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Whoever wants to enter the great mysteries should abandon the intellect-animal. The intellect is Luciferic and demonic. Great Masters have child's mind. We must live in much fear and trembling of God. We must put an end to intellectual pride.


We have to have quite simply childish mind. We must not hide the crime.


Sometimes the disciples send us letter that we dominate the mind of this or that woman say to bring them to the right path. So they hide their lust in the incense of prayer.


So they want to deceive older siblings requiring us works of black magic. No one can coerce other people's mind because that is a crime. The freedom of others must be respected. Let us clarify this chapter by saying that three doors entering the abyss. Anger, Greed and Lust "Anger disguises himself as judge. Greed hides among the good intentions. Lust often do dress mystical tunic...


Spiritualist sisters sit on the lap of the devotees of the path. The brothers of the path taken the pretext of innocence to kiss and cuddle with the Sisters of Light.


This is how between the incense of prayer the crime also hides. Another serious crime is that of ingratitude. A dog is given bread and thanks, but the brothers of the spiritualist schools are not grateful. If a legitimate Master teaches them, all that collects as payment are persecutions, hatred and calumnies.


We met a spiritualist brother when was hungry and jobless, he always found a charitable soul who gave him food and shelter and later when getting work and then had no objection to turn against his charitable servers. Sometimes publicly he slandered, or attacked them. So this brother paid with the coin of ingratitude.


But for his crime always found a philosophical apology. Cynically said: "I owe nothing to anyone, life is what gives everything and my charitable servants are merely instruments of the great life, I owe them nothing."


Others abandon their own mother, his elderly father, saying, "All beings are my family", "My parents do not mind me", "I am a rebel", etc. This is how hide the crime within the incense of prayer.


There are those who abandon their wife and poor children supposedly to follow the spiritual life. This is how those wicked fall into the abyss of black magic. Others want to unite members of all organizations, supposedly to form the great universal brotherhood. These monopolist of schools are true merchants of souls.


Usually allowed to grow hair and beard, even the cast of Jesus Christs. His cunning is so thin, that often cleverly placed in the center as living units; as Jesus Christs in person. Under the pretext of uniting all schools, creeds and religions, seduce the unwary. In the presence of these tenebrous ones it is necessary to better watch the wallet.


Bandits of many order have achieved many farms, with the pretext to build Ashrams, Initiatic schools, etc. There is no lacking of some poor peasants fanatics of; these parishioners hand over their land to those tenebrous.


Now the dark walk arm with Roman priests.



They aspire to grow a beard. When they receive the right not to shave, then they lay them of gurus, and older siblings. There many who walks just for there that pretends to be many outstanding disciples of the beloved Master Jesus and dark ones even kiss his feet; what a dirty are those rascals!


Gnostics cannot sit at the table of the Angels and the table of demons at the same time; we must define.


Whoever wants to enter Eden, have to enter through the same door we went out, that door is sex. There is no other door, for where we get out we have to enter.



Once we visited a spiritualist temple; a demon entered the body of a medium and passed through Jesus Christ.


He spoke full of sweetness, and all attendees filled with terrible fanaticism adored him. That's black magic; that is the abyss. It gives pain to say this but the truth is, we cannot have complacency with crime.





 On one occasion when we advise to a spiritualist sister about practices of sexual magic, cynically she replied that she would practice only sexual magic with his Guru; this answer was given to us in the presence of the same husband. We put objection to his words telling her that sexual magic can only be practiced with the husband. Really no profane adulterer in the world would give such an answer as brazen in front of her husband. Only irresponsible of spiritualism are such atrocities happen, and to make matters worse is that the guru of this poor sister was only an adorable impostor a mystifying bandit, an executioner of souls.


On another occasion we met a morbid mystic with the pretext of helping many woman devotees sexually seduced them. That wicked fell in love with the same daughter of his wife, ie his stepdaughter and took her to wife. That evil was a fallen Bodhisattva. Fallen bodhisattvas are worse than demons.




I know a fallen Bodhisattva, that man has formed a sect of eunuchs Morons who hate sex. In that way this poor brother harms homes and closes the doors of Eden to others.



It is best to seek the Inner Master. It is best to follow our I AM. it's best to learn how to travel in astral body to visit the temples of the White Lodge and receive the teachings directly in the temple.





The initiatory preparation is very rigorous. Disciples should live alert and vigilant as the watchman in wartime. Cleanse your minds, do not be fooled by the iniquitous.


You must know brothers that the eunuchs is the modern intellectualism.


Scientism of these times. "One whose coming operation is as Satan with power and signs and lying wonders". Aircraft, atomic bombs, false marvels in physiology, biology, medicine, chemistry, etc. All these miracles of science are false. Do not believe in those false miracles of the eunuchs.


No one deceive you in any way it will not come our Lord (Christ Jesus), without the apostasy coming before and the man of the sin, the man the son of perdition except "(perverse humanity)." Opposing and rising against anything which it is called God or that is worshiped; while it sits on the throne of God as God, showing himself that he is God "(verses 3 and 4 ch. 2 Thessalonians).


I brothers advise do not believe in the miracles of the eunuchs, are lying wonders.

Modern scientists do not know but mere illusory appearances. They do not know the human body.


The human body in the JINAS state can fly, traverse a wall from side to side without breaking or staining, taking the figure of plants, rocks, animals, become smaller or enlarged at will.


These things do not know the eunuchs. Scientists of the antichrist underlying all their physiology, pathology, biology, etc. on false appearances and on those appearances build their science, and perform their lying wonders.


This is how they have founded their materialism, opposing and rising against all that is called God or that is worshiped; while now they sit on the throne of God.


When you will Cristify yourself ye shall know the true Divine wisdom.


Then you can keep your bodies for thousands of years. Then you will heal the sick with the power of Christ and will walk on the waters of the sea. You will do wonders and wonders like He did in the holy land.





Spiritualist schools are full of mistaken sinceres, among the incense of prayer the crime also hides.


Spiritual schools are full of mistaken sinceres.


Christ was crucified between two thieves. Almost all organizations exploit the Christ. Some exploit it with good intentions and others exploit him with evil intentions, those are the good and bad thief.


In France, a scoundrel who was devoted to astrology fair and good beer, overnight grew his hair and beard, founded an order of black magic called Acuarius and declared to be the same reincarnation of Jesus of Nazareth. Another followed his example and became St. Peter, the latter gave him to walk the streets with tunic, cloak and sandals.


These people are presented as disinterested apostles. Exploit the name of Christ with bad intentions and get real states under the pretext of founding something called ashrams. The followers of those rascals are even mistaken sinceres, but unfortunately commit the crime of betraying the head of souls.


 They change the Christ by an impostor, this is a crime of high treason.


Others say to be Rosicrucians. They join the Black Lodge Amorc, this lodge sells initiations and last synthesis gives them the word Mathrem, as the non plus ultra of magic. It happens that word is a mantra to enter the planes of the black lodge. All these people exploit the Christ with bad intentions.



Others join the Theosophical Society. These people do not understand the mystery of Christ. These people are petrified between the theories of the last century. These people are full of terrible fanaticism and fear, do not accept anything new and believe they are the last word in the know, have pride and arrogance, fanaticism and terrible fear.


They are negative and dangerous people, are those people who exploit the Christ with good intentions.


There are Rosicrucians of Max Heindel. Mistaken sinceres, Heindel does not know the Christic mystery. Those who follow Heindel they absolutely do not know the doctrine of the resplendent I AM.


Heindel says: "In the baptism of Jesus as a change came," says  disincarnated Jesus and entered The Christ in that vehicle this falsehood is proof enough that Heindel absolutely does not know the resplendent I AM doctrine. Heindel does not know that thing is the Crown of Life. Heindel does not know the Christic esotericism, it is a mistaken sincere, and those who follow him are going the way of mistake, because blind guides of blinds they go all to the abyss.


The heads of the institution exploit the Christ with good intentions, they are mistaken sinceres. Unfortunately they are fornicators because they ignore the Great Arcanum.


Every association of fornicators form black lodge.


There are many spiritualist churches, in those temples abound people with mediumistic faculties. Through these mediumistic faculties manifest multitude of impostors. They all claim to be Jesus Christ and the poor people firmly believe in such impostures. The abyss is full of tenebrous, which manifest themselves in spiritualist temples through the faculties of the medium. Unfortunately these poor brothers are full of horrible fanaticism, they are mistaken sinceres. The heads of those spiritualist centers exploit the Christ with good intentions.


There are a multitude of orders, lodges, schools and spiritualist centers, some follow the good thief and others the bad thief.


There are also many religions that have been enriched by the blood of Christ. The Vatican is full of riches. All the gold that the Vatican has been earned with the blood of the martyr of Calvary.


Cloistered sisters illuminate their children with the Arcanum 15 and killed the Arcanum 13, The Arcanum 15 is the carnal passion.


The Arcanum 13 is death. In the ruins of many Nunnery are always skeletons of newborn babies, it knows any mason who has worked in the ruins of any nunnery. All these people kill, commit adultery and fornicate mystically. 


Charging for marriage is a crime against the Holy Spirit.


Love dwells in the heart church. Negotiate with love is a crime against the Holy Spirit. Those people follow evil thief.


Many religious organizations live of the Christ. Exploiting the blood of the Martyr of Calvary. All these people are called Protestants, Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc. All these people study the Bible to the dead letter.


It happen to as those poor people do not know the secret doctrine of the I AM, fall into the most terrible aberrations own for Moliere and his caricatures. Many organizations are full of spiritualist intellectualism. All these poor people fornicate and are full of pride, fanaticism and fear.


All those people exploit the Christ. Some follow the bad thief and others the good thief.


All they remained adoring the person of Jesus but rejected his doctrine, the secret doctrine of the I AM.

It gives pain to say this but it's true. It's so bad to speak when one must be silent, as to be silent when one must to speak. There are criminal silences. There are infamous words.


Over there we will here listen to the Rosicrucians, Theosophists brothers, etc., slandering us because we tell the truth. These brothers confuse sanctity with sanctimonious. Fraternity with complicity.


Really like Sivananda says, this path is full of dangers inside and out. This is the path of the razor's edge.


Max Heindel and Steiner believed that the Lucifers were laggards links between men and angels; Inhabitants of Mars, and a thousand other stupidities. If our disciples were left confused by Heindel and Steiner they would become demons.


Lucifer and the Lucifers are demons of the abyss. This Steiner and Heindel ignore. Almost all spiritualist schools teach to develop mental strength. Everyone wants to fatten the mind.


That's how many fall into black magic. The mind is the donkey that we must ride to enter the Celestial Jerusalem.


The mind must humiliate itself before the Majesty of the Innermost.


This is ignore by the spiritualists brothers. They want to always do their own will, but never do the Father's will. That's the terrible truth of these things.


Others are delivered to hypnotism, supposedly to do well. This is how crime dresses of saint. Hypnotism is pure and legitimate black magic. When a new school of black magic is open the first victim is the Martyr of Calvary. They speak in his name. for him, for the minions believe and on behalf of Him raise money on behalf of Him taught black magic, on behalf of Him shut the doors of Eden to others, on behalf of him seduce naive young ladies, on behalf Him mystically commit adultery and fornicate mystically, on behalf of him properties are achieved real estates, etc.


Christ has been a good deal for all those brothers: Theosophists, Rosicrucians, Aquarians, spiritualists, etc.


Most of occultist writers write what they have read, repeating like parrots the theories of others. They speak what they do not know. They say what they do not know. They explain things that have ever experienced. They are full of intellectual pride. However cynically they say: I am a child. I have no pride; I am very simple, etc.


"Hypocrites, Pharisees, whitened sepulchers. Generation of vipers".


When we thought of sending this book to all those schools, one of our Gnostic brothers said, "Those schools would not accept it, it would hide because it does not suit them. Do not you see that the heads of those schools are terribly jealous? They live of their schools and groups and they fear that they will collapse. "


So our Gnostic brother told us. Naturally logic was on his side and had to accept the concept. All these people live negotiating with Christ. They live their businesses. Some follow the good thief and others the bad thief, that's the truth. So that, among the incense of prayer the crime is hidden.


There is much virtue in the wicked and much evil in the virtuous. Saints have also made many evils with their virtues. Truly I tell my brethren, that even with virtues we can cause harm to others, when we do not know how to use virtues. "Love is law, but conscious love."


Complacency with crime is also a crime.



The Masonic lodge gives degrees based on money and social positions. Many sell initiations. Many confer initiations. All this is exploitation and black magic. Authentic degrees and the authentic white initiations are received in consciousness.


Initiatory ceremonies are performed in the higher worlds.


These are intimate things of consciousness. That is not said or spoken.


No one can give initiations to anyone. Initiation is the same life.


By this time everyone wants to be a Master. We say master is only one, the Christ of every man who comes into the world. He alone is Master. Only the resplendent I Am is Master. So all schools, orders and lodges, Theosophists, Rosicrucians, etc., are the abyss. Retire from these dens of the abyss, retire!





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