THE MERCURY OF THE SECRET PHILOSOPHY


In these moments of mysterious happiness, it is worth remembering that subliminal poem by Horacio, the author of Epodos and Satires, who saw the light between 35 and 30 before Jesus Christ ...






Mercury, grandson of Atlas, your abundance and ease of speech

Of primitive man she was a teacher:

Your rudeness you polished with speech

And the tuner use of the fore.


Harbinger of the high Jove and the gods,

It was your glory to invent the hamstring lyre,

And it is your grace to take you by charm,

As your genius audacious whim inspires.


As a child you stole Phoebus's flock,

And he with angry voices rebuked you;

But, he had to laugh when he saw, astonished,

That you had stolen even the quiver.


Priam came out of Ilion with regal gifts,

When the Greek host girded her:

Atrocious without mercy, bonfires thesalas,

Everything left mocked with your guide.


To the pious souls, slight shadows,

Take your golden rod to eternal enjoyment,

Gracious deity for all gods,

Charm of Olympus and Hell!


Having sung such a sublime poem of the Horacian lyric, it is now convenient to know what Mercury is...


It is unquestionable and any Gnostic can understand it, that as an astrological planet, it is obviously much more mysterious than Venus itself, and identical to the Mazdeian Mithra. The Buddha, the Genie or God, established formidably between the Sun and the Moon; sublime eternal companion of the solar disk of Divine Wisdom...


Pausanias, in his book V, wisely teaches us by having an altar in common with thundering Jupiter, the Father of the Divines and of the Humans...


The ancient legends say that he displayed radiant wings of fire, as if to show that he was assisting the CHRIST-SUN on his eternal journey; with good reason he was once called Nuncio and Wolf of the Sun: SOLARIS LUMINIS PARTICEPS.


As a sequel and corollary, we must affirm that he was the Chief and the evoker of souls; the Archmage and the Hierophant.


Virgilio, the illustrious poet of Mantua, intelligently describes him, taking his hammer or caduceus from two serpents, to evoke the unhappy souls precipitated into the Orc (LIMBO) back to life: "Tu virgam capit, hac animas ille evocat Orco ", with the evident purpose of making them join the celestial militia as he teaches us in one of his Master fulworks....


Mercury is the esoteric golden planet, the ineffable, whom the austere and sublime Hierophants forbade naming; and studying dusty ancient manuscripts, we could verify that in Greek Mythology it is symbolized by those dogs or sighthounds that guard the celestial cattle, which always drink in the crystalline wells of hidden Wisdom, for which it is also known as HERMES-ANUBIS and, also like the good inspirer or AGATHODAEMON.


Remember that Emperor Julian prayed every night to the Hidden Sun, through the intercession of Mercury...


Vossius rightly says: "All theologians assert that Mercury and the sun are one"...


For something that planet was considered as the most eloquent and wise of the Gods, which is not surprising, then, that Mercury is so close to Wisdom and the word (or LOGOS) that it was confused with both.


                                                                                                            CHAPTER XIV

                                                                                        THE WONDERFUL SWASTIC CROSS


The sacred pool, the Initiatic lake of the representation of the Divine Mysteries in the domains of the Holy Grail, is, without any doubt, the Mercury of the secret philosophy, that liquid, flexible, malleable glass, contained in our sexual glands.


Felipe Teofrasto Bombasto de Hohenheim, (AUREOLO PARACELSO), says that within the ENS SEMINIS there is all the ENS VIRTUTIS of fire.


After the radiant Sun and its tongues of burning fire that sparkle among the ineffable orchestration of the spheres, it is the Mercury of the secret Philosophy, the ENS SEMINIS, the chaotic water of the first instant, the eternal feminine element, the Great Mother or nurturing Cow. , the very foundation of all cosmic life.


To intelligently transmute these waters of free life in its movement, this Sophic mercury of the wise, means intensive work in the LABORATORIUM-ORATORIUM of the THIRD LOGOS.


It is written and with characters of fire in the great book of life, that in the JAINA or JINA cross the unspeakable secret of the great arcane is miraculously hidden; the wonderful key to sexual transmutation.


It is not difficult to understand that such a magical cross is the same Swastika of the great Mysteries...


Amid the delightful ecstasy of the longing soul, we can and even must get in mystical contact with JANO, the austere and sublime Hierophant JINA who once taught the science of the JINAS in our world.


In secret Tibet there are two schools that fight each other: I want to refer clearly to the MAHAYANA and HINAYANA Institutions.


Narrow is the door and narrow is the path that leads to the light and very few are those who find it...


The HINAYANA path is beyond any doubt Buddhic and Christic; he is quoted in the holy books, he is mentioned in the Gospels.


Pure souls in a state of perfect bliss can directly experience the intimate relationship between the Swastika and the HINAYANA path.


That great martyr of the last century HPB was right, when she told us that the Swastika is the most sacred and most mystical symbol: It shines, in effect, on the head of the great serpent of Vishnu. The Shesha Ananta of the thousand heads that inhabits the Patala or lower region.


Advancing with the cross on their shoulders towards the Mount of Skulls, we can verify that in ancient times, nations put the Swastika at the head of all their sacred symbols.


The full lucidity of the spirit allows us to understand that the Swastika is the hammer of THOR, the magic weapon forged by the Pygmies against the giants or pre-cosmic Titanic forces definitively opposed to the law of universal harmony; the hammer that produces the storms that the Aces or celestial Lords use.


In the Macrocosm of infinite splendors, its arms bent at right angles fully express the always tireless rotation of the Earth and the incessant renewing movement of the cosmic garden...


In the Microcosm the Swastika represents man pointing with the right to the sky, while the left as a fatal winter shadow is directed downwards as showing our afflicted world with infinite pain.


Swastika is also an alchemical, cosmogonic and anthropogonic sign, under seven different interpretive keys.


It is, finally, as a living symbol of transcendent electricity, the Alpha and Omega of the universal sexual force, which descends through the golden steps of the spirit to the material world, and for this reason it is ostensible that he who manages to fully encompass all his mystical meaning is free from all Maya (illusion).


The Swastika is the electric windlass of physicists; in it are hidden the terrible mysteries of the LINGAM-YONI.


The Hindustani and exotic SEX-YOGA with all its oriental perfumes; the mysterious eroticism of the KAMA-KALPA; the SAHAJA MAITHUNA with its ardent sexual positions like fire; it is obvious that they are sealed with the Swastika Cross.


The vertical pole of the Holy Cross is masculine, virile, powerful; the horizontal line is feminine, delicious; At the intersection of these two eternal offspring is the key to all power.


The Swastika is the moving cross; sex in full activity; sexual transmutation in action.


Blessed is the wise man who, loving his wife, dives blissfully into the sacred erotic Mysteries of MINNA, will allow you to sublimate and transmute the Mercury of the secret philosophy.


The enchanting night of love symbolizes both the vulgar UNDER-DARKNESS of ignorance and bad magic, as well as the SUPER-DARKNESS of silence and the august secret of the wise. (The YAKSHA and RAKCHASAS of the MAHABHARATA).


With words of Diamond, it is written in the book of all creation: "Whoever wants to go up must first come down."


The conquest of the ULTRA-MARE-VITAE or SUPER-LIMINAL and ULTRA-TERRESTRIAL world, would be absolutely impossible without the wise transmutation of Mercury Sophic.


The nubile maidens and wise men of AMEN-SMEN, the Egyptian Paradise, suffered too much in hell living on the shores of the Styx Lagoon, you know.


Transmute water into wine as taught by the great KABIR Jesus at the Wedding in Canaan.


The white dove of the HOLY SPIRIT sifted in the arms and embroidered in the robes of the knights of the Holy Grail; the Sacred Swan; the miraculous HAMSA; the Phoenix Bird of Paradise; the immortal Ibis; they shine beautifully on the deep waters of life.


From the deep bottom of the Styx Lagoon in the terrible depths of Avernus, Gods emerge who are lost in the Absolute Abstract Space.

The light comes out of the darkness and the cosmos springs from the CHAOS...





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