundalini develops, evolves and progresses according to the merits of the heart.


The Kundalini needs to rise to the brain and then it must reach the sacred sanctuary of the heart.


The Kundalini dwells in electrons. Sages meditate on the Kundalini, devotees adore it, in homes of perfection it is worshiped.


When the solar and lunar atoms make contact we then drink the nectar of immortality because it awakens the Kundalini.


The solar and lunar atoms make contact in the Triveni near the coccyx, then the Kundalini awakens by induction.


The Kundalini is awakened with Pranayama, with concentration and meditation, with very deep devotion, with will and understanding, with sacred Mantra and with sexual magic.


The Kundalini can also be awakened by the work and grace of a Master of major mysteries of the white Brotherhood, or because the Divine Mother wants it to.


When the Yogi spills the semen, the Kundalini cannot awaken. The ascent of the Kundalini through the medullary canal is very slow and difficult. The passage of the igneous serpent from one vertebra to another signifies terrible trials, frightful sacrifices, supreme purifications. We must not only kill desire, but even the very shadow of desire. Our motto is THELEMA (will).


When the Kundalini reaches the pineal gland, located in the upper part of the brain, we then reach perfect ecstasy.


We should note that even when the Kundalini has the form of a serpent, it can appear before the devotee in the form of the Divine Mother, Isis, Rhea, Cybele, Mary, etc., etc., etc.


When the Kundalini awakens, the devotee sees wonderful visions, and hears multiple sounds. When the Kundalini awakens then all the powers of the soul are developed. When the Kundalini awakens the student sees a very bright light equal to ten thousand suns together that shine with joy in unison with the church of Ephesus.


If the devotee spills the semen after having initiated the ascent of the Kundalini through the medullary canal, the Kundalini then descends one or more vertebrae according to the magnitude of the fault. No fornicator could reach cosmic realization.


Water is the habitation of fire. If we spill the water then we lose the fire.


Chastity is the foundation of the Great Work. All the power of the Kundalini is found in the semen.


Anyone who manages to bring this Kundalini energy to the pineal gland, in fact reaches SUPRACONSCIOUSNESS, (the state of NIRVIKALPA-SAMADHI).


The one who reaches these heights is an enlightened person, a God.


The Kundalini lies in the triangular cavity known as the Celestial Triangle, the center of the Church of Ephesus.


The marvelous temple of Ephesus is a splendid lotus. That lotus has four petals. The Church of Ephesus has the luminosity of ten million suns. The elemental land of the sages corresponds to this lotus flower.


When the sacred serpent opens the Church of Ephesus, we are given powers over the elemental creatures that live in the bowels of the earth. Then we can act on earthquakes.


When the serpent reaches the height of the Prostate the Church of Smyrna opens. This chakra has six petals. The Prostate chakra gives us the power to create. All creation would be impossible without the Prostate chakra .( sacral chakra and ovarian chakra in women)The immortal Babaji, the Yogi Christ of India whose body dates back many millions of years that are lost in the night of the centuries, is the supreme ruler of the prostate chakra. Babaji manages all life, and has the power to create and to create again. The elemental water of the wise, (the Ens Seminis) is the element of this chakra. Everyone who opens the Church of Smyrna has power over waters and storms.


The ascent of the Kundalini to the Navel region (solar plex) gives us the power to act on the fire of the volcanoes. The chakra of the navel region is the Church of Pergamum. This chakra has ten petals. The elemental fire of the sages is the element of this chakra.


When the Kundalini reaches the height of the Heart, then the Church of Tiara opens, and we are given the power to act on the four winds. The Lotus of the heart has twelve petals and its element is the elemental air of the sages. Anyone who wants to learn to get with their physical body within the supersensible worlds, must awaken the heart chakra. This is what is known as Jinas science. The human body can leave the physical plane and enter the supersensible worlds.


When the sacred serpent reaches the height of the heart the Church of Tiara opens and we become intuitive.


The ascent of the Kundalini to the region of the larynx gives us the power to hear the voices of the beings that live in the supersensible worlds. That laryngeal chakra is the Church of Sardis. Upon reaching these heights, the Kundalini flourishes in the fertile lips made verb.


The laryngeal chakra has sixteen petals.


When the Kundalini reaches the height of the Eyebrows the Church of Philadelphia opens. This is the eye of wisdom. In this magnetic center the Father dwells. The chakra between the eyebrows has two petals and is the throne of the mind. When mind-matter is transformed into mind-Christ we receive the mantle of the Buddhas, and the eye of Shiva. Anyone who awakens the frontal chakra becomes clairvoyant.


When the Kundalini reaches the Pineal Gland, the Church of Laodicea opens. This chakra has Thousand Glowing Petals. This is the crown that shines like a halo of light on the heads of the saints. In the pineal gland there is the atom of the Holy Spirit. Then we receive the white dove of the Holy Spirit and we are filled with enlightenment, wisdom and omniscience.


In the Church of Ephesus we conquered the earth. In the Church of Smyrna, the water; in the Church of Pergamum, the earth; in the Church of Thyatira, the air; in the Church of Sardis, the Akashic fluid; in the Church of Philadelphia we conquer the mind and in the Church of Laodicea we conquer the light. This is how we become Kings and Priests of nature, according to the order of Melchizedek.


In the magnetic field of the root of the nose is the Father's atom. In the pituitary gland, the atom of the Son and in the pineal gland the atom of the Holy Spirit.


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