CHAPTER 43

                                                                                                                            RUNA LAF


I was still very young and her name was URANIA, one of those many nights, no matter which one, I left the physical body for a while.


How happy I felt outside the dense body !; there is no greater pleasure than that of feeling the soul detached, the past and the future then become an eternal now.


Penetrating the PARALLEL UNIVERSES is relatively easy when you have AWAKENING CONSCIOUSNESS.


In the PARALLEL UNIVERSE of the FIFTH DIMENSION I felt the intimate need to invoke a Master and I cried out with a great voice calling, pleading, asking.


For an instant it seemed as if the whole universe was transformed, such is the force of the verb.


The silver cord has the power to lengthen infinitely, so souls can travel freely through starry space.


And I traveled a lot and got to the Temple. When, full of ecstasy, I advanced along the mysterious path that leads the INITIATES to the gates of the Most Holy place, I was unexpectedly attacked by a great beast, by a Mithraic bull, terrifying in a great way.


Without bragging about being brave, I tell you dear reader that I did not feel fear; I confronted the animal in a resolute way and, daring, I took him by the horns, then managed to throw him on the ground.


However, in those precise moments something unusual happened; an iron chain fell before my astonished conscience and the terrible animal disappeared as if by enchantment.


I understood everything intuitively in those moments; it is clear, I needed to free myself, break enslaving chains, eliminate the animal EGO.


Then, I continued on my way and entered through the doors of the Temple. I was inebriate by an exquisite spiritual voluptuousness; I certainly wouldn't trade those moments for all the gold in the world.


What happened later, the GODS know well and now I relate it to men.


I saw the chariot of the centuries; this was carried by three Masters of the WHITE LODGE; a venerable old man was in that Mystery car.


How to forget that face? That continent? That one trace? So sublime perfection?


That forehead of the old man was certainly tall and majestic; his straight and perfect nose; her thin and delicate lips; his small and collected ear; his white beard haloed with light; her pristine white hair fell softly to his shoulders.


It is obvious that I could not stop asking, the case was terribly divine, formidable.


"This is called PETER" answered one of the HIEROPHANTS who was driving the chariot of the centuries.


So ... oh my Gosh! I prostrated myself on the ground before this ancient man of the centuries and he, full of infinite love and compassion, blessed me speaking in a sacred language.


Since then I have reflected a lot and I will never regret having taught humanity the GOSPEL OF PETER, MAITHUNA, SEX-YOGA.


And PATAR, PETER says, "Behold, I place in Zion the chief corner stone, chosen, precious."


For you then, who believe, he is precious; but for those who do not believe, the STONE that the builders rejected has become the head of the corner. "Stone of stumbling block and rock of scandal".


But then what about the Holy GRAIL? Isn't it the same INITIATIC STONE?


The GRAIL is a precious stone, brought to earth by the Angels and entrusted with its custody to an Initiatic Fraternity called one of the custodians of the GRAIL.


Here we are, then, with the STONE OF JACOB, the SACRED STONE, of the Scottish LIAFAIL, the CUBIC STONE OF JESOD located by the Hebraic KABALISTS in the SEX.


The legitimate text of WOLFRAM of ESCHENBACH relative to the HOLY STONE and the white brotherhood that wisely custody it, is in effect, as follows:


"Those heroes are animated by a stone. Do you not know its august and pure essence? It is called a lapis-electrix (MAGNES); by it all marvels (MAGIC) can be realized.


She, like the phoenix that falls into the flames, is reborn from her own ashes, since in the same flames she refreshes her plumage. And it shines rejuvenated more beautiful than before.


His power is such that any man, no matter how unhappy he was in his state, instead of dying like the others, no longer knows the age, neither by his color, nor by his face; and whether he is a man or a woman, he will enjoy the ineffable happiness of contemplating the STONE for more than two hundred years. "


The INITIATIC STONE becomes esoterically the VESSEL OF HERMES, the Sacred CHALICE.


PETER, PATAR, PEDRO, the initiatory revelation is in the SEX and everything that is not there means waste of time.


It is tremendously significant that  in the America continent, we find LAFTAR, engraved on the stones, The RUNE LAF, which means SAVIOR.


It is obvious that we must raise the CHURCH for the intimate CHRIST on the living STONE. Oh! Oh! Oh! Of those who build their inner temple on the quicksand of all theories; rains will descend, rivers will come and his house will roll into the abyss where only weeping and gnashing of teeth are heard.


If we join two LAF by his arm then we have the letter for MARRIAGE.


It is  clear and very true that only by treading the PATH of PERFECT MARRIAGE, one can achieve the wedding dress of the soul, the perfect synthesis of the SOLAR BODIES.


Written is the order of the King: "Tie him hand and foot, and cast him into the outer darkness; there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."


"Because a lot of people are called, and few selected".





The practice corresponding to this RUNE, consists of going in the morning towards the Sun, at the moment in which it ascends by the East, but in that mystical attitude of the raised hands as manifested by the RUNE, and implore it ESOTERIC help. This practice should be done on the 27th of each month at dawn.

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