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Taught in good manners, I confess frankly and unambiguously, that I was educated according to the official religion of my people.


To behave naughty with someone, through the attic, in full liturgy, always seemed to me abominable...


Since a kid I had the sense of veneration and respect. I never wanted to shrug my shoulders in full worship; I never liked to sneak out of my sacred duties, nor laugh, nor make fun of holy things.


Without wanting to get tangled up among thorns and brambles now, I must say only that in such a mystical sect - no matter what its name is - I found common religious principles in all the confessional religions of the world. To quote them now is convenient for the good of the Great Cause.





We find them in every confessional religion although with different names; However, these are always nine, as Dante Florentine so aptly said in his classic poem of the Divine Comedy.


1.) Heaven of the MOON (Astral World).

2.) Heaven of MERCURY (Mental World).

3.) Heaven of VENUS (Causal World).

4.) Heaven of SUN (BÚDHIC or INTUITIONAL World).

5.) Heaven of MARS (ATMIC WORLD, ATMAN Region).

6.) Heaven of JUPITER (THE NIRVANA).

7.) Heaven of SATURN (PARANIRVANIC World).




It is manifestly evident that these nine heavens in good time cited, are also within ourselves, here and now, and penetrate and interpenetrate each other without getting confused.


Obviously these nine heavens are located in nine superior dimensions; ostensibly it is about nine parallel universes.




It is not superfluous in this esoteric message to remember with a very special emphasis the different religious hells...


Let us evoke with solemnity, let us remember, the multiple prehistoric and historical infernos.


Remembrance, reminiscences, exists everywhere on Chinese, Mohammedan, Buddhist, Christian, etc., etc., etc.,...


It is unquestionable that all these varied hells serve as a symbol for the submerged mineral world...


Clearly, Dante, a wonderful disciple of Virgil the Poet of Mantua, discovers with mystical astonishment the intimate relationship between the nine Dantesque circles and the nine heavens...


"The BARDO THODOL", "TIBETAN BOOK OF THE SPIRITS OF THE OTHER WORLD", stands out magnificent before our eyes making us see the harsh reality of the "INFERNAL WORLDS -", inside the planetary organism in which we live.


It is indubitable that the Nine Dantesque Circles within the interior of the Earth, correspond scientifically with the nine INFRADIMENSIONS submerged under the three-dimensional region of EUCLID.


It is palmar and clear, the cosmic existence of the WORLDS - HELLS, in any world of infinite space.


Obviously the submerged mineral kingdom is certainly not an exception of the planet Earth.




The entire Cosmos is directed, watched and animated by almost endless series of Hierarchies of Conscious Beings, each of them having a mission to fulfill, and those (whether they are called by one name or another, Dhyan - Chohans, Angels or Devas , etc.) are Messengers only in the sense of being agents of the Karmic and Cosmic Laws. They vary to infinity in their respective degrees of consciousness and intelligence and they are all perfect men in the fullest sense of the word.


Multiple angelic services characterize the Divine Love. Each Elohim works in his specialty. We can and must appeal to Angelic protection.





All religions are precious pearls enbedded in the golden thread of the Divine.


It is ostensible the love that all the mystical institutions of the world feel for the Divine: Allah, Brahama, Tao, Zen, IAO, INRI, God, etc., etc., etc.


Religious Esotericism does not teach atheism of any kind, except in the sense that contains the Sanskrit word NASTIKA: no admission of idols, including that anthropomorphic God of ignorant people (absurd thing would be to believe in a celestial dictator who sits up there in a Throne of tyranny, throw rays and sparks against this sad human anthill).


The Esoterism admits a LOGOS or a collective "CREATOR" of the universe, a DEMIURGE architect.


It is unquestionable that such a DEMIURGE is not a personal Deity as many mistakenly suppose, but only the collectivity of the DHYAN CHOHANS, Angels, Archangels and other forces. GOD IS GODS.


Written is with characters of fire in the resplendent book of life, that God is the Army of the Voice, the Great Word, The Verb.


"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."


"All things were made through him, and without him nothing that was made was made."


It is something clear and manifest, that any authentic man who really achieves perfection, enters for that reason into the stream of sound, in the celestial militias constituted by the Budhas of compassion, Angels, Planetary Spirits, Elohim, Rishi - Prajapatis, etc. ,etc etc.


We have been told with great emphasis that the LOGOS sounds and that is obvious. THE DEMIURGE, The Word, is a perfect multiple unit.


Whoever worships the Gods, who worships them, can better capture the profound significance of the various divine facets of the DEMIURGE architect.


When humanity made fun of the Holy Gods, she fell mortally wounded in the gross materialism of this iron age.




We can and even must radically eliminate all the subjective, dark and perverse psychic aggregates that we carry inside; however, it is unquestionable that we could never dissolve in ourselves, the shadow of the intimate Logos.


It is clear and evident that LUCIFER is the antithesis of the Creator Demiurge, his living shadow projected into the deep depths of the MICRO - COSMOS - MAN.


LUCIFER is the Guardian of the Door and of the keys of the Sanctuary, so that they do not penetrate him but the anointed ones who possess the secret of Hermes.


And since we have written this so abhorrent name for the pious ears of the vulgar, it would be necessary to also to consider that the esoteric LUCIFER of the Archaic Doctrine is the opposite of what the Theologians, like the famous DES MOUSSEAUX and the Marquis of MIRVILLE; they suppose wrongly, because it is the allegory of good, the symbol of the highest sacrifice (CHRISTOS - LUCIFER) of the Gnostics and the God of wisdom under infinite names.


Light and shadow, mysterious symbiosis of the Solar Logos, perfect multiple unit, INRI is LUCIFER.





                                                                                     GOT DAMN


The various religious theogonies paint us as punished those "DIVINE LOGOI" who, reincarnated in human bodies, committed the unforgivable error of falling into the animal generation.


These tenebrous geniuses are fallen angels, authentic demons in the fullest sense of the word.


It is absurd to assert that such rebels had given the mind to man; It is obvious that these fallen angels are true cosmic failures.


It is very opportune in these moments to remember the inhuman names of ANDRAMELEK, BELIAL, MOLOCH, BAEL, etc., whose horrendous abominations can be studied by any Adept of the White Lodge, into AKHASIC records of Nature.


Distinguish between what is an esoteric fall and what is a descent.


Obviously those REBEL ANGELS did not come down, they fell and that's different.


                                                                                THE LIMBO


Versed in Universal History, well we fully know what the ORC of the Greek and Latin classics really is; the LIMBO of the Christian Esotericists.


It is not superfluous in this treaty, to emphasize the transcendental idea that the LIMBO is certainly prelude to the INFERNAL-WORLDS...


All known and unknown caves form a vast and uninterrupted network that encompasses the planet Earth, constituting the ORCUS of the classics - as we already said in lines above - the authentic LIMBO of Gnostic esotericism ... the other World, in short, where we live after dead.


Corresponds to LIMBO that mystical and terrible allegory that says: "There live those innocent children who died without having received the waters of baptism."


In Gnostic esoterism such waters are of the genesic type and constitute the ENS SEMINIS. (The entity of semen as Paracelsus said).


The sacramental Baptism of the various religious cults symbolizes the SEX - YOGA, the Maithuna, the Sexual Magic. In the Medulla and in the Semen is the key to salvation and everything that is not there, in this way, is certainly a useless waste of time.


Innocent children are those saints who did not work with the spermatic waters of the first moment. Virtuous people who believed the SELF - INTIMATE REALIZATION OF BEING possible, without fulfilling the commitment of the sacrament of baptism; they did not know the SEXUAL-MAGIC or rejected it emphatically.


Only Mercury, the Chief and evocative of souls, taking the Caduceus of Wisdom in his right hand, can evoke life again to the unhappy innocent creatures precipitate in the ORCO.


Only he, the archmage and hierophant can make them reborn in favorable environments, for fruitful and creative work in the "Forge of the Cyclopes".


This is how Mercury, the Nuncio and the Sun Wolf makes get in the souls of LIMBO into the celestial militias...




Let's define Purgatory like this: Lower molecular region; Sub - Lunar type zone; Astral submerged  (secondary KAMA LOKA).


In the Purgatory world we must fry the seeds of evil; annihilate infra - human larvae of all kinds; purge us of all corruption; purify us radically.

Dante Alighieri speaking about purgatory says:


"We approached until we reached the place that before had seemed to me a break, similar to the gap that divides a wall, and I saw a door, to which was climbed by three tiers of different colors, and a doorman who had not yet uttered no word."


"And as I opened my eyes more and more, I saw him sitting on the upper tier, with such a luminous face, that I could not fix my eyes on him." He had a naked sword in his hand, which reflected his rays towards us in such a way, that in vain I tried to fix my eyes on her ".


"Tell me from there: What do you want? - He began to say - Where is the one that accompanies you? Be careful that your arrival is not fatal".


"A lady from heaven, aware of these things - my Master replied - , told us recently:" Go there; that is the door. "


"She happily guides your steps - replied the courteous doorman - come, then, and go up our steps".


"We went ahead, the first step was white marble, so burnished, solid and tense, that I reflected in it as I am, the second, darker than the turquoise, was a stone burned and rough, cracked along and through, the third, which gravitates over the others, seemed to me of a porphyry as red as the blood that flows from the veins, and on this last had both soles the angel of God, who was sitting on the threshold, who It seemed shaped like a diamond, my guide he led me willingly down the three steps, saying: humbly ask that the lock be opened. "


"I prostrated myself devoutly to the holy feet, I asked him for mercy to open it, but before I gave myself three blows to the chest, with the tip of his sword he traced the letter" P "seven times on my forehead, and said: Try to wash these spots when you're inside."


"Immediately he took out from under his garments, which were the color of ashes or dry earth, two keys, one of which was of gold and the other of silver, first with the white and then with the yellow, he made in the door what I wanted."


"When one of the keys he falsifies, and does not rotate regularly by the lock - told us - this entry does not open One is more precious;. But the other requires more art and intelligence before opening, because is what move the spring. "


"Piter gave them to me, warning me that I would rather make a mistake in opening the door, than in having it closed, as long as sinners prostrate themselves at my feet".


"Then he pushed the door into the sacred precinct, saying: Come in, I must warn you that whoever looks back comes out again."


"Then the spikes of the sacred door rotated in their cranks which are made of solid metal, solid and sound, and did not produce so much noise, nor was the Tarpeya rock so strong when the good Metellus was thrown from it. By which was left empty. "I turned attentive to the first sound, and I thought I heard voices that sang to the sound of sweet chords:" TE DEUM LAUDAMUS ".


"Such an impression made in me what I heard, like ordinarily is received when the song is heard accompanied by the organ, which as soon as they are re-perceived as the words are no longer perceived ". (See the Divine Comedy of Dante).


                                                                       THE DIVINE MOTHER  


Mary or better said RAM - IO, is the same ISIS, JUNO, DÉMETER, CERES, MAYA, The Divine Cosmic Mother, the serpentine power that underlies the living background of all organic and inorganic matter.

                                                                        MARY MAGDALENE


The Beauty Magdalene is, beyond doubt, the same Salambo, Matra, Ishtar, Astarte, Aphrodite and Venus.


The solar aura of the repentant Magdalene is constituted by all the priestess wives of the world.


Blessed are the men who find refuge in that aura, because theirs will be the kingdom of heaven.




Among the Persians, CHRIST is ORMUS, AHURA - MAZDA, the antithesis of AHRIMAN. (SATAN).


In the sacred land of the Vedas, CHRIST is VISHNÚ, the second LOGOS, sublime emanation of BRAHAMA, the first LOGOS.


 The Hindustan Jesus is the Avatar KRISHNA. The Gospel of this Master is similar to that of the Divine Rabbi of Galilee.


Among ancient Chinese FU - HI is the Cosmic Christ, who composed the famous I - KING book of laws and appointed for the good of humanity ministers Dragons.


In the sunny country of KEM, in the land of the Pharaohs, Christ was in fact OSIRIS and whoever incarnated him passed for that reason to be an OSIRIFIED.


QUETZALCOATL is the MEXICAN CHRIST that now dwells in the distant Tule, the White God.


                                                          IMMACULATE CONCEPTIONS


It is urgent to understand what the immaculate conceptions really are. These abound in all ancient cults, FU - HI, QUETZALCOATL, BUDHA and many others are the result of immaculate conceptions.


The sacred fire fecundates the waters of life so that the Master may be born in us.


Every angel is certainly a son of the Divine Mother Kundalini; She is really virgin before the birth, in the birth and after the birth.


In the name of truth we solemnly assert the following: the husband of Devi Kundalini, our particular Cosmic Mother, is the THIRD LOGOS, the Holy Spirit, SHIVA the first-born of creation; Our intimate, individual Monad or better say over - individual.


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