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                                                                                      Chapter 15

                                                             Adamas and tyrants fight against the light.

"It happened that all those who were in the Twelve Aeons, when they saw the light that was with me, were possessed of great agitation and ran everywhere in the Aeons and all the Aeons and all the heavens and their orders were stirred one against the another because of the great fear they possessed because they did not know anything about the mystery that had happened. And also, the great tyrant and all the tyrants in all the Aeons, began to fight in vain against the light without knowing who they were fighting since they saw nothing but the over-dominant light.

It happened then that when they fought against the light, each and every one of them weakened and were taken from the Aeons and became the inhabitants of the earth, dead and breathless of life. "

(All Those who live in the Aeons shudder before the Solar Logos.)

(Adamas, the great tyrant of Destiny, and all tyrants in all Aeons, call the Adept.)

(This means that the Lords of the Law call the Adept again and again to account.)


(The Adepts called to render accounts suffer responding for those debts that belong to very transcended stages.)

(Those who read these paragraphs should be alert and vigilant as the watchman in time of war.)

                                                               It takes away a third of their powers.

"And I took from all of them a third of their powers so that they had no participation in their diabolical activities and so that if the men who are in the world invoke them in their mysteries, - those that the Angels who violated them have continued, that is to say, their sorceries - they could not achieve it in these invocations." 

(Fallen Bodhisattvas lose their ineffable powers.)

(In order to become Christified oneself, karmic debts must be paid or deal about it previously.)

                                                            He changed the movement of the spheres.

"And the Fate and the sphere over which they have authority  have changed in such a way to spend six months turned over to the left and reach their influences and see six months to the right and check their influences. It commanded the First Commandment and by mandate of the First Mystery. The administrator of the light, placed them looking to the left every time they achieved their influences and their purposes. " 

(Thus, the multitudes live on this hard crust of planet Earth, illuminated by a Sun that moves in elliptical traveling from South to North and from North to South.)

(Solar trip from right to left and from left to right.)



                                                                                       Chapter 16

It happened that when I arrived in their region, they mutinied and fought against the light. And I withdrew a third of their power so they would not achieve their evil purposes. And Destiny and the sphere, over which they have authority, I have changed them, and I have placed them looking to the left for six months and carrying out their influences, and I have placed them another six months turned to the right and effecting their influences

(Within the Law of Destiny, humanity travels from planet Earth; human beings have been placed looking to the left for six months and another six months turned to the right.)



                                                                                     Chapter 17

At the time he had said this to his disciples, he also told them: Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear.

Then when Mary heard the Savior say these words, she stared at the space for an hour. And he said to them: Lord, let me speak openly.

(Marah, Maria, Mary, Isis, our individual Divine Cosmic Mother, is the wife of the Holy Spirit and the Daughter of her Son.)


(Marah, then, is an unfolding of our particular divine Glorian.)

(Isis, Maria, Mary is our own Being, derivative.)

(Isis, Mary, is God - Mother in us, the Virgin of the Sea.)

(Isis, Marah is the unfolding of the Holy Spirit in each one of us.)


(Maria, Isis, is our Divine Mother Kundalini.)

(Marah, Isis, possesses Wisdom, Love and Power.)

(Isis, Marah, Tonantzín, teaches, guides and directs.)

(The Virgin of the Sea guides the Alkimist, it is the Star that guides us in the stormy ocean.)


                                                 Mary Magdalene asks and receives permission to speak


And Jesus, compassionate, answered Mary: Mary, blessed are you, whom I perfected in all the mysteries from above, speak openly because your heart is elevated to the kingdom of heaven more than all your fellow men.

(Mary Magdalene is Kundry, Gundrigia, the woman so indispensable to the Great Work.)

(Parsifal, in Wagner's drama, after subduing the tempting Kundry, totally transforms it.)

(The man needs a Mary Magdalene to work in the Ninth Sphere and achieve the Resurrection.)

(Being saved and saving Kundry, Magdalene, is a great thing.)

(Tempting Gundrigia, Magdalene, Kundry, you will be perfected in all the Mysteries from Above, more than all your fellow men.)



                                                                                   Chapter 18

Then Mary said to the Savior: Lord, what you have told us: Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear, you have said so that we may understand what you have said. Therefore, Lord, I can speak without prejudice.

(Mary Magdalene can speak without prejudice.)


                                                                   Mary interprets Isaiah's words

You have said: I have withdrawn a third of the power of the Aeons rulers and changed their destiny and their sphere over which they have command so that the human race invokes them in the mysteries - those that the angels who violated them have taught to carry out his diabolical and illicit purposes in the mystery of his sorceries. So that from now on they will not achieve their illicit purposes, you have withdrawn their power and from the fortune tellers and their consultants and from those who tell men in the world what will happen, so that they, from this moment, do not know how to predict what is coming (because you have changed their spheres and have spent six months looking to the left and achieving their influences and another six months looking to the right and achieving their influences). With regard to this word Lord, the power that was in the Prophet Isaiah, has spoken like that and proclaimed in another time in spiritual likeness when he says about the Vision of Egypt. Where then, oh Egypt, are your consultants and fortune tellers and those who exclaim from the earth and those who exclaim from their entrails? Let them then declare to you from now on the actions that Lord Sabaoth will carry out!

Then the power that was in the Prophet Isaiah and that was announced before your arrival, was that you would withdraw the power of the Aeons Rulers and change their sphere and Destiny so that they cannot know anything from now on. For this reason it has also been said: You will not know then what Lord Sabaoth will do, that is, none of the Regents will know what you will do from now on, for they are Egypt because they are matter. The power that was in Isaiah, predicted then, and that referred to you, saying: From now on you will not know what Lord Sabaoth will do because of the power of light you received from Him, the Worthy one, who is in the region of the right and who today is in your material body for this reason, my Lord Jesus, you have told us: Whoever has ears to hear, let him hear. That you, the most powerful, know whose heart is most ardently to rise to the kingdom of heaven.

(Solar creatures, turned into moles, now live as vulgar beings on the face of the Earth.)

(Solar creatures, getting into an involutive process transformed into moles, have lost their powers.)

(Those who exclaim from Earth, those who exclaim from their guts, those fortune tellers or prophetizers of fair or business, are mostly lunar creatures.)

(It is written that the Ancient Solar Humanity degenerated, became lunar, became vulgar.)

(Sabaoth will carry out his own Work.)

(Sabaoth, is the Army of the Voice, the Great Word, the Verb.)

(The Solar Gods of the past they got into involution frightfully, became lunar.)

(The Aeons Rulers fell and their Sphere and their Destiny were changed since ancient times.)

(The fallen gods, turned into lunar men, know nothing about Sabaoth's hidden designs.)



                                                                                     Chapter 19

It happened that when Mary had finished saying these words, Jesus said: Well said Mary, because you are blessed among all the women of the earth and because you will be the fullness of all fullness and the perfection of all the perfections. 

(In the Cathedral of the Soul, there is more joy for a sinner who repents than for a thousand righteous who do not need repentance.)

(Mary Magdalene shines and will shine terribly Divine.)


                                         Jesus praised Mary. She asks about changing the spheres.

When Mary heard the Savior say these words, she was greatly impressed and approached Jesus, prostrated herself before him, venerated his feet, and said: Lord, listen to me, I want to ask you about what you have said, before speaking to us about the regions where have you gone.

Jesus answered Mary saying: Speak freely and do not fear, all the things you have in doubt, I will reveal them to you.

(Kundry always throws himself at the feet of Parsifal to manifest his love and obedience.)

(The Intimate Jesus Christ reveals the mysteries to Magdalene.)



                                                                                        Chapter 20

She said: Lord, will all men who know the mystery of the magic of all the Rulers, all the Aeons of Destiny and those of the sphere in the way the angels who violate what they were taught; if they invoke them in the mysteries, that is, in their devilish magic, prevent good deeds?

(The fallen Bodhisattvas of the Angels, or Human Souls of the Angelic Spirits, know the Mystery of Magic of all Archons of all Aeons of Destiny.)

(Bodhisattva is understood as a seed or germ with the possibility of transcendental divine development, through the pressure from above.)

                                                       Jesus explains the conversion of the spheres.

Jesus answered and said to Mary: They will not achieve it as they did at the beginning because I have withdrawn a third of their power, but they will gain support from those who know the mysteries of the thirteenth Aeon magic. And if they invoke the mysteries of the magic of those who are in the Thirteenth Aeon, they will surely achieve it, because I have not withdrawn the power of that region, according to the mandate of the First Mystery.

(Fallen Bodhisattvas have lost a third of their power.)

(This means that they in no way possess the crystallization of the Three Primary Forces of Nature and the Cosmos.)

(Only with the powers of the Thirteenth Aeon is it possible for the fallen Gods to become Solar again.)

(The Mysteries of the Thirteenth Aeon's Magic lead us to Buddhist Annihilation.)

(Dying the ego, ceasing to exist, Redemption is achieved.)

(Isis can be invoked and must be invoked in the Forge burning of Vulcan.)

(Those who invoke the Serpent in the Ninth Sphere will be assisted.)

(The Divine Mother Kundalini is reinforced with Sexual Power.)

(The Cosmic Mother can reduce any undesirable psychic element to cosmic dust when we invoke her in full Chemical Intercourse.)

(All undesirable psychic aggregates can be disintegrated if we work in the Ninth Sphere.)

(Those who spill the Glass of Hermes never disintegrate the animal ego.)

(If the fallen Gods worked in the Ninth Sphere they would redeem.)

(The Mysteries of Aeon Thirteen mean: "Radical Death of the Ego.")

(When the angels fornicate, they fall, then the ego rises.)


(May fallen angels rise if they annihilate the ego)

(The Ego must be annihilated in the Ninth Sphere (S**), you know that.)



                                                                                     Chapter 21

And it happened, when Jesus finished saying these words,that Mary continued again, saying: Then, my Lord, will the diviners and consultants not declare in the future, to men, what will happen to them? 

And Jesus answered Mary: If the prophesiers or diviners find Destiny and the sphere turned to the left, according to their first extension, their words will take place, and they will say what will happen. But if they find Destiny or the sphere turned to the right, their words will not tell the truth, for I have changed their influences and their squads and their triangles and their octagons; seeing that their influences from the beginning and on, were continually turned to the left, and their squares and their triangles and their octagons. Now I have had six months turned to the right. He who finds his considered, from the moment I changed them, arranging them so that they spend six months looking to their left and six months turned their courses to their right, - whoever observes them in this way, will know that their influences are safe. and declare all the things that they will do. In the same way, the consultants, if they invoke the names of the Archons and find them turned to the left, will say exactly all the things about which they consult their deans. On the contrary, if the consultants invoke their names, when they look to the right, they will not give them ears because they are facing another form, compared to their previous position, in which LEW had established them; seeing that their names are others when they are turned to the left and others their names when they are turned to the right. And if they invoke them when they are turned to the right, they will not tell the truth, for they will confuse them with confusion and threaten threats. Then, those who do not know their course when they are turned to the right, and their triangles and their squares and all their figures, will find nothing true but will be confused in great confusion and will find themselves in great deception because I have changed the works that they carried out in other times in their squads, when they were turned to the left, and their triangles and their octagons, in which they continuously occupied themselves when they were turned to the left; and I have made them spend six months to form all their configurations turned right so that they were confused in confusion in all its extension. And even more, I have made them spend six months turning left and carrying out their works and their influences and all their configurations, so that the Archons that are in the Aeons and in their spheres and in their skies and in all their regions, may be confused in confusion and deceived in deception, so that they cannot understand their own courses. 

(The diviners and consultants may only declare to human beings what will happen to them when the Destiny of the latter is not altered.)

(Destiny can be altered when the Logos or Christus wants it.)

(Karma is an oriental word that means Action and Consequence.)

(Karma is a Sanskrit term that indicates: Laws of Cause and Effect.)

(Every cause has its effect; there is no cause without effect, no effect without cause.)

(Those who know the laws of Return and Recurrence understand the Law of Karma.)

(Those who know the Law of Reincarnation know the Law of Karma.)

(The bad actions of previous lives must be canceled, here and now.)

(Karma is not only paid for the evil that is done, but for the good that is stopped being able to do.)

(However, Karma can be negotiated.)

(Karma, too, can be forgiven.)

(KARMADURO is another Sanskrit term that indicates Karma that cannot be negotiated or forgiven.)

(There is also the Law of KATANCIA, the Higher Karma of the Gods and Adepts.)

(The KATANCIA Law also admits negotiation and forgiveness.)

(The Lion of the Law is fought with the balance.)

(Do good deeds to pay your debts.)

(Who has currency to pay, pays and goes well in business; who does not have the currency to pay, will pay with pain.)

(The Sexual Force, S**, is the Power of the Holy Spirit.)

(Adultery, fornication, any sexual offense, is a sin against the Holy Spirit.)

(Thus, that phrase of the Christ that says: "If the prophesizers find Destiny and the Sphere turned to the left, according to their first extension, their words will take place and say what will happen."

("But if they find destiny and the Sphere turned to the right, their words will not tell the truth, for I have changed their influences and their squads and their triangles and their octagons.")

(Diviners and consultants, prophets and sages, can prophesy about someone's Destiny or Karma, but they could be right or wrong.)

(It is right when Karma has not been forgiven.)

(The diviners or consultant fails when Karma has been negotiated or forgiven.)

(Written is: "When a lower law is transcended by a higher law, the higher law washes the lower law.")

(The Cosmic Christ has made karmic negotiations possible for the good of the suffering Humanity.)


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