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                                                                                Chapter 67

And when the First Mystery said this to his disciples, he questioned them: "Will you understand the way I reason with you?"

James came forward and said: "My Lord, with respect to the solution of the words you have spoken, your light to previously prophesied through David, in his ninetieth Psalm":


(James is the Blessed Patron of the Great Work.)

(We, the Gnostics, are very interested in our Inner James.)

(Our Inner James is one of the autonomous and self-conscious parts of our own Being.)

(The Blessed Patron of the Great Work is our Mercury.)

(The Father of all lights teaches us the Science of the Great Work through James.)

(James the Apostle, with his pumpkin hat and star on his forehead formed from a seashell, is profoundly significant.)

(We know well that holy water was carried between some pumpkin in the Middle Ages.)

(The James staff with a certain decoration that makes it look like the caduceus of Mercury invites us to reflect.)

(James carries in his hand the Book of the Great Work, the Apocalypse of Saint John, which only the Alchemists understand.)

(The Universal Epistle of the Apostle James is a fundamental Chair on the Great Work.)

(Light- Power- Christ prophesied through David in Psalm Ninety.)

James interprets the narrative of Psalm XCI.


- Those who live under the help of the Most High will dwell under the shadow of the God of heaven.


- He will say to the Lord: You are my help and my dwelling place of refuge, my God, in whom I trust.


- Well, he will save me from the traps of the hunters and the powerful voice.


- He will cover you with his breath and you will be confident under his wings; its truth will surround you as a shield.


- You will not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day.


- Neither of what sneaks in the dark, nor of a misfortune and a demon at noon.


- One thousand will fall to your left, and ten thousand to your right; but they will not come close.


- If not sooner, with your own eyes you will see the punishment of sinners.


- Well you, oh! Lord, you are my hope. You have established the Highest for yourself, as a refuge.


- Evil will not reach you and divine punishment will not reach your dwelling.


- For he will order his Angels, for your good, to watch over all your paths.


- And they take you in their hands so that your foot never stumble a stone.


- You will pass over the serpent and the basilisk and trample the lion and the dragon.


- Well, he has trusted me, I will save him; I'll fix it because he knows my name.


- He will call me and I will listen to him; I am at his side in his tribulation, and I will save and honor him.

- And I will increase it with many days and I will show you my salvation.


This, my Lord, is the solution to the words that you have spoken. Listen to me then, so that I can say them openly.

And so, what you expressed through David: "Those who dwell under the protection of the Most High will remain in the shadow of heaven," means that when Sophia trusted the Light, she lived under the light of the ray of light, which through you, came from the Height.

And the words that your power expressed through David, I will tell you Lord: "You are my help and my refuge, my God, whom I trust", are the words with which Pistis Sophia sang her praises: "You are my help and I come to you."

And also the words that your power expressed: "My God, whom I trust, you will save me from the trap of the hunters and from the threat", are those that Pistis Sophia exclaimed: "Oh! Light, I have faith in you, for you will save me from the emanations of Obstinate and those of Adamas, the Tyrant, and you will also save me from all his powerful threats.”

And the words that your power expressed through David: " He will cover you with his chest, and you will be confident under his wings", means that Pistis Sophia was in the light of the ray of light, which came from you, and continued with firm confidence in the light, that of his right and that of his left, which are the wings of the ray of light. And the message that your light power transmitted through David: "The truth will surround you like a breastplate", is the light of the ray of light that surrounded Pistis Sophia everywhere like a breastplate.

And the words that your power expressed: "He will not be afraid of the terror of the night", mean that Pistis Sophia did not fear the terrors and alarms among which she was placed within the chaos, which is "night".

And what you said: "You will not fear a bolt that flies by day", means that Pistis Sophia was not afraid of the power that Obstinate finally sent from above, which came to chaos as a flying bolt, so your light power said: "You will not fear a bolt that flies by day", because that power came from the thirteenth Aeon, lord of the twelve Aeons and who gives light to all Aeons. So he (David) said "day."

And also the words that your power uttered: "She will not fear anything that sneaks in the dark", mean that Sophia was not afraid of the lion face emanation, that she was scared in chaos, which is "darkness".

And your message: "You will not fear a misfortune and demon at noon", means that Pistis Sophia was not afraid of the demon emanation of the Tyrant Adamas, who threw her to the ground in great disgrace, and that was came out from Adamas, outside the twelfth Aeon . So your power said: "He will not fear the devil misfortune at noon." ("Noon" because it came from the twelve Aeons that are "noon", and from "night", because it came out of chaos, which is "night"), since it came out of the twelfth Aeon, which is half between the two. So your light power said "noon," because the twelve Aeons lie halfway between the thirteenth Aeon and chaos.

And again the words that your light power said through David: "A thousand will fall to his left and ten thousand to his right, but they will not come near him", they mean that when the emanations of Obstinate, which are extremely numerous, do not They were able to withstand the great light from the ray of light, many of them fell to Pistis Sophia's left and many to her right, and were unable to approach her to harm her. And the words that your light power would express through David: “If not with your own eyes you will see the punishment of sinners, well you, Oh! Lord, you are my hope ”means that Pistis Sophia saw her enemies, that is, the emanations of Obstinate, fall on each other, and not only did she see this with her own eyes, but you yourself, my Lord, the First Mystery, You took the light power that is in the lion's face power, and furthermore, you took the power of all the Obstinate emanations, and even more, you imprisoned them in chaos, so since then they have not returned to their own region. Then and therefore, Pistis Sophia saw her enemies, that is, the emanations of Obstinate, and everything that David prophesied regarding her when he said: "If not with your own eyes you will see the punishment of sinners". Not only did she see with her own eyes how they fell into each other in chaos but she also saw the punishment they received. What the Obstinate emanations did, snatch the light from Sophia, was done by you to them, you took away the light power that was in them instead of the lights of Sophia, who had faith in the Height.


And what your light power said through David: "You have established the highest for yourself, as a refuge, evil will not reach you nor divine punishment to your dwelling", it means that when Pistis Sophia had faith in the light and was afflicted, he sang praises to her and the emanations of Obstinate could not inflict any damage on her, nor could they hurt her, nor approach her.

And the message of your light power through David: "He will order his Angels, for your sake, to keep all your paths and take you in his hands so that you do not trip your foot against a stone" are your words: You ordered Gabriel and Michael to guide Pistis Sophia through all the regions of chaos to lead her outside and lift her with their hands so that her foot does not touch the darkness below, and so that those who are under the darkness do not imprison her.

And your words spoken through David: “You will pass over the serpent and the basilisk and trample the lion and the dragon; because he has trusted me, I will save him and protect him, because he knew my name”, they mean that when Pistis Sophia was about to come out of chaos, she passed over the emanations of Obstinate and over those that had the face of a snake and basilisk with seven heads; and it passed over the power of a lion's face and over the power of a dragon's face. Because she had faith in the Light, she was saved from all of them.

This, my Lord, is the solution to the words you have spoken. "

(The help of the Most High is the Intimate God of each one of us.)

(The Intimate God of each of us is our help and dwelling place of refuge.)

(We must always trust our Inner God.)

(The Ancient of Days will save us from the traps of hunters and the Voice of the Law.)

(The traps of hunters are the traps of the dark ones.)

(The Lord will cover us with his breath and protect us with the sacred words of Mercury.)

(Mercury's wings open at the spine at heart level.)

(The igneous wings are wonderful, they shine in Angels.)

(The Truth protects us; when they asked the Lord: What is the truth?, He was silent.)

(When Buddha was asked the same question, he turned his back and withdrew.)

(Truth is the unknown from moment to moment.)

(Only by submerging Consciousness within the bosom of "Suchness", we will be able to experience that which is beyond the body, the affections and the mind, that which is the Truth.)

(Those who live inside the machinery of relativity do not know the truth.)

(The world of relativity is this painful world we live in, the vain world of duality.)

(Among the terrors of the night the dark arrows come against the Initiate.)

(Enemy forces sneak through the darkness.)

(To the left and to the right both the Initiates of darkness and those of light fall.)

(The Middle Path, the eightfold path of the Bodhisattvas compassionate heart, leads us to the port of liberation.)

(Unfortunately, very rare are Those who manage to march down the middle path, towards FINAL LIBERATION; those who do not fall on the path of the dark left, fall on the path of the right.)

(Down the path to the left the dark ones descend into Pluto's dwelling.)

(Through the right path the saints ascend, toward the marvelous kingdoms of Light.)

(Each rotates within the wheel of Samsara.)

(The dark ones go through the Buddhist Annihilation in the heart of the world.)

(Later they enter the elemental paradises of Nature, after having suffered a lot.)

(Passing through the underground world is millions of times more bitter than gall.)

(The saints, the reward exhausted, return to the Samsara Valley, rejoin new human organisms.)

(Neither the goatskin men nor the sheepskin men achieve Final Liberation.)

(The authentic Final Liberation is only for the rebels, for Those who march on the Middle Path.)

(Difficult is the Eightfold Path of the Bodhisattvas of compassionate heart .)

(The limit of good is evil; the limit of evil is good. The eight-fold path of the Bodhisattvas with a compassionate heart has nothing to do with good or evil.)

(Everything that is good for those who march down the path on the right is bad for those who descend on the dark left.)

(Everything that is good for the dark ones of the Avernus is bad for the walkers who ascend the path to the right.)

(Demons and saints look with horror and dread at the revolutionary Adepts of the middle path.)

(No one understands these rebels of the middle path.)

(The revolutionary walker of the Eightfold Path, even when surrounded by many people, walks terribly alone.)

(Hitler, terrified by the presence of a certain Adept from the middle path, exclaimed: "I know the Super-Man, I have seen him, he is terribly cruel, and I have felt fear myself.")

(The path is s** and one advances by annihilating the ego and sacrificing itself for humanity.)

(The Budhas Pratyekas, even having fabricated the higher existential bodies of the Being, are not Bodhisattvas.)

(Obviously, the Budhas Pratyekas fell on the path of the right.) 


(There are also many Masters who, through Black Tantrism, fell on the path of the left.)

(The Bodhisattvas of compassionate- heart sacrifice themselves for the planetary humanities through successive Mahamvantaras(Cosmic Day) and at last manage to incarnate the Christ.)

(Only Bodhisattvas on the middle path achieve the incarnation of the Christ in themselves.)

(The Intimate Christ is the true refuge of the Bodhisattva with compassionate heart.)

(The Intimate Christ is beyond all evil and all punishment.)

(The Angels of the Lord help Bodhisattvas of compassionate heart.)

(We need to defeat the tempting serpent of Eden and the horrifying basilisk of evil.)

(The Bodhisattva of compassionate heart will have to face the Lion of the Law and defeat the Dragon.)

(The Intimate Christ saves those who trust him.)

(The Lord will assist us in great tribulations.)

(The Lord will increase us and show us salvation.)

(Pistis Sophia trusted the light and the Ray of Light came from the Height to save her.)

(The Light of Light saves the Initiate from the emanations of Obstinate and Adamas, the terrible Prince of the Great Law.)

(Pistis Sophia handle the forces of the right and left that are the wings of the ray of light.)

(However, Pistis Sophia marches down the middle path.)

(The Initiate must learn to walk with both feet.)

(It happens that some Initiates do not know how to use the left foot and fail.)

(The Budhas Pratyekas and aspirant Sravakas are fright and also excommunicate the Bodhisattva who knows how to walk with both legs.)

(The sincere and noble devotees of the path to the right stone the Initiates who learn to balance themselves on their left leg.)

(Every Initiate who knows how to walk with both legs terrifies the nobles on the right.)

(I am speaking in parables, I am speaking of sheep and goats.)

(Some Initiates know how to live with sheep but do not know how to live with goats.)

(Rare are the Initiates capable of standing in full balance on the left foot.)

(He who has understanding, understands that here is wisdom.)

(If the Christ disguises himself as Devil to go down to the Abyss and save us, why should we not imitate his example?)

(The Devil is bleached and transformed into a Light maker, in Lucifer, you know it.)

(The Initiate, I repeat, must learn to move on his two legs.)

(The Initiate must learn to disguise himself and move among devils, not only in the Underworld, but also here, in this world in which we live.)

(The Light is the breastplate that protects the Initiate.)

(Every Initiate must learn to graduate his Light when he descends into the Hell Worlds.)

(If the Initiate descending into the Hell Worlds did not learn to graduate his inner light, he would scare away the demons, then he could not help the lost.)

(The Initiates must learn to live serene and peaceful among the terrors of the Abyss and of the night.)

(You have to learn to handle the flaming sword.)

(In Pluto's dwelling, the Time Lord teaches us how to wield the sword.)

(Pluto's abode is the Greek Tartarus, the Roman Averno, the Infernal Worlds within the interior of the Earth.)

(The Thirteenth Aeon is the Superior Aeon, from him comes the Light to the twelve Aeons.)

(Rare, very rare, are Those who manage to reach Aeon Thirteen.)

(Pistis Sophia knows what the tyrant Adamas is. Law is Law and the Law is fulfilled.)

(The Law of Karma is the medicine for the Soul.)

(The Law throws us on the ground, punishes us when we deserve it.)

(Half a day, it is said kabalistically, because they lie between the Thirteenth Aeon and Chaos.)

(Among the Darkness, among the Chaos, we have the power Lion Face, but in the light the fear disappears because we understand that the Law of Karma is a great medicine for the Soul.)

(In the middle of the day, that is, between the Thirteenth Aeon and Chaos, the Initiate no longer needs to fear misfortune or any demon.)

(Saying a thousand or ten thousand is profoundly significant and kabalistic.)

(A thousand will fall to the left and ten thousand to the right.)

(It is necessary to be two to be one and know two.)

(So for it the terrible ones on the right will fall, and the horrible ones on the left.)

(At the revolutionary pace of Pistis Sophia fall the enemies of the left and the sincerely mistaken of the right.)

(The Intimate Christ, within the Initiate, overcomes the dark forces and also the Law; the Lord overcomes the lower powers, imprisons them in Chaos.)

(Pistis Sophia, with faith in the Light of the Height , subdues the dark powers that previously tormented her.)

(Pistis Sophia, led by Gabriel and Michael, (Mercury and Sulfur), cannot be imprisoned.)

(The Initiate must pass over the tempting serpent of Eden and over the horrendous basilisk of passions.)

(The Initiate, in addition, must defeat the Lion of the Law and the Dragon.)

(The Intimate Christ is over the Law and the Dragon, you know it.)

(The monsters that personify the ego, the pluralized ego, must be death.)


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