Chapter 75

And he continued again in his dissertation and said to his disciples: "These are the adventures that Pistis Sophia has had. And it happened then, when I had led her to the region that is below the thirteenth Aeon, and was about to go to the light and separate myself from her, who said to me:

(Pistis Sophia goes through terrible adventures along the Eightfold Path.)


                                                          The dialogue between Sophia and the Light.

"Oh! Light of Lights, you will go to the Light and you will leave me. And the tyrant Adamas will know that you have left me and will know that my Savior is not present. And he will return to this region, he and all his rulers who hate me, and Obstinate will impart powers to his emanation with a lion's face, so that they will come and all of them will force me and take all my light so that I am defenseless and again without light. Now therefore, Oh Light and my Light, take away the force of their light, so that they cannot stop me from now on. "

(The Path that leads us to the Light of Light is the path of the "Razor's Edge." This path is full of dangers inside and out.)

                                                 The Light promised to seal the regions of Obstinate.

"And it happened then, when I heard those words that Pistis Sophia had told me, that I answered her saying: My Father, who fathered me, has not yet given me command to remove the light; but I will seal the regions of Obstinate and all their rulers who hate you because you have had faith in the Light. And I will also seal the regions of Adamas and its rulers, so that no one can fight with you, until their time is complete and the season arrives when my Father orders me to remove the light."

(The Christ saves the Initiate and protects him from the tyrant Adamas and from the attacks of the tenebrous and the rulers.)



                                                                                    Chapter 76

And then I said to her: Listen, I'm going to talk to you about her time, when what I'm telling you has happened. It will happen when they are completed three times.

Pistis Sophia answered and said to me: "Oh! Light, how can I know when the three times are fulfilled, so that I can rejoice because the date is coming when you will remove the light - power to all of them who hate me, for having faith in your light? " 


(The Initiate who wants FINAL LIBERATION must free himself from Adamas and the rulers of the Cosmos and the vibrations of Obstinate.)

(In due time and hour, the Intimate Christ, within the Initiate, must arrange business with Adamas and the rulers, to free Pistis Sophia.)

(Three indicates total perfection. Only when they are completed three times do the Initiates achieve FINAL LIBERATION.)

                            How will Sophia know that the moment of her final liberation has arrived.

"And I answered and said to him: If you see the door of the Treasury of the Great Light, which is open after the thirteenth Aeon, and if it is the left, when that door is open, then all three times they will be completed.

Pistis Sophia again answered and said: "Oh! Light, how will I know - since I am in this region - that this door has been opened?"

(The Treasure Gate of the Great Light must open beyond the Thirteenth Aeon.)

(Before we are handed the porter`s lodge of the Universe, we must have paid everything at the Treasure Gate of the Great Light.)

(Whoever has understanding understands, because here is wisdom.)

(It is not possible to leave the Universe without having arranged all our businesses at the Treasury Gate.)

                                                                    What will happen in that time.

"And I answered him and said: When the door opens, those who are in all the Aeons will know it because the Great Light will prevail in all their regions. But see, I have now arranged so that they do not profess you in bad, until the three times are completed. And you will have the power to go to his twelve Aeons when you please and also to return and enter your region, which is below the thirteenth Aeon, to enter your region from which you descended. , if then the three times have been fulfilled, Obstinate and all its rulers, will force you to take your light again, being enraged with you and thinking that you have imprisoned their power in chaos. He will then be furious with you, for having taken away your light , to send her into chaos and reach her emanation, so that he can get out of chaos and go up to his region. Adamas, he will try to achieve this, but I will take away all his strength and give it to you, and I will come to take it Now, therefore, if you press on those moments, sing praises to the Light, and I will not delay in helping you. I will soon come to you to the regions below you. And I will go down to their regions to remove the light. And I will come to this region where I have taken you and which is below the thirteenth Aeon, until I take you to the region from which you have come.

And it happened then, when Pistis Sophia had heard these words that she rejoiced with great joy. But I took her to the region below the thirteenth Aeon. I went to the Light and separated from it. "

(When the Gate of the Universe is handed over to us, the Great Light shines in all the Aeons.)

(Even in the last moments, before the Universe porter`s lodge is handed over to us, Pistis Sophia is attacked by Adamas and by Obstinate and by the rulers of the Universe.)

(Who writes this has accompanied some twins to the Porter`s lodge of the Universe and therefore can explain this Mystery.)

(Happy are those who manage to leave the Universe to enter the Uncreated Light.)

(Those who enter the bosom of the Great Reality possess the glorious body of DARMAKAYA.)

(Those who possess the body of DARMAKAYA plunge into the bliss of free life in their movement.)

(The happiness of those who plunge into the bosom of the Great Reality is inexhaustible. )

(Adamas tries to capture Pistis Sophia, but the Intimate Christ fights against Adamas and defeats him.)

(Pistis Sophia praises the light and the Christ helps her.)

(The Profound Inner Lord has to take Pistis Sophia to the region of Daath before finally bringing her far beyond Aeon Thirteen, the place of the Great Light.)

(The Christ removes Pistis Sophia from the mysterious region of Daath when he considers it necessary and brings her to the Daath region when it becomes indispensable.)

(The Daath region is absolutely sexual.)

(The Sephira of Daath is related to the great mysteries of the Lingam - Yoni.)

(The great Initiates have to work for times with the transmutation science of Jesod - Mercury.)

(When the "Midday" Initiates are working with transmutation science, then the chalice of the Temple appears without its metallic lid.)

(When the Initiate is not working on Daath, the Mystery that is under Aeon Thirteen, then the chalice of the Temple glows with its golden cap.)


                                                   The time for Sophia's final liberation is complete.

And all these adventures the First Mystery related to his disciples, so that they passed by Pistis Sophia . And he sat on the Mount of Olives, narrating all these adventures in the midst of his disciples. And he went on to say: "And again has to happen after that, while I was in the world of men and sat on the road, which is in this region is the Mount of Olives, before I send my robe that I had deposited in the twenty-fourth mystery from the inside, but the first from the outside, that the Great Uncontainable in which I was wrapped, and before I went up to the heights to receive my second garment, while I was sitting in this region, which is on the Mount of Olives, that the time had come, of what I had said to Pistis Sophia : Adamas and all his rulers will put impediments on him. "

(In the Twenty-fourth Mystery, which operates under the laws of the Sixth Mystery, the Christ keeps his robe.)

(Only by working on the Great Work with the rules of the Sixth Mystery can the Adept clothe himself in the robe of glory.)

(Adamas and the rulers of the different zones of the Universe put impediments to the Initiate.)

                                                                                 Chapter 77

"And it happened then, when that moment came, and I was in the world of men, sitting with you in this region, which is the Mount of Olives, which Adamas saw down from the twelfth Aeon and saw the regions of chaos and saw his devilish force that is in chaos, that had no light, because I had taken his light from there; and he saw it, that it was very dark and that he could not go to that region, that is, the twelfth Aeon . "

(Adamas, over and over again gets mad at Pistis Sophia when she takes the light away.)

(The powers of good and evil fight against the Initiate and he must overcome them if he wants Final Liberation.)

(It is urgent to receive the porter`s lodge of the Universe to escape from the world of relativity.)

(The war against the powers of good and evil is appalling before receiving the final Truth.)

(Adamas in the world of duality, within the machinery of relativity, charges Pistis Sophia very old debts.)

(Dark and devilish emanations are related to the old karmic debts.)

(Tenebrous regions within the universal regions are the living result of Karma.)

(The Angels of the Law collect the Karmic debts from the Initiates.)

(Dark Chaos awaits those who owe.)

(Who is paying, restricted and harassed, is left without light.)

(Pistis Sophia without light, suffers a lot, her splendors are eclipsed within the battle of antitheses.)

                                                      Adamas remembered Pistis Sophia again,

                                                 thinking that it was she who had taken his light .

"Then Adamas remembered Pistis Sophia again and was very enraged against her, thinking that it was she who had imprisoned his strength in the chaos, and thinking that it was she who had taken his light. And he was very enraged; piled anger on anger and emanated from himself a dark and chaotic and devilish emanation, to harass Pistis Sophia through it. And he made a dark region in his region, to restrict Sophia. And he took several of his rulers; and they persecuted Pistis Sophia , so that the two dark emanations that Adamas had emitted, could throw her into the dark chaos that he had made, and restrict her in that region and harass, until all its light was removed, and Adamas could remove the light from Pistis Sophia , to give it to the two black and violent emanations, so that these would take her to the great chaos that is below and in darkness and throw her into her dark and chaotic power, in the event that she were capable to come to that region, since it had become excessively dark, since I had taken away its light - power.

And it happened then, when they persecuted Pistis Sophia that she screamed again and sang praises to the Light, because I had said to her: If you are restrained and sing praises to me, I will come soon to help you. And it happened then, when she was restricted, and I sat with you in this region, which is on the Mount of Olives, that she sang praises to the Light , saying:

(The Initiate who struggles to get out of the Universe of relativity, resigns himself, has faith in the Intimate Christ, yet is willing to lose his light and fall into Chaos if the Inner Lord so desires.)

                                                           Sophia again sings a song to the Light.


Oh! Light of Lights, I have had faith in you. Save me from all these rulers who persecute me and help me.


May they never truly take away my light, as the strength with the face of a lion did. Because your light is not with me or your torrent of light to save me. Furthermore, Adamas is more angry with me, saying: You have imprisoned my strength in chaos.


Now therefore, Oh! Light of Lights, if I have done this and have imprisoned it, if I have committed any injustice to that force.


Or if I have restricted her, as she has restricted me, then allow all the rulers who persecute me to take away my light and leave me empty.


And may the enemy Adamas pursue my strength and take possession of it and take my light from me and throw it within his black powers that are in chaos, and keep my strength in chaos.


Now therefore, Oh! Light, support your anger in me and raise your strength over my enemies that have risen against me to the end.


Soon, soon, as you have told me: "I will help you." "

(The Lords of the Law persecute Pistis Sophia but she has faith in the Intimate Christ.)


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