CHAPTER 45

                                                                                                      THE DREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS


Beloved Gnostic disciples: With much effort and great love we have reached the penultimate chapter of this "Christmas Message 1968-1969" and it is for the good of the Great Cause to eliminate certain weeds that obstruct the way.


In all this there is something too serious: I want to refer emphatically to the dream of CONSCIOUSNESS.


The gospels insist on the need to AWAKE UP but unfortunately people assume that they are awake.


To make matters worse, there is a certain class of very psychic subjects out there, by the way, who not only sleep but also dream that they are awake.


This class of people call themselves "so-called" seers and are too dangerous because they project their dreams, hallucinations and follies on others; Those are precisely the ones who indulge in other crimes that they have not committed and destroy the homes of others.


It is obvious to understand that we are not speaking against the legitimate clairvoyants, we are only referring now to the hallucinated, to those sincerely mistaken ones who dream of being awake.


With deep sorrow we have been able to show that the esoteric failure is really due to the sleeping CONSCIOUSNESS.


Many sincere Gnostic devotees and lovers of TRUTH really fail because of that sorry state of dormant CONSCIOUSNESS.


In ancient times, only the GREAT ARCANE, the MAITHUNA, the SEX-YOGA, were taught to neophytes who AWAKENED CONSCIOUSNESS; the HEROPHANTS knew very well that the sleeping disciples, sooner or later abandon their work in the NINTH SPHERE.


And the worst of the case is that those failures are SELF-DECEIVED by thinking the best of themselves. They almost always fall like harlots into the arms of some new little school that offers them some kind of consolation and then they pronounce phrases such as the following: "I do not continue with the Gnostic teachings because they require a partner and this is up to oneself, liberation, work is something that you have to look for alone ".


Naturally, all these words of SELF-COMFORT and SELF-CONSIDERATION are only intended for SELF-JUSTIFICATION itself.


If these poor people had AWAKENED CONSCIOUSNESS, they would show their mistake, they would understand that they were not made alone, that they had a father and a mother, that there was intercourse that gave them life.


If those poor people had AWAKENED CONSCIOUSNESS, they would verify for themselves that as it is above, it is below and vice versa; They would directly experience their crude reality, they would fully realize the lamentable state in which they are; They would understand the need of the MAITHUNA to manufacture the SOLAR BODIES, the wedding garment of the soul and thus achieve that SECOND BIRTH of which the GREAT KABIR JESUS spoke to the RABBIN NICODEMUS.


But such sampler of wisdom sleep and are not really capable of verifying for themselves that they are dressed in PROTOPLASMATIC BODIES, in LUNAR rags.


The dreamers, the sleepers that supposes to be awake, not only harm themselves but also cause serious harm to their fellow men.


I believe that the sincere mistaken, the one asleep who dreams of being awake, the MYTHOMANIAC who thinks himself SUPER-TRANSCENDED, the hallucinated person who qualifies as ENLIGHTENED, in truth can and usually does much more damage to humanity than the one who never in his life he has entered our studies.


We are speaking very harsh language; However, you can be sure, dear reader, that many asleep, hallucinated, when reading these lines instead of stopping for a moment to reflect, correct and rectify, they will only look for a way to appropriate my words with the evident purpose of documenting their follies.


Unfortunately for this poor human anthill, the poor people have inside a terrible secretary who misinterprets the GNOSTIC teachings, I want to refer to the PLURALIZED EGO.


The most COMIC of MEPHISTOPHELES is the way he disguises himself as SAINT; it is clear that the EGO likes to be placed on altars and worshiped.


It is pathetic, obvious, to understand in depth, that as long as the CONSCIENCE continues to be bottled between the PLURALIZED SELF, it will not only sleep but what is worse, it will sometimes have the bad taste of dreaming that it is awake.


The worst kind of insanity results from the combination of MYTHOMANIA with hallucinations.


The type of the MYTHOMANIAC is the one who boasts of GOD, who feels SUPER-TRANSCENDED, who wants the whole world to adore him.


This kind of subject to studying this chapter will accommodate my words to others and think about themselves that they already dissolved the EGO even have it more robust than a gorilla.


When a SLEEPING MYTHOMANIAC works in the FORGE of the CYCLOPES, you can be very sure that very soon he will leave the work saying: I have already achieved the Second Birth; I am liberated; I have renounced NIRVANA for the love of humanity, I am a GOD.


In our beloved Gnostic Movement we have been able to see very ugly things; it is frightening to see the MYTHOMANIACS, the hallucinated sleepers prophesying madness, slandering others, describing others as BLACK WIZARDS, etc. That is dreadful.


Devils judging devils! All those paragons of perfection do not want to realize that in this painful world in which we live; it is almost impossible to ever find a saint.


Every magician is more or less black, in no way can one be white while the devil, the PLURALIZED SELF, The Ego is embedded within the body.


That of going around saying that so-and-so he is fallen is certainly a joke in very bad taste because in this world all people are fallen.


That of slandering others and destroying homes with false prophecies is typical of hallucinated people, of people who dream that they are awake.


If anyone really wants to SELF-WAKE UP, then let them resolve to die from moment to moment; that you practice deep meditation, that you free yourself from the mind, that you work with the Runes as we have taught them in this book;


Here I constantly receive letters from many asleep who say: My wife, or so-and-so, etc. he is highly evolved, he is too old a soul, etc.


Those poor sleepers who speak like this think that time and EVOLUTION can AWAKEN THEM, SELF-REALIZE THEM, and lead them to FINAL LIBERATION. Those people do not want to understand that EVOLUTION and its twin sister INVOLUTION are exclusively two mechanical laws of nature that work in a harmonious and coordinated way in everything created.


When one AWAKES CONSCIOUSNESS, one understands the need to emancipate oneself from these two laws and to enter the path of REVOLUTION.


We want AWAKE, firm, revolutionary people; in no way do we accept incoherent, vague, imprecise, tasteless, odorless phrases, etc.


We must live alert and vigilant like the lookout in times of war. We want people who work with the three factors of the REVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS.


We regret so many cases of sincere mistaken sleeping that only work with a single factor many times misused unfortunately.


We need to understand what we are; poor sleeping ones, machines  controlled by the EGO

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