Chapter 60

        The Mandate of the First Mystery is fulfilled when Pistis Sophia leaves totally out of chaos.

And Jesus continued in his speech saying to his disciples: "When Pistis Sophia had expressed the thirteenth repentance - at that time the mandate of all the tribulations decreed for Pistis Sophia was fulfilled - for the fulfillment of the First Mystery, which took place from the beginning , that it was time to save her from chaos and lead her out of the darkness, for her repentance had been accepted through the First Mystery; and that mystery sent me great power - light from above, which would help Pistis Sophia and lead her out of the chaos. So, I looked through the Aeons, at the height, and saw that power - light that the First Mystery sent me and that would save Pistis Sophia from chaos. "


(The thirteenth repentance corresponds to Aeon Thirteen.)

(Truly there are thirteen Aeons and thirteen regrets.)

(Receiving the eight Initiations is one thing and qualifying them is a very different one.)

(Beyond the eight Qualified Initiations follow five works.)

(There is talk of the Twelve Works of Hercules, located in twelve levels of Being, but there is also the Thirteen level.)

(When Pistis Sophia arrives at Aeon Thirteen she is released.)

(By fulfillment of the First Mystery that is contained in the Will of the Father, Pistis Sophia is conducted out of darkness.)

(The mandate decreed for all the tribulations of Pistis Sophia really only concludes in Aeon Thirteen.)

(The Initiate's repentance is only accepted in full through the First Mystery.)

(The Intimate Christ receives the power-light of the Ancient of Days through which I was able to assist the Initiate and lead him out of chaos.)

(The Lord sees the power - light that the Father sends him and proceeds to save Pistis Sophia.)

                      The First Mystery and Jesus send two light powers to the aid of Pistis Sophia.

And when I saw him coming down from the Aeons hurrying up to me - I was over chaos - another power - light that had reached me from above through the First Mystery, went down to power - light that had come out of me, and both they got together and became a great ray of light. "

When Jesus said this to his disciples, he exclaimed: "Do you understand the way I speak with you?"

(The Father's light-power is integrated with the light-power of the Christ.)

(The Father's light-power, together with the light-power of the Christ, is integrated to create a ray of light.)

                                         Mary Magdalene interprets the Mystery with Psalm LXXXIV.

Mary came forward again and said: "My Lord, I understand what you say. As for the solution of these words, your light previously prophesied through David in Psalm Eighty-Four, saying:


- Grace and Goodness met, and Virtue and Peace sought each other.


- Truth sprang from the earth and Virtue looked down from the sky. "

Grace, then, is the power - light that came down through the First Mystery, for the First Mystery listened to Pistis Sophia and had mercy on her tribulations.


The Truth, on the other hand, is the power that came out of you, for you have fulfilled the Truth in order to save her from chaos. Virtue is also the power come through the First Mystery to guide Pistis Sophia. Peace is also the power that has come out of you to enter the Emanations of Obstinate and take from them the lights of which Pistis Sophia that was deprived; that is, so that you could gather them in Pistis Sophia and put them at peace with their power. Truth, for its part, is the power that emanated from you when you were in the lower regions of chaos. For this reason your power has said through David: "The truth sprang from the earth," for you were in the lower regions of chaos. Virtue, which had looked down from the sky, is the power that fell from the height through the First Mystery, and that entered Pistis Sophia. "

(Grace and Goodness meet and Virtue and Peace kiss forever.)


(Sexual power, virility, is needed to work in the Ninth Sphere.)

(It is in the Burning Forge of Vulcan where we must disintegrate the psychic aggregates.)

( Devi - Kundalini Shakti assists us in the Ninth Sphere.)

(Every time we disintegrate  with virility a psychic aggregate, a new virtue is born in its replacement.)

(Virtue and Peace kiss because virtues are born with the disintegration of the ego and fundamental peace comes.)

(Truth comes to us when the ego has died.)

(Only going down to the underground Tartarus, does the ego die.)

(Whoever wants to go up, must first go down, to all exaltation  terrible humiliation precedes him.)

(That is why the Truth must be achieved below, working in the Ninth Sphere.)

(Virtue comes from heaven every time some undesirable psychic element disintegrates.)

(Grace is the power-light that is only known by the one who receives it.)

(That power-light comes at the will of the First Mystery.)

(The First Mystery is the Merciful, the Mercy of Mercy that always takes pity on the Initiate.)

(The First Mystery is in the Ancient of the Days, here and now.)

(Blessed is he who receives the power-light that comes from the Father.)

(Grace is that power-light.)

(No conceited, vain, proud could know how to consciously take advantage of the grace, the power-light that comes from the Father.)

(That is why before receiving the Grace of the Old Man of the Centuries we must disintegrate the psychic aggregates of mystical pride, mystical conceit and mystical vanity.)

(Let us therefore make full distinction between mystical pride, mystical vanity and mystical conceit and common pride, vanity and conceit.)

(Pride, vanity and mystical conceit are related to the Initiates, Adepts and simple aspirants.)

(Vanity, pride and common conceit is different and many people have it.)

(The Truth-Power must be found within ourselves.)

(Whoever does not find the truth within himself, never finds it outside ever.)

(You have to fulfill the truth to get out of the chaos.)

(The virtues must crystallize in the Initiate; they guide him wisely.)

(Peace emerges in the Initiate as a power that penetrates him into the most difficult regions.)

(Peace in the Initiate makes him invincible.)

(The Initiate, through Peace, discovers the eternal lights contained in the Abyss.)

(All the lights of Universal Wisdom gather in the Initiate and put him at peace with his power.)

(Truth is what it is, what it has always been and what it always will be.)

(Truth is the unknown from moment to moment.)

(In the Abyss, Truth disguises itself as darkness.)

(Demonius est Deus inversus.)

(The Devil is God in reverse.)

(Hell is the womb of Heaven.)

(The Philosopher's Stone, the Stone of Truth, must be sought in Hell.)

(Lucifer is the best friend we have.)

(We now understand why Truth is the inferior power that emanates from Pistis Sophia in Chaos.)

(The Truth then, springs from the Averno, comes out from the monster of the Earth.)

(Every treasure is tucked between the bowels of the Earth and the Golden Fleece is no exception.)



                                                                                   Chapter 61

And it happened, when Jesus heard these words that he said: "Well spoken, blessed Mary, that you will inherit the whole kingdom of light."

Then Mary, the mother of Jesus, also came forward and said: "My Lord and my Savior, order me to repeat these words as well."

And Jesus replied: "I will not prevent, but I will urge him whose spirit he understands, to express the idea that has moved him. Now and therefore, Mary, my mother according to the matter, you in whom I have dwelt, I invite you to express the idea of speech. "

(Marah, Mary, Isis, in Nature, also has the right to speak about the Christ Mysteries.)

                                                       Mary, the mother, also interprets the writing.

And Mary responded by saying: "My Lord, as regards the words that your power would express by prophesying through David: Grace and Virtue met, and Virtue and Peace kissed each other. Truth sprang from the earth and the Virtue looked down from heaven, your power also prophesied over you. "


(Grace and Virtue always meet and Peace and Virtue kiss.)


(Virtue comes from Heaven and Truth springs from Winter)

                                                                            Ghost spirit history.

"When you were little, before the spirit had come to you, being one day in the vineyard, with Joseph, the spirit came from above and came to me, to my house; and it was like you. I did not know him, but I thought you were him. The Spirit told me: "Where is Jesus, my brother, to meet him?" When he said this, this puzzled me and thought it was a ghost that wanted to irritate me. So I took it and I tied at the foot of the bed, in my house. Then I went out to the field and walked until I came to you and Joseph, who were in the field; and I found you in the vineyard, and Joseph propping up the vines. And it happened that when I spoke to Joseph of what happened, you understood my words, rejoiced and said: "Where is it that I see him? Otherwise I will wait for him in this place. "And then when Joseph heard you say those words, he was overwhelmed. We went down together, we entered the house and found the spirit tied to the bed. We looked at you and we looked at him and you were equal to him And he, who was tied to the bed was free, took you in his arms and kissed you, and you also kissed him, and you became one.

These are then the words and the solution. Grace is the spirit that came to you from above through the First Mystery, for it had mercy on the human race and sent its spirit so that he could forgive the sins of all men and they would receive the mysteries and inherit the Kingdom of the light. The Truth, on the other hand, is the power that has dwelt in me. "


(The Spirit must integrate with man, become one with him and in him.)


(Integration would not be possible as long as we remain asleep.)


(We must drink the wine of Gnosis and die in themselves to achieve integration.)


(The vine, the wine, result from the miracle of sexual transmutation.)


(Only by working on the fiery Vulcan Forge is it possible to achieve the radical death of the ego.)



                                                    Of the spiritual and material bodies of Jesus.


"When he left Barbelos, he became a material body for you and proclaimed the region of truth. Virtue is your spirit, which brought the mysteries of height to give them to the human race. Peace, for its part, is the power that has dwelt in your material body according to the world, that has baptized the human race to return strangers to sin and put them at peace with your spirit, so that they are at peace with the emanations of the Light; this is : Grace and Truth kissed each other, and in: "Truth sprang from the earth," Truth is your material body that arose from me, according to the world of men and proclaimed everything concerning the region of the Truth And also in: "The Virtue" is the power that looked from above, that will give the Mysteries of the Light to the human race so that men become virtuous and good and inherit the Kingdom of Light. "

And it happened then when Jesus heard the words spoken by his mother Mary, who said: "Well spoken, Mary, very good."


(Grace Power comes from the height by order of the First Mystery.)


(Grace, or rather, the "Power-Grace," always comes from above through the First Mystery.)

(Christ is the Spirit of Fire, the Fire of Fire, the astral signature of Fire; only he can save us.)

(Only the Intimate Christ can forgive the Karmic debts we have.)

(The Inner Lord can forgive the Initiate when the repentance is true.)

(For the unworthy all the doors are closed, except one, that of repentance.)

(Thanks to the Spirit of Fire it is possible to receive the Mysteries and inherit the Kingdom of Light.)

(The "Truth-Power" is in the Intimate Christ and within the Intimate Christ, here and now.)

(When the Intimate Christ leaves the abode of Barbelos, from the Ocean of the Great Light, he comes to preach the Truth.)

(The Truth becomes a real body for the Initiate because it is fully integrated with it.)

(When the Initiate experiences the Truth, he then teaches the path that leads to it.)

(Every true Bodhisattva is sacrificed itself for the Truth.)

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