Chapter 62

The other Mary came forward and said: "My Lord, tolerate me and do not be irritated against me. If from the moment your mother spoke with you about the solution of these words, my power urged me to go ahead and proclaim your solution."

(Virtue is the Spirit of Fire that brings the Mysteries of Height to give them to the human race.)

(Fundamental Peace is only possible by self-exploring the ego to completely disintegrate it.)

(It is said of Peace-Power, which has lived in the material body according to the world, because the ego dwells in the body and as long as it continues it is obvious that Peace will be absent.)

(Dying the ego we remain at peace with the Spirit.)

(In the Initiatory Colleges greets: "Peace be with you"; answer: "And with your spirit too.")

(We need to be at peace with the emanations of the Light.)

(Grace - Power and Truth - Power embrace and kiss each other forming a whole whole.)

(The Truth is the Tality or Totality.)

(Obviously, Tality is at the bottom of a Christ or a Budha )

(Tality is beyond the machinery of relativity and also beyond the Illuminating Void.)

(The Tality is that which is beyond the body, the affections and the mind.)

(Tality is that which is far beyond all dualism.)

(The Tality in Christ or in Budha or in Hermes is always the same.)

(From Tality emanates what is called Grace.)

(Truth is what it is, what it has always been and what it always will be.)

(Only in the body of a Jesus or a Budha or a Hermes, etc., is the Truth embodied.)

(The temple of all degenerates on Earth is a temple of iniquity and darkness.)

(The Aryan race is already degenerated.)

(Just as today's humanity finds itself, it does not serve to embody the Monad, the Being.)

(It is not possible that the Divine Monad can be incarnated in the physical body as it is born and in the current conditions.)

(Only by preparing the physical body through work in the Ninth Sphere is it possible to embody the Divine Monad and the various parts of Being.)

(The Ninth Sphere is sex.)

(Actually, the sexual Energy is the only one that can transform the physical body so that the Divine Monad can be embodied in it.)

(Through the Creative sexual energy of Shiva or Holy Spirit, it is really possible to convert the physical body into the Temple of Truth.)

(Only through the Mysteries of Virtue is it possible to inherit the Kingdom of Light.)

(If the ego were not annihilated the virtues would not be born in us.)

(If the virtues did not crystallize in us we would never possess our Souls.)

(In patience you will possess your Souls.)

(Every time we eliminate a psychic aggregate we crystallize in its replacement some virtue.)

(This is how the Soul crystallizes slowly in us.)

(Only through virtue is enter to the Mysteries.)


                               The other Mary interprets the same scripture of the Baptism of Jesus.

And Jesus replied: "I command you to proclaim its solution."

And Mary said: "My Lord," Grace and virtue met "; so, Grace is the spirit that came to you when you received the baptism from the hands of John. Grace is therefore the divine spirit that came to you, he took pity on the human race and came down and met the power of Sabaoth, the Good, who is in you and brought the mysteries of the height to give to the human race. Peace, on the other hand, is power of Sabaoth, the Good, who is in you, the one who has baptized and forgiven the human race and has put men at peace with the children of the Light. "

And Jesus, when he had listened to Mary, said: "Well spoken, Mary, heiress of the Kingdom of Light."

(Grace is the spirit that comes to us at Baptism.)

(Baptism is a covenant of Sexual Magic.)

(When the pact of Sexual Magic is fulfilled, then it will reach the Intimate Self-Realization of Being.)

(Sabaoth's power is the power of the Word that comes to us by grace when we fulfill the Covenant of Sexual Magic.)

(Virtue is the Spirit of Light that crystallizes in us when the ego dies.)

(Virtue initiates us into the great mysteries of life and death.)

(Without Virtues we are not admitted to the Temples of Mysteries.)

(Sabaoth baptizes and puts men at peace with the Children of Light.)

(Sabaoth is the Verb, the Word, the Intimate Logos in each one of us.)

(Mary is the daughter of her Son, her Lord and Savior; Mary, Marah, the Woman-Snake, is an autonomous and self-conscious part of our own Being.)

Mary, the mother, interprets the same scripture again with the encounter of her and Isabel, the mother of John the Baptist.

And again Mary, the mother of Jesus, came forward to him, fell to his knees and kissed the feet of Jesus saying: "My Lord, my son and Savior, do not be angry with me, but forgive me once again to express the solution of these words, "Grace and truth joined together," it is I, Mary, your mother and Isabel, the mother of John, who meet. Grace, then, is Sabaoth's power in me, which came out of me, and that it is you. You have had mercy on the human race, the Truth on your part, is the power that was in Isabel and that it was John, who came and proclaimed before you. And also, "Grace and Truth were found?- it is you, my Lord and John, who met when you received the baptism. And again you and John are "Virtue and Peace kissed each other."

(Sabaoth , the Word, the Logos, is always the son of Isis, the Saidic Mother of the great Mysteries.)

(John, the one who preached the path that leads to the Truth, was the son of Isis and Abel.)

(This means that John, the Forerunner, was someone who had the Divine Monad incarnate.)

(ATMAN , the Divine Spirit of man, has two children, two souls, Isis and Abel.)

(Isis is BUDDHI, the spiritual soul and is feminine.)

(Abel is the human soul and is male.)

(Isabel is a deeply meaningful name.)

(Is -Abel: the latter is the Knight who loves IS, his soul, his Walkiria .)

(The Soul - Spirit is the wife of the causal man, the real man.)

(John was then someone who had the Monad incarnate.)

(Let's not confuse Isis, the adorable Walkiria, with the Saidic  Mother Kundalini )

(Isis, like Mantra, can be applied to the Walkiria , but, specifically, Isis must be applied to the Divine Mother Kundalini )

(Christ is the path of Truth and Life.)

(Grace and Truth always meet.)

                                                                    Of the incarnation of Jesus.

"The Truth sprang from the earth and Virtue looked down from the sky," it means that during the time you gave yourself, you took the form of Gabriel, you looked at me from the sky and talked to me. And when you spoke with me, you arose in me, and you were the Truth, which is the power of Sabaoth, the Good, which is in your material body, and which is the Truth that "sprang from the earth."

When Jesus had heard the words of Mary, his mother, he said: "Well spoken and very good. This is the solution of all the words concerning what my power - light prophesied long ago through the prophet David."

(John and Christ, Grace and Truth, meet.)

(John, by Grace, baptizes, and Christ is the Truth.)

(Virtue and Peace always kiss.)

(The Christ, taking the form of Gabriel, looks from heaven and speaks with his Divine Mother.)

(The Christ penetrates like a very pure ray into the womb of Marah, his Divine Mother Kundalini . He is the Truth.)

(Unquestionably, Truth is the power of Sabaoth)

(Sabaoth is the Incarnate Logos, the Truth, the Treasure hidden among the bowels of the Earth.)

(The Treasury must always be sought among the deep bowels of the Earth.)

(You have to dig through the depths of the underground world.)


                                                                         NOTE FROM A SCRIBE

                                           Note written later by someone, copied from another writing.

"Now, these are the names that I will give from the Future without limits. Write them with a sign and from now on be revealed to the Sons of God.

This is the name of the Immortal: aaa , ooo ; and this is the name of the voice by which the Perfect Man has set in motion: iii. And these are the interpretations of the names of these mysteries: of the first (name), which is aaa , its interpretation is fff ; of the second whose name is mmm, or ooo , its interpretation is aaa ; from the third party that is ps ps ps , its interpretation is ooo ; of the room that is fff , its interpretation is nnn ; of the fifth that is ddd , its interpretation is aaa . The one on the throne is aaa. This is the interpretation of the second: aaa, aaa , aaa . This is the interpretation of the full name. "

(Children of God are the Christified ones, Those who found the Golden Fleece among the bowels of the world.)

(IAO, is the sacred name. IAO, is the Mantra of the Ninth Sphere. IAO, is the Dharani of Sexual Magic.)

(I, it reminds us of Ignis, the Fire.)

(A, it reminds us of Water, Aqua)

(O, it reminds us of the Origo , Principle, Spirit.)

(I, Ignis , INRI, Sulfur.)

(A, Aqua , the Mercury of Secret Philosophy.)

(O, the Origo, the mediating principle between Sulfur and Mercury of the Secret Philosophy.)

(The Perfect Man is set in motion by I: Ignis, INRI, the Fire.)

(A, Aqua , the Mercury that is extracted from the raw mineral, the metallic soul of the Sacred Sperm, the water that does not get wet, is the Source of Immortality.)

(O, Origo, the mediating principle between Sulfur and Mercury, unites these two substances before dying.)

(Sulfur and Mercury, united by Salt, give rise to the Red Carbuncle, the Philosopher's Stone.)


(F, Fire, Fohat ; without fire you can never make the A, the pure Water of life, the Mercury of the Great Work.)

(O, Origo, principle, spirit, salt that participates by volatile of the air element and by the fixed of the fire element, must be analyzed.)

(The Salt is among the, Sea, water and yet participates of the fire, Sulfur.)

(Salt is volatile and participates in the air, however it also participates in the earth element as we see in salt mines.)

(Salt is related to air, fire and water and earth.)

(Salt is the great mediator between Sulfur and Mercury; it links these two elements, integrates them, unites them into a unique whole.)

(M or better O, its interpretation is A, because it is in the chaotic sea of the Sacred Mercury, it is the Salt of the Great Ocean.)

(P, PATAR, Peter, Sex and its Mysteries, could not work without Origo , the principle, the substance that binds Sulfur and Mercury.)

(S, the sweet and gentle whistle for Elijah to heard in the desert and that Apollonius used to leave the physical body at will, is profoundly significant.)

(We well know that Apollonius wrapped himself in a woolen cloak to practice.)

(Sitting, concentrated on the navel.)

(He begged his God to send him the S, the sweet and gentle whistle, the subtle voice.)

(When he already heard that sound that the cricket produces, he left the physical body at will.)

(That fine sound vibrates in the cerebellum, in the head.)

(To listen to the subtle voice you need stillness and mental silence.)

(S, it is lightning, Fire, and without O, Origo, Principle or Spirit, it would be impossible because S is O, Spirit.)

(S, Fire, it is also O, Origo , the Spirit Principle.)

(F, it is interpreted with N; in the letter N are the three lines that represent the three primary forces of Nature and the Cosmos.)

(Without the three primary forces, positive, negative and neutral, it would not be possible to light the Sacred Fire in us.)

(Man represents the Holy Affirm.)

(The Woman represents the Holy Deny.)

(The Holy Reconcile, the neutral force, reconciles the first two to create and recreate again.)

(If it is created by Kriyasakti, that is, without spilling the Vessel of Hermes, as the Lemurs of the third, fourth and fifth sub-terraces did, the Sacred Fire will awaken in the aspirant.)

(Thus, in the letter N with its three forces, there is the explanation of F, the Fire, Fohat.)

(A.Z.F., is the secret key of the Great Arcanum known to the Brahmins.)

(A, Aqua, Water, is the " Ens Seminis ", within which is the " Ens Virtutis " of Fire.)

(Without the Mercury of the Wise, the Great Work is not possible, so the interpretation of D D D is A.)


(Even the Gods are children of the Mercury of the Wise.)

(It is obvious that our deep inner God also becomes the son of Mercury.)


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