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                                                THE EGYPTIAN MYSTERIES

Hail O blessed goddess ATHENA-NEITH! How great are your works and wonders !.

They know the Gods and Sages that you are the divine Clitone of Atlantis submerged.

It is written with characters of fire in the great book of life that you knew ye Oh Goddess!, intelligently select the best VULCAN seed to found the august city of ATHENS . Oh NEITH! You Stablish to SAIS in the Nile Delta: The sunny country of KEM reverent bows before you. Hail! Hail! Hail!

Still resonate in the depths of the centuries those phrases of priest of SAIS:

"O Solon, Solon, you the Greeks are but some kids !. There's no in Greece just an old man!".

"You are all a young soul, because you do not treasure any truly ancient opinion and archaic tradition coming."

"Do not possess, no, no knowledge bleached by time, and behold because, over the centuries the destructions of men and entire villages have occurred in large numbers, the greatest of them by fire and water; minor, by various other causes. "

"Thus there is among you that the old tradition of yesteryear, Phaeton, the son of the sun to endeavor to steer the car his father had burned the ground and struck by lightning, he himself had perished.

"Such a relate is of fabulous character and truth so great fable hidden under its symbol is that all those celestial bodies move in their orbits suffer perturbations that determine in time a periodic destruction of earthly things by a large fire."

"In such disasters, those who live in the mountains and high places and arid perish sooner than the inhabitants of the sea and rivers."

"To us, the Nile, to whom  by so many ways we owe our life, then saved us of such disaster , and when the gods purified the earth submerging, if not all cowherds and shepherds perished over the mountains, at least the people of your cities were gradually brought into the sea following the flow of rivers ".

"But in our country, then or at any other time, the rains have fertilized our countryside as others, but nature has provided us that water come from the earth itself, by the river."

"This is the reason that our country can preserve the oldest traditions, because neither extreme heat nor excessive rains would have stripped of its inhabitants, besides that although the human race may increase or decrease in number of individuals, never comes disappear completely from the face of the earth. "

"In this way and for this reason, everything that has be done as beautiful, large or memorable in any aspect, whether in your country, either ours or another, it is written many centuries and preserved in our temples but between you and other people use writing and all that is necessary to a civilized state does not date from very recently and suddenly at certain intervals, they come to fall upon you as a cruel plague, torrents that falls from the sky and leave subsist not but strangers to letters and the muses, so that recognize it , as it were your childhood  to say and know not every event in your country or our time dating back to the old time. "  "So, Solon, all these genealogical details you have given us regarding your country look like children's stories." "Of course you shall we speak of a flood, when they have previously verified many others."

"Moreover ye not that there has been a race of more excellent and perfect men in your country, which you and the whole nation descend from, after all she died, except for a small number."

"You do not know, because the first descendants of that died without transmitting anything in writing for many generations, for once, Solon, before the last great destruction by the waters, the same republic of Athens, which at that time already existed, it was admirable in war and distinguished throughout by prudence and wisdom of its laws, as for their generous actions and counted finally, with the most beautiful that has never been heard under heaven institutions.

"Solon added who was stunned at such a story and full of infinite curiosity, begged the Egyptian priests that broadened their stories".
I was reincarnated in the sacred land of the Pharaohs during the dynasty of King Chephren. I met fully all the ancient mysteries of secret Egypt and truly, I say that I could never forget.

As we speak wonderful events come to my memory.

One afternoon, no matter what, slowly walking the sands of the desert under the burning rays of the tropical sun, I walked through silent like a sleepwalker a mysterious street of millennial sphinxes at the exotic look of a nomadic tribe from their tents watching me. To the revered shade of an ancient pyramid, I had to approach a moment to rest briefly and fix patiently straps of my sandals. After diligent, I looked forward to the august entry; I longed to return to the right path.

The Guardian as always, was on the threshold of the mystery. Impossible to forget that hieratic figure of bronze face and high cheekbones. The man was a colossus ... In his right hand was holding heroically the terrible sword, all  his continent was formidable no doubt that he used with full right the Masonic apron.

The interrogation was very severe, "Who are you?" - I am a supplicant who come blind in search of light "What do you want -.? Light.

(Very long would transcribe here within the framework of this chapter, all as usual verbal exam)

After that I qualify as violent, I was stripped of all metal objects and even sandals and robes.

Most interesting was that moment when that Herculean man took me by the hand to get me inside the sanctuary; were those unforgettable moments when the heavy door spinned on its hinges producing that mysterious C of ancient Egypt. What happened, the macabre encounter with the "TERRIBLE BROTHER"  The proof of fire, air, water and and earth, can be found by any illuminated in the memories of nature.

In the proof of FIRE I had to control myself as best I could, when I walked through a hall on fire; the floor that was full of steel beams at red hot; It was very narrow passage between those hot iron braces, barely enough room to put your feet; at that time many aspirants perished in this effort. I still remember with horror that steel ring embedded in the rock; at the bottom just looked gloomy the horrible precipice; however I came out victorious in the proof of air; where others perished, I triumphed.

It has been many centuries and have not yet been able to forget despite the dust of many years, those sacred crocodiles of the lake; if it were not for the magical incantations, I would have been devoured by those reptiles as has always happened to many aspirants. Countless unfortunates were crushed and broken by rocks in the proof of EARTH, but I succeeded indifferently and saw indifferently two moles that threatened my life closing in on me as to reduce me to cosmic dust.

I certainly am   no more than a measly worm in the mud of the earth, but came out victorious. So indeed it was as I returned to the path of the REVOLUTION OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS after suffering a lot. I was greeted at the INITIATORY COLLEGE, I was solemnly dressed with white linen tunic of the Priests of ISIS and in my chest was placed the TAU Cross Egyptian ...

"! Hail, O Ra Similar to TUM" (The Father), rise above the horizon; and like Horus, (The Intimate), you culminate the heaven. "

"Your beauty rejoices my eyes and your rays (solar) light up my body on earth".

"When you sail your Celestial boat (the sun king), peace spans the vast heavens."

"Behold the wind swells the sails and cheer your heart with rapid traverse you cross the sky".

"Your enemies are overthrown and peace reigns in yours around. Planetary Geniuses crossing crossing their orbits sing your glory."

"And when you descend on the horizon behind the western mountains, the geniuses of the stars fixed prostrate themselves before you and adore you" (because you are the  SOLAR LOGOS)

"Great is thy beauty at dawn and evening, O Thou, Lord of life and of the order of the Worlds".

"Glory to thee, O Ra, when you rise on the horizon and when the afternoon, similar to TUM. (The Father), you bed down!".

"For indeed your rays (solar)" are beautiful when from the top of the celestial dome, you show all your splendor!. "

"That's where dwells NUT (The Divine Mother Kundalini), which brought you at the world."

"Behold, that you are crowned King of the Gods". "The goddess of the celestial ocean NUT, your mother, prostrated herself in worship before you."

"The order, the balance of the worlds emanates from you" .- "From the morning when parts, until the afternoon, on arrival ,, striding, travel the sky". (You are the Christ-Sun)

"Your heart is glad, and the Heavenly Lake is pacified ... Demolished is the devil '(The Ego, the pluralized I) Its members are cut, their sectioned vertebrae. (This happens when you dissolve it)

"Propitious winds push your boat to the port". "The divinities of the four regions of space adore you, oh your divine substance of which come in all shapes and all beings!".

"Behold you just say a word and the earth   hear you in silent  ".

"You the only divinity (Solar Christ ) You were reigning already in the heven at a time when the earth with its mountains did not exist yet ...".

"You the fast! You, the Lord! You, the One! You, the Creator of all that exists".

"At the dawn of time You pattern the language of the divine hierarchies! (He puts the word in the larynx of the gods)

"You tore the beings from the first ocean (chaos) and saved on an island of Lake of Horus (the Intimate)".

"Can I breathe the air of the windows of your nose and the north wind that sends Nut (the Divine Mother), your mother!".

"Oh Ra! Deign sanctify my spirit! Oh !, Osiris Returns my soul its divine nature. Glory to you, O Lord of the gods be praised your name."

"Oh !, creator of admirable works with your rays Clarifies my body resting on earth for all eternity".

(This sentence is textual of the Egyptian Book of the hiding dwelling).

                                                                     BLACK LIGHT

"OSIRIS IS A BLACK GOD". ,, terrible frightening, unusual mysterious sentence pronounced secretly in the stealth of the temples during initiation ceremonies in the sunny country of KEM .

Well know that GODS and MEN that the EGYPTIAN GOD OSIRIS NUMEN, result in the background absolutely incomprehensible for us. That is mystery, that we do not understand, is black to the human intellect; after that explanation our readers will understand the deep significance of this mysterious phrase.

At the beginning or dawn of each universe, the eternal BLACK LIGHT or absolute darkness becomes chaos. It is written with words of fire in all the sacred books of the world, that CHAOS is the seedbed of COSMOS. NOTHINGNESS, CHAOS, is certainly without doubt the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end of all worlds that live and palpitate in the unalterable infinite.

In the AITAREYA BRAHMANA, precious masterclass of RIG VEDA is indeed abundantly demonstrated the tremendous identity between those luminous ideas of Brahmans and Pythagoreans, who both rely on mathematics.

In the Hindustani said volume is often referred to FIRE BLACK,  to the ABSTRACT DARK WISDOM, ABSOLUTE LIGHT unconditioned and without name.

That ABSTRACT SEITY, is the primitive ZERO-ASTER  of the Parsis, the NOTHINGNESS saturated with life ,, that ... that ... that ... GOD himself, that is, the Army of the Voice, the VERB  the GREAT WORD, dies when they reach the PRALAYA GREAT COSMIC NIGHT and reborn terribly divine at the dawn of  MAHANVANTARA.

The RADICAL ABSOLUTE ZERO in transcendent arithmetic, the abstract space in geometry, the unknowable Seity  (not to be confused with ness, which is different), not born or dies nor reincarnated.

From This all unknowable or radical zero, emanates at the beginning of any sidereal universe, the Pythagorean Monad, the Father-Mother gnostic The INDO PURUSHA-PRAKRITI, the OSIRIS-ISIS Egyptian, PROTOGONOS DUAL or ADAM-KADMON Kabbalist, the TEOS-CHAOS, Hesiod's Theogony, the UR-ANAS or heating Fire and Chaldean Water, the RUACH ELOHIM OR DIVINE SPIRIT OF THE LORD floating on the genesic waters of the first instant

DEEP NIGHT only darkness filled the boundless all; as Father, Mother and Son were once more one, and the Son had not yet awakened to the wheel, and his pilgrimage in it.

After these words OREMUS ... meditate ... worship. We turn now to the depths of our being and in the absence of Ego  seek with infinite humility.

There ... deep inside ... beyond the body, the effects and mind, we will find the CHILD HORUS, the divine spirit, our real BEING, in the arms of his DIVINE MOTHER  KUNDALINI,  ISIS to whom no mortal he has lifted the veil. " She really is the feminine aspect of OSIRIS, the Father who is in secret; this in itself is the male phase of ISIS. Both are the IOD-HEVE of the Hebrews Jah-Hovah or Je-Hovah that the Jews of these times of Kali Yuga intentionally confused Jahve, which as Saturnino of Antioch says is the genius of evil, the devil !( We are in the dawn of the new era of love and golden age. When Samael Archangel wrote this was in the ending of the Kali Yuga age, Initiating the Aquarius Era since such light is the Avatar of the New Era)

Listen to me Gods, Understand to me men. As well as in the deep sea emerge with tremendous momentum the furious waves crashing on the sandy beach and also from the infinite within SARAS-WATI, the eternal MOTHER SPACE,  rises and manifest within us, the IGNEOUS SNAKE OF OUR MAGICAL POWERS, our particular cosmic mother.

The Lord is even deeper and as H. P. B. says, there are as many Fathers in heaven as men on earth; however they are all emanations of BRAHMA the ocean of great life. OSIRIS, ISIS and HORUS three of you give us a sign and come to us.

MOTHER FATHER and SON   Divine TRIMURTI   ineffable and terribly divine, three aspects of our authentic self.

At the dawn of each MAHAMVANTARA the Son, the child, HOURUS, the DIVINE SPIRIT of each must send this vale of tears best of himself, his essence, with the purpose of SELF REALIZATION.

The battle is terrible; HOURUS the INNERMOST, the PARTICULAR SPIRIT of each of one  must beat the Red Devils, (THE PLURALIZED EGO), if you really want to have -DIAMOND-SOUL.

Even imagine for a moment the divine androgen RASIT or BRASIT, the FATHER-MOTHER   GNOSTIC already provided with-DIAMOND SOUL; so are those who have already achieved the final liberation.

But not all divine androgen has DIAMOND-DIAMOND. Truly ,truly, I say that many flames are without SELF-REALITATION. Certainly HORUS is certainly the vehicle IOD-HEVE, the indispensable instrument for SELF-REALITATION.

OSIRIS and ISIS fail when HOURUS is defeated in battle during his pilgrimage to the fatal wheel of SAMSARA. (Valley of Tears) When HORUS comes victorious in battles against the RED-DEVILS, the IMMORTAL TRIAD provided with DIAMOND-SOUL, immersed forever in the ineffable joy of ABSOLUTE ABSTRACT SPACE.

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