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                                                              A SUPRASENSIBLE ADVENTURE


Talking in the forest of mystery, three wandering friends arrived slowly, slowly, slowly, before the sacred hill.


Without the slightest fear, we were then witnesses of something unusual and extraordinary; narrating it is urgent for the good of our beloved readers.


Unpolluted Millenary rock, opened suddenly in the rocky place, as if it had been split into exactly two pieces, leaving us perplexed and amazed...


Before there was enough time to be able to appraise that, without any thought, as if attracted by strange force, I approached the mysterious granite door...


Without impediment of others, courageous I went through beyond the threshold of a temple; In the meantime, my friends, serene, sat down in front of the gigantic mass that closed before them...


Any extraordinary glossary would be frankly insufficient if we tried to describe in minute detail all the portents of that subterranean Sanctuary.


Without worldliness of any kind, I prefer to talk about this in "grosso modo", but honestly, just narrating what happened.


Gallant, animated by the living flame of the spirit, I advanced through a narrow aisle until I reached a small living room...


That exotic enclosure was more like a law firm, or lawyer`s office...


At the desk, seated, I found an Archon of Destiny; indecipherable character; hermetic Judge of KARMA; mystic predictor dressed as elegant modern gentleman...


How wise was that Lawyer - Sublime predictor! Infallible! And terribly divine...


With deep veneration I approached his desk; the Sacred Fire blazed in his face...


Immediately I felt directly its deep meaning; Thank you, Venerable Master! I exclaimed with infinite humility...


The austere Hierophant with a sibylline tone took his parable and said: "So and so" - ostensibly referring to one of the two friends who were waiting for me outside - is the ragged guy; he will always live in misery.


John Due referring now to my other friend - is the type ZAMURO. How? "ZAMURO", I repeat: "ZAMURO".


Fighter and spiritual friend as the progressive Samurai Buddhists of the Empire of the Rising Sun.


Finally, addressing my insignificant person who is not worth anything, said: "You are the military type because you will have to draw crowds, Start the New age Aquarius ".


Then he went on like this: "Your specific mission is to create men, to teach people to fabricate their Astral, Mental and Causal Bodies, so that they can incarnate their Human Soul.


Later he got up from his office with the obvious purpose of looking in his library one of my works, and since he had it in his hands, inebriated by ecstasy he exclaimed: "The book that in good time you sent by mail to so and so, He liked it very much."


What happened next is easy to draw: With infinite veneration and great humility, without sputtering of any kind, far from all vain infatuation, I said goodbye to the Venerable and left the temple.


To speak now, to excogitate, to meditate seriously on the essential question of this story, is urgent, indispensable.


Excluding all rewind of bad taste from our lexicon, we emphasize the following postulate: "It is indispensable to create man within ourselves, here and now". As I am teaching people the doctrine, obviously I am a creator of men.


There is a need to create within ourselves the availability to man. It is worth remembering that the end times have already arrived.


Much has now been said in occult literature about the two paths: I want to refer specifically to the spiral and direct pathways.


Unquestionably, the two paths open only august before the authentic man: never before the intellectual animal.


I will never be able to forget the final moments of the Fifth Initiation of Fire. After all those recapitulative processes, I had to bravely face a terribly Divine Nirvanic Guardian.


The Blessed Lord of Perfections showing me the Nirvanic Spiral Path said: "This is a good job." Then pointing to the direct path he exclaimed with a loud voice as when a lion roars, saying: "This is a superior work."

Later I saw him advancing towards me with that tremendous imperative of the great majesties: he interrogated me and I answered him, establishing the following dialogue:


Which of these two ways are you going to follow now?


- Let me think about it.


"Do not think about it, say it immediately, define yourself".


- I'm going by the direct path that leads to the ABSOLUTE.


But what are you saying, do not you realize that this path is too painful?


- I repeat: I go for the ABSOLUTE!


How does it occur to you to get in there? Do not want to understand what is going to suffer? What is happening to you, sir? "


- I'm going to the ABSOLUTE.


"Well, warned, stay!" (These were the final words of the Guardian, then he withdrew solemnly).


Another night: Out of my Supra-sensitives Bodies, in total exercise of functions like ATMA or "MAN - SPIRIT"...


In full NIRVANA: Solitaire I was on the beautiful terrace of the mansion of delights in the corner of love...


I saw the inhabitants of that region in ever increasing numbers, floating in the sacred space...


Happy they took a seat in the syrup full of perfumed flowers. Divine Algorithmics; I enter sublime; Numen unforgettable...


ATMA - BUDDHI - MANAS. Trimurti of Perfection. In instants in which I write these lines it occurs to me to repeat that verse of the book of "The Hidden Residence" that to the letter says:


"I am the sacred crocodile Sebek.

I am the flame of three wicks,

And my wicks are immortal.

I enter the SEKEM region,

I enter the region of flames

Who have defeated my adversaries. "


Improviser igneous creature spoke in the name of the sacred brotherhood and said: "My brother, why are you going this hard way? Here at NIRVANA we are happy, stay here with us! ...


My answer filled with great energy was the following:


The intellectual animals could not with their temptations, much less you the Gods. I'm going to the ABSOLUTE! ...


(The ineffable ones kept silent and I retired abruptly of that lodging).


The voice of the Silence has said: "THE BODHISATTVA who renounces the NIRVANA for the love of humanity, is confirmed three times honored and after many Nirvanas won and lost for that cause, he gains the right to enter the world of SUPER NIRVANIC happiness...


"THE NIRVANA has cycles of activity and cycles of deep repose, by this time of the third quarter of the twentieth century, is in the period of action.


The Nirvanis who reincarnated during the first races, only now have reincarnated again; after this time, they will submerge themselves between the infinite happiness until the future MAHANVANTARA (cosmic day).


The Path of long and bitter duty is different; implies total renunciation, however, leads us directly to the ABSOLUTE.


Any night of those many, finding myself happy in the state of Shamadi, I saw the planet Mars shine with purple tints...


His vibrations were certainly telepathic in character; I felt in my quiet heart that I was urgently called from the central core of that planetary mass; that twinkling was unmistakable...


Promptly I transported dressed in the "TO SOMA HELIAKON" to the living entrails of that world....


Dressed in the costume of the celestial militias, resplendent awaited me "SAMAEL", my own Individual Monad; my Real Intimate Being; the Divine Regent of that Planet.


I prostrated myself before the OMNISCIOUS, illustrious Lord of that place, and then taking the word I said: Here I am, my Father! What did you call me for?


"You, my son, forget me!" No, my Father, I do not forget you! "Yes, my son, if you are given the goal of the Universe, you forget me! Oh my Father, I have come to kiss your hand and receive your blessing!


The Omni Merciful blessed me and I knelt kissed his right hand. At the bottom of the planetary temple appeared a bed of pain...


Later I entered into deep reflections: Why did I choose the path myself? Why did I forget my Father before the terrible presence of the Guardian of the roads?


JESUS, the Great Gnostic Priest, at Mount Olives gave us a great lesson when he exclaimed:


"My Father, if it is possible, let this Chalice pass from me, but do not do my will but yours."


EIGHTEEN years later: thundering and flashing I tore my clothes protesting so much pain. Oh! Oh! Oh!...


A Virgin of the NIRVANA answered me: "This is the way that you chose for yourself, for us, the inhabitants of NIRVANA, the triumphs are minor and that is why it is evident that we suffer less."


"But as your triumphs will be greater, your sufferings will also be more intense."


When I wanted some rest, KARMA agents berated me, saying, "What happens Lord" "Will you walking.? Circulate Circulate friend! Circulate!


Patiently I continued the march along the rocky path that leads to the final liberation.


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