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                                                                                      Chapter 82

And it happened then, when Jesus had finished saying these words, that Philip came forward and said: "Jesus, my Lord, my thoughts are exalted, and I have understood the solution of the song that Pistis Sophia has sung. The Prophet David prophesied about of this long ago in Psalm One Hundred Six, saying: 


(Philip, within each human being, is one of the self-conscious parts of our own Being.)

(Philip must teach the Initiate to consciously travel outside the physical body.)

(Philip must practically teach the Initiate to put the physical body itself into the higher dimensions to travel through Hyperspace.)

(Great Initiates can travel with their physical bodies to very remote places on Earth without the need for ships, planes, cars, etc.)

(There is a key to invoke Philip: "To the Sky Philip", this is the key.)

(Let the mystic concentrated on Philip at time to fall asleep.)


(Immerse yourself in meditation by invoking Philip, get out of bed when you feel your body in a state of lassitude, advance invoking Philip.)

(The Lord guides and helps the Initiates who walk through the desert of life.)

(Really, life becomes a desert for those who advance on the Eightfold Path of the Buddhas)


                                                      Philip interprets the song with Psalm CVI.


"Thank God that he is good, and his grace is eternal.


Let those freed from the Lord say so because he is the one who has freed them from the hands of their enemies.


He has led them from their lands, from the east and from the west and from the north and from the sea.


They sailed through the desert in a country without water; they did not find the way to the city in their dwelling.


Hungry and thirsty their souls vanished.


He saved them from their needs. They called to the Lord and he heard them in their distress.


He led them on a straight path, so that they could go to the region of their dwellings.


May they thank the Lord for his goodness and for his wonderful work with the children of men.


Because he has satisfied a hungry soul; he has filled a hungry soul with good things.


They, who were sitting in the darkness and in the shadows of death, who were chained with iron and misery.


Because they had provoked the wrath of God and angered the determination of the Most High.


His heart was humiliated in his miseries; they became weak and nobody helped them.


They cried out to the Lord in their distress; he saved them from their needs.


And he led them out of the darkness and the shadow of death and destroyed their bond.


May they thank the Lord for his goodness and his wonderful work with the children of men.


Because he has smashed the bronze doors and broken the iron bolts.


He took them to himself out of the path of their iniquities. Since they had descended greatly due to their iniquities.


Their hearts hated all kinds of meat, and they were near the threshold of death.


They cried out to the Lord in their distress and he saved them from their needs.


He sent his word and healed them and delivered them from their miseries.


May they give thanks to the Lord for his goodness and his wonderful works with the children of men. "

So my Lord, this is the solution of the song that Pistis Sophia has sung; hear my Lord, that I may say it clearly. Truly the word that David has said: "Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good and his grace is eternal"; it is the word that Pistis Sophia has spoken; "I will thank you, Oh! Light, because you are my eternal savior and emancipator. "

And the word that David spoke: "Let the emancipated of the Lord say this, because he has freed them from the hands of their enemies" -this is the word that Pistis Sophia has said: "I will sing this song to the Light, because He has saved me from the hands of the rulers, my enemies ”. And the rest of the Psalm. This then is my Lord, the solution of the song that Pistis Sophia sang in the midst of the twenty-four invisible ones, wishing that they knew the wonderful works that you have done for her, and wishing that they know that you have delivered your mysteries to the race of the men"


                                                              ENDS THE HISTORY OF PISTIS SOPHIA.

(Those who discover the path of the straight line reach the bosom of the Great Reality.)

(The wonderful works of the Lord with the children of men lead them to the Final Truth.)

(The Word of the Lord heals the Initiates and frees them from their miseries, but we must do the Word within ourselves.)

(Whoever listens to the word and does not do it, is like the man who looks at himself in the mirror and then withdraws.)

(Philip, within us, has great Wisdom, Love and Power.)

(The longing Soul, Pistis Sophia, can only be released with the help of the Lord.)

(The Intimate Christ is both Father and Mother.)

(The Intimate Christ reconciles the Macrocosm and the Microcosm within real men.)

(The Intimate Christ, as mediator, moves between the two spheres, the one above and the one below.)

(The Fire of Fire, the Christ, is the living nucleus of all Planet, Sun or Galaxy.)

(The Intimate Christ is the Great Mediator and the Great Integrator.)

(In the Intimate Christ integrates the Father who is in secret and our Divine Mother Kundalini.)

(In the Intimate Christ all the forty-nine autonomous and self-conscious parts of our own Being are integrated.)

(Actually, the forty-nine fires are integrated into the Intimate Christ.)

(The Human Soul, Pistis Sophia, is saved by the Christ.)

(Pistis Sophia, integrated with the Inner Christ, shines gloriously in the Uncreated Light.)

(The happiness of Pistis Sophia when she is integrated with the Intimate Christ is inexhaustible.)

(This is the word of the Blessed One, this is the teaching that the Adorable One uttered on the Mount of Olives.)

(He is the Inner Lord our Profound Savior.)

(We have spoken of Pistis Sophia, the longing Soul, so hated by the Antichrist of false materialistic science.)

(Skeptical Sadducees, enemies of the Eternal, hate Christ and Pistis Sophia.)

(The hypocritical Pharisees of all times; those who confuse the letter that kills with the spirit that gives life, the minions of the dead sects that know nothing about Christ esotericism, also hate and curse Pistis Sophia.)

(But it is written in letters of fire that the sandals of Peter, the fisherman, will return to Rome.)

(The Lord once said to me: "I have always helped you, I will always help you, I will always help those who have already passed through the schools of the Baals.")

(Truly, truly, I say to you, that the Sadducean materialists know nothing, nor the hypocritical Pharisees of the dead sects, about the Intimate Christ and about Pistis Sophia.)

(The Baal schools are materialistic and religious organizations that do not know the Inner Christ and Pistis Sophia.)

(Any mystical or materialistic organization that speaks out against the Mysteries of S** belongs to the order of the Baal schools.)

(Truly, truly, I say to you, that s** is the path that leads to the deep bosom of the Great Reality.)



                                                                                      Chapter 83


Mary questions Jesus.

Then it happened again, after all this, that Mary came forward, glorified the feet of Jesus and said: "My Lord, do not displease me if I question you, because we interrogate in relation to all this with accuracy and certainty. You have said in another time: "He who seeks finds and to him who knocks it is opened. For he who seeks will find and everything to whom he knocks will be opened." Now therefore, my Lord, who is it that I will look for, or to whom? It is who we will call? Or rather, who is capable of giving us the determination on the words concerning what we ask? "Or rather, who knows the power of the words concerning what we will ask? Because you in our minds you have deposited mind of the Light , and you have given us intelligence and a highly exalted thought, for whose cause, there was no one in the world of men or in the height of the Aeons who could give the determination of the words concerning what we interrogate, except you, who knows the Universe, who is consummated in the Universe; Because we do not question in the way that the men of the world do, but in the Gnosis of the Height that you have taught us, we also question in the excellent way that you have taught us. Now therefore, my Lord, do not be angry with me, and reveal what is related to what I will question you.


"It happened that when Jesus heard Mary Magdalene pronounce these words, he replied:" Ask what you want to ask, that I will reveal it to you with accuracy and certainty. Amen, amen, I say to you: rejoice with great joy and rejoice greatly. If you ask everything concerning exactly, then I will be glad for the rest, because you interrogate everything that concerns exactly. Now therefore, ask about what you wanted to ask, that I will gladly reveal to you. "

It happened then when Mary heard the Savior say these words, that she rejoiced with great joy and was extremely happy saying to Jesus: "My Lord and Savior, in what way are the twenty-four invisible then and of what type, or rather what kind are they, or better say of what kind is their Light then?"

(Mary Magdalene can never be missing in the Cosmic Drama.)

(Truly, truly, I say to you, that first light could be lacking on Earth, rather than a Mary Magdalene along with a great Initiate.)

(The Solar Logos reincarnated in human body, has by wife a Mary Magdalene and works with her in the Great Work.)

(The power of the words concerning what we will ask only the Intimate Christ possesses and knows.)

(Distinguish between mind and mind of the Light.)

(Distinguish between subjective reason and objective reason.)

(The objective reason is the reason of Being.)

(Subjective reason is the reason of the animal Ego.)

(Only one who has gone through Buddhist Annihilation has objective reason. )

(There are three minds that we must know: the first is the sensual mind. The second is the intermediate mind. The third is the inner mind.)

(In the sensual mind is the yeast of the Sadducees.)

(In the intermediate mind is the leaven of the Pharisees.)

(Beware of yeast from Sadducees materialists.)

(Beware of the leaven of the hypocritical Pharisees.)

(Open your inner mind to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.)

(Truly I tell you that only by awakening consciousness will we open the inner mind.)

(It would be impossible to awaken if we did not previously go through the Buddhist Annihilation.)

(Only the inner mind gives us the objective reason of the Being.)

(The objective reason is the mind of the Light, real intelligence and exalted thoughts.)

(The Twenty-Four Invisibles exist in the macrocosmic Zodiac and within the man-zodiac.)



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