THE SEXUAL FORCE


It is well to know that this marvelous legend of the Holy Grail is certainly well known in France.


If with the tenacity of a clergyman in the cell, we scrutinize with infinite anxiety all those dusty manuscripts of medieval knighthood, then we will be able to reveal many traditions related to the Holy Grail.


Famous are indeed very ancient works such as "Merlin's Sloop" and "The demand for the Holy Grail."


Those long-haired Bards of Bohemian Germany who once made the whole of Europe happy, always said GRAAL using the double "A" There they with their familiar songs!


The Bretons, who, by the way, have a good reputation with the Celtic legend, always called the sacred cup GRAAL.


Clearly, it is very easy to understand that the radical forgetfulness of the esoteric Christic principles would hardly lead us to the confusing labyrinth of so many incoherent etymologies that in truth have nothing to do with the eburnea cup, the delight of archaic mysteries.



In the regenerating vessel or female sexual YONI, we must drink the Initiatic nectar of the Holy Gods...


The Holy Grail is the miraculous Chalice of the supreme drink; the Initiation cup of SUKRA and MANTI...


The exquisite wine of transcendent spirituality is contained in the Holy Vessel of the enchanting female.


The conquest of the ULTRA-MARE-VITAE OR SUPER-LIMINAL and ULTRA-TERRESTRIAL WORLD, would be something more than impossible if we made the mistake of underestimating woman.


The delicious Word of ISIS arises from the deep bosom of all ages, awaiting the moment of being realized.


The Ineffable words of Goddess NEITH have been carved in gold letters on the glowing walls of the Temple of Wisdom:




The primitive religion of JANO or JAINO, that is to say, the golden, solar, quiritary and super-human doctrine of the JINAS, is absolutely sexual ... you know it.


It is written with burning coals in the book of life, that during the Golden Age of Lazio and Liguria, the Divine King Janus or Saturn (IAO, BACO, JEHOVAH) wisely ruled over those holy people, all Aryan tribes, although from very different eras and origins.


Then Oh my God! ... As in similar times of other peoples of ancient Arcadia, it could be said that JINAS and men lived together happily.


Within the ineffable mystical idyll commonly called "THE CHARMS OF GOOD FRIDAY", we feel deep down in our hearts that in our sexual organs there is a terribly Divine force that can both liberate and enslave man.


Sexual energy contains within itself the living prototype of the legitimate SOLAR MAN, who, by crystallizing in us, radically transforms us.


Many suffering souls would like to enter the transcendent MONTSALVAT, but unfortunately this is something more than impossible due to the VEIL OF ISIS, or Adamic sexual veil.


Among the ineffable bliss of the JINAS paradises there is certainly a divine humanity that is invisible to mortals due to its sins and limitations, born of misused sex.


It is ostensible that the White Brotherhood possesses great treasures, in the manner of the so inestimable Holy Grail.


The Word of the Holy Gods resounding in the depths of the deep night of the centuries, every moment comes to remind us of our first love and the need to learn to sublimate and transmute sexual energy.


It is certainly impossible, as long as we do not overcome sex, like the MAHATMAS, to come into direct contact with the sacred super-humanity, of which, however, every universal legend has always spoken...


Those Masters of compassion are the faithful custodians of the Holy Grail, or of the INITIATIC STONE, that is, of the supreme religion-synthesis, which was the primitive of humanity.


Let's be clear and straightforward: In no way do we exaggerate concepts by emphasizing the basic idea that sex is the center of gravity of all human activities.


As a sequence or corollary we affirm: When man finds his sexual partner, society has begun.


Mechanicacity is different: We GNOSTICS reject the unconscious automatism ...


The mechanicity of sex is obviously subhuman; we want conscious action...


As a rule, guideline, guide to follow, it is convenient to know that what is common and habitual is the flow of sexual energy from the top down ... from the inside out.


To return the creative energy of the THIRD LOGOS inwards and upwards, means in fact entering the blessed path of REGENERATION; that is precisely the good Law of the Holy Grail.


The spear with which the Roman centurion named Longinus cruelly wounded the side of the Adorable One on the Mount of Skulls; it is ostensible that it also plays a great role in countless traditions of the Asian world, already with the above-mentioned symbolism, and as an esoteric instrument of salvation and liberation.


The venerable Amfortas, great lord, King of the Grail, successor of the old Titurel, once wounded by sex, Phallus or spear, when he fell victim to sexual seduction, could only be healed with the same spear that wounded him.


By logical sequence we can deduce that that good gentleman of so much bitterness had to work intensely in the LIGHTED FORGE OF VULCAN...


Transmuting is the best and this was never ignored by the Roman Matrons who developed and developed under the tutelage of the Goddess JUNO...


Among the deep slumber of the night of the centuries sleeps that legendary city of the Sabines founded in good time by MEDIO FIDIO and HIMELLA; Old Aryan traditions say that then those good people knew very well the sexual mysteries of the spear.


Now and with these unusual affirmations, our beloved Gnostic readers will be able to understand the reason why the heroes were awarded a small iron pole or spear.


HASTAPURA was the name of such a pole: This reminds us of the sacred city of HASTINAPURA, living symbol of CELESTIAL JERUSALEM.



                                                                                                                   CHAPTER XVI

                                                                                                      THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE


An IT on a wonderful stone. What is the deep significance of this tremendous Mystery?


Oh, chaste clergyman - the evocative bards of Gaedhil or prehistoric Irish Galicia sang - as they spoke of their glorious millennial traditions to the Catholic priests who were to evangelize them.


Its deep magical and sublime significance ... Who can unravel and reveal it?


No one but HE, the Chosen One, will be able to decipher the Mystery of the Stone and its IT...


In the case of these sacred portents that astonish the mystic, it is not really incongruous, that the aforementioned Stone is transformed into a crater, Hermetic Vessel or Chalice of infinite splendors...


So why so much perplexity, hesitation and uncertainty, by the poem that of Chrétien de Troyes? (XII century).


If the Holy Grail is a Precious Stone brought to earth by angels or ineffable Devas and placed under the jealous custody of a secret brotherhood that is not an obstacle for such a celestial Gem to assume the splendid form of the Vessel of Hermes.


Here we are, then, with the Cubic Stone of JESOD placed by the Hebrew Kabbalists in our very sexual organs.


This is the Blessed Stone that the patriarch JACOB, the most vivid reincarnation of the angel Israel, anointed once with sacred oil...


PETERA, Peter, Patar, Pedro Initiatic of the ESOTERIC Colleges ... Philosopher's Stone of the old Medieval Alchemists...


Stone of stumbling block and rock of scandal, as the Hierophant PETER or PATAR once said...


It does not hurt in this chapter to transcribe with infinite patience and deep serenity, the authentic text of Wolfram de Eschembach regarding the expressed Stone and the Mysterious brotherhood that guards it:


"Those heroes are animated by a Stone.

Don't you know its august and pure essence?

It is called a lapis-electrix (Magnes).


Through it all marvels can be realized, (Magic).

She, like the Phoenix that rushes into the flames,

Re-born from its own ashes,

Because in the same flames it refreshes its plumage

And shines rejuvenated more beautiful than before.


His power is such that any man, however unhappy

That in its state it was,

If contemplate this stone,

Instead of dying like the others

He no longer knows the age,

Neither by his color, nor by his face;

And be it man or woman

Will enjoy ineffable bliss

To contemplate the stone

For more than two hundred years. "


JESUS the GREAT KABIR said: "The Stone (sex) that the builders (religious) rejected, has become the head of the corner". "The Lord has done this, and it is a wonderful thing in our eyes."


Beyond time and distance, KLINGSOR the evil magician disputed it and considered it a taboo or a sin...


It is written and with words of fire in the Wagnerian Drama, that a steely knife violently discarded the Blessed Stone...


But, Master KLINGSOR, finicky and weeping like no one, after such tremendous folly, stretched out his bloody supplicating hands towards the Grail.


It is obvious that the indignant Guardian rejected him with the terrible point of his sword...


People of other times say that far away, where the voluptuous land of the Pagans begins, Klingsor, the Lord of darkness learned to hate SEX...


His bookish erudition is ostensible between of the penitent`s waste land and disciplinary...


The unhappy cenobite believed in a possible transcendental mutation, through the elimination of the sexual instinct...


Impossible decoy, useless mirror, absurd decoy, that of this exotic anchorite...


An Illustrious male from remote places; remarkable gentleman, distinguished lord strange and contradictory...


Paradoxical hermit, presuming sanctity, foolish puritan with pretense of enlightened...


He worshiped Shiva, the THIRD LOGOS, the HOLY SPIRIT and yet he spat all his slanderous drool on the NINTH SPHERE (SEX)...


He worked doggedly with multiple PSEUDO-ESOTERIC exercises and horribly flogged himself to exhaustion...


He dressed in filthy beggar's rags, threw ashes on his head; he wore metal cilice on his mortified body...


Unbearable vegetarian, he was the creator of a cooking religion; those who saw him say that he never drank wine or cider...


He led others when he most needed guidance, and he never cared to eliminate the inner Pharisee...


However, it was all in vain; Once the Initiatic Petera or Stone had been discarded, the marvelous gates of the transcendent Montsalvat were closed before the unworthy...



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