THE SPECTRUM OF KUNDRY


In the second act of the Wagnerian Drama, the interior and the horrible dungeon of an ancient semi-demolished tower appear with sinister clarity.


A gallery of living stone inevitably leads to the battlement of the horrify Wall.


Terrifying darkness reigns in the mysterious depths of that black cave, towards which one always descends from the terrifying spur of the wall.


A wide variety of Black Magic instruments and Necromancy devices are scattered here, there and everywhere...


On the terrifying spur of the abject wall of abominations, to one side, is the gloomy KLINGSOR sitting fatally before the famous metallic mirror of Magic...


In the perfidious paragon he sees the left character of the shadows, astrally parading all the extraordinary events of the previous act that occurred in the Dominions of the Holy Grail.


There are supreme moments of humanity and this is precisely one of them; the terrible moment has come; the time of the big decisions.


The gloomy Wizard of Darkness has managed to attract to his den, like so many other unfortunate knights, the naive boy PARSIFAL, with the obvious Machiavellian purpose of making him fall terrifyingly amid the charms of the irresistible flower-women, terribly beautiful.


That fascinating and tremendous Hypnotic dream in which moments before we saw had made KUNDRY submerge - the woman without a name, the original Devil, the bloodthirsty Herodias, the harpy Gundrigia - is now having all its atrocious effects.


The Lord of darkness cries out with a loud voice from the depths of the abyss, invokes and calls...


The specter of KUNDRY appears amid the bluish mephitic vapors of ignominy; Myrrh, asafoetida, incense and many other evocative perfumes burn in the cauldron.


"Ah! ... Ah! ... Dark night! Mystery, madness, fury! ... Dream, dream of pain and misfortune ..., deep sleep ... Death!". The original and gentile devil of devils teared apart cry out.


The left shadowy character gives imperative orders, KUNDRY protests in vain because at last she is forced to obey.


Resigning herself to once again serve as an instrument of perdition ... What a horror! ..., wrapping PARSIFAL in its charms, making him fall like the good king AMFORTAS, is the order and the unhappy wretched for is just a slave at the service of the perverse.


Completed the suggestive order of the evil one, he quickly sinks with the entire tower and as if by magic a delicious garden emerges that occupies the entire scene.


A splendid tropical and luxuriant vegetation extends lasciviously as if voraciously awaiting the full satisfaction of bestial pleasures...


With regal dress of silky range and crowned in vermilion trees, the spectrum of KUNDRY is raised to see the magnificent and wide panorama from afar.


Listen mute, perplexed, the white river that roars between rocks, splitting into ways; and watch him portray the omnipotent flame in his mirrors of the golden sun.


The stars in royal seats of amaranth in the immense space stand up neighboring, sprinkling with crystalline drops the black leaves of the sleeping acanthus.



                                                                                                                   CHAPTER XXVII

                                                                                                                     THE NYMPHS


In the exotic cavern of the Mystery, you can see the fatal crenellation of the ancient walls, on which they lean laterally the strange projections of the thousand-year-old building of the KLINGSOR castle and its splendid arabesque-style terraces lean laterally...


Amid the sacred terror of those strange battlements of the enigma, the Wagnerian PARSIFAL arises as if by enchantment, contemplating enraptured the sorcerer gardens ...


The feminine beauties of the Holy Predestination, unfortunately perverted by the spirit of evil, appear everywhere.


From everywhere, both from the gardens and from the magnificent palace, many dangerously beautiful young Nymphs emerge as if by magic.


Some come in droves, others isolated, in ever increasing numbers, half-naked, beautiful, frighteningly provocative.


They who slept happily with their lovers - the unfortunate knights of the Grail fallen among their love networks - as if waking up from an erotic dream, now abandon their bed of pleasures...


It is the hour of temptation and they have returned to their old wanderings in search of a new victim...


Through all the paths of the night they have come: See them there! There are golden heads in the sun, like ripe ones. There are heads like headdresses of shadow and mystery. Laurel-crowned heads. Heads that would like to rest in heaven. Some that cannot smell spring and many others that transcend winter flowers.


What a terrible eagerness is that shakes the entrails of all Ninfa watching the ship depart that embroiders in the water its fugitive wake on!


They, the delicious feminine beauties, now try to seduce the WAGNERIAN boy with their charms, but he indignat pushes them away with his Herculean arm! ...


"Only love, already so mine that will seasoning time. Why do you despise me?" Shouts a desperate one...


"My hands have forgotten you, but my eyes saw you, and when the world is bitter to look at you I close them." Exclaims another...


"I never want to find you, that you are with me and I do not want your life to tear apart what makes my dream." So says a dreamer.


"As one day you gave it to me, alive your image I possess, that daily wash my eyes with tears your memory." Whisper like this in the boy's ear, the most provocative...


Nymphs, females, changeable of all times, worried now ... suffering for PARSIFAL, even doing the impossible...


The musical passage that underlines this whole scene of the thousand and one night has totally fascinated the most demanding audiences around the world...


In this fiery passage of the colossus, there is color, love, perfume, unutterable spells, everything that can truly seduce the human senses.


However, it is obvious that the Hero does not succumb in the battle of temptations...


However, this is not all, the most terrible thing is missing, the meeting with KUNDRY, the woman par excellence, the woman-symbol, the wonderful Eve of Hebraic Mythology.

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