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                                                                                  Chapter 72

And then it happened, when the First Mystery heard Matthew utter these words, that he said, "Well said, Matthew, dearly beloved. This is the solution of the song that Pistis Sophia has sung."

(The hostile emanations of Obstinate are, precisely, the irradiations or manifestations of the "Egoic Consciousness ", subjective and inhuman.)


                                                                Sophia continued to sing her song.


And the First Mystery, continued again and said:


I declare: You are the Light of the Heights, because you have saved and led me to you and you have not allowed the emanations of Obstinate, which are hostile against me, to deprive me of my light,


Oh! Light of Lights, I sing praises to you; you have saved me.


Oh! Light, you have driven my strength out of chaos; you have saved me from those who have descended into darkness. "

These words had also been spoken by Pistis Sophia. Now, therefore, those whose minds have become understanding, understanding the words that Pistis Sophia uttered, let them go forth and offer solutions. "

(The Light of Lights saves us intimately when we work on the Great Work.)

(They, the dark ones, descend into the darkness of non-Being and reduce themselves to cosmic dust.)

(Mary, Marah, Isis, Adonijah, Tonantzin, is the Divine Mother Kundalini , the Snake Woman. )

(Peter must deny the Christ three times, it is written: "Before the rooster crows, you will deny me three times.")

(These are the three purifications based on iron and fire before the Resurrection of the Intimate Christ in us.)

(Three times Peter must descend into the Abyss to work in the darkness.)

(The rooster is GAIO, IAO, The Mercury of the Secret Philosophy.)

(GAIO's triumph is the success of Sulfur Mercury, the Resurrection of the Lord.)

                                                                        Mary is afraid of Peter.

And then it happened, when the First Mystery had finished speaking these words to his  disciples, that Mary came forward and said: "My Lord, my mind is always ready to attend, and at all times to come forward to give the solution of the words that she has pronounced, but I am afraid of Peter because he threatened me and hates our s**."

And when she had said this, the First Mystery said to her: "Everyone who has felt filled with the spirit of the Light, must go ahead and pronounce the solution of what I say, no one will be able to avoid doing it. Now, therefore, O Mary, give us the solution of the words that Pistis Sophia has enunciated. "

Then Mary answered and said to the First Mystery surrounded by her disciples: "My Lord, regarding the solution of the words that Pistis Sophia has uttered, likewise, your light - power prophesied through David.

(Marah, the Divine Mother Kundalini, knows very well that the "Light-Power" of the Intimate Christ prophesied through David, King of Zion .)

                                              Mary interprets Sophia's song with Psalm XXXIX.


I will exalt you, oh! Lord, because you have received me and you have not encouraged my enemies.


Oh! Lord, my God, I cried out to you and you have healed me.


Oh! Lord, you have delivered my soul from hell; you have saved me from those who fell into the abyss. "

(The Lord saves us from hell; the Lord frees us from the womb of those psychic aggregates who fell into the Hell Worlds.)



                                                                                Chapter 73

And when Mary had said this, the First Mystery said to her: "Well done, finally Mary, you are blessed."

And he continued again in his dissertation and said to his disciples: " Sophia also continued in this song and said:

(Sophia says what the Lord says, because Sophia is the result of the Lord's multiple unfolding.)


Sophia continued her singing.


The Light has been my savior.


And it has changed my darkness into light, and has torn the chaos that surrounded me and has girded me with light. "

And it happened then, when the First Mystery had finished saying these words that Martha came forward and said: "My Lord, your power once prophesied through David about these words":

(The Light saves Pistis Sophia. Unquestionably, only the light of the Light, the Father of all lights unfolded in the Intimate Christ, can save us.)

                                                                 Martha interprets Psalm XXIV.

The Lord has become my helper.


He has changed my lamentation into joy; he has torn my dueling robe and girded me with joy. "

And it happened that when the First Mystery had heard these words from Martha, she said: "Well said, and very well, Martha."

And the First Mystery continued again and said to his disciples: "Pistis Sophia also continued in the song and said:

(The Deep Inner Lord turns lamentation into joy, he tears the robes of mourning and girds us with joy.)

(Much is suffered in the Great Work, but the Lord saves us from the Abyss and fills us with fullness.)

                                                              Sophia continues her singing.


Power of mine, sing praises to the light and do not forget all the powers of the Light that have been granted to you.


And the powers that are in you, praise the name of its holy mystery.


Who forgives all his transgression, who saves you from all your anguishes with which the emanations of Obstinate have restricted you.


Who has saved your light from the emanations of Obstinate that correspond to destruction; who has crowned you with light in his compassion, until he has saved you.


Who has filled you with purified light; and your principle will be renewed as an Invisible of the Heights. "

With these words Pistis Sophia sang praises, because she was saved and remembered everything I had done for her. "

(The light that has been given to us or that is given to us when the ego dies is the light of the Intimate Christ.)

(The powers of Pistis Sophia, all independent parts of the Self, must sing praises to the Profound Inner Lord.)

(Only the Intimate Christ can forgive us and save us from all bitterness.)

(The emanations of Obstinate restrict us and make life bitter.)

(The Lord crowns us with his light and saves us.)

(The Lord showers us with purified light.)

(Our principles, renewed by the Lord, shine gloriously.)



                                                                                Chapter 74

And it happened then when the First Mystery had finished saying these words to his disciples that he said to them: "Whoever has understood the solution to these words, let him go ahead and openly declare it."

Mary again came forward and said: "My Lord, about these words with which Pistis Sophia has sung praises, so your Light - power prophesied through David":

(The Light-Power of the Lord prophesied through David, King of Zion.)

(David was certainly a great initiate through which the Light-Power of the Intimate Christ was expressed.)

(David accomplished the Buddhist Annihilation.)

                                                              Mary interprets with Psalm CII.


My soul, blessed be the Lord, that all my being praise his Holy Name.


My soul, praise the Lord and do not forget your rewards.


Who forgives all your iniquities; who heals all your diseases.


Who redeems your life from dissolution; who crowns you with grace and compassion.


Who satisfies your desires with good things; your youth will be renewed like that of an eagle. "

That is: Sophia will be like the invisible ones that are in the Heights; he therefore has said "Like an eagle", because the eagle's nest is in the Heights and the invisible ones are also in the Heights; that is: Pistis Sophia will shine like the invisible ones, as it did from the beginning. "

And it happened then, when the First Mystery heard Mary express these words that she said: "Well said, blessed Mary."

(Eternal youth is renewed with the Long Life Elixir.)

(Whoever is resurrected in the Lord will enjoy the Elixir of long Life and therefore will become a mutant.)

( Pistis Sophia , that is, the Resurrected Initiate, enters the "Higher Order" that the Logos has established in nature.)

(The immortal members of such a secret Order, while visible, are invisible to humanity.)

(These brothers form the Conscious Circle of Solar Humanity that operates on the higher centers of the Being.)

(The Brothers of the Superior Order work intensively through countless centuries helping humanity.)

(The Brothers of the Higher Order are endowed with terribly divine powers.)


(The Brothers of the Higher Order are "Feathered Serpents", Eagles of the Spirit.)

                                                Sophia is led to a region below Aeon thirteen

                                                          and introduced to a new mystery.

And it happened later, that the First Mystery continued again in the speech and said to his disciples: "I took Pistis Sophia and led her to a region that is below the thirteenth Aeon, and introduced her to a new Mystery of Light, which it is not of her Aeon, the region of the invisible. And also I gave her also a song of the Light, so that henceforth the rulers of the Aeons have no power over her. And took her to that region until she could go for it and take it to its highest region.

 And it happened then, when she was brought  to that region that she pronounced this song like this:

(In a region below the Thirteenth Aeon there is a certain Mystery known only to the Great Initiates.)

                                                                    Sophia continued singing.


In fact I had faith in the Light; and she reminded me and listened to my song.


She led my powers out of the chaos and low darkness of all matter and she raised me up. She has removed me to a higher and more secure Aeon, sublime and great; she has changed my place on the road that leads to my region.

And it has given me a new mystery, which is not in my Aeon, and it has given me a song of Light. Now therefore, Oh! Light, all the rulers will see what you have done in me, and they will fear and have faith in the Light. "

This chant was intoned by Pistis Sophia, rejoicing because she had been led out of chaos and taken to regions below the thirteenth Aeon. Now therefore, the one whose mind is calm and who has understood the solution of the thought of the song that Pistis Sophia had intoned, go ahead and say it. " Andrew went ahead and said:" My lord, this is what your light - power has once prophesied through David”:

(The Mystery of the secret "Daath" is only understood by a few.)

(The Inner Andrew of each one of us, his famous cross in x (X), already explained in previous chapters of this book, exclaims saying: "My Lord, this is what your light-power had prophesied through David" .)

                                                    Andrew interprets according to Psalm XXXIX.


I waited patiently for the Lord; He had attended to me and listened to my laments.


He has led my soul out of the abyss of misery and out of filthy mud; he has placed my feet on a rock and straightened my steps.


He has put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and have hope in the Lord. "

And it happened then, when Andrew had expressed the thought of Pistis Sophia that the First Mystery said to him: "Well said, Andrew, blessed." 


(The living rock of Truth is the Philosopher's Stone.)

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