HISTORY OF MASTER MENG SHAN


The old traditions that are lost in the night of the centuries tell that the Chinese master MENG SHAN knew the science of meditation before the age of twenty.


The yellow mystics say that from that age to thirty-two the aforementioned master studied with the eighteen elders.


It is certainly interesting, attractive, suggestive, to know that this great enlightened one studied with infinite humility at the feet of the venerable elderly of WAN SHAN, who taught him to intelligently use the powerful mantra WU that is pronounced like a double " " wisely imitating that howl , that howl of the hurricane between the gorges of the mountains.


This brother could never forget the state of alert perception, alert novelty, so indispensable, so urgent, to AWAKEN CONSCIOUSNESS.


The venerable elderly Guru WAN SHAN told him that during the twelve hours of the day, it is necessary to be alert like a cat that stalks a mouse or like a hen that hatches an egg, without abandoning the task for a second.


In these studies, EFFORTS do not count but "SUPER-EFFORTS"; while we are not ENLIGHTENED, we must work tirelessly, like a mouse gnawing on a coffin. If it is practiced in this way, we will finally free ourselves from the mind and directly experience that radically transforming element, that which is TRUTH.


On any given day after eighteen days and nights of continuous deep inner meditation he sat down to have tea and then ... Oh wonder! ... he understood the intimate meaning of BUDDHA's gesture in showing the flower and the deep meaning of MAHAKASYAPA with his exotic smile impossible to forget.


He questioned three or four elders about such a mystical experience but they kept silent; others told him to identify such an esoteric experience with the Shamadi of the Seal of the Ocean. This sage advice naturally inspired him with complete self-confidence.


MEN SHAN progressed triumphantly in his studies, however not everything in life is roses, there are also thorns. In the month of July during the fifth year of CHIN DIN (1264) he unfortunately contracted dysentery in CHUNKING, SZE-CHAUN province.


With death on his lips, he decided to make a will and dispose of his earthly goods. This done, he slowly got up, burned incense, and sat down on a high seat; There he prayed silently to the three Blessed and to the HOLY GODS, repenting before them for all the bad actions committed in his life.


However, considering the end of his existence certain, he made his last request to the ineffable: "I wish that through the power of PRAJNA and a controlled state of mind, I reincarnate in a favorable place where I can become a MONK (SWAMI) at an early age. ". "If by chance I recover from this disease, I will renounce the world, take up the habits and try to bring the light to other young BUDDHISTS."


After making these vows, he immersed himself in deep meditation, mentally chanting the mantra WU. The disease tormented him, his intestines tortured him terribly but he resolved not to pay attention to them.


MENG SHAN radically forgot about his own body, his eyelids closed firmly and he was left as dead.


Chinese traditions say that when MENG SHAN entered into meditation only the VERB, that is, the mantra WU ... ...) resonated in his mind; afterwards he did not know more about himself.


And the disease? What happened to it? What happened? It is clear, lucid, to understand that every affection, ailment, ailment, is based on certain mental forms; If we achieve absolute radical forgetfulness of any illness, the intellectual foundation dissolves and the organic indisposition disappears.


When MENG SHAN rose from his seat at the beginning of the night, he felt with infinite joy that he was already half cured; then he sat down again and continued immersed in deep meditation until midnight, then his healing was complete.


In August MENG SHAN went to CHIANG NING and full of FAITH entered the priesthood; He stayed for a year in that monastery and then began a journey, during which he himself cooked his food, washed his clothes, etc. Then he fully understood that the task of meditation must be tenacious, resistant, strong, firm, constant, without ever tiring.


Later, walking through those Chinese lands, he arrived at the YELLOW DRAGON monastery, there he fully understood the need to AWAKEN CONSCIOUSNESS, then he continued his journey to CHE CHIANG.


Upon arrival, he threw himself at the feet of Master KU CHAN TIEN and vowed not to leave the monastery until he achieved ENLIGHTENMENT.


After a month of intensive meditation he regained the work lost on the trip, but in the meantime his body became filled with horrible blisters, he intentionally ignored them and continued with the esoteric discipline.


On any given day, no matter which, certain people invited him to a delicious meal; on the way he took his HUA TOU and worked with it and thus, immersed: in deep meditation, he passed by the door of his host without realizing it; then he realized that he could maintain esoteric work while in full activity.


On March 6, when he was meditating with the wu mantra, the main monk of the monastery entered the LUMISIAL of MEDITATION with the obvious purpose of burning incense, but it happened that when he hit the incense box, a noise was produced and then MENG SHAN he recognized himself and could see and hear CHAO CHOU, a remarkable Chinese Master.


"Desperate, I came to the dead end of the road; I hit the wave (but) it was nothing but water, Oh! That remarkable old CHAO CHOU, whose face is so ugly!"


All Chinese biographers agree that in autumn MENG SHAN met with HSUEH YEN in LING AN and with TUI KENG, SHIN KENG, HSU CHOU and other notable elders.


I understand that the KOAN or decisive enigmatic phrase for MENG SHAN, was without the slightest doubt the one with which WAN SHAN questioned him.


"Isn't the phrase, 'the light that shines serenely on the sand on the bank,' a prosaic observation by that fool Chang?"


Meditation on this phrase was enough for MENG SHAN, and when WAN SHAN questioned him later with the same phrase, that is, when he repeated the question, the yellow mystic responded by throwing the mattress on the floor as if to say: I'M ALREADY AWAKE.



                                                                                                                          CHAPTER 24

                                                                                                         THE COUNTRY OF THE DEAD


AENEAS the eminent Trojan man, Olympian and solemn ascends the august mountain of APOLLO on whose majestic summit is the mysterious den of the fortune teller.


Sacred forest of the third aspect of the DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI near the temple, ineffable forest of HÉCATE, PROSERPINA, COATLICUE.


Hermetically sealed sanctuary with a hundred doors, a glorious entrance into which Daedalus, the skilled sculptor, carved marvelous reliefs with extraordinary skill.


Icarus or Icaro with his IAO, chiseled by his father in the sacred rock in that mysterious entrance, it is said that he wanted to ascend to heaven, become SON OF THE SUN, but his wax wings melted and he fell to the horrible precipice.


Wonderful symbol, vain attempt of those who do not know how to work with the LUMINOUS AND SPERMATTIC Fiat of the first moment, misfortune, fall of the ALKYMISTS who spill the RAW MATERIAL of the GREAT WORK.


And wasn't Daedalus the famous sculptor, the author of ICARO, the same one who taught THESEUS to escape from the intricate labyrinth of Crete?


Horrendous corridor in whose center was always the famous Minotaur, half man, half beast. Complicated intellect bottled in MYSELF.


Only by eliminating the inner beast can we truly free ourselves; only by dissolving the ANIMAL EGO will we arrive at INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION.


"This is not the time to admire works of art," exclaims the priestess, "APOLLO will soon arrive, like a hurricane wind."


And a hundred black lambs then sacrifice the illustrious Trojan male in honor of PROSERPINA, the third manifest aspect of the eternal SPACE-MOTHER, the queen of HELL and DEATH.


In saying this the sibyl ... Oh God! ... a terrible earthquake shakes the bowels of the earth and transfigured the priestess exclaims: APOLLO! Here is APOLLO! Ah, AENEAS! Listen to me! Pray! The doors to this joint won't open before I've done it!


And the legend of the centuries tells that upon hearing these venerable words, the remarkable man raised his ardent supplications to APOLLO.


In a voice transfigured by ecstasy, the Vestal spoke, warning the distinguished warrior that he would be able to set foot on the shores of Italy and settle in Lavinious.


He predicted that a second Achilles, as strong as the first, would declare war on him.


He told him that the Latin rivers would flow blood, as in Troy the Xanthos and the Simois, but not to be discouraged or give in to adversity, that at last he would receive his salvation from a Greek city.


In this way, the CUMAS sanctuary spreads its sacred horror over the mountain; in the depths of the temple, the earth howls, and the truth is disguised in darkness "(DEMONIUS EST DEUS INVERSUS).


And AENEAS begs the sibyl, begs, cries, asks for entry to the land of the dead, wants to go down to PLUTO's abode and says: "This way you can go down to the abode of the dead. Couldn't you accompany me to visit to my father? Think he was my escape partner. "


"On my back I carried him, fleeing the smoking ruins of Troy, and it is he himself who directs me to you and begs me to ask you for this mercy:" Tell me, is it too much to ask? If Orpheus went down there, armed only with his harmonious lyre; if Theseus came down, and Hercules too, why should I not be able to go, who am JUPITER's grandson? "(AENEAS WAS AN INITIATE).


Certainly it is easy to descend into hell to work in the NINTH SPHERE and DISSOLVE THE PSYCHIC AGGREGATES, but it is frighteningly difficult to return. There is the hard work! There the difficult test! Proserpina, the queen of hell and death is certainly very capricious and as a present for those who visit her, she always demands the golden bud, the golden branch of the tree of knowledge and abundant seed.


Blessed is he who finds the magic tree, which by the way is not very far; it is our own very spine; to that the doors of PLUTO will be opened.


Whoever wants to go up must first go down, that is the Law. INITIATION is DEATH and BIRTH at the same time.


However, you who read these lines, let the dead bury their dead and follow me.


Whoever wants to come after me, deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.


Denying oneself means DISSOLVE THE EGO, dying from moment to moment, reducing oneself to dust from moment to moment.


Throwing the heavy cross of the Master on our shoulders is something profoundly significant; the vertical phalus of that holy symbol is masculine; The horizontal rod is female; in the sexual intersection of these two poles is the key to the SECOND BIRTH.


To follow the Lord from second to second means SACRIFICE for humanity, being willing to give even the last drop of blood for our fellow men, immolating ourselves in the Ara Sacra of supreme love for all our brothers in the world.


And now GODS and MEN! ... Listen to me: SIBYL and AENEAS penetrated into the bosom of the earth through the dreadful cave.


I put the Genie of the Earth as witness to solemnly affirm that before entering the HELL, one passes through the ORC (LIMBO). The latter is a hall in itself; in him dwell Disease, Hunger, horrendous and perverse counselor, Misery, Vain Joys, War, Furies, Discord with its hair of vipers, Pain and the Dream of CONSCIOUSNESS.


There AENEAS found the foolish dreams of the people; there he saw creatures as horrible as BRIAREO, the giant with one hundred arms; the Hydra of Lerna, whom HERCULES killed by masterfully cutting off its multiple heads; the Chimera of the people, monster with the head of a goat; the Gorgons, the Harpies, (WITCHES), etc.


From the ORC starts the mysterious route that leads the lost souls to TARTARUS, (WORLDS-HELLS).


AENEAS and SIBYL seated on the berry of CARON, they sailed through the waters of the ACHERON and reached the other shore.


In HELL, AENEAS found CERBERUS the demon of Lust, to MINOS, the inexorable judge; and he saw the gloomy brook winding nine times in the ninth sphere and the terrible waters of the Styx.

In Hell, the pious AENEAS found DIDO, the queen who loved him and was also able to embrace her late father.



                                                                                                                       CHAPTER 25

                                                                                                          DORN AND THORN RUNES


Just a few days ago it occurred to me to visit the temple of Chapultepec in Mexico again.


A certain sister humbly prostrated herself before the doors of the temple imploring entry; sincere pleas are always heard.


Master LITELANTES and I entered after that supplicant; frankly, I cannot deny that full of deep veneration and devotion, I advanced walking on my knees as many penitents do, thus slowly ascending each of the steps of the sanctuary.


LITELANTES entered very happy ... playing around a bit ... I had to get a little severe ... she was surprised at my attitude; inside the temple I am different, I had to tell her.


The open house opportunity was taken advantage of by a group of lunar people, poor people...


LITELANTES and my insignificant person, we felt so different from all those people dressed in lunar rags ... how different the SOLAR BODIES really are!


The amazing thing then was the way the LUNAR group advanced, without veneration, without respect.


However, I was able to understand clearly and with complete lucidity that I should look at this group with sympathy, because they were select people and with many merits.


Unfortunately it was not meeting time, the way those people entered was not very orderly either.


The Senior Temple Master scolded them severely and even took them out of the temple, song in such a delightful language ... and everyone had to withdraw.


I have been reflecting on all this; the LOVE of CHRIST is formidable; This lunar group is very sincere, the poor ones have not reached the SECOND BIRTH but they deserve to be helped and the Lord cares for and cultivates them as if they were delicate greenhouse flowers, at last they will be given good opportunities to work in the NINTH SPHERE, then yes, wretched they will be! if they fail the difficult test.


The descent to the HELL, to the NINTH SPHERE, was from ancient times the ultimate test for the supreme dignity of the Hierophant: BUDDHA, JESUS, DANTE, HERMES, KRISHNA, QUETZALCOATL, etc., they had to go down to PLUTO's abode.


There is the den where CERBERO howls, a prodigy of terror, who with his barking, his three huge flat heads and his neck surrounded by snakes fills all the deceased with terror.


Those who died deceived by the poison of SEXUAL PASSION dwell in those painful depths; Evade me, Pasiphae, Laodamia ... and also poor queen DIDO, the one who earlier had sworn allegiance to the ashes of SIQUEUS.


Many heroes of ancient Troy live there: Glaucus, Medente, Tersilochus, Polibetes, Ideo ... so loved and so feared.


There are the terrible shadows of AGAMENON and AYAX, and of many other Achaeans who fought against Troy, flee and shout in that darkness ... Reviving life, as if they were still fighting on the plain watered by the sun, drunk with light and blood.


There is the sinister city, surrounded by triple walls, from which come horrible plaintive groans and the noise of chains.


There the three furies (DESIRE, MIND AND EVIL WILL) lash the guilty with those horrible whips that hiss like vipers' tongues.


In those dark submerged regions also live the TITANS of ancient ATLANTIS, who tried to climb the sky, conquer other worlds of infinite space without having reached true holiness.


In Tartarus live fornicators, adulterers, murderers, drunkards, greedy, selfish, thieves, swindlers, angry, violent, envious, proud, vain, lazy, gluttonous, founders of bad doctrines, hypocritical Pharisees, traitors and materialists atheist enemies of the ETERNAL.


Immense is Oh God! the multitude of crimes and even if it had a hundred mouths, a thousand tongues and a voice of steel, it would never manage to list them all.


Going down to those mineral regions of the Earth, to that sub-world, is too easy, but to go up again, to return to the sunlight, is frighteningly difficult.


When I was born in the CAUSAL WORLD, or rather we could say, PARALLEL UNIVERSE OF THE CONSCIOUS WILL, the sacred cloth of Veronica shone on the altar of the temple.


Corresponding to the BRONZE AGE, many heads with crowns of thorns are found chiseled in the rocks.


There was a cult of the god of thorns, which, well considered and judiciously examined, clearly present us with the symbolic figure of the RUNE THORN.


In the sacred mysteries of the THORN WORSHIP, special practices were given to develop the CONSCIOUS WILL.


DORN, THORN, means WILL, remember GNOSTIC brothers that our CURRENCY MOTTO is THELEMA.


The DIVINE FACE crowned with THORNS, means THELEMA, that is, CONSCIOUS WILL.


DORN is also the PHALUS, the volitional principle of SEXUAL MAGIC (MAITHUNA).


It is necessary to intelligently accumulate through the PHALUS that seminal energy that, when restrained and transmuted, becomes THELEMA, WILL.


Arm yourself with a will of steel, remember, good reader, that without the THORN that pierces, that hurts, the spark does not jump, the light does not emerge.


Only with THELEMA, (CHRIST WILL), will we be able to return from TARTAR to the sunlight.


In Truth I say to you, that the WILL CHRIST knows how to obey the FATHER in heaven as well as on earth.


Beware of the Ill Will, the latter in itself is the force of SATAN.





In the military position of standing firm and with the face towards the east, place the right arm in such a way that the hand is supported on the waist or hip, describing the shape of this RUNE.


Now sing the mantric syllables, TI, TE, TO, TU, TA, with the purpose of developing in yourself the CHRIST WILL.


This exercise should be practiced every day at sunrise.



                                                                                                                         CHAPTER 26

                                                                                                                                THE I


Those of you who listened with mystical patience to the ARCANE of the mysterious night, those of you who have understood the enigma that hides in every heart, the sound of a distant car, a vague echo, a slight sound lost in the distance ... listen to me.


In moments of profound silence, when forgotten things emerge from the depths of memory, times gone by, in the hour of the dead, in the hour of rest, you will know how to study in depth this chapter not only with your mind but also with the heart.


As in a golden cup I pour in these lines my pains from distant memories and dire misfortunes, sad nostalgia for my flower-drunk soul, mourning of my sad heart of holidays.


More! What do I mean! ... My soul! Do you regret so many yesterdays with vain complaints?


You can still hold the fragrant rose and the lily, and there are myrtles for your aching gray head.


The soul full of vain memories, cruel immolates what makes the EGO happy, like Zingua, queen of Angola, lubricious black.


You have enjoyed horrible bacchanalia, foolish pleasures in the worldly bustle and now, woe to you! You hear the terrible imprecation of Ecclesiastes.


Alas for you! ... poor EGO! The moment of passion enchants you; but look how Ash Wednesday arrives; MEMENTO, HOMO.


For this reason, towards the mountain of INITIATION, the select Souls go and explain themselves Anacreonte and Omar Kayan.


The old time all gnaws relentlessly and goes fast; know how to beat him, Cynthia, Chloe and Cidalisa.


In the absence of SELF and beyond time I experienced THAT which is the REAL, that element that radically transforms.


To experience the real beyond the mind! ... to experience in a direct way that which is not of time ... it is certainly something impossible to describe in words.


And he was in that state known in the eastern world as NIRVI-KALPA-SAMADHI; Being an INDIVIDUAL I had passed beyond all INDIVIDUALITY, for an instant I felt that the drop was lost in the ocean that has no shores, an indescribable sea of

light ... bottomless abyss ... empty BUDDHIST full of glory and happiness.


How to define the ILLUMINATING VACUUM?. How to describe what is beyond time?


The SAMADHI became too deep ... the absolute absence of the SELF. The total loss of INDIVIDUALITY, the increasingly radical IMPERSONALIZATION, caused me fear.


YES ... fear! ... I was afraid of losing what I am, my own particularity, my human affections ... how terrible is the BUDDHIST annihilation!


And full of terror and even dread, I lost my ecstasy, I entered time, I got bottled up in the I, I fell into the mind.


So! Oh me! ... Oh! Oh! It was then that I understood the EGO's practical joke; this was the one who suffered, feared for his own life, cried out.


SATAN, my BELOVED EGO, had made me lose SAMADHI; How horrible! If I had known before...



So, when I went through this mystical experience, I was still very young and she, (the night, the firmament), was called URANIA.


Ah! Crazy youth that plays with worldly things and that in every woman sees a Greek Nymph, even if this is a red Courtesan.


Long time already! Even more, I see orange blossoms in the green orange trees impregnated with aromas or in the old frigates that come from distant seas, or in the Icaco, or dense mangroves; or you, adored face at that time, appear as first sorrows and first loves.


And I understood that I needed to DISSOLVE THE EGO, reduce it to dust, to have the right to ECSTASY.


Then, MY GOD! ... I met so many yesterdays; in truth SELF is a book of many volumes.


How difficult the DISSOLUTION OF SELF was for me, but I succeeded. Fleeing from evil many times I entered evil and cried.


Why vile envies and lusts, when their reptilian pale fury twists?


Why the fatal hatreds of the ungrateful? Why the livid gestures of the Pilate?


In the depths of the most chaste men lives the Biblical ADAM, drunk with carnal passion, savoring with delight the forbidden fruit; it still resurfaces in the work of Fidias Friné nude.


And I cried out to heaven saying: To the Faun in me, give him science, that wisdom, which makes the Angel's wings tremble; by prayer and penance, allow me to put the evil devils to flight; Lord, give me other eyes, not those that enjoy looking at snowy roundness and red lips; give me another mouth in which the fiery coals of the ascetic remain forever imprinted, and not this mouth of ADAM in which wines and mad kisses infinitely increase and multiply beast gluttons; give me disciplining and penitent hands that leave my back bloody and not these lubricated hands of a lover that caress the pomades of sin; Give me innocent Christ blood and it is not that which makes my veins burn, my nerves vibrate and my bones creak, I want to be free from evil and deceit, die in myself and feel a loving hand that pushes me to the cave that always welcomes the hermit.


And working hard, my brothers, I came to the Kingdom of Death on the path of love.


Ah! ... if those who seek ILLUMINATION truly understood that the soul is bottled up in the I ...


Ah! ... if those destroyed the Ego, if they reduced the dear EGO to dust, then the SOUL would be truly free ... in ecstasy ... in continuous Shamadi, so they would directly experience that which is TRUTH.


Whoever wants to experience the REAL must eliminate the SUBJECTIVE ELEMENTS of perceptions.


It is URGENT to know that such ELEMENTS constitute the various entities that make up the SELF.


Within each of these elements the SOUL sleeps deeply. How painful!


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