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                                                                                      Chapter 47

           Jesus takes Sophia to a less distant region, but without a mandate from the First Mystery.

"It happened then, when Pistis Sophia had expressed her seventh repentance, within the chaos, that the Mandate through the First Mystery still did not come to save her and lead her out of the chaos. However I, feeling compassion, without any mandate led her to a spacious region of chaos. And when the material emanations of Obstinate saw that she had been taken to that region, they stopped somewhat distressing her, because they thought she would also be taken out of chaos. When this happened, Pistis Sophia did not know who had helped her; she didn't recognize me at all and continued and persisted singing praises to the Treasure Light, which she had seen and had faith in. She thought it was she (the Light), who had helped her; that light to whom she sang her praise believing that it was really the Light. But as indeed she had had faith in the Light that really belonged to the Treasury, she would be taken out of chaos and her repentance would be accepted, however, the First Mystery Mandate had not yet been fulfilled, so that their repentance would be accepted. And listen now, that I have to tell you all the things that happened to Pistis Sophia. "

(Only the mandate of the First Mystery can lead the Initiate out of Chaos.)

(The Intimate Christ takes pity on the initiate and gradually passes him to higher levels of Being.)

(The material emanations of the obstinate ego gradually disappear as it dies.)

(It is a mistake of Pistis Sophia not to recognize the extra help of the Intimate Christ.)

(The Light of the Inner Treasure springs from the same Treasure that is the Golden Fleece.)

(The Golden Fleece of the ancients is the Intimate Christ dressed in the bodies of pure gold. Such existential bodies perfected and covered by the different parts of the Being are terribly divine.)


(The Light of the Treasure is not the Treasury, however, the Initiate sings praises to the Light of the Treasure.)

(The Treasure must be sought within the bowels of the philosophical earth.)



(There are many kinds of light that are not the Treasure Light.)

(Various kinds of sects, schools or mystical orders possess the light that is not the Treasure Light, but their devotees believe that such lights can save them.)

(Those devotees are sincere wrong, full of magnificent intentions, but wrong.)

(The Real Hidden Treasure Light is absolutely sexual.)

(Pistis Sophia's repentance must be qualified.)

(Receiving over and over and over, each of the eight Fire Initiations, is one thing, and qualifying them, another completely different.)

(Anyone can receive the eight Initiations of Fire, but they would  no good if he did not qualify them.)

(Many who received the eight Fire Initiations are now terribly evil demons.)

(The eight Initiations could not be qualified if we excluded the dissolution of the ego.)

(Only through Buddhist Annihilation can we qualify each of the eight Initiations.)

(Through the disintegration of the ego we will achieve radical change.)

(We need to become something totally different.)

(Even our own personal identity must be lost to ourselves.)

(The change must be absolute and not even our current personal identity should continue to exist.)

                       The emanations of Obstinate, cease for some time, to oppress Pistis Sophia.

"It happened then, when I led her to a relatively spacious region of chaos, that the emanations of Obstinate ceased completely oppressing her, believing that she would be driven out of chaos. And it happened that, when the emanations of Obstinate fell into account that Pistis Sophia had not been taken out of chaos, they all returned together and violently oppressed her. That is why she expressed her eighth repentance, for they did not cease to grieve her by oppressing her to the fullest. She expressed her repentance by saying:

(The emanations of the obstinate ego annoy Pistis Sophia, but they cease a little when it passes to a higher level of Being.)

(Whenever the initiate goes through a reassessment of the Being, for a time the attacks of the dark ones cease, to return later to a new activity.)

(However, Pistis Sophia in each fight returns to repentance, again and again.)

                                                           Eighth repentance of Pistis Sophia.


- In you, Oh! Light, I have trusted. Don't leave me in chaos; guide me and save me according to your Gnosis.


- Take care of me and save me. Be my Savior, Oh! Light, save me and lead me to your light.


- Well, you are my Savior and you will take me to you. For the mystery of your name, guide me and give me your mystery.


- You will save me from this lion-faced power that they have put on, like an ambush for me; Well, you are my Savior.


- And in your hands I will put the purification of my light; You have saved me, Oh! Light, according to your Gnosis.


- You have become angry with those who watch over me, and they will not be able to retain me completely, for I have had faith in my Light.


- I will rejoice and sing praises for the compassion you have had for me and for having listened to me and saved me from the anguish I was in. And you will put my power out and free from chaos.


- You have not left me in the hands of the lion-faced power, but you have guided me to a region that is not afflicted. "

(According to Gnosis, the Light must guide us and save us.)

(The Gnostic Light must save us and lead us to the Great Light.)

(The Mystery of the Name is the Mystery of the Verb.)

(Every initiate aspires to receive the Mystery of the Name.)

(To the one who knows the word gives power, nobody pronounced it, nobody will pronounce it, but only the one who has it incarnate.)

(The Christ is the Verb, blessed is he who has it incarnate.)

(The Power lion face or face of the Law makes us suffer, but the Lord can forgive us.)

(We need to purify our own light so that the Great Light saves us according to Gnosis.)

(The individual inner Light must be purified by the disintegration of psychic aggregates.)

(The Intimate Christ is severe against those who watch over Pistis Sophia.)

(Only Christ-Light can definitively get Sophia out of Chaos.)

(The lion-faced power is the power of the Law.)

(The Lion of the Law exists within our own Being, it is one of the parts of the Being.)

(At certain times the Initiate is not afflicted by the Law of Karma.)

(When Pistis Sophia rests from the lion-faced power, she feels happy.)



                                                                                   Chapter 48

                                                      Emanations of Obstinate oppress her again.

When Jesus concluded he told his disciples: "It happened then that when the lion-faced power saw that Pistis Sophia had not been guided out of chaos, he returned with all the other material emanations of Obstinate, and they all oppressed Pistis Sophia again. And It happened then, feeling oppressed, that she screamed in her same regret:

(The lion-faced power and the obstinate ego make the Initiate suffer terribly.)

(Obviously, the karma and the ego emanations take power from the Initiate.)

(The Archons of the Aeons and the twenty-four Elders of the Zodiac are within ourselves.)

(The Pair, the other Soul, could not help us, if the Great Law is against us.)

(While the Human Soul works, the Spiritual Soul contemplates.)

(The Intimate is "Atman", the Ineffable.)

(Buddhi is the Spiritual Soul.)

(Higher Manas, is the Human Soul.)

(With the resurrection of Christ in us the two Souls are integrated, then the Light is made.)

(Buddhi is like a fine and transparent alabaster glass in which the flame of Prajna burns.)

(Buddhi- Manas united, fused, integrated, confer the Light on us.)

(In Buddhi, like a glass of alabaster, all the powers of the Light are contained.)

(Obviously, by merging Buddhi- Manas, the Light is established in us.)

                                                                      Continue her regret.


- Have mercy on me, Oh! Light, they oppress me again. Because of your mandate, the light in me, and my power, and my understanding, are overwhelmed.


- My power has begun to fade as I find myself in these afflictions, and the number of my time, while I am in chaos. My light has diminished, for they have taken away my power, and all the forces in me are agitated.


- I have become impotent in the presence of all the Aeons rulers, who hate me, and in the presence of the twenty-four emanations, in whose region I was. And my brother, my partner, has been afraid to help me, because of what I have been placed in.


- And all the aldermen of the height have considered me matter without light. I have become a material power abandoned by the aldermen.


- And all who dwell in the Aeons have said: She has become chaos. And since then all ungodly forces have surrounded me, intending to snatch the light in me.


- But I have trusted you, Oh! Light, and I said: You are my Savior.


- And my mandate, the one you have decreed for me, is in your hands. Save me from the hands of the obstinate emanations that oppress and persecute me.


- Send me your light, because I appear worthless before you. Save me according to your compassion.


- Do not despise me, because I have sung praises to you. Let chaos cover the emanations of Obstinate and have them brought down into darkness.


- Let their mouths be silent; those mouths that with tomorrow would devour me and that would say: "Let us take away all their light", although I have not done them wrong. "

(Actually, fallen initiates are matter without light.)

(Those who believe that the light can be reconquered without having previously dissolved the psychic aggregates march along the path of error.)

(The psychic aggregates, living personification of our psychological defects, constitute in themselves a material power abandoned by the aldermen.)

(The Soul, submerged in the inner Chaos that dwells in us, has become a true Chaos.)

(All ungodly forces surround the fallen and try to steal the little light that remains.)

(The Initiate must trust the Light, it will save him.)

(The emanations of the obstinate ego persecute and oppress the Initiate.)

(Disintegrating the ego we can be saved.)

(The emanations of Obstinate, that is, of the psychic aggregates, must be disintegrated with the weapons of Vulcan.)

(Dry mercury and psychic aggregates is the same.)

(Only through Transcendent Sexual Electricity can we disintegrate the entire dry Mercury to free Pistis Sophia.)

(The Woman-Snake is reinforced in the burning Forge of Vulcan.)


(We well know that Vulcan's Burning Forge is s**, the sexual act.)

(Not spilling the sacred sperm is essential to work in the burning Forge of Vulcan.)

(In those moments, the Snake Woman, reinforced by Transcendent Sexual Electricity, can perform wonders and wonders.)

(Devi Kundalini is the Woman-Snake in us.)


(Stella Maris, the Virgin of the Sea, the igneous serpent of our magical powers, can disintegrate the ego.)

(The Snake Woman has the wonderful weapons of Vulcan.)

(Only in the Ninth Sphere and with the help of the Woman-Snake is the total disintegration of all psychic aggregates possible.)

(The Ninth Sphere is s**, metaphysical intercourse, Chemic intercourse.)

(The Woman-Snake saves Pistis Sophia.)

(Man and woman, sexually united, are the foundation of Lumi-Solar androginism of I O, Isis-Osiris.)

(Solda !, Parabrahman and Mulaprakriti, are the same, pure androginism.)

(The Androgilia of Ammonio Saccas, written in Latin, teaches all this.)

(Ur-Anas, the primordial fire and water, are in the Ninth Sphere.)

(The Illustrated ignorant assume that they can disintegrate the ego outside the Ninth Sphere.)

(We do not deny that very serious devotees can disintegrate twenty-five and up to fifty percent of the psychic aggregates outside the Ninth Sphere.)

(However, one hundred percent of the psychic aggregates could never disintegrate outside the Ninth Sphere.)

(Those who for some very serious reason cannot work in the Ninth Sphere, should not be discouraged; they can disintegrate at least twenty-five and up to fifty percent of the psychic aggregates working individually on themselves.)

(Thus they will advance in the present existence as far as possible and in future existences they will conclude their work.)

(It is not about being better but about radically changing, and this is only possible by disintegrating our psychic aggregates.)

(Actually, there is nothing within ourselves that is worthy of being better; it is urgent, for this reason, the Buddhist Annihilation if we really want a total transformation.)

(It's not about evolving as fans of evolutionary dogma claim.)

(Obviously, the undesirable psychic elements that we carry inside us, never deserve any kind of evolution.)

(The emanations of the obstinate- ego must be brought down to the regions where only crying and gnashing of teeth are heard.)

(May the mouths of the dark ones be silent all the monsters of darkness, the psychic aggregates that we carry within us that threaten Pistis Sophia.)




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