Chapter 78

And it happened then, when the First Mystery had finished saying these words to his disciples that he said: "Whoever has understood the words that I have said, go ahead and explain your solution."

James went ahead and said: "My Lord, about this song that Pistis Sophia sang, thus your light - power previously prophesied through David in the seventh Psalm:


 (The Initiates, resigned, bow before the verdict of the Law.)

                                                        James interprets the song with Psalm VII.


Oh! my Lord, my God, in you I have placed my hopes. Deliver me from my pursuers and save me.


And in truth he would never have stolen my soul like a lion, without anyone who could deliver and save.


Oh! Lord, my God, if I have done this, if my hands have committed injustice.


If I have paid those who have repaid me with evil in the same way, then let me fall empty before my enemies.


And allow my enemies to chase my soul, and trample my life on the ground and cast my honor in the dust. (Selah).


Get up, oh! Lord, in your anger, arise to destroy my enemies.


Arise according to the commandment that you have commanded. "

And it happened then, when the First Mystery heard that James had spoken these words that he said: "Well said James, my beloved."

(James, the Blessed Patron of the Great Work within us, resigns and awaits the Lord's verdict.)



                                                                                       Chapter 79

And the First Mystery went on again and said to his disciples: "And it happened then, when Pistis Sophia had finished saying the words of this song that she looked back to see if Adamas and his rulers had returned to go to their Aeon and he saw them and they chased her. She then turned to them and said:

(The Light of the Profound Inner Lord can free the initiate from his pursuers.)

                                                    Sophia addressed Adamas and his rulers.


Why do you persecute me and say: I should not have help and the Light should not free me from you?


Now therefore my defender is a strong light; but he must suffer a long time until he says to me: I will come to help you. And it won't bring its anger against you forever. But this is the moment he has told me about.


Now therefore, if you do not turn back and stop chasing me, the Light will draw its strength, and it will be ready in all its might.


And its power has enlisted itself, so it can remove the lights from you and plunge you into darkness; and his power has prepared this to happen, so he can take your powers and send them to the ground."

And when Pistis Sophia said this, she took a look at the Adamas region and saw the dark and chaotic region that he had made and also saw the two excessively violent emanations that Adamas had emanated, so that they could capture Pistis Sophia and launch her into the chaos he had made, and restraining and harassing her in that region, until they took away all her light. And it happened that when Pistis Sophia saw these two dark emanations and the dark region that Adamas had made, she was afraid and shouted at the light:

(Adamas, the Law, can charge and make the Initiates suffer, but the Intimate Christ helps the Soul that wants to escape from the Universe of relativity.)


Sophia sings to the Light again.


Oh! Light, Adamas, the maker of violence is angry; he has made a dark emanation.


And he has also emanated another chaos, tenebrous and chaotic and he has it soon.


Now therefore, Oh! Light, from the chaos he has made, to throw me down there and take away my light - power, in this case remove his own light.


And the plan that he has devised, to take away my light, they are to take away his; and the injustice of which he had spoken, of taking away my lights, then take away all his. "

These were the words that Pistis Sophia spoke in her song. Now and therefore, he who is calm in spirit, let him go ahead and give the solution of the words that Pistis Sophia said in his song. "

(Evil falls on the head of those who have done wrong.)



                                                                                     Chapter 80

Martha again came forward and said: "My Lord, I am calm in spirit and I understand the words you are saying. Now, therefore, authorize me to give the solution openly."

And the First Mystery answered and said to Martha: "I authorize you, Martha, to say the solution of the words that Pistis Sophia has said in her song."

And Martha answered and said: "My Lord, these are the words that your power-light has long prophesied through David in the seventh Psalm saying":

(If the Initiate does not change, if he does not repent, he falls under the arrows of the Law.)

                                             Martha interprets Sophia's words with Psalm VII.

God is a strong and suffering defender of justice, who does not induce his loving temper every day.

- If you don't turn, he will sharpen his sword; and he has stretched his bow and has it ready.

- And he has prepared his instruments of death; he has made his arrows for which he is going to burn.

- Behold, injustice has been in a trance, and has misconceived and produced iniquity.

- He has dug a moat and has tainted it. It will fall into the hole it has made.

- Evil will return on its own head, and its injustice will fall on its head. "

When Martha said this, the First Mystery, which she saw, toward out, said to her: "Well said, Martha, blessed."

(The instruments of death and the arrows of Justice are prepared against the transgressors of the Law.)

(Injustice produces iniquities and the Law falls on transgressors.)

(Each one falls into the hole he has made.)

(Evil returns on the head of the one who produces it.)

(Injustice falls on the originator, this is the Law.)



                                                                                       Chapter 81

                                                    Jesus takes Sophia back to the thirteenth Aeon.

And it happened then, when Jesus had finished telling his disciples all the adventures that Pistis Sophia had had , when she was in chaos, and the way she had sung praises to the Light , that he should save her and bring her out of chaos, and take her to the twelve Aeons and also the way he had saved her from her afflictions with which the rulers of chaos had restricted her, because she wanted to go towards the Light , which Jesus continued again in his speech and told his disciples. "And it happened after all this, that I took Pistis Sophia and led her to the thirteenth Aeon, shining extraordinarily, the light that surrounded me being immeasurable. I entered the region of the twenty-four invisible that shone extraordinarily. And they entered in great confusion; they saw Sophia who was with me. I knew her, but they did not know who she was and they considered me as an emanation of the Earth - Light. And it happened that when Pistis Sophia saw her fellow men, the invisible ones, she rejoiced greatly and she boasted to me wishing to proclaim the wonders that I had lavished on her in the world of human beings until I saved her. She entered the center of the invisible ones, and among them she sang praises to me saying: 


(Only the Intimate Christ saves Initiates and settles their debts.)

(This is only possible on the basis of great repentance and deep understanding.)

(The region of the twenty-four Elders is Aeon Thirteen.)

(The twenty-four Elders are within ourselves, they are the twenty-four zodiacal parts of our own Being.)

(The twenty-four Elders know the Human Soul very well.)

(The twenty-four Elders know that the Christ is the central fire of the Earth.)

(Christ is INRI, the central fire of Earth and of any Sun or Galaxy.)

(The Living or Philosophical Fire burns at the core of any Cosmic Unity.)

                                   Sophia sings the praises of the Light to her invisible fellow men.


I will thank you, Oh! Light, because you are a savior, you are a liberator forever.


I will sing this song to the Light because it has saved me and freed me from the hands of the rulers, my enemies.

And you have preserved me in all regions, you have saved me from the shackles and the depths of chaos and out of the Aeons of the rulers of the sphere.


And when I came out of the heights, and crossed the regions where there is no light, and I could not return to the thirteenth Aeon, my abode.


Because there was no light or power in me. My power had completely weakened.


And the light saved me from all my afflictions. I sang praises to the Light, and he listened to me when I was restricted.


He guided me in creating the Aeons to take me to the thirteenth Aeon, my abode.


I will thank you, Oh! Light, because you have saved me; and for your great works among the race of men.


When I lacked my strength, you gave me, and when I lacked light, you flooded me with purified light.


I was in the darkness and in the shadow of chaos, caught by the terrible shackles of chaos, and had no light.


Because I have provoked the one who commands the Light and I have transgressed him, and I have angered the one who commands the Light, because I had left my region.


When I descended, and I lost my light and I ran out of light, nobody helped me.


And in my affliction, I sang praises to the Light, and it saved me from my affliction.


And it also broke my bonds and brought me out of the darkness and the pain of chaos.


I will thank you Oh! Light that you have saved me and for your wonderful works that you have carried out in the race of men.


And you have broken the upper bars of darkness and the darts of chaos.


And you allowed me to leave the region where I had transgressed and the light had been taken from me because I had transgressed.


I finished my mysteries and went down to the gates of chaos.


And when I was constrained, I sang praises to the Light. He saved me from all my afflictions.


You sent your stream; gave me strength and saved me from all my afflictions.


I will thank you, Oh! Light, because you have saved me, and for your wonderful works in the race of men. "

This is then the song that Pistis Sophia sang in the midst of the twenty-four invisible ones, wishing that they knew that I have gone to the world of men and I have participated in the Mysteries of the Heights. Now therefore, whoever is exalted in his thoughts, let him go ahead and say the solution of the song that Pistis Sophia sang."

(Christ is the Light and the Life; he who trusts in him will never walk in darkness.)

(The enemy rulers are the agents of the Law. However, we must understand the meaning of the parable; the masters of Karma are obligated to administer the Law. )

(Both in the Heights and the depths of Chaos and outside the Aeons, there are grave dangers.)

(The rulers of the Sphere always call us to account in the Courts of Objective Justice.)

(When the Initiate provokes whoever commands the Light and violates the Law, whoever commands the Law punishes him.)

(The Intimate Christ has to work intensively within the Initiated man to disintegrate the undesirable psychic elements and save him.)

(The violator of the Law lives in the regions where he has transgressed the Law, but the Intimate Christ lets him leave the mentioned regions, out of compassion and on condition of supreme repentance.)

(The fallen Initiate loses his sacred Mysteries and falls into the prisons of Chaos.)

(The Intimate Christ descends into the world of men and participates in the Mysteries of the Heights whenever it is necessary.)

(The Lord reincarnates whenever the Religion decreases and degenerates and the evil takes strength.)



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