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                                                                                       Chapter 64

                                             Gabriel and Michael are summoned by Pistis Sophia .

The First Mystery went on to say again: "It came about, therefore, that the power that had come from above, that is, me, to which my Father sent me to save Pistis Sophia from chaos, and also the power that came out of me, and the soul that I had received from Sabaoth, the Worthy, joined together and became a single ray of light that shone in the extreme. I called Gabriel and Michael to leave the Aeons at the command of my Father, the First Mystery that looked inside, and I gave them the ray of light and let them down into chaos to help Pistis Sophia , and to take the light powers that the Obstinate emanations had taken from her, to give them to Pistis Sophia .

And immediately, when they brought the ray of light into chaos, it shone extraordinarily in all the chaos and spilled over all the regions. And when the obstinate emanations saw the great ray of light they were terrified. The ray took from them all the light powers that had been taken from Pistis Sophia, and the obstinate emanations could not dare to touch the ray light in the dark chaos, not even with the artificies of Obstinate, which governs those emanations. "


(The Christ is the power that comes from the Height.)

(Christ is the Savior of Pistis Sophia)

(If it were not for the Intimate Christ, Pistis Sophia could not get out of Chaos.)

(The Initiate, full of Pistis Sophia, comes out of Chaos thanks to the Intimate Christ.)

(The power that comes out of the Christ is the unfolding of the Christ.)

(The unfolding of the Christ gives man the erotic impulse.)

(The unfolded Christ, or better said, the living double of the Christ, is Lucifer, the Maker of Light.)

(Thanks to the Light-maker, Pistis Sophia is freed.)

(In the double of the Christ are deposited the powers of the Christ.)

(The power that comes from the Intimate Christ and the Christified Soul of Sabaoth, the Good, come together, integrate, become a single ray of light, a single whole.)

(Thus, the Man-Christ clothed with the SOMA PUCHICON, is a resplendent whole.)

(Gabriel as Regent of the Moon is one of the seven Planetary Geniuses.)

(The Intimate Gabriel is something different, it is one of the autonomous and conscious parts of our own Being.)

(The Intimate Gabriel  governs our own psychological Moon.)

(The psychological moon also has two faces, the visible and the hidden.)

(In the visible part of the psychological Moon are all our psychological defects visible to the naked eye.)

(In the hidden part of our own psychological Moon are the secret flaws.)

(It is obvious that in the hidden part of our own psychological Moon there are defects, psychic aggregates, perversities that we do not even remotely suspect.)

(Michael in the Sun is an ineffable Archangel, but the Michael within us is different, he is an independent and conscious part of our own Being.)

(Our readers should not forget the forty-nine fires.)

(Obviously, the forty-nine fires are the forty-nine independent and conscious parts of our own Self.)

(Michael and Gabriel, that is, the Sun and the Moon, the Sulfur and the Mercury, serve the Alchemist to carry out the Great Work.)

(Thanks to the Magisterium of Fire, the Initiates, full of Pistis Sophia, rescue, take out the light of the Consciousness imprisoned among the psychic aggregates.)

(It is evident that the psychic aggregates are dry Mercury, within which the Light of Consciousness is imprisoned.)

(We must annihilate the psychic aggregates and the arsenic sulfur.)

(Arsenic poisonous sulfur is the infernal-type fire in the low animal backgrounds.)

(The Arsenic Sulfur is the horrible Python serpent that crawled in the mud of the earth and that Apollo, irritated, struck with his darts; it is the tail of Satan.)

(We must distinguish between Satan and Lucifer: the first is the devil black as coal, Lucifer fallen.)

(We need to whiten the devil and this is only possible by practicing Sexual Magic intensely and disintegrating the ego.)

(Humanity has made Lucifer a devil.)

(Each of us must whitewash his particular devil to make him Lucifer.)

(When Lucifer shines in us, he becomes our particular, individual Moses.)

(Happy is the one who integrates with his own Moses.)

(Moses coming down from Sinai, with the luminous horns on his forehead, deserved to be chiseled by Michelangelo.)

(The Doctrine of Moses is the Doctrine of Lucifer.)

(Christus - Lucifer is our Savior, the Redeemer of Pistis Sophia.)

(Christus - Lucifer wields the scales and the sword as Lord of Justice.)

(Lucifer, integrated with the Intimate Christ, shines in Sabaoth, the Solar Man.)

(The Celestial Sabaoth crystallizes in the Sabaoth - Man thanks to the Intimate Moses.)

(Sabaoth - Moses are fully integrated.)

(Sabaoth is the inner God who must crystallize in the human person thanks to the good offices of Lucifer.)

(The Antichrist, the Ego, knows nothing about all these things, he wants a merely mechanical man and a Universe, originated in perhaps, absurd miracle of the reason of the no reason.)

(On the other hand, religion hates Lucifer, curses him without knowing that this is the unfolding of the Intimate Christ.)

(Those who ignore the intelligent igneous principles without whose existence the processes of the cell and the atom would not be possible are as ignorant as the religious fanatics who hate Lucifer.)

(Christus - Lucifer is the Savior within each of us.)

(The Ray of Light, that is, the Man-Christ, shine in Chaos and in all regions.)

(Demons are terrified by the presence of the Man-Christ.)

(The Man-Christ is clothed with all the light powers that the dark ones had taken from Pistis Sophia.)

(The dark ones never dare touch the Christ-Man in the dark Chaos.)

(The ego, egos, red demons of Seth flee in Chaos in the presence of the Christ-Man.)

                                                The ray of light restores Sophia to her Power-light.

"And Gabriel and Michael brought the ray of light into the body of matter of Pistis Sophia and poured into it all the powers that had been taken from her. And her material body then shone in all its parts, and in it all the powers, whose light had been taken from them, they recovered it and ceased to lack it, so they obtained the light that was taken from them, the light had been given to them through me, and Michael and Gabriel, who had administered and brought the ray of light to chaos, they would give you the mysteries of the Light ; they to whom was entrusted the ray of light, which I gave and brought to chaos; and Michael and Gabriel did not take for themselves the light of the lights of Sophia , those they took from the emanations of Obstinate. It happened then, when the ray of light integrated within Pistis Sophia all the powers - light that had been taken from them by the emanations of Obstinate, that all of it became luminous; and the light powers that had stayed in Pistis Sophia and who had not been taken away from her by the obstinate emanations, became joyful again and were filled with light. And the lights that were poured into Pistis Sophia fanned the body of its matter, in which there was no light and which was about to perish or had perished. And they raised in it all the powers that were about to dissolve. And they took to themselves a light power and returned to what they had been and grew again in their sense of light. And all of Sophia's light powers knew each other through my light beam and were saved through the light of that beam. "

(Mercury and Sulfur are the elements of the Great Work.)

(Only through Mercury and Sulfur can Pistis Sophia regain her powers.)

(The Initiate shines personally with the powers that divinize.)

(The powers, whose light had been lost, are precisely the forty-nine autonomous and conscious parts of our own Being.)

(Each and every autonomous and conscious part of our own Being is precisely the cosmic powers of Pistis Sophia.)

(Each power is personified by this or that self-conscious part of our own Being.)

(There are three kinds of relationships in the world and in life.)

(The first relationship is with the physical body; it is obvious that if we do not know how to relate to our physique we become ill.)

(The second kind of relationship is with the environment; if we don't know how to relate to people, we undoubtedly create many problems for ourselves.)

(The third class of relationships is the most important, it is the relationship of man with himself, with the different independent and conscious parts of our own Being.)

(The Adept's powers are precisely the autonomous and self-conscious parts of our own Being.)

(Only by going through the Buddhist Annihilation can we establish correct relationships with each and every independent and conscious part of our own Being.)

(It is therefore absurd to covet psychic powers, who thus proceed become adepts of the left hand.)

(It is better to annihilate the ego to establish correct relations with the powers that divinize.)

(The powers that divinize are the forty-nine fires.)

(The forty-nine fires are the forty-nine independent and self-conscious parts of our own Self.)

(It is evident that the Initiate, full of Pistis Sophia, recovers in each of the forty-nine parts of the Being, the light that the psychic aggregates have taken from him.)

(Through the Christ, the various parts of the Being receive the light.)

(Gabriel, the Mercury; Michael, the Sulfur; in the Great Work, they allow us to enter the mysteries of the Light.)

(Thanks to Mercury and Sulfur we can receive the Ray of Light.)

(Neither Mercury nor Sulfur ever loot the light from the lights of Pistis Sophia.)

(Rather, Gabriel and Michael take away from Obstinate, the ego, the light that had stolen the psychic aggregates.)

(Pistis Sophia becomes luminous when the ray of light extracts or releases the Essence that was bottled before the emanations of Obstinate (the ego).)

(We well know that the integrated ray of light is Christ- Sabaoth or Lucifer- Sabaoth.)

(The light-powers return to Pistis Sophia when all the undesirable elements of Obstinate have already been annihilated.)

(The Golden Body, the To Soma Heliakon, in which Pistis Sophia is clothed shines with the lights poured into Pistis Sophia .)

(It is obvious that when Pistis Sophia is dropped she loses the To Soma Heliakon , the Golden Body of the Solar Men.)

(Pistis Sophia's powers rise when the ego is annihilated.)

(The powers of Pistis Sophia are renewed in the light when the ego dies, and grow in the sense of light.)


                     The ray of light, having accomplished its purpose, departed from Sophia.

"And my ray of light, when it had removed from the emanations of Obstinate, the lights that they had snatched from Pistis Sophia, poured them into it and, turning itself, came out of the depth of chaos."

(The Ray of Light, Christ-Lucifer, removes the lights from among various aggregates, to return them to Pistis Sophia.)

(The Ray of Light rotates itself and emerges from the depths of Chaos.)

(The Ray unleashes the powers of Pistis Sophia and returns them inside her.)

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