CHAPTER 44

                                                                                                                 THE FINAL LIBERATION


In the name of TRUTH we have to affirm the necessity of RENUNCIATION. We need to go through the GREAT DEATH and this is only possible by totally freeing ourselves from the mind.


When nature has been radically dominated, OMNIPOTENCE and OMNISCIENCE naturally come.


When the SELF-REALIZED GNOSTIC still renounces the ideas of OMNIPOTENCE and OMNISCIENCE, the destruction of the true seed of evil ensues, that which after each PRALAYA, (COSMIC NIGHT), brings us back to the MAHAMVANTARA (COSMIC DAY).


It is obvious that everyone who has achieved INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION has the right to live in NIRVANA, but if he renounces such happiness, he will continue on the direct path that leads us to the ABSOLUTE.


However, it is clear that there are many laterals and tempting GODS much more dangerous than human beings.


They tempt us not out of wickedness, nor out of jealousy, nor out of fear of losing their place as some Eastern authors mistakenly suppose, but out of compassion.


As I write this chapter, something very interesting comes to my mind:


One day after having made a new Nirvanic Renunciation, found myself happy in my seventh principle (ATMAN) on the beautiful rooftop of an ineffable mansion.


It is clear that I was in NIRVANA, the region of the DHARMASATYAS, the WORLD OF GODS.


Suddenly, floating in the sacred space, many blessed NIRVANIS came close to me.


It was certainly worthy of admiration and to see those ineffable beings dressed in their robes of DHARMASATYAS.


A seeing them could verify by direct experience that these beings were living flames three wicks and that these in if they are immortal.


At last one of those ineffable spoke to me: "Why, my brother, have you gone down that narrow, bitter and long road? Stay with us here in NIRVANA; we are all very happy."


Men could not with their temptations, much less you the GODS; I'm going for the ABSOLUTE. This was my answer. Then I left that beautiful place with a firm and determined step.


The GNOSTICS who do not achieve absolute perfection die and become GODS: they make the mistake of abandoning the great direct path, they undertake the side paths and acquire many powers, but then it is clear that they need to reincarnate again to enter the direct path again which will lead them to the ABSOLUTE.


It is essential to prevent the mental content from taking various forms in order to achieve absolute stillness of the mind.


Direct knowledge gives us beautiful qualities, but whoever walks the direct path should not be attached to such virtues.


Obtaining PSYCHIC powers never leads to any liberation. It is nothing more than a search for vain joys.


Possession of hidden powers only intensifies worldliness in us and ultimately makes existence more  bitter.


Many souls, although they have achieved almost total LIBERATION, fail because they cannot absolutely renounce all hidden powers. These beings immerse themselves in nature for a time, to emerge again as owners, masters, lords.


There are thousands of GODS of this kind, they are DIVINE, ineffable, but they have no right to enter the ABSOLUTE.


There are many SELF-REALIZED immersed in nature, those are certainly brothers who have stopped on this side of perfection and who, prevented for some time from reaching the end, continue to govern this or that part of the Universe.


The HOLY GODS certainly correspond to certain higher functions of nature, which are assumed by different souls, but in truth they have not yet achieved final liberation.


Only by renouncing the idea of becoming GODS, ruling KALPAS (CYCLES), can we achieve absolute radical liberation.


Success is soon for the one who is extremely energetic. We need to be ruthless to ourselves.


It is urgent to give up and die from moment to moment. Only on the basis of many renunciations and deaths, we can enter the ABSOLUTE.


I speak to human beings based on direct experience. I AM an AVATAR of ISHVARA.


Truly ISHVARA (THE SUPREME MASTER) is a very special PURUSHA, free from sufferings, actions, results and desires.


Imagine the UNIVERSAL SPIRIT OF LIFE as an ocean without beaches; without shore; think for a moment of some wave that arises to get lost again among the liquid element, such a diamond wave would then be ISHVARA.


BRAHMAN the ocean of the SPIRIT manifests as ISHVARA, the MASTER of MASTERS, The ruler of the Universe.


In him this omniscience becomes infinite, which in others exists only in germ.


He is the MASTER, even for the old Masters, never being limited by time; the word that manifests it is AOM.


And he came to me ISHVARA - he told me: - "messages, brochures and TIJITLIS".


Lord! I exclaimed: and what does this word TIJITLIS mean? "To form the world salvation army, the Gnostic Movement, etc ". Thus said the Lord and I understood.


ISHVARA is the true prototype of perfection, it is certainly far beyond the body, the mind and the affections.


However, dearly beloved GNOSTICS, in truth I tell you that you must first reach the Second birth, die in yourself and give even the last drop of blood for suffering humanity.


Only in this way can you tread that path of JOHN, that direct path that will take you to the ABSOLUTE, beyond men and GODS.


Do not make the mistake of waiting for the law of EVOLUTION to lead you to final liberation.


This direct path is only possible through incessant intimate REVOLUTIONS.


Now you are just IMITATUS, you must become ADEPTUS before starting to scale the three triangles.


The Angels, Archangels and Principalities, constitute the first triangle. Powers, Virtues and Dominations, personify the second triangle: Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim, personify the third triangle.


Far beyond the three ineffable triangles is That which has no name. That which is not of time, the ABSOLUTE.

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